Nick Trammell and The Browns?

A longtime reader saw this announcement about the Nick Trammell engagement to Jessica Brown and asked me if I thought the Perrys would be much, much better if Trammell ends up joining the Browns after the wedding.

Interesting question. Obviously this assumes he would join the Browns in the first place, and there’s a long history of group realignments catalyzed by young love to make this a possibility worth entertaining (Kim Hopper and Tim Surrett, spring most readily to mind, but there are many others). In this case, Trammell’s joining the Browns would be a pretty selfless act of matrimonial devotion. The Browns are a long way from the Perrys in every respect. And while there’s enough deference to family legacies in sg that Trammell’s name alone would probably open some doors for them that have so far remained closed, he’s not demonstrated anywhere near the kind of marquis vocal talent it would take to lift a group like the Browns out their modest renown into anything like a recognized brand.

But that really wasn’t the question. Would the Perrys be better? Well, sure, … if they hired someone better than Trammell, but then he was a pretty unconventional choice to replace Loren Harris, so who knows what would happen. Isn’t the Stuffles’ son about old enough to take to the stage if he/they were so inclined? In the meantime, feel free to make your own lists of candidates in the comments section, or just wait for what one brilliant commenter recently described as a rustling from over on Mount Listmore.

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  1. Kyle wrote:

    Anyone remember when Kelly McRae married Ricky Free? Ricky stayed on the road, and Annie was left to find a replacement vocalist. Wonder if this might happen with the Browns….

  2. KEW wrote:

    Didn’t Ms. Brown and some of her family attend the Le Cordon Bleu in France a couple of summers ago for a few weeks? Perhaps she has other interests she might also persue as a career.

  3. RF wrote:

    NIck Trammel. My firsrt experience with Nick was a boradcast of the awards ceremony where the Perrys sang “He Will Hide Me” as part of the best song category. Where Loren Harris sang the lead on this song, for some reason they let Nick sing that part and the only thing that comes to mind was it was simply horrible. It’s not fair to Nick, but that was my reaction.

    I finally got a copy of their new album and I consider his voice as strange. He’s not bad, but just unusual. so I have to say the Perrys would be better without him. For a baritone, Nick simply has a strange voice. I can’t put my finger on it, but it is a nasal quality that I don’t like.

    Before anyone says anything, he seems like a nice kid and I wish him well, but he’s no Loren Harris and neither is Joe who should have been left at baritone.

    To each his own, i guess.

  4. Jay wrote:

    You might not want to bark up that tree, Kyle. Someone over on the SN boards got blistered for making a similiar comment.

  5. Revpaul wrote:

    Re #2 kew . . .
    The chef in the Brown family is the very talented younger sister.

  6. Rene Hutcheson wrote:

    Have any of you “so called” intelligent christian people thought about praying for this fine couple instead of offering opinion about what they should do? Or where they should go? I have a novel idea. Lets talk to God about them and all the other young people in the industry. TIME and commitment is what makes better singers. Why don’t we choose to act like the adults we are and try to be an encouragement to these young people.

  7. RT wrote:

    Have you heard them play their violins with the tracks when they are on stage.

    I could play that good and I never had lessons.

    It SOOO easy to fool the fans

  8. natesings wrote:

    #6- Get a grip. The purpose of this thread is a “what if” discussion. Nobody is wishing ill will towards anyone or being negative. If you don’t like the topic, don’t post on it.

  9. jb wrote:

    #8: How are earth can you say no one is being “negative”… Reread the posts. We should be encouraging and congratulating them, not running down their abilities and qualities of singing. I for one think Nick adds alot to the Perrys and Joseph doesn’t have to take a back seat to anyone. They are the reasons my son is singing today. Thank you to all the young ones who are doing what they feel God is calling them to do.

  10. Grigs wrote:

    Nick didn’t replace Loren at lead, he replaced Joseph at baritone.

    I’ve heard the Nick/Joseph/Libbi/Tracey/Matthew lineup in concert several times and I still don’t understand all of the ngative comments.

  11. Grigs wrote:

    Would ya believe…nEgative comments.

    Can’t believe I forgot the darn “e”!

  12. Payton wrote:

    I wish them the best. Haven’t ever seen The Browns live, but I have seen The Perrys. Regardless of what their employment status will be after they marry, I hope they have a very happy life together.

  13. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    “marquis vocal talent”

    Blue blood vocal talent?

  14. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    I’ve never been much of a fan of the Browns’ stage show…granted, all I’ve seen is a couple of showcase performances over the course of two or three years at NQC.

    Based on that limited exposure, they strike me as being fantastic in terms of presentation (which is admirable), but lacking in musical depth.

    Still, I have to admire any kid who doesn’t think twice about jumping out of an airplane and studies the finer culinary arts in France.

  15. Robert wrote:

    Having heard the Browns on several occasions and using them at a concert in our area, I found them to be a great family group. They shared the Love of God throughout their concert. The people really enjoyed them. They are certainly a dedicated family to Southern Gospel Music. Dad travels with them most of the time and runs sounds but he is what I would call a country boy. Has a large farm and tends to it as well as travels with the family. Whatever the Lord leads the fine couple to do, I know they will seek God’s will and follow it.

  16. joe wrote:

    Maybe its just me but why would we have a page just to congratulating them. I for one dont know them so I doubt they are holding their breath for my remarks. Its not wrong to comment on their ability. If you decide to step on a stage then you knowingly accept the risk of being assesed. The Perrys have not been the same since Loren left. Joseph is a really good baritone. Not a lead.I doubt that Jessica will be leaving as this marriage will sure to help their group open doors.

  17. Jesse wrote:

    The only way that this marriage would help the Browns career is Jessica will have 2 incomes now. Just because someone from a lesser known group marries someone from a “mega” group doesn’t mean anything. Bill Bailey (who manages the Perrys) has used all of his resources as far as using and booking the Browns, and they are still where they are (which is not a bad place to be, they have received alot of recognition lately) Good luck ya’ll…

  18. rpt wrote:

    Why don’t someone call or email nick or jessica and see what their plans are. I can assure you that it isn’t what you think it is, but it is not my place to share that. Here i will even give you the email address.

  19. KermitTheHermit wrote:

    I can’t help but read the comments here and think that very few read the subtitle of this blog, “Criticism and commentary on southern gospel music and culture.” If you don’t appreciate or engage in the discussion, go to Google and do a search on your own name. You should be entertained for a bit.

    Anyway, in regards to Kyle’s reference to Ricky Free… Didn’t Ricky come off the road to do studio work and be with his wife? Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t he traveling full time with Daddy Free?

    N&J will be fine, but not SG’s new PowerCouple. My guess is that he will stay with the Perry’s. The Browns will adopted a schedule that will allow J to be with hubby-to-be regularly.

  20. Terri Trammell wrote:

    Just wanted all of you to know out there that this is our nephew you are saying these negative things about. Doesn’t a baby have to learn to crawl before he can walk? Yes, I am Terri, married to Jerry Trammell, Mark Trammells older brother.

  21. KingsmenFan wrote:

    Congrats to Jessica and Nick

  22. jordan wrote:

    ok, so maybe his voice is a little strange, and maybe he is no loren harris but cut him some slack and joseph as well. joe was a good replacement for lorens part he has a great range and good control. most of the people posting these comments are either wanna be singers or people who are angry at the world because they blew there shot. so unless u are cece winans or micheal english who r u to be talking?

  23. Laurabelle wrote:

    Congrats Nick and Jessica!
    You are both wonderful singers.
    God bless you both!

  24. Stormy wrote:

    I read your words and I see this conclusion…Christians can’t have or voice opinions.

  25. jco wrote:

    I do think that Jospeh is not a strong lead. However as far as the Perrys go I really miss that soprano voice with them when it was couple of guys and girls. I thought the Perrys had a much better sound then. Now with the “more quartet” sound they tend to blend in with everyone else in their sound. I think some of their better songs were with the more mixed group. And I think Nick would be a great assest to his dads group Mark Trammel Trio!!! This is just my opinion.

  26. cb wrote:

    All I can say is…it would be hard to have a dad that sings like Mark, and follow in his steps, but I’ve heard the Perry’s with nick, and have to say I was impressed. I have followed Southern Gospel music, as well as spent many years in it, and would say I know what I’m talking about.

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