As you will see, I’ve taken down the AGM-related Dissent of the Day that I posted yesterday evening. It’s not something I like to do, removing posts, but the more I read some of your comments and thought about it, the more it seemed warranted in this case, until or unless I have additional information (I have requests out for verification).

I’ve spent so many years working with letters to the editor when I was in newspapers, and then with first drafts of essays as a teacher, and, yes, mountains of emails to that are perfectly legitimate but nevertheless marred with stylistic and grammatical issues that my instincts could well be distorted at this point. Or maybe I’m just an unreconstructable dupe. I dunno.

At any rate, I try to assume most comments are posted in good faith (except the obvious frauds, which, perhaps needless to say at this point, the comment in question didn’t immediately appear to me to be), especially with those who disagree with me, since I really do enjoy a thoroughgoing engagement with an issue from all perspectives. Moreover, the alternative to assuming most comments are legit is to either spend large chunks of my day vetting every comment or turning off the comments function altogether. And I really hope it doesn’t come to that.

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  1. Mickey Gamble wrote:

    The big question is still “What does this have to do with Southern Gospel.” In spite of the Roy J Hayes response to your post:
    “Our goal is to help SG (and all Christian Music) by raising awareness and credibility of what is happening in SG that is really good.”

    SG was not seen at this event. The appearances of Triumphant and the Imperials was not in context. If that was somehow the intent, why not add the Booth Bros., Perrys, EHSSQ, and/or Talley Trio in Carnegie with a live band, with or without choirs and orchs.

    If AMG/CMP/Vivici/CEO America is attempting to create a new genre to go with their new brand, then they should say so and give it a cool name — Like “American Southern Inspo Gospel With Choir & Orchestra and a Hint of Color”…wait, that might be too long.

    And really, learn grammar, syntax, and spelling.

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