Hamill memorial

A friend who attended the Hamill memorial yesterday sent the following dispatch:  

About 300 people mostly former and current KM plus Hamill family. NO PREACHERS, unless you would include Squire Parsons in that category. Most of the time (about one and a half hours) was given to various KM alums telling stories both funny and poignant about Hamill and very oriented toward his ability to teach and also his tendency to “step out of the spotlight” and give it over to others. Then they would sing a song with the whole Kingsmen “choir.” Definitely the money quote (to me) was given by Squire who said that Jim taught him, “When you stand up to sing to people, they are speaking back to you and telling you their needs.  If you pay attention you will know what and how to sing.”

It will have to wait for another time to dive into the Gaither/Hamill question, and I hope to do so in the not so distant future. But for now, it’s enough to say that as a public rite of mourning for a gospel music legend, this sounds like a meaningful (and welcome) break with the Funerals-by-Gaither approach to memorializing most southern gospel stars who have died in the past five or ten years. Though, frankly, it’s not surprising that in death Hamill would go his own way and that that way would be in a different direction from Gaither. After all, it was mostly this way while Hamill was alive.

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  1. Oldtimer wrote:

    Sounds like just the service he wanted. Even in death he was calling the shots. Very appropriate. Those who followed his wishes and avoided the temptations to make a production of his funeral are to be commended. I look forward to seeing him again - I miss him already ( and have for some time now.)

  2. bp wrote:

    Did he attend a local church?

  3. Tim wrote:

    Looking forward to the Gaither/Hamill post.

  4. Bubba wrote:

    Was the “NO PREACHERS” really necessary?

    There is an underlying mis/dis trust between sangers and preachers. An uneasy alliance if you will. I know there are problems and abuses on both sides of this aisle. Just wondering!

  5. Grigs wrote:

    Isn’t Squire Parsons an ordained Baptist minister?

  6. Rod wrote:

    Oh Yea “NO PREACHERS” was definitley necessary when it came to Hamill.

  7. Fan1 wrote:

    So this funeral was basically a mini-concert/reunion/story telling time?

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