The Eddies

Eddie Crook is in the news a lot lately. First, the inaugural “Eddie” Awards were given out recently. And now NQC has announced that Crook’s recording company will be awarding prizes at the 2008 NQC talent competition (if memory serves, this isn’t the first time ECC has been in this role, is it?). Several of you have asked what I think of the Eddies, and beyond referring you to what I’ve written about ECC in the past (namely here and here), I guess I would say: not much.

With awards shows, less is more. And in sg, it seems like there’s already three or four awards for every group on the road, even before the Eddies came along. I assume the rationale here is that 1)ECC wants to focus some attention on downmarket talent, because 2)ECC is in the bidness of downmarket talent and an awards show is a perfect context in which to potentially generate good press for its clients and so, itself.

I know, I know. ECC has given some big name groups (like the Perrys and the Isaacs) their start over the years. But the truth is, these are by far the exception, and not just from ECC, but from the custom recording sector of sg in general, while the norm is music ranging from the mediocre to the execrable. The only reasons I could see for people outside the world of small-time/part-time recording artists to worry/care about the Eddies is if they either make otherwise self-discreditingly bad music serious contenders for time and attention in mainstream sg or if they end up rivaling the SN Fan Awards. And neither of these possibilities seems likely to me.

That doesn’t mean, however, that the proliferation of awards shows in sg (the Harmony Awards, the Diamonds, the sogospelnews FanFest Awards, the Eddies) is a benign phenomenon. Because once everyone is a winner, we all lose, to some extent.

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  1. quartet-man wrote:

    I’m not sure if he “gave them their start”, but the Crabb Family and Fox Brothers also recorded on Eddie’s label.

  2. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    You have to start somewhere.
    PTL for the Eddie Crooks of the world who will take the time to work with regional artists.

    Joey Gore out of Wilmington, North Carolina is another person that is willing to take the time with regional artists.

    I disagree with your comment, ” Because once everyone is a winner, we all lose, to some extent.” because we at all are losers when we have that thought process.

    Maybe we should cheer for the winners and pray for ourselves to strive to be the best thar we can be.

  3. CG wrote:

    Love ‘em (or not), The Mckamey’s came through there. I believe The Wilburns first came to prominence there, no?

  4. tim wrote:

    In a world of “what have you done for me lately” , what has EC done lately? I respect the history and the man but who has come out of the ECC in the past 3 - 4 years?

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