Big NQC announcement?

I’m hearing that we might expect a big announcement from NQC about an “arrangement” the convention has reached with two major SG artists for 2008 whose recent absence at NQC has been conspicuous. That’s all I got, and it could turn out to be a bust, but I guess we’ll see. Stay tuned.

Update: our crack team of investigative interns has been hot on the trail of this one and feels fairly certain that Gaither is, as you probably assumed, the big name in question. What the arrangement will be remains, of course, to be seen.

Later update: and it’s official. Gaither fills Thursday night gap left by Fan Awards move to Saturday. Assuming this is part of a grander strategy to keep people around for the full week, I guess this means NQC thinks the Fan Awards are more popular than Gaither, which seems doubtful to me. But no matter. This is obviously good news. Not sure who had to do what and how much crow-eating, peace-making, or other detente was involved, but kudos are in order all around, esp to Gaither, who as Edie notes in comments, shows some first-rate class in letter the past go.

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  1. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Gaither Cruise is being held starting August 15 through 22 instead of the the week around September 1 in past years.
    Two sg artists brings into play Ernie Haase and Signature Sound Quartet. Where ever Bill Gaither and GVB goes, Ernie Haase & SSQ goes most of the time in their high profile appearances. That not a bad thing.

    This is only speculation and speculation fuels interest about the hottest subject of the day.

    Can you you imagine if there was web site like the followiing titled “Truth & Rumors” in southern gospel music?

    Try this site out:

  2. Aaron Swain wrote:

    Man I hope it’s Gaither and EHSSQ…

  3. Charles Brady wrote:

    Just got the Press release! Singing News Fan Awards replaced by Gaither Appearance! LOL!!!! You gotta love the power brokers at NQC!! LOL!!

  4. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    It looks like it’s official now.

  5. RF wrote:

    It is. Just announced.

  6. dd wrote:

  7. Edie wrote:

    After the way the NQC board treated Gaither in the past, I hope they realize the grace he’s showing them in agreeing to return. I think this shows that he truly loves the genre and the music.

  8. TLW wrote:

    Wonder if NQC will extend an Olive Branch to others that have not been invited back over petty things?

  9. Jay wrote:

    Just who are you thinking about, there TLW?

  10. Glenn wrote:

    Cannot think of any criticism or “the Gaithers can do not right” attitude that could possibly say this is a bad thing. Wow. Really a good indication of the health of the future of the NQC.

  11. dd wrote:

    i know this might come across very uninformed but im not so sure that as graceful as Mr. Gaither comes across with this, that it was’nt just a necessary business move. And kudos for both parties for letting down their guard and pride and come back together! i’m reallly excited and anxious for next years NQC! However, ever since South Africa the videos havent had that ‘punch’ to them. Granted there have been some great moments in the vids following but they’re generally singing the same songs, with the same people only in different venues. The Gaither tours are great moments but i personally think he (Gaither) has simply made a smart move for his company. works for me!!!

  12. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    Ah…so this is where the whole “GVB/SSQ replaces Fan Awards on Thursday night” thing got started.

    Um…it says they will do a joint “showcase” on Thursday. NQC showcases are normally held in the afternoons. The Fan Awards were on the main stage on Thursday evening.

    They aren’t filling the hole left by the Fan Awards.

  13. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    To put a finer point on it…there is no “gap” that needs to be filled. The Fan Awards were merely shifted to Saturday night and the available slots for artists to perform for those two days (Thursday/Saturday) were adjusted accordingly.

  14. Glenn wrote:


    Gaither does not have a “necessary business move.”

  15. Lisa wrote:

    TLW - could you be speaking of long hair, denim and HATS??

  16. Joseph wrote:

    Guy looks too much like I imagine Jesus to look. Scruffy, long hair, beard. Quite honestly a far cry from what anyone should look like at NQC. Well, at least they’re letting Guy come back! I wonder if the board would ever let Jesus on stage?

  17. Kyle wrote:

    I would imagine that this could be a wise move for the NQC to bring in younger audiences. EHSS’s groupies will no doubt come to the convention just for the chance to hang out with them, and Gaither will bring his posse. The absence just helped grow a secondary audience that will now follow the groups back to NQC….audiences that otherwise wouldn’t have gone.

  18. jb wrote:

    I don’t really care if they are there or not. I love GVB, but, would go get ice-cream when EHSSQ sings. I hope NQC does the “internet mainstream” again. We do not have tickets for next yr. as we were really disappointed in this yrs. lineups for the weekend and this move really doesn’t make me want to try and buy tickets for next yr.

  19. shiskaBOB wrote:

    i can’t wait for nqc this year! gaither is my alltime fav!! so…i was hoping in the comments some of my questions would get answered but they havn’t…so i’ll ask and wait for everyone’s opinion. 1. why are the pfeifers on for 3 nights and kpnr only two? 2. what do ya’ll think about the new groups on this year? (paid in full, tribute, soul’d out, everyday driven) and who got snubbed? 3. do you think the vocal band and sig sound will have booths and even be at them during the day? thanks for your thoughts! i look forward to reading them!!

  20. Shamika wrote:

    #16–maybe Guy really is Jesus…

  21. John wrote:

    Smart move by both parties.

  22. gc wrote:

    friday night is loaded!

  23. Montana Man wrote:

    SNUBBED: Driven Quartet (not Everyday Driven). They were on Main Stage in 2006 when they were singing as the Anchormen, and as Driven they’re better than they were two years ago. Has to do with Anchormen ownership friendships with Hoppers, etc.

  24. Phil wrote:

    Shamika, I hope you don’t think I am being hateful or rude, but I think you should be more careful about frivilous comments made about our Lord and Savior, and in regard to other posts about Jesus’ appearance, a study of scripture would lead you to realize that He did not have long hair. Not here to debate, just hoping to nudge people gently to a greater awareness that what they might say in an off-hand manner might not be pleasing to our Lord.

  25. Faith wrote:

    Phil, please give me a verse or two that says he had short hair…I am curious.

  26. anonymous wrote:

    #23 Montana Man: Actually, this may be the case in the FUTURE of DRIVEN but not this year. I THINK it is a rule that you cannot be on the main stage if you have been together a year or less…which…as DRIVEN is true in their case.

  27. Shamika wrote:

    Phil, are you singling me out because I’m black?

  28. word up yo wrote:

    it’s absolutly absurd that DRIVEN isn’t on mainstage just because their name is no longer the anchormen…we all know they have justifiable reasons to leave the anchormen…my guess would be because the anchormen ownership is so bad nobody wants to be there…that’s probably why the group is in such disarray today…DRIVEN is a stellar group and their time will come…i think they are alot better than tribute, no offense to those guys…i just perfer DRIVEN’s sound…they’re definitly better off without the anchormen name :)

  29. Grigs wrote:

    You all know that the concept of Jesus with long, fair hair and soft features was created by European artists of the Middle Ages don’t you? We really don’t know what Jesus looked like since none of us were around. At least, I hope none of us are that old!

  30. Frank J wrote:

    #22 GC - With the talent lined up on Friday night PV will probaly end up as the Bathroom Break Group.

  31. ST wrote:

    #29 - You are correct. My understanding is that if you study the custom of the Jews in the days of Christ, it was not in the culture for men to wear long hair. Also, the Bible says it is a shame for a man to have long hair.

  32. Montana Man wrote:

    Anon, thanks for No. 26. I have NO idea what the RULES are, but I’m pretty sure the new Driven was formed in December 06 — which is a year ago. And now look at Palmetto State. Wow. It’s called a merger when the only guy left standing (Kerry Beatty) plugs in with three other singers? Should be on the “survivor” show.

  33. Montana Man wrote:

    Word Up, your No. 28 is the first I’ve heard that the “new” anchormen are in disarray. How so?

  34. Grigs wrote:

    I think Driven Qt. should be on the main stage, too. C’mon, board, give’em time to do a song or two. What’s it gonna hurt? Cut out some emcee chatter or a showcase preacher sermonette or Gerald Wolfe leading congregational singing or something.

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