Southern gospel and the big tease

Like Mercy’s Mark, Troy and Katie Peach debuted as a vocal team with no little promise a few years back – initially as First Love (with JP Miller) and then, minus Miller, as half of TK&McRae(s). And also like Mercy’s Mark, the slow dissolution of the Peaches’ force and presence (albeit on a smaller scale) over the last few years has been painful to watch but, now that it’s finally come, not that surprising either.

As you may have already seen or heard, the Peaches (that’s funny to write and read) have – according to Chuck Peters’ ShowPrep – split with the McRaes and gone home and have no announced plans to sing (they say they want to stay home and raise their twins, but that makes it sound like they were just gigging it on the sg circuit for fun and don’t really need to, you know, make a living). They only put out one real substantive project (First Love’s debut album) which was notable more for what it suggested might be to come than what it accomplished on its own. So however much the Peaches’ exit may cost the McCraes, who struggle on a good day by themselves much of the time (the Judds they ain’t), this is not a huge loss to gospel music. But Katie Peach’s voice is a wondrous thing of beauty to encounter, which makes it frustrating and sad to see that of all the voices in that mix, the only real bankable talent is the one coming off the road.

We shouldn’t be surprised, I guess. That whole TK&McCrae merger smelled from the first of small-timerism, a union built on a burst of BFF4VR enthusiasm that was sure to burn out sooner, as it happened, than later. Mostly, I suspect, it had to do with what one reader called, in an email to me earlier this week about the group, “the obvious difference in level of talent” between Katie Peach and … well, everyone else in the group. Well said, SG.

Still, telegraphed though this collapse may have been by the illogicality of it all, it’s disappointing all the same to see yet another promising young voice fizzle out before ever really achieving in full the kind of luminosity that has shone through in fleeting bursts of brilliance (go watch the Torch video from NQC a few years back or listen to that First Love album).

This is a chronic problem in sg that I’ve hammered on and on about before: the absence of any infrastructure for artistic development in sg. I’ve brought recording companies and labels in for enough grief in the past, and they deserve it (mainly for thinking that A&R involves telling young talent how unimprovably perfect they already are).

But there’s just as much culpability to lay at the feet of these artists who seem to be more interested in making a big show of talking about how they just “let go and let God” or have given it up to the Lord in prayer or are trusting Jesus to work it all for out his glory or whatever (Garry Jones was “prayerfully weighing” all the “exciting possibilities” for his group even as he spoke from amidst its smoldering ruins), while failing to attend to the foundations of a successful career in professional music.

In the end, the only cliché that comes to mind is that God helps those who help themselves, and in sg there’s a marked poverty of insight and strategic thinking and planning. Far too many people like Mercy’s Mark and “TK” appear to be out there winging it gig to gig, making payroll with rolls of quarter or off high-interest credit card advances or whatever and assuming that as long as they have sufficient desire and a big enough bus mortgage, things will work out. Plah.

For those of us who get all twitterpated by the debut of young talent full of promise (see here and here for Exhibits A and B of yours truly in full swoon over Mercy’s Mark and First Love), we might be forgiven for looking with an evermore jaundiced eye at unproven acts. We’ve just been teased one too many times, alas.

PS: Consider this your space for a Festivus Airing of Grievances about any and all of the Southern Gospel Big Teases that have led you on … and then let you down.

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  1. info wrote:

    Ricky Atkinson is next…

  2. SgDoc wrote:

    Seems to me, that in this “gotta have it now” society that we live in, The young artist has no idea what it’s going to involve to make it last. I was at one of the first TK&Mcrae concerts in Maine. 1000s of miles of travel in a leased, half a million dollar coach, just waiting for the big explosion of fame to carry them into the ocean of SG fortune. Then the bus lease comes due, the $350 a day fuel bill, and the CDs purchased for $6 each from the record company aren’t sellin. Whats a young inexperienced SG artist to do? No business sense, no experience, no idea what “OVERHEAD” means, So you ride it till it’s gone. Well…the well has run dry.

  3. Doug Sword wrote:

    Troy Peach was running sound for the Perrys on 12-1-07.

  4. Dean Adkins wrote:

    “…all of the Southern Gospel Big Teases that have led you on…”

    You are speaking of music, right????

  5. Diana wrote:

    I was sad to hear that Troy and Katy are basically “coming off of the road” but I didn’t think the combo with the McRae’s was going to work - way too much difference in the types of voices and styles there for me. But I think that Katy has a lovely voice and would love to hear her and Troy again sometime. And they have my best wishes for raising those twins!!!

  6. Seaton wrote:

    There have been several artists over the last several years who seemed destined for better things, then change happens and it all seems to fade.

    *Hope’s Call
    *Hoskins Family
    *Jody Brown Indian Family
    *Three Bridges
    *Won By One

  7. Kyle wrote:

    I’ve seen Troy credited as producer on several regional and smaller-name groups’ projects, the most recent being Fresh Annointing, which has been heavily promoted on Solid Gospel.

  8. Derek wrote:

    2 Peter 1:10 says it best: “Wherefore the rather, brethren, give diligence to make your calling and election sure: for if ye do these things, ye shall never fall:”
    Spending a couple of years on the bus with a popular group doesn’t necessarily mean you are a household name in SG and will take the world by storm on your own. In fact, even after spending more than 10 years on the bus and numerous SN awards, it’s still not smooth sailing. Just ask Brian Free…from trio, to quartet, to soloist, and back to quartet. As someone once said, “it’s a jungle out there!”

  9. DD wrote:

    This seems to be the norm in Southern Gospel music. Artist leave top tier groups, form a group and immediately are recognized as the next best thing before they sing their first concert. Usually a record label or one of the top talent agencies will be there to get on board just because maybe one of the individuals has name recognition from their previous group. Now we are seeing more and more that these overnight successes are falling by the wayside either from not managing their money or the new group really wasn’t that good in the first place. Now I can see why a lot of regional groups are succeeding. Very little turnover of members, financial sensibility and some are just good!

  10. Tele_D_Trooth wrote:

    Once again Avery…we were thinkin’ it…but YOU said it. Bravo….

  11. WS wrote:

    Look for Troy to show up with Ricky Atkinson. Katy will probably be there also, but if not Loran Harris will be. It’s all in the works! Of coarse, I could be wrong ….. but it is very likely.

  12. tim wrote:

    Annie McRae will survive and thrive. She’s one of the bright young talents in the industry both as a writer and vocalist.

    Two groups that have disappointed: Three Bridges and The Jody Brown Indian Family.

    Mercy’s Mark was overrated from day one and never delivered the goods. First Love “cud a ben a contenda”.

  13. Jennifer wrote:

    I can totally see Loren, Troy and Ricky getting together and forming their own group. I just hope Katy is a part of that because she is wonderful!!

  14. Oldtimer wrote:

    Just a quick note of interest before sharing my thoughts - I pastor a relatively small rural congregation ( 100 - 125 people in a Sunday morning crowd) and TK and McCrae’s agent called asking for me to have them on a Sunday morning recently. I was unable to do it but I was stunned. Sunday mornings are usually the easiest dates to book for groups ( and generally some of the most financially successful) so I thought it a rather ominous sign when I got that call.

    On to the meat of Avery’s post - Good, thought-provoking stuff here, especially the parts about the lack of willingness on the part of these “big teases” to lay any foundation for future sustained success. I have seen so many ( and been a part of a few) groups who were just going to get out there and do their best and if God blessed it then so be it. Most of them ( now that I think about it, all of them) are no longer in full-time music. It reminds me of preachers who spend no time preparing messages and then get up in the pulpit and let the bible open up to a seemingly random passage and trust that “god will give them the message.” This reduces God to some great ATM machine in the sky who just spits out blessings regardless of the committment and effort of the one seeking to be blessed. Don’t get me wrong - I am not discounting the role of the Holy Spirit in taking guys and gals and through his blessed anointing transferring them into geunine ministers - whether in word or song. I am discounting all of those who think that happens with no work or commitment required by God on the part of the minister. I think that the late Adrian Rogers said it best in a statement that more than any other has shaped my mnistry life - “God will be with you in your presentation to the extent that you involve him in your preparation.” Amen to that.

  15. Ben Harris wrote:

    I long for the day when SG artists finally realize that it is the audience who matters, not a single one of us. Ask your audience what they like and what they don’t. They will be happy to tell you in no uncertain terms. Stretching out creatively without musical knowledge to know where you’re going is a train wreck in the making. Too many SG artists know nothing of music or music theory, and the result is we are losing audience because our music simply does not compete. Listen to SG radio and tell me all of the music you hear in just one hour deserves to be heard on a national level. I cannot begin to tell you how many SG artists I have talked with who have no clue what a 4/4 meter is compared to a 3/4 meter. Nor, what to sing when the chord is a 4/5 not a straight 4. Recently I heard a name group over the radio, the band played a 4# diminished, and the group proudly and without hesitation, sang a well round 4, except it was 1/2 step high. It was fingernails on the chalk board for me. It is about being professional, and a professional knows his trade inside and out. It is about knowing your own abilities or the lack thereof, and to be dedicated enough to learn your craft to fill the void where your knowledge base is wanting. This, along with the non-abilty to do business properly, is why SG groups fail. And this is why the First High Brow Church at 1st and Broadway refuses to have SG talent in to perform at any of their special functions. We have come a long ways in the past 50 years or so. From a genre of professional musicians and singers, to amatuer night.

  16. jb wrote:

    Well, Well Mr. Harris. Are you for real? Who would want to “perform” at the High Brow Church at 1st and Broadway…..I may be an amatuer, but, I am professional. I agree that the audience is what matters, however, I know what we sing and who we sing about and I am not changing that. If they want CCM and we SG, then you better go somewhere else to find it.

  17. JB wrote:

    #6 - About the Hoskins Family - everyone knew they were headed for doom when Jim left them. Last I heard Angie Hoskins started a radio promotions company. Thats the biggest joke I have ever heard. I work at a radio station and we didnt like their attitudes when they were singing so why would we want her calling us now.

  18. ANGIE HOSKINS wrote:


  19. Ben Harris wrote:

    jn you missed my point. I think to many artists today are fringe CCM and the audience is beginning to show their disapproval with that. MY other fear is that SG Music will lose what little audience we have simply because we have so many groups out there with minimal talent.

  20. Mike McIlwain wrote:

    Mr. Harris is for real and knows well the subject of which he speaks. Yes, there is a place for the plain and simple. He is not saying that one cannot have that approach and be used of God to minister. However,when an artist or group does not know enough about music to sing it correctly it will have negative consequences. In the past we had great songwriters like Big Chief and J.D. Sumner who were not arrangers, but the group in which they sang had some great men who could do some awesome arrangements and the group could carry it out.

    I understand that Big Chief did not read music very well but he was willing to take his ideas and allow others with the knowledge to perfect it. He could also hear each members part and could usually sing it.

    The things Ben mentioned in his last post are just basics that all singers should know. If they don’t, then they should learn it. I have 7th graders in middle school band who know these things, and it does help them to learn new songs and contribute musically at our church.

    Oldtimer made a great point when he quoted the late Adrian Rogers. Preparation is not unspiritual. It is actually more spiritual to be prepared, theologically and musically.

  21. BL wrote:

    I think maybe you meant to respond to #17, Angie….not #6.

  22. joe wrote:

    “…a Festivus Airing of Grievances…”. Priceless. Absolutely priceless!

  23. Revpaul wrote:

    Ohhh, not so loud, please! Angie, I think your cap lock must have got stuck or something.

  24. Faith wrote:

    You go, Angie!! I always enjoyed the Hoskins family (although I must say I liked them better toward the beginning of their career than the end).

  25. JB wrote:


    WOW Ive heard you had an overinflated ego. And boy do you ever. I love it when groups cant make it on the road for whatever reason and the excuse is we want to get fed. WHATEVER. And my lord how many people does it take to attend to one little old lady. Sounds like a book full of excuses which again Ive heard you are famous for.

  26. Derrick wrote:

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm seems strange. Angie Hoskins is right back to where she started from riding the Crabb Family coat tail. Whats sad is they dont have anything to offer now. Most companies wouldn’t promote Gerald and everybody is promoting Crabb Revival. Maybe if Angie begged Kathy Crabb would come out of retirement and pull her and Gerald’s cart on up the Singing News ladder.

  27. Practical Fellow wrote:

    re: #25 - JB… I know she was shouting, but take a cleansing breath. You’ll be fine.

    Here’s my take on why younger artists struggle in this industry: it’s a mature market and 20-somethings have to record and perform music for an older audience. They can do it for a while, but at some point they just want to sing music that they’d want to buy.

  28. jgurnett wrote:

    Lack of class on both JB’s part and Angie’s part, in my opinion.

  29. gc wrote:

    Angie did show some signs of major ego in her post. “Maybe you want to be a SG artist and can’t? what’s up with that?
    Ben has alot of great thoughts and if he applies those to his group they will have no problems. Great comments on here..really nice entertainment.

  30. Montana Man wrote:

    Here are two examples of SG life:

    In the same week the Stamps Quartet was canceling a Montana concert six weeks out because of the high cost of diesel (nearly $4 a gallon), another quartet was having a successful weekend under the snowy Big Sky.

    That’s Driven, made up of four singers who sang under the Anchormen banner until a year ago. As Anchormen, the four along with pianist Bryan Elliott were main stage at the NQC in Sept 2006. A few months after that, Elliott succeeded Andrew Ishee with Palmetto State, and in December all four of the Anchormen singers quit. They reassembled as a new quartet, Driven, and started booking dates.

    In their new life, there was NO bus. A van and trailer have reduced travel costs. (Part of their two Montana trips has been prepaid air travel by concert hosts).

    The reconstituted version — which did NOT make main stage in Sept 2007 although a resurrrected Anchormen version did — reflects a lot of work to hone the talent.

    The arrangements are better; the sound, balance and tones are much better; the stage presence and presentation are more focused, and so is an apparent stronger focus on the purpose of the music beyond just entertainment.

    If these four were good enough for main stage in 9/2006, they absolutely belong there in 9/2008. But other powers will make that decision.

    Beyond that is the success of the group as a start-up. Owner/manager Jason Funderburk (lead), tenor Alex Woolard, baritone Chad Smith and bass Will Lane have a relaxed, collegial approach that is working — and in all four venues where they sang on the weekend, the audiences were asking promoters to make sure they returned. The financial support backed up those requests.

    So some groups ARE surviving the shakeout, if that’s what it is, and their methods and approaches are worthy of examination. Even without the bus.

  31. Luke wrote:

    It is a shame to see, TkandMcRae no longer on the road. They were a huge asset to radio, Churches, and SG music in general during their short stay on the circuit. They will all be successful, they are talented individuals, but I will say. Katy Peach is probably the most talented Female singer in SG music history. She can deliver a song like None other, and there is nobody I can think of that can come close to touching her garment, other than Taranda Greene. TaRanda is an Icon, she is a true performer, and when you hear Katy sing and watch her deliver a song, You are left with the same emotions as when you hear TaRanda. You will hear these names for years to come. I wish everyone the best of Luck.

  32. Brian wrote:

    I heard the Hoskins Family could not afford to stay on the road, which is the case of most groups on the road right now. I have heard them sing on occasion and each time I was really blown away. I do have to say that Jim was a huge asset to that ministry they blended so well with him. I just dont think the Hoskins Family will ever be able to come back on the road to stay without Jim Maihaelick (however u spell his name ) Im a little clueless on the radio promotion part, can someone clue me in, They have their own company? Im lost. I did not know that. Maybe they can do that and live off of it. I hope so because from the sounds and looks of it, they have blown their career on the road.

  33. TN wrote:

    Angie, Angie, Angie,

    Easy, girl, easy…! WHOA, Nellie! I distinctly remember (oh, how well I remember) when we promoted “Angie & The Hoskins”…how you seemed to “command the stage”. Looks like some things never change. I see that you’re still commandin’!

    Easy, girl! It’s gonna be OK.

  34. Stephanie wrote:

    Not surprised by the news of RIP TK&Mcrae. Never liked the Mcraes, but because I liked First Love, I got the TK&Mcrae CD. I was highly disapointed. I was really expecting it to be one of those CDs where you dont want to skip any songs. unfortunately, i skipped all but two. When he said live and I tremble. I sure hope Troy and Katie will continue on there own. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard a voice like Katie’s.

  35. Derek wrote:

    Does anyone know what happened to a group called “David’s Heart?” It was Jon McBroom (formerly of BF&A), Milan Klipa (formerly of Poet Voices…spelling may be incorrect), and another guy whose name escapes me. Are they still out there? I haven’t seen or heard anything out of them in a while.

  36. ANGIE HOSKINS wrote:


  37. tse wrote:

    Now that I have the Festivus Pole up and decorated….If Jim Mahalik was the backbone of the Hoskin’s Family why did his solo project sink? (perhaps he needed Angie to promote it?). It was a fair CD but lacked.

    The Hoskin’s Family were very radio friendly and Angie is dong a good job with her new company. I hope that she gets back into music as her voice is missed.

    Now since the Festivus of Airing of Grievances has commenced….

    I can live with groups that disband before they reach their full potential. That seems to come with the SG territory. Sad but it happens and is often times no more disappointing then when key group members shuffle in and out.

    What grieves me more is when the big name groups fail to grow and keep releasing the same project over and over and over. The lyrics have changed but the song remains the same.

    For example Gold City’s latest CD. While it is a very good CD, it certainly doesn’t show growth. To me it’s just more of the same. Thankfully in this case it’s good.

    The Florida Boy’s last five years were this way. Other groups that I think need to push the envelope of growth: The Kingdom Heirs, The Kingsmen, the Perrys, the Inspirations (LOL), …

    I’m not saying that these groups are not good, I just would like to hear something new when I get a new project. Take some chances on a few songs.

    Groups that I think have grown from project to project: Crossway, Talley Trio, Booth Brothers, Crabb Family, Karen Peck, Hoppers,Brian Free….

    The rat hole is close to the Festivus Pole so feel free to slap me down it.

  38. dkd wrote:

    Angie, I have no comment regarding your response to JB…your reasons for coming off of the road and moving on is your only complaint is this (petty to say the least) but it’s Dementia not Demensia. I told you it was petty..

  39. jb wrote:

    Angie: This jb is NOT JB from post 25. I will change my initials as not to be confused with this unlearned, mean spirited individual. I always enjoyed The Hoskins Family and was disappointed when you all quit. Some people just don’t get it…..There are still people who care about their family and grandparents and want to be there for them. JB, I can’t believe you would even make those comments…

  40. Wayne Kerr wrote:

    To “jb” in reference to post #25.

    I have seen many people shoot off at the mouth on the internet in the past, and have been quite shocked at the attitudes of some people that have the nerve to call themselves Christians. You have just blown me away, and in true internet coward form, you don’t have the guts to put your full name in the message.

    Regardless of what your opinion is of any individual or group as artists, it is the lowest form of gutlessness to pick on an artists family. Especially if you are not man or woman enough to leave your full name.

    My prayer is that Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia never attacks you or anyone that you know and love. It is a horrible thing to see a once vibrant, loving adult be cut down and debased to the functioning level of a small child.

    Walk in their shoes, then judge.

  41. jb wrote:

    Well said Wayne Kerr….

  42. wackythinker wrote:

    JB: I don’t know you or Angie, nor her family, but I do know taking care of a loved one with demitia can be a full-time job, and then some. And if one member of the family becomes a full-time care giver, the dynamics of the entire family changes drastically. One person’s commitment to caregiving could affect the family’s ability to travel as they had been used to. Angie, know you and your family are loved.

    As for Ben Harris, he IS the real deal. He knows whereof he speaks. And he’s right: there is no excuse for sloppy work in the Kingdom. And it doesn’t matter whether you do Kingdom work for hire or as volunteer, no excuses. Keep it up, Ben.

    As for jb, I think your comments are out-of-line. You sound quite mean-spirited. I hope you don’t intend your comments the way they come across.

  43. Phil wrote:

    Hey Wayne, maybe the rude JB isn’t a Christian so can’t be expected to act like it…
    For Angie, if that is who it REALLY is, you are not presenting yourself very well. For one thing, it is considered rude to use all CAPS on a post as that is shouting with your typing. You say you always do that…well if you continue to do it after being told why not to…..people can draw their own conclusions can’t they.

  44. BUICK wrote:

    The theme of the thread is interesting and many of the comments have been thought-provoking. But this really has turned mean-spirited. As I’ve posted before, can we not have a kinder candor? All the way around? Both sides of the volleys? Leave this sort of sniping to the politicians in Iowa and New Hampshire. Everything meaningful that has been said could have been said with a measure of grace. There is no reason not to be Christlike just because we are making on-line posts…many of them anonymous.

    So keep up the spirited conversation but let’s also make it Spirited.

  45. Steven wrote:

    somebody needs a hug

  46. pastorjohn wrote:

    “For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light.” (Ephesians 5:8, NIV)

    “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.” (Ephesians 4:29, NIV)

    “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable — if anything is excellent or praiseworthy — think about such things.” (Philippians 4:8, NIV)

  47. michael wrote:

    hey avery, will you write an article on young/newer groups you think WILL make it, and counter that with the young/newer groups that you DON’T think will make it…i’d like to read your thoughts on that…thanks!!

  48. ANGIE HOSKINS wrote:

    i can honestly say…i have never heard such imature adults in my daughter and her friends act more grown up than this. if i have came across not christ like i am sorry for that…it just highly upsets me for people who have no clue what the situations are to lash out and try to hurt people and try and stir up negative talk. (on a gospel website). phil, like i said the caps is something i do all the time, i do not go to websites like this and try to read all the negative posts on all sg artists and i defiently do not comment so i had no idea the caps meant i was shouting! as far as finances and coming off the road due to that…the hoskins family are husband an i own the third largest concrete business in ohio, that was not the issue and still is not! you know, there have been artists come off the road due to finances, don’t bash them for trying. pray for them, they have obviously had a tough time. and if you can’t find anything else to talk could talk about all the good these groups have done in peoples lives and how many people they have led to christ in their journey.

  49. Kim wrote:

    I have to say to Angie my prayers are with you and your family. As for Troy & Katie Peach, well they are wonderful singers but Katie has such a bad attitude its a wonder she made it as far as she has. I have talked with her many times and have heard her make insults about other artist. As for Annie McRae, she is a very talented songwriter but she needs to leave the singing of her songs to others.

  50. a different Faith wrote:

    Wow. These posts have really degenerated into a SHOUTING match, haven’t they?

    I never heard the Hoskins, and I don’t blame Angie for being upset, but her mean-spirited, un-spellchecked comments (cloaked in the “go home and read your Bible” line that holier-than-thou Christians LOVE to use) have left me less than impressed. Who is she to tell any of us to get off the Internet and “get into the Word”, as if we are not already?

  51. The Haire Family wrote:

    Angie, Hang in there. Don’t let the ignorance of a few people bring you down. We had to do the same thing with our grandmother, and it was hard to see her in that shape. But the Lord called her home a year ago, and the thing that she had been working for and striving for all her life became a reality that day. She loved the Lord, and her testimony was alway’s “I’d rather be an old time Christian Lord than anything I know “. I’m thankful for that memory.
    We love you and are praying for you.

  52. ANGIE HOSKINS wrote:

    something i said…i would not want to mislead in anything i have said… (the concrete company)..not the 3rd largest in ohio..the third largest in the cinci. dayton area.

  53. Norm Graham wrote:

    I enjoy the discussions here but it could be just as informative and interesting if some folks tried to be a little more civil in their posts. It’s great to have SGM performers like Ben and Angie take part in the discussion. However, considering the reaction of some to their posts, you can see why most SGM artists would not want to risk posting. We don’t have to treat performers who post like royalty but if we’re going to be critical let’s at least do it in a constructive fashion. These are my views and not necessarily those of the owner of this blog or his dog.

  54. Cabell wrote:

    Back to the question posed by our moderator, some of the worst let down for me are
    #1 The Anchormen. Remember “Reflections of Life” what a great album. Jeff Chapman on bass, i may be wrong, but i believe Steve Ladd singing tenor. Feel free to corect me. Solid lead singer. Just a good overall sound. THen, poof, gone.

    #2 Poet Voices Phil Cross seemed to not be able to keep people around him for any length of time. And how in the world do you let a world class bass like Time Duncan get away. He should have staked the future of the group on him. “Pilgrim Song” and “That Changes Everything” are two of the best recordings in the last decade. Then Phil decided to come off the road again.

    #3 Everyday Driven. Cool name, great lineup, blending styles, hip look, debut project, flash in the pan. We’ll never know what could have been.

  55. Matt wrote:

    Kim, although I agree with what you had to say about Annie, I don’t agree with your comments about Katie. I’ve seen Katie with The Mike Speck Trio and with First Love and she was always so kind and personable. She even gave a CD and autgraphed picture to my daughter and told my daughter to keep singing for The Lord. Maybe she was having a bad day when you saw her. No one is perfect. I just think your perception of her is all wrong.
    What about Amanda till in this whole situation.? I think she’s too talented to stand in the background and that’s exactly where she’ll be because apparently Annie can’t stand to be in shadows of anyone, which is why I believe the group is no longer together.

  56. Matt wrote:

    #55 was a response to Kim, #49.

  57. Deb wrote:

    Wow!! I never knew people could get so worked up over things that really, in the big real world of kids and jobs, don’t matter that much. I was never a big Hoskins fan. I like a simple sound of music and although I believe they are talented, it just wasn’t my style. However, who cares why they went off the road? Is that really a reason to attack a person? Get over it! As for disapointing groups, I agree that Phil Cross was one. He is difficult to get along with (ask any of his many ex-wives) from what I have heard and I think the constant changing group members made the sound less stable. In any case, maybe now that Mitchell is there it will give them a fresh push. Another is Ricky Atkinson. WS wrote that Troy was joining RAC and I really like Troy & Katie. However, I think it is really disapointing to see groups that change out members so soon the ones there aren’t even on the singles yet. For instance, Scott & Tessa sang in the concerts while Sam & Labreeska were on the radio single. Now that Ricky has finally released a single with them, he changes to Troy and Katie or Lauren or whatever before the single is even on the chart. That is so annoying. Especially since I really liked Scott & Tess with him. It was nice to hear someone sing who wasn’t so low. Although I wasn’t impressed with their c.d. (of other people’s songs and other people’s tracks, something Ricky is famous for because he is too cheap or broke to do differently) when I heard them live, Tessa sang a Thank You Lord and it was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. Of course, I was a fan of Scott from Tony Gore & Majesty’s big years (no pun intended).

    Which leads me back to the original question. Another disapointment is Tony Gore & Majesty. They started out slow, and I have never been a fan of John Lanier, but during the late 1990’s, they were awesome. They had great songs and (mostly thanks to the combo of Scott and Tony on stage) they were great live. High energy, wonderful music, and spiritual singing. I hope things go well for Troy & Katie. There’s no doubt that they will fit better with Ricky than with the McRae’s, I just hope we haven’t seen the last of Scott and Tess. Oh, I also have noticed Katie has a very bad attitude.

  58. JB wrote:


    What are you trying to prove? No one cares if you and your husband own the largest company in the world. What does that have to do with why you couldnt make it on the road and why you are being so rude about Jim Mahalick. Jim actually made you all sound profesional. You sounded a little part time before him.

    Also on your promotions company is having crabb revial and gerald your claim to fame? Who cares lol I know for a fact that Crabb Revival is being promoted by someone else because we get calls on them from another promoter.

  59. JB wrote:

    Katie is one of the most incredible vocals I have heard in a long time. I truely hope she and Troy get back on the road and use their talent. Ive met her before and she has NEVER been rude to me.

  60. Ben Harris wrote:

    To my knowledge I have never met the Hoskins Family, but I do know the Haire Family well, and they have came to the rescue of the Hoskins, then I must believe they are good people, for I know the Haires live it every day, period. None of us want our good name trashed or degraded on a public forum, and it hurts. It is human nature to respond in like manner, and sometimes that’s just not the proper thing to do. When you work so very hard to develop a creative work like a SG group, it is like your child. And when someone attacks that child, you respond by taking offense, and setting up a defense. There are times when I wish I would never post on any forum, for frankly, it is taking a huge risk for anyone to do so who is in the public eye. However, there are many things about the state of SG at present that worry me tremendously. I try to voice those concerns hoping that if enough people do the same that hopefully, we can course correct our genre before it beaches on the rocks. It is that concern that motivates me to post my opinions, whether they be good bad or indifferent. I know not everyone agrees, but it has been impressed on me to try and do what I feel to be right. Hope I don’t bore too many of you. Angie I am sorry for the things that have been said to you on this forum. Hopefully, we can all rise above the fray and still be a good witness. A lot can be accomplished with nothing more than a kind word.

  61. Phillip wrote:

    Can’t we all just get along? Ya’ll sound like a bunch of rednecks on the front porch arguing.

  62. cdguy wrote:

    I’ve worked with Katie on numerous occaisions, and she’s been nothing short of sweet. I’ve seen her take a back seat to others, when her talent was far superior. And those who’ve said kind things about her talent are correct. She’s on of the best female singers Christiandom has seen in decades.

    As for her and Troy joining any other group, that is purely speculation at this point. As was noted earlier, Troy is driving and running sound for the Perrys.

    Great couple. I wish them the best. I know God will bless whatever is in store for them.

  63. Trey wrote:

    I agree with #57 that Tony Gore & Majesty were a BIG disapointment. I was never a fan until the song “The Prodigal” came out. After that, I really started listening to them and going to see them in person. When Scott left, the new group was very different and disapointing. I saw Scott at a revival preaching and singing after that and his wife was a wonderful singer. I have to agree though that their c.d. with Ricky was not near as good as their others. If you had never heard them, you would think it was good, but if you have heard them, especially Scott’s wife, you know they can do MUCH better.

    As for Troy & Katie, I actually liked their c.d. as First Love. I didn’t like all the songs, but I do think Katie is a very good singer. I have never noticed she has a bad attitude to the fans, but I have heard him make VERY judgemental comments about other singers. But then, so does everyone on this website. We just have the good sense not to do it 2 feet from their table!! LOL

  64. Derrick wrote:

    Jim Mahalicks family was the financial backbone for the Hoskins. I know when Jims family had to take the bus away and sell it- they missed a lot of dates. But, Jims families church couldnt put anymore money out. I knew with Jim leaving the day would quickly come that The Hoskins had to take a sabatical

  65. Dean Adkins wrote:

    Well, we’ve had the “Airing of Grievances”. It seems the “Feats of Strength” wrestling is in full bloom.

  66. scope wrote:

    Why does there have to be something wrong for a person or group to leave the road? And why isn’t raising 2-year-old twins reason enough to get off the road, especially when the boys start saying “home, mommy” when they get on the bus? Whos said that every group has to be together forever? This was the season for TK&McRae; there will be other seasons for Katy and Troy. And while Troy, Katy and Rickie are very good friends, why are people jumping to the (erroneous) conclusion that the three will hook up? There are no plans for that now, or in the future. Troy is one of the hardest working men I have every met, and there is no one more dedicated to SG music. Katy is a tremendous talent whom God has blessed to be the mother of two active little boys; and her family takes priority right now. They have made this move with much prayer.

    My question to avery and others is, where is the support and mentoring that perhaps could have kept them, and others on the road? Everyone seems to be in the business for themselves: record companies, management companies, radio, and booking agencies. How is a young group to get a foothold?

  67. Judy wrote:

    Is it really appropriate to question the character of these artists? You’re saying these people have bad additudes, they said something negative, or they’re just cheap - based on what? They’re not perfect. The thing I appreciate about some of the above mentioned persons, such as Ricky Akinson, Troy and Katy Peach, and Angie Hoskins, is that to my knowledge, they never claimed to be perfect. They’re always real. Not fake or put on. Have you never said anything negative, had a tough day, or tried to save a few bucks? I thought we were here to discuss our sadness about the artists who had so much potential, but decided to no longer pursue music as a living. I just hope these folks can find a way to use their talents for the Lord, regardless of where their bread and butter come from.

  68. val wrote:

    it is obvious to me that those making negative comments about the above mentioned, don’t know them on a personal level…. We as christians are supossed to lift each other up regardless. I do for a fact know Troy, Katy, Ricky and Angie very personally… if for whatever reason people decide to leave the road, noone really knows why and it is NOONE’s business. As for Troy and Katy joining RAC it ain’t happening…. he is cheap but he ain’t broke..LOL pawpaw, but a very smart business man.

  69. Faith wrote:

    I saw Tk & McRae at GMT in Pigeon Forge, and I was NOT impressed. It seemed like they were not a good fit at all. Katie’s singing was good, but her stage was terrible. She kept hopping back and forth from one foot to another. I don’t know if she was just trying too hard or what, but it was bad. Ricky Atkinson & Compassion were there too and I thought he had the best sound I have ever heard from him. I really liked the group with Scott Thomas and his wife (I never can remember her name). With Sam & Labreeska, they could all sing well (especially Labreeska), but they all sang so low it was almost difficult to tell them apart. Everything on the c.d. sounded the same because of it. It didn’t help that they did SO many cheap c.d.’s with other people’s tracks. Of course, from what I hear, that was the same complaint people had from the c.d. Scott and his wife did with Ricky. What’s up with that? Does anyone know any other group that goes around doing c.d.’s of other people’s songs and tracks, not just once, but over and over? Can you really take an artist seriously, no matter how good they sing, when they can’t even put out a c.d. of their own songs and tracks? I thought that was what local groups that didn’t write or have access to original songs did. I also thought Ricky was supposed to be this great songwriter. Am I the only person that sees this as a problem?

  70. ANGIE HOSKINS wrote:

    most of you who know the hoskins family know none of these rumors are true. not the bus rumor, not the loosing dates rumor, or us quiting because jim quit. speaking of jim, he just called me concerning all this non-sense and we both agreed playing him against us is not going to work. we have a lasting friendship and have been through way too much to get mad now! i am going to make this my final statement and i am not going to look back at this website again.i have learned a lot from being on the road and i have lived every dream i ever had. (on stage and off). when things like this first arise you get angry then hurt because you know you are trying to be in the center of his will. my grandfather taught us to let god take care of our problems. so i am putting this whole mess in his hands. i thank all of you who supported the hoskins family in the past and those of you who will support in the future. you have not seen or heard the last of my family. god still has a work for us, but now we are where he wants us and not where man wants us to be.

  71. a different Faith wrote:

    Now I’m getting nitpicky…but “God” and “Christ” should be capitalized, ANGIE HOSKINS.

    Oh, wait, you won’t be reading this comment.

  72. Wayne Kerr wrote:

    Hey JB. What radio station do you work for? I’d love to find out more about it. Could you please tell us all your real name? You have made some very serious remarks that border on the line of slander against Angie and the rest of the Hoskins Family. Why are being so mean-spirited toward her? If you have a personal beef against her, I would suggest that you do the biblical thing and approach her personally and privately. Someone earlier responded to me saying that you may not be a Christian. Although I am not the one to judge that, I certainly can see that you have stinky fruit.

    If you do not have the fortitude to give your name, kindly shut your mouth.

    If you do not have factual proof to back up what you are saying, kindly shut your mouth.

    If I were the moderator of this site, I would not allow your bile to be spewed forth the way that you are doing it.

    And just for the record, I have never met Angie Hoskins nor am I a “groupie” of The Hoskins Family. I have heard them once in concert and have enjoyed their music on the radio both pre and post Jim M. (By the way, if I’m not mistaken, I think that Jim Mahalik is related to the Hoskins Family in some way. I am probably wrong but I think I read this before someplace.)

  73. thom wrote:

    I have intentionally stayed out of this one, BUT, I must say that Troy and Katie Peach are some of the most talented, most genuine, and most gracious people I have ever had the opportunity to work with.

    I thought they had a good thing going with “First Love” but I understand how hard it is to get started, get the radio play, make the bookings, pay the bills, AND raise children.

    The arrangement with Annie McRae always seemed a little awkward to me, (just from an outsiders viewpoint), and while there were a couple of good songs - one that went to #1 I think - their was just something “under-whelming” about the personality mix, the staging, the look, and the vocal blend.

    Troy is the consumate showman and emcee and can get the audience cranked up and “into it” as well as anybody can. Katie’s voice and smile are both beautiful. But Troy’s energy and talent, and Katie’s wonderful voice and professional look, still wasn’t enough to lift the others in the group and make it all gel.

    As I said, it was just awkward to me.

    I believe it is a praiseworthy and noble thing to put your children first. Troy and Katie made the right choice for their family.

    Hopefully, the SG world has not heard the last from the Peach Family. Maybe in a few years the twins will join Dad and Mom on stage in their own group!

  74. Tessa wrote:

    I am new to this website, but I can’t help but wonder why everyone seems so mad? Okay, if you are a fan of T K & McRae, maybe you are disapointed to see Troy & Katie leave, but this is a business as well as a ministry. People change, group members change, and it is foolish to make such a big deal out of it. Troy and Katie are great people and whoever they sing with, they will do well. As for the Hoskins situation, as a “singer” who is more or less coming off the road, I can tell you that it is not always a matter of people being unsuccessful or even angry at each other. I wonder how many of the people commenting would really want strangers dissecting their reasons for a job change? I thought the point of the forum was to say if there was a group that disapointed you when they quit. That doesn’t mean attack them for the REASON they quit. A friend of mine sent me an email and told me to look at this and read the comments. While I’m here I have to say some of the comments are surprisingly mean-spirited. This is all very new to me since I didn’t really know about all the sg blogs, but maybe that mean spirit is why “Avery” appropriately posted guidelines on the main page. Good advice, “Avery.” I agree.

  75. Grigs wrote:

    I never understood why people get offended about typing in all caps, but I don’t do it unless I’m overly excited.

    The comments about Driven were right on the money! THESE GUYS ARE FANTASTIC! :)

    Seriously, they are!

  76. TN wrote:

    To “a different Faith” (#71)…a hearty “Amen”. And…what about the other words referring to God, such as “He”, “His” and “Christ-like”? Where’s the capitalization here?

    And…did we all not learn in elementary school that the first letter of proper names, such as “Phil”, “The Hoskins Family”, “Jim”, “Cinnci-Dayton”, “Ohio”, and even “I” are always capitalized?

    Also…EVERYONE knows that the first letter of the first word of every sentence is always capitalized!

    Seriously, I would venture a guess as to why Angie “ALWAYS DO(ES) ALL CAPS” (see her apology…#36). When one does “all caps”, one doesn’t have to take the time to think about what should be capitalized or what shouldn’t be! Ironically, when she types in “lower-case” (as we’ve all witnessed here), she uses the same philosophy! Hmmmmm….

    Angie (I almost forgot…you’re not going to be reading this…but), good luck with the concrete…seriously. Go ahead…write your name in it often (and use all caps if you wanna)! And, oh…one more thing…could you please send me some Skyline (or even Gold Star) chili? I’m gettin’ a cravin’ for some Cinncinatti-style chili right now…! Thanks!

  77. scope wrote:

    For SgDoc #2
    To be fair, the bus that the group travels in is not even close to a half million dollars, but IS necessary for traveling with two small babies as well as all the adults. And secondly, as to their business sense and experience, Troy has been in this “business” for 25 years. He traveled with his evangelist grandfather long before he sang with the Wilburns or the Steeles. I don’t know why you felt the need to belittle him and Katy. You obviously don’t know them, or any thing about them.

  78. JIM wrote:

    In response to post #69…The only project Ricky Atkinson has ever done with “other people’s tracks” is the Borrowed Treasures CD. They did that, in order to have a product to offer folks, when Scott and Tessa (Thomas) first joined the group…i.e. Scott’s songs he wrote and recorded when he was with Tony Gore, a song that Tessa wrote…also some songs Rick wrote and sung while with The Wilburns…thus the title “Borrowed Treasures”. Other than that, Rick has NEVER used tracks that weren’t original, and recorded under his close supervision, specifically for the wonderful songs he writes or co-writes. Just thought I’d set the record straight.
    Blessings, Jim.

  79. Kyle wrote:

    Well, some 30 or so comments back, Ben Harris had some really good points. Actually knowing what you’re doing musically is a BIG thing that a lot of groups do not have the luxury of. I’m not saying that you have to have 4 music theory majors and a composition major for a pianist, but knowing your way around music theory should be a requirement.

    I know of a group back around 1964 who had a “kid from Florida” try out with them. They turned him down because he couldn’t read music. That was a REQUIREMENT for their group….you HAD to be able to read music!! This kid could sing, and harmonize well, but since he couldn’t read music, he lost the job. You tell one ONE SINGLE GROUP today that requires you to be able to read music (aside from Greater Vision, anyway).

    In 2001, I spent two weeks in Nashville at Stamps-Baxter. I know many people think it’s overrated, but in all honesty, I learned more about music theory, chord building, harmony building, and yes, the beloved shape notes, in those two weeks, than I had in the first 18 years of my life. WELL worth it!! To this day, I use the knowledge from those classrooms when I sing (I had no idea what inverted harmonies were until then, but I use them quite a bit on stage now!). I would think that at least standard harmony knowledge should be a prerequisite for any group.

    That “reading music” group, by the way, was the Speer Family. The “kid from Florida,” was William Lee Golden, who went on to years of success with The Oak Ridge Boys (and still, to this day, doesn’t know how to read music, but has a very strong knowledge of harmony building).

  80. Practical Fellow wrote:

    re: #65 - I love the Feats of Strength! It seems that the throwing of poop has already transpired, but without a clear winner.

    Can using spell/grammer check be a category in Feats of Strength too? I’d really love to see more of that this Festivus season.

    If JB and Angie could reconcile… well, it would be a Festivus miracle!

  81. ORB fan wrote:

    “That “reading music” group, by the way, was the Speer Family. The “kid from Florida,” was William Lee Golden . . . ”

    I don’t know about the rest of the story, but William Lee Golden is from Bruton, Alabama.

  82. Jim2 wrote:

    Re: #80 If your Spellchecker doesn’t know how to spell grammar ….. Oh, the irony of it all.

  83. jb wrote:

    To everyone here who really feels the need to “bash” anyone….Listen to the news today and see if those in Nebraska really care why “so and so” in SG music quit singing. We have people dying daily for you and I and people being killed while shopping for the holidays.. Come on people, stop and think what really matters. We better get things put in perspective.

  84. Derek wrote:

    Whew! I feel like I’ve been at a pay-per-view main-event wrestling match where the referee got knocked out and everyone came out of the locker room and jumped in the ring. I’ve lost track of who’s fighting who here! LOL Where’s Rodney King (why can’t we all just get along) when we need him?

  85. quartet-man wrote:

    Kyle is a big Oaks fan. I was surprised when he said Florida more than once. I know he knows WLG is from Brewton, Alabama. I remembered the WLG / Speers story well, but sure didn’t remember him being in Florida at any point before the Oaks.

    Smitty or Herman (I can’t immediately remember) said of WLG “I don’t know if he can sing, but he looks good.” or something to that effect. Later though, Harper said that Smitty, Willie and Bill could blend very well together and that Bill was one of the best blending baritones in the business at that time.

  86. Dean Adkins wrote:

    Back to the original topic….

    Harold Gilley and Southern Gold
    Rabbit Easter & whatever that group was named
    Calvary Construction Company
    Christian Brothers Qt
    Turning Point
    Darrell Luster Trio

  87. Wes wrote:

    Oh Yea the Devil is working over time on here, and Everyone is fallen for it. It doesnt matter who you are and what kind of Ego you want to have, If you dont have Jesus living inside of you ( and this is for everyone including myself ) YOU ARE NOTHING !!! Let me say that again, that was good. YOU ARE NOTHING. That goes for the Moderator on down to the so called smallest person on here. Does anyone agree?

  88. Deb wrote:

    My goodness, this has become heated!! Well, for those of you who are so worried about what will become of all the sg people that have been discussed here, let me encourage you. First, Troy & Katie, from what I hear, are going to be seen in sg again because they are joining Ricky Atkinson & Compassion. Scott & Tessa Thomas (former Ricky Atkinson & Compassion members) will continue doing what Scott loves, campmeetings and revivals and Sundays (Scott is a preacher, so that makes sense). Angie Hoskins will continue with her promotions and concrete companies and everyone will be happy. It’s not like anyone is going anywhere.

  89. Trey wrote:

    For the record, Jim, #78, you are mistaken. I saw Ricky Atkinson & Compassion at Fullerville Baptist Thanksgiving Sing in Villa Rica, Ga. If you look at his table he has 2 or 3 hymns c.d.’s and the Borrowed Treasures c.d. He specifically told me that the tracks used for all 3 of these were “borowed” from other groups (either professional or groups he has recorded). You are right behind the concept of the Borrowed Treasures c.d., but you are wrong thinking that is the only c.d. he has done this way. Also, his brand new solo c.d. was done that way too. There are 3 original tracks on it and Troy told me they were originally recorded for Jeff Steele’s church choir. Ricky cowrote the songs several years back and decided to use those tracks and record those songs to save some money on his solo project. There are 3 more songs on the solo c.d. that are old songs he has written for other groups and he used tracks from local groups that redid the songs and he produced their album. There are only 6 songs on the project and then sountracks to those six. I don’t really care whose tracks are on his c.d., but if you are going to “set the record straight” perhaps you should find out the facts first for yourself. It’s not like it is a secret. Ricky himself told me the information so it must be pretty open knowledge.

  90. jb wrote:

    Wes; I know I am nothing without God and I deserve nothing from him, But Ain’t God Good……………….

  91. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    To all who are mentioning the need for a spell-checker: Get Firefox. It’s a free web browser developed by volunteers, with a built-in spellchecker:

  92. Mike McIlwain wrote:

    Another group that showed lots of promised but fizzled was the group Masterpeace. I saw them around 1995. They had a good sound. They had Tony Peace on lead. I don’t remember all of the other guys, but they had energy. It seems they imploded and later tried to put it back together with a former Blue Ridge Quartet member, but it just couldn’t make it.

  93. Kyle wrote:

    Golden is indeed from Brewton, which is on the Alabama/Florida border. They called him “the kid from Florida” when he was recommended to the Speers. Kinda like when someone is from Covington, Kentucky. They just say “Cincinnati.”

  94. Bryan K. Fowler wrote:

    To hear The Hoskins Family, The Anchormen, Mercy’s Marke, TK & McRae, The McRaes, Everyday Driven, Ricky Atkinson & Compassion, Tony Gore and all of Today’s Southern Gospel Hits…tune to The Rock! We love Southern Gospel…. I think we all do…EVERYONE has gotten off track. God Bless You!

  95. Part-timer wrote:

    Re: #89 — Warning to all independent groups who hire a producer for a project: Make sure your producer has no plans of using or selling your tracks when you’re done. Get it in writing, in fact. A group I was with used a producer whose name you’d know, and even though we had signed no agreement, he made plans to sell our tracks to other groups to use — the tracks we had paid dearly for (hiring studio time, musicians, etc.). Thankfully, we were friends with the engineer on the project, and he told us of the plans. He was able to get our masters to us before any copying had been done. I just hope if this IS going on, that at least the folks who are paying to have the tracks made are also benefitting from future leasing of them. In our case, we weren’t even going to be AWARE of it.

  96. Jamie wrote:

    Deb, I don’t know who are, but you have all your facts wrong! Troy and Katy ARE NOT going to be on the road with Ricky. I repeat - Katy and Troy ARE NOT going on the road with Ricky.

  97. RR wrote:

    For all things there is a season. I’ve lived in both worlds. Getting off the road was a life-changing experience, but opened doors to greater things that God had in store for my life. Please, folks, don’t get the mindset that spending a lifetime on a bus is His perfect plan for each of us.

  98. pk wrote:

    I miss having The Martins around more. I do wish they would have more appearances, esp. around southern Ohio (lol) and I wish they would put out some new material. Their songs always got me digging into my Bible to find out where the idea for the song came from.

  99. Tammie wrote:

    Avery, not that it’s much worth your time now, but I’d love to know what you thought of the TK & McRae CD.

  100. Deb wrote:

    Actually, #96, Jamie, I never said Troy & Katie were going with Ricky Atkinson. WS said that Troy & Katie were going with Ricky Atkinson and others commented on the POSSIBILITY of that or Lauren Harris. I never said that I knew they were. I was commenting on the POSSIBILITY as well. If you are going to correct someone, would you please at least try to make sure you are correcting the right person? And unless you are Ricky Atkinson (parading as Jamie) or Troy or Katie (parading as Jamie) it would be impossible for ANYONE to know that for certain, one way or another. Just because WS hears a rumor one way and you hear it another, they are both rumors. At least WS had the graciousness to admit he might be wrong. What are you so worked up about? Unless you are someone losing their job in sg because of a rumor, why should you care? Or are you one of the “sockpuppets” Avery complained about? Hhmmm. I wonder “Jamie”.

  101. JIM wrote:

    In response to post #89 (Trey), sounds like you’ve done your homework, son. I forgot about the Hymns CDs. I stand corrected.
    Now, we can sit around here and “split hairs” over tracks and songs, etc., but Rick has been doing this for over 20 years now, and has had 15 top 10, and 4 #1 songs that he has either written or co-written…not to mention all of the Nominations, AND Awards he and Compassion have won…so, he must be doing something right. I say, God bless him!

  102. BUICK wrote:

    Deb #100: I certainly took your post to be saying that Troy and Katie “are joining Ricky Atkinson & Compassion. Scott & Tessa Thomas (former Ricky Atkinson & Compassion members) will continue doing what Scott loves…” (That was a copy & paste function so I made sure I got your wording correct.)

    Looking back at your post #88, I see that there is a “from what I hear” a few phrases earlier but I didn’t take that to mean that it applied to everything from that point on. I thought it was just the phrase that immediately followed. So don’t get too uptight at “Jamie” for not understanding that everything you wrote was unsubstantiated gossip and conjecture. I also thought you were saying you knew what you were talking about. My bad! (And Jamie’s - - who is not a sock puppet for me, at least…nor I for her.)

  103. gc wrote:

    I have to agree that there are people who still serve God and live happily ever after departing the world of bus and travel. There are even singers who use their ability to serve God without being in a group or being in SG.

  104. Wes wrote:

    Can we all agree on 1 thing on here ? That we ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God . He that is without sin amoung you , let him cast the first stone !! There is a lot of stone throwing here..

  105. Luke wrote:


  106. PassTheCornbread wrote:

    Wow, this is great. Usually people never get to see how ego driven people are backstage. I only know about 5 like that in all of gospel music, and Angie honey you know you’re one of them. This is great. I wish the best for you and your family, thankful I won’t get to hear about our piano being to close to yours. By the way didn’t your family open for us that night, this is great.

  107. DANR wrote:

    #98…where you from?

  108. quartet-man wrote:

    #93, Kyle, they call me Mello Yellow too, but that doesn’t make me a soft drink. ;-) JK

  109. jake wrote:

    Maybe everybody needs to go back to #46 and see what God has to say to all of us. (pastorjohn is simply quoting God.) As several have stated, the tone in this thread with some of those posting has been less that Christlike. Calling everybody “stupid idiots” as well as some of the nasty remarks to one another leaves some of us cold — and makes us wonder why we are even here! If what we are saying doesn’t build others up, then we are sinning against Almighty God. And that isn’t my “opinion.” That is the clear statement of the Word of God. Folks, it’s time to move on.

  110. Wes wrote:

    Lets all get up in church Sunday morning and sing ” O how i love Jesus ” For those of you who go to church on Sunday, And then come back on here and show how much you do love him by talking about your brothers and sisters.. Just food for thought.. Do you feel just a little guilt by doing that? If not then my prayers are really with you.

  111. Ben Harris wrote:

    Good point Wes…well said.

  112. steven wrote:

    wow, its turned to some interesting conversation.

    my few thoughts on a variety of topics so far:

    Ben Harris- couldn’t agree with you more on your ideas of musicians/singers should be able to at least comprehend music and how it works. I’ve taken piano lessons and studied under great music teachesrs from my youth to close to my adulthood and it has really helped me understand the why’s of what i do. I play mostly by ear now, but wouldn’t be anywhere with the basis. It really irks me to hear those who brag and brag on people who say he/or I “don’t know a lick of that there music knowledge…but he sure can run up and down the keyboard”. Yes there are SOME (caps for emphasis) musicians who just have it without any sort of musical basis, but its hard to come by them. one lick or two, does not a true pianist make. We never stop learning…the day a person wants to stop learning is the day they’ve failed.

    Driven - I agree with the assesment many posters made on driven…they are the real deal! I saw what was one of their final concerts and was totally blown away. They sang to a underwhelming crowd, but gave it their all. I was very shocked when they didn’t appear at NQC this year. I hope they get the recogniztion they truely deserve. No knocking the “new” or “real” anchormen, but they haven’t gotten to the point that driven was at as the anchormen.

    Tk and Mcrae - I only saw them once in concert, and i did enjoy them. However, like another poster said, it did look odd. While watching them, my mind kept saying that they may just be a passing through group. I expected them to be together longer, but its not totally suprising. Troy and the rest of the group were really great, easy going people. I really hope they all find direction and can find their niche. Maybe amanda can follow her husband in some part of crabb revival? To every season there is a purpose.

  113. Trey wrote:

    Actually, Jim (#101), you didn’t just forget the hymns c.d.’s, you also forgot the solo c.d. You know, the one with only 6 songs (tacky) and all 6 tracks were “borrowed”. BTW, Ricky Atkinson & Compassion have never actually won a Singing News Award. They won some lesser awards one year, but they were awards that no other professional group was competing in. Even Labreeska admitted that it was a competition based on the premise of giving someone besides the major groups a chance to shine (yes, I heard that at a concert a few years back). Contrary to what some may believe, I actually like to hear Ricky sing. I just wish he would stop always trying to take the easy way out and be more professional. I also wish he would get some advice on his emcee skills. They are REALLY awful. Also, Luke, whoever you really are, how is it that you SUPPOSEDLY have not posted on this discussion thread before (at least that I could find) and yet your post says, “AGAIN! ONE LAST TIME..” Perhaps you are getting all your different alter egos confused. I also think you missed Avery’s advice on the all caps rule. It does seem strange to me that you (and only a very few others who might also be linked to you) are the only ones angry over this rumor about Troy & Katie. Why does this matter so much? If anything, I would think that Troy & Katie would be flattered by all the attention and well wishes and even hopefulness of seeing them in the future which has been stated on this site. Even as to Ricky, there have been a few criticisms (such as the reusable tracks) but no one has attacked his integrity or style. So why the anger? First, if you really are just a friend of Troy & Katie’s it would seem to me you would be happy they are being spoken so well of. If you are a friend of Ricky’s, looks like you would just be happy no one has chosen to attack anything about him that really matters. If you really are one of these artists in disguise, you just need to get the chip off your shoulder. This is a business. Not everyone is going to like how you do things. Attacking people for their opinion (especially in such anger and all caps) is just foolish. They didn’t attack you personally, just expressed an opinion of you professionally. Just a thought.

  114. Deb wrote:

    Okay, this is getting silly. I didn’t even bash Ricky Atkinson. I didn’t bash Troy & Katie. I actually think if Scott & Tessa have to leave, Troy & Katie would be a good fit. My original post was about the fact that Ricky Atkinson & Compassion fits the bill for disapointing right now due to all the changes. No matter if Troy & Katie join him or not. I would also like to point out that he is not the only group I mentioned which leads me to believe some of his minions are the ones making such a big deal out of this whole forum and trying to bombard it with “fake” fans. For instance, it is just AMAZING that # 101 “Jim” would know exactly how many songs were top 10 and #1 songs. Especially since all those #1 songs were not #1 songs on the Singing News. How many non-connected people really know the exact number (if that is the number) or keep up with the #1 songs in magazines other than the Singing News? Sounds fishy to me.

    Also, my original post was #57, not 88. And I would like to reiterate what I said then. Ricky Atkinson is one of several groups I find disapointing right now. They aren’t even all that popular in sg (as shown by the singing news fan awards-the ones they have never won and weren’t even nominated for this year). The majority of their dates are at small churches and despite their radio success (which is VERY real) they aren’t considered a major player in the sg industry. They aren’t even regulars on NQC. One year they are on it, the next they are not. There is no doubt that RIcky has a great voice and is good at picking and fixing and writing songs. That wasn’t the question of the forum. I think it is disapointing to see a group that has so much potential be thrown away. Ricky did not do anything to push the current group with Scott & Tess in it. I don’t know why, but he didn’t. He didn’t even record a “normal” c.d. with them. He did a budget and then his solo c.d. He has just now released a song with them on it and now they are leaving (supposedly). And don’t you think it is strange (if none of the posts are bogus) that no one has come out angry about whether or not the rumors are true that Scott and Tessa are leaving? Shouldn’t that give a clue as to who many of these posts are connected to and who (Scott & Tessa) doesn’t seem to be worried about all this foolishness? People will not stop listening to Ricky or Troy & Katie just because they didn’t join together as was speculated on Avery.

  115. JB wrote:

    #72 Wayne, No slander here only truth. Sounds like you know alot about them to ONLY be a fan. And IF Angie and Jim are related then why would she come on here and act like he is NOTHING without them. That’s what Im saying, her ego far surpasses her talent.

  116. Wes wrote:

    Hey , What about trying this. EXHORT ONE ANOTHER DAILY. Lets all say it together and just maybe we will sleep better tonight.

  117. LuckyDog wrote:

    Just a few random thoughts:

    1. Angie Hoskins is a talented lady with a great voice. What business is it of mine (or anyone else’s) as to why she and the rest of the Hoskin’s came off the road? I pray for her family in this time of trial. God bless them. I hope to see (and hear) them in the future.

    2. Gerald Crabb is a great songwriter that has allowed God to use his talent to reach many people (including this one). His profound effect on the Crabb kids continues in their individual ministries. Coming up through the ranks of Southern Gospel ministry was a team effort for The Crabbs. One might not have made it without the others and none would have made it without God. Thank God for Gerald Crabb!
    God bless him!!

    3. Troy Peach is a fine young man who has dedicated himself and his family to serving God. Why would one speculate negatively regarding his current situation?

    May God richly bless the Peach family whether they ever return “to the road” or not.

    4. I consider Ricky Atkinson a very dear friend. Though I don’t get to see him much, but this much is evident…Ricky has dedicated his life to sing, write, testify and generally make music about what God has done for him (and can do for others). He has touched countless lives in a positive way for Christ!

    If Ricky wants to make an album using tracks that are a monkey banging two sticks together, that is HIS business and not for me to criticize.

    Which would you rather see, Ricky being conservative with his budget, or burning up the credit cards or offerings with expenses that can never be repaid?

    Ricky sounds wise, financially, to me.

    May the Lord richly bless Ricky, Paula and his entire family!

    5. I don’t know Jim Mahalick personally, but his mother wrote me a kind, thoughtful letter recently and blessed me with her gentle, Christ-like spirit. I know Jim is a terrific singer. Good luck to him and may the Lord bless him, also!

    6. I also don’t know The McRaes, but I know Zack Smith, the husband of one of them. There is not a better young man in all of America. He has fine parents who raised him right and he has turned his hard work and diligence into quite a talent on the guitar. Instead of “pickin” in bars and honky-tonks, Zack is using his talent to glorify God. Zack is another person greatly influenced by Gerald Crabb. God bless Zack and his new wife.

    7. I once sang with a nationally-known group in a church that had brought in my group several times. After that concert, the church Pastor told me he would never have that group back again because of their “attitude”. These people were some of the most genuine, sweet people I know, and a magnificient ministry. Sometimes, IMPRESSIONS of people are WRONG. IMPRESSIONS are ALWAYS just that…IMPRESSIONS. Beware of passing judgment on people from IMPRESSIONS.

    Each of the people I have mentioned in the above I have personally met, ministered and worshiped with. I am sure none of them are perfect. Neither am I, nor are you who are reading this.

    One can voice or write their opinions without being critical of another person, ESPECIALLY those who serve God!

    That is what I choose to do.

    To everyone who has been criticized in the above posts, hang in there. Be mindful of what God has in store for you and never cease to use your talents for Him.

  118. JIM wrote:

    Well said, “LuckyDog”!!!

  119. Trey wrote:

    I totally agree with #117 that Ricky is perfectly able to make his tracks with 2 monkeys banging together. However, I am perfectly able not to listen to it and I doubt seriously that there are any people (in or outside of the industry) who would not comment by saying, “Why would you do that? That’s awful.” Probably “Lucky Dog” included. I didn’t realize that when I post an opinion, Ricky was bound to change his behavior because of it. This is an industry of fans. People are allowed to have opinions and criticize the professional work of others, the same as we do for movies we watch, restaurants we eat in, and people we elect. I will not attack someone on a personal basis, because their personal life is their business. But if you choose to make a career out of performing or ministering to others, you are opening yourself to their voicing of their opinion. That does not mean it is okay to be mean or call people names as #105 did, that is wrong. But people in the “public eye” should expect others to voice their opinion of them. That’s the whole point of this website. Avery voices his opinion and we all give ours. It’s not mean. It’s opinions. You don’t have to agree with each other, but we should all be able to recognize the right of the other person to voice their opinion. BTW, I agree with you on Gerald Crabb. He is (in my OPINION) the greatest songwriter to ever write in sg music and has had a profound effect on fans and singers alike. Although, I respect your right to disagree with my opinion.

  120. Payton wrote:

    Geez, I haven’t been able to check this site in several days and it looks like I missed all the fun! Some classic stuff here. I gotta say agree with Kim way back up this long comment list, #49. Annie is a wonderful songwriter IMO, but a singer she ain’t. I think we all knew what was gonna happen when that TK thing started anyways. Just another flash in the pan.

  121. BL wrote:

    OK, this is a really petty complaint here. And I do mean petty. Call me OCD or whatever..haha! But it’s Katy….not Katie.

  122. cabell wrote:

    Add to my previous list the Journeymen quartet.

  123. Grigs wrote:

    I miss the Journeymen Qt. I was at their final concert in November ‘05. I kiddingly told Stacey at the NQC the next year that I had almost forgiven them for coming off the road…almost!

  124. Luke wrote:

    Response to #113….I was saying “AGAIN” Because other people had stated they wasnt joining Ricky’s group… i was finishing it out, “AGAIN ONE LAST TIME”. People kept saying they was doing something they wasnt, like they knew for a fact or something. Was just kinda hilarious to me, people stating facts they dont even know. Anyways- I am very happy they are getting press… whether its good or bad, at least they are being talked about. Nobody more deserving in my opinion. Katy cant help shes a star :-) lol

  125. Faith wrote:

    Wow, Wes, love those exhortations. Maybe you shouldn’t read these posts if you are so much better (read: holier) than all of us! Must be nice being perfect; I wouldn’t know.

  126. Payton wrote:

    Been tryin to think of a group to add to the list but I’m drawing a blank. In response to #124……Yes Katy is definitely a star……Just ask her ;)

  127. &y, but call me Rex wrote:

    Hello all,
    I would like to start by saying that I really don’t follow SG all that much. My mom dragged me to concerts when I was a kid, but I haven’t attended many since I’ve been big enough to dig in my heels. That was a long time ago and while I actually do appreciate SG now, I don’t listen to it much or follow the industry; except in the context of how my little sister is doing.

    I’ve never posted anything on an SG site, but I did want to make a few comments:
    1. As her older brother, I’ve been privileged to watch Katy’s metamorphosis from a shy little girl with a microphone to the powerful performer she is today, and it saddens me to see people malign her character with comments about her supposed bad attitude. Katy and Troy are possibly the two hardest working performers in SG and both are very dedicated to their craft. I have personally seen the sacrifices they’ve made and the burdens they’ve endured in order to support their ministry; it’s hard, and it would take a toll on anyone. While I have no doubts that she may have made a negative comment to someone somewhere at sometime (I did grow up with her, after all), I can assure you that if she did, it was indeed out of character and most likely the result of the hardships of living and raising two boys on the road. She is one the sweetest people you could ever hope to meet and she holds her fans and peers in the highest regard.

    2. Katy and Troy are not joining Ricky (though it would probably be cool if they did).

    3. While we, her family, are deeply saddened to hear of the dissolution of the group, we are very much looking forward to spending this Christmas - the first in several years - with her, Troy and the boys. I can promise you that coming off the road was one of the most difficult decisions they’ve ever faced, and they did not make it in haste.

    4. Troy and Katy together have more combined experience in SG than most seasoned professionals. The group did not dissolve because of financial mismanagement. My guess as to the true cause of the disbanding takes root in the inherent difficulties of competing in an overly saturated market, whose main customers tend to be older individuals with fixed incomes and stubborn ideas of what music should be (“back when it was good”), not to mention the fact that their paychecks are precariously and directly impacted by volatile gas prices.

    5. As an aside - I am embarrassed that my fellow Christians would behave in such a manner, especially given the public nature of this forum. Based solely on the contents of this page, it’s not hard to understand why most non-believers consider us to be little more than self-righteous hypocrites. I don’t even know who ANGIE is, but as a sister in Christ, I know she deserves better treatment than some have given her here. The power of life and death is in the tongue (or in this case - the typing fingers), so rather than tear each other down, why don’t we lift each other up? “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

    That’s really all I have to say. I hope Katy does sing again because I do believe that God gave her a gift. But, at the same time, it’s nice to see her excited about the future and the possibility of giving the boys a ‘normal childhood’. Whatever she decides to do in the future, I know she’ll do it with all of her heart, guided by God’s providence.

    Thank you for your time.
    (Go Bucks!)

  128. Wes wrote:


    None of us are perfect, but we have choices and I choose to lift his name and not down someone. It has nothing to do with being perfect. Seems to me that , that would be Christ like. Or does not that scripture apply to just some people. I just wonder what your thoughts would be

  129. beckie wrote:

    Gerald Crabb is a good songwriter but he has created his own destiny.Not all talented people are rolemodels, unfortunately. Obviously some of you are confused by the two.

  130. destiny403 wrote:

    (PRESS RELEASE ) Sylvester, GA

    Ricky Atkinson and Compassion announces the departure of Scott and Tessa Thomas. After much prayer and many discussions, RAC has decided to take a different path of ministry. Due to the great demand for Ricky’s solo dates and scheduling conflicts, we have all agreed it would be better if we pursued our ministry goals separately. We will remain close friends and very supportive of each other’s ministries.” Ricky Atkinson states,” I greatly appreciate Scott and Tessa and their willingness to help me in transition in 2007, and working with me over the last 7 months. They are my friends and I truly wish them well in the future.”

    Joining Ricky on stage, the new line-up for Ricky Atkinson and Compassion will be Loren Harris (formerly of the Perrys and Wilburns) and Greg Cook (formerly of Tony Gore and Majesty and the Florida Boys), two of Southern Gospel Music’s most individually talented singers, favorite personalities, and industry wide well known voices.

    Ricky Atkinson, owner/manager of RAC states, “I am SO excited to have these two awesomely talented men join me for the RAC bookings… I don’t need to go into how great they are… Most everyone who knows anything about southern gospel music, know these two guys are household names. They have their own unique style and sound, and also come with a huge radio following and exciting fan base.”

    Ricky adds, ” I have numerous solo dates scheduled for 2008 and I am thankful God allows me to minister in a more personal environment. With the recent changes I have the opportunity to stage those major RAC dates with a tremendously powerful lineup and I am certainly blessed with two of the very best!” It is very important that RAC wants to be clear on the goals of this group and each individual situation involving these guys.

    They all have first obligation and priority in their home churches as ministers of music, administrators, etc… so scheduling will be limited and very carefully observed. Family and church first, then singing is the way we feel it should be and thats the way we want it.
    Booking will remain in house and can be scheduled by contacting the RAC office phones found at the website or email @

    For more information on RAC log onto or

  131. ppmcghee wrote:

    you all are gay!!

  132. Rod wrote:

    Beckie…WOW! Someone actually said what I was thinking…I traveled in SG with a pretty popular group and worked with the best of them and I can tell you this…I wouldn’t walk across the street to hear 50% of them…Egos, adultery, homosexualality, immorality…You name it I saw it…Guess what? I was even part of it and it destroyed my testimony and walk with God. I don’t want to cast stones at any group or individual but we need to be just as concerned with the testimony of these artists as well as their talent (Although I believe there is very little today). Or the “powers” that be want to keep the pie to themselves (what’s left of it). Many of you have blinders on and defend your favorite groups after “working with them” or “meeting them once” and you think you know them. You DO NOT really know them. To get back on subject…Most young groups fail because they are lazy and want it handed to them on a silver platter…It takes WORK and DEDICATION. Kudos to Driven for driving the Van until they can AFFORD a bus. I hope they make it…they seem to be good guys. Lastly some of you need to get a life and Jesus…Some hateful, nasty people on here.

  133. Courtney wrote:

    I think all of this is pretty petty. I traveled and sang for many years and was never fooled by anyone in the industry. Katy Peach was NEVER nice to me! Although, I never expected her to be! I am saddened to hear of the breakup of TK & McRae. I was very blessed in a concert they put on at a small church in my hometown. The presence of the Lord was strong and many lives were touched! People are what is in their heart! Where is your heart today?!? God bless each of you!!!

  134. Practical Fellow wrote:

    re: #127

    Andy, I think you gave a better defense of your sister than any other I’ve read here. Some family members of SG artists respond to comments on this thread and as we say around my house, they ’show their rear’. You communicated very well and defended your sister’s honor without coming across as a reactive jerk. Well done. I don’t know anything about your sister, but I’d give her a second chance just based on your calm and thoughtful post.

    Merry Christmas to your family.

  135. gc wrote:

    great post about you sister..she always speks to me…

  136. gc wrote:


  137. sherry s wrote:

    Katy and Troy are fine kids. Whatever happened, they are most likely innocent. They do the right thing in every situation. Katy has always made me comfortable and Troy is such a hard worker.

    Then there is that amazing talent that Katy possesses, makes the world jealous when she opens her mouth. The ability to record and deliver like she does is almost freakish. She has more talent in her pinky than most have in their body. Difficult at best when the others on stage aren’t family. It’s difficult to keep all of the emotions in check. If you sing with Katy she is probably going to outperform you, unless you’re Martina Mcbride or Celine Dion.
    If you are outsung every night, it doesn’t feel very good. The rest is history.

  138. Glen A. Board wrote:

    I must have met a different Katy Peach than Courtney, because I went and heard her with First Love and that McRae group and she was always nice and uplifting. In fact, if it wasn’t for her, I would have left that McRae concert depressed…

  139. whocares wrote:

    katy can sing, she isn’t very nice…..ok ok we get it…move on

  140. Glen A. Board wrote:

    It’s the topic of discussion whocares, so you move on, ok?

  141. G.C. wrote:

    what a bunch of cry babies. What business is it of ours why the Hoskins came off the road. Thats like me asking why you have nothing better to do than to sit behind the protection of your pc and run your mouth like you actually know what your talking about, knowing good and well that most of you wouldnt say any of this to Angie’s face. I have worked in every field of this industry from radio to record companies even to being on the road for 15 years and I have watched as southern Gospel music has gone to the dogs!! If you really want something to talk about why dont you start airing out your dirty laundry and well let you know what we all think!!!

  142. Chazz wrote:

    Does anyone know how to contact Angie Hoskins? I have looked everywhere trying to find some way to contact her and can’t find a website or anything. Angie Hoskins has been of GREAT inspiration to me. She is the BEST in my book. She has helped me and some very close friends of mine through very trying situations. I would love to share with her the difference she has made in my life. :)

  143. Tammi Lewis Bethel wrote:

    I grew up with Angie and I just saw her today. I know her whole family and she did loose her Grandfather and her Grandmother is sick. They did not have their bus repo’d. And no she is not perfect, but, she loves Jesus and thats all that matters! Def not the opinion of someone that does not know her. They are singing at their home church and she told me today they will be starting some things up soon. If you are from southern ohio area you would know that The Hoskins have been around for a very long time! Ang’s parents used to sing with The Freedom Heirs when Angie was little she even had her own song on the album. Personally I think she is a very pleasant person to be around. I cant imagine how hard it must be for her to have to listen to these negative comments that are no where close to true!

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