Merry Christmas

I’ll be away from the blog most of the next week. That doesn’t mean a post or two might not slip by, but in case I don’t see you until then, happy new year too.

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  1. Practical Fellow wrote:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the fineliners out there.

    By the way, on the last open thread Jay posted a random statement about Joyce Martin recently coming to Christ. I don’t know if he was using sarcasm or if something significant has really happened. I’ve searched the web for an announcement or testimony to the fact, but with no luck. Can anyone shed light on this for me?

  2. Jim Webber wrote:

    Here is a question since this is open forum. Poet Voices new CD is very contemporary. The website now states Contemporary Artist. The performance last year at NQC was ok nothing great. Why are they on mainstage again this year when so many other true Southern Gospel Artists aren’t?

  3. greg crowe wrote:

    We recorded the new project so that we would have these songs available for our Celebration and Hearts In Harmony Choir events. Many of the Churches that now host PV are what I would consider middle of the road worship Churches.By no means can three 40 something year old guys start a contemporary group (I don’t think) but we do use many styles to present the gospel.
    Phil Cross has a legacy is SG and we maintain that legacy by singing all his hits.Phil and I both are involved in tv endeavors that promote SG music but we also want to minister to as many people possible by being transparent and innovative with our style! We do consider ourselves SG artist but choose a little different approach than most. We too felt our stand at NQC was ok not great and look forward to NQC again this year. Take a listen to the project and I think the majority of SG fans will love it. Mitch did incredible and the harmony is in our style with no stacks.
    In my opinion, Phil’s creativity and songwriting are being utilized now more than ever before in his great SG career.

  4. SM wrote:

    The new PV album’s contemporary? Light inspo, maybe, but its a far cry from modern contemporary Christian.

    The bigger point/question is that I doubt you can define “true” southern gospel anymore. It’s become a catch-all genre of artists that border all styles from country, to inspo, acoustic rock, folk, barbershop, and black gospel. If you start putting stylistic limits on what’s southern and what’s not, you’ll likely eliminate groups like Brian Free, Booth Brothers, Talleys, GVB, Lordsong, etc that offer chances of expanding the genre to new markets and audiences.

  5. Cyclegal wrote:

    There is a thread over on the SN site talking about the same thing. Many different views. NQC has it’s picks and it is their show so what they say is the way it is. Look at all the part time groups that get main stage action. As for PV going contemp., it fits. With Mark Lanier out and Mitchel John, Jon, whatever in; it fits, they are all in a process of redefining themselves. Hopefully for the best. It will be hard for them to retain the SG following but it can be done; though not likely. But as long as they are out spreading the message, that’s what counts in the long run.

  6. brad wrote:

    ive noticed many of the newer artist have a contemporary sound.I love Southern Gosepel but i also like contemporary christian music as well.The Crabbs last cd far from Southern Gospel.Were losing our traditional SG sound.I recieved the new Booth Brothers cd which i really like but it has contemporary flavor not that its a bad thing.If they want to appeal to a younger audience they had best do something.How many 20-30 year old could even tell you who Gold City is?
    I love SG music i wish more people did.

  7. Jim Webber wrote:

    I have Worship Focus One Greg and don’t like it. Sorry, not my cup of tea. The two songs on the CD I can endure are “Above All, and Before you Knew. I love the new project fom the Talleys, the blends and mix up between each member of the group taking the lead. If you 3 men in your 40’s aren’t moving in that direction why state it on your website?

  8. Albert G wrote:

    The newest project I can find for Poet Voices is Worship Focus One and has Mark Lanier not Mitchel Jon. Very progressive sound. Very praise and worship.

  9. BGC wrote:

    Jim, you are entitled to your tastes and dislikes. The current CD by Poet Voices should be considered as a branching out tool to use within their ministry. Just as groups record Christmas CD’s, PV simply recorded this CD to compliment their Hearts N Harmony concerts. (A different approach to worship involving the church choir and music team). As for NQC, big things are in the works, if you get a chance to be at NQC this year you will not be dissapointed. And one more comment on the CD, there are plenty of projects put out by groups I wasn’t impressed with but did that make me critical of the group? Of course not, after all of the years of service and dedication Phil Cross has given to the world of Southern Gospel music I believe we should be willing to consider the “Big” picture.

  10. Not Ernie Haase wrote:

    Perhaps I’m the only one, but I’d like to see an in-depth thread entitled “Where are they now?”

    Definitely include the scandalous ones (Josh Cobb, etc), but focus more on the ones who have dropped off the radar for one reason or another (retirement, health, other interests, etc).

    I know we all have a lot of past favorites that aren’t on the road anymore.


  11. Practical Fellow wrote:

    Re: the discussion about Poet Voices…

    First, to respond to Jim Webber’s critique (#2 & #7), if an artist describes themselves as ‘contemporary’ then they usually aren’t. Usually SG artists who are becoming more progressive or broad in their style do this. I don’t know of any CCM artists that identify themselves as ‘contemporary’ because the word has generally lost it’s meaning (except in SG where it still appears to have some negative connotation - like a betrayal of the industry or something).

    Second, let’s let Jim Webber have his opinion here. He doesn’t like the CD. I’m okay with that.

    Third, bad press is still good press because I just went and browsed the Poet Voices web site. By the way, they identified themselves as a ‘contemporary gospel artist’. It sounds like they are attempting to identify/rebrand their musical style. When I read CGA, my interpretation is that they sing church/Christ-centered music for this day and age. Good for them.

    Fourth and last, I’m confused with the membership of PV. Is Mitchel Jon a part of the group and not a solo artist anymore? When did that happen?

  12. BGC wrote:

    Pratical fellow, I agree with you. As for Mitch, he replaced Mark Lanier. Each one of the members of Poet Voices have solo ministries. Phil Cross has a group which includes his wife and Paula S.; The group is “Crossing”.( Long story short Poet Voices as a group works one weekend a month, each personal ministry works the rest of the month. How he has time I’ll never know but Greg Crowe even serves as minister of music in his home church.

  13. BUICK wrote:

    Are GregCrowe (#3) and BGC (#s 9 & 12) the same person? Almost reads/sounds as if.

  14. BGC wrote:

    Buick, I am not Greg Crowe, My lasy name is Coghill. I do consider Greg and Phil as good friends and I do know that these guys are using their spiritual gifts to serve God as he leads. I felt I had a duty to post my 2 cents worth after reading what Mr. Webber had written. But thanks for the compliment.

  15. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    #13, are you my uncle Harold? I thought you might be, since he drove a Buick.

    Wait a minute…uncle Harold is dead…never mind.

  16. greg crowe wrote:

    Phil ,Mitch and I are sitting in a wendy’s in Fresno, California today eating a salad and discussing this blog. Music is about two things.Talking about God and talking to God. PV schedules most of our concerts in Churches that understand this. The worship poject is intended to be used for moments of congregational worship with songs that are familiar and in keys that they can sing and worship with us.
    “Contemporary” means something is presently relevant and that is something that we all (PV) embrace.

  17. sgoldy wrote:

    Well, that explains everything. PV is in California eating salads.

  18. Cheryl wrote:

    My family is planning on seeing you guys tomorrow night in Bakersfield. We can’t wait to hear the new group! Salad sounds kind of good too…

  19. LLM wrote:

    So let me get this right, While most groups are too busy to even read a blog, Poet Voices can eat, read, and write just hours before performing.

  20. Renee wrote:

    I’m a big fan of Phil Cross. I was so excited to see Phil back on stage at NQC but I was not happy with the latest CD project I got at NQC. Phil only wrote one song on the latest project and I was very disappointed with that. Poet Voices is where they are today due to Phil and his songs. I hope he doesn’t lose his focus. I wish them the best of luck.

  21. Sissey wrote:

    Why has this turned into a Poet Voices blog? Let them eat their salad and figure out how they can come back after having another personnel change. Phil seems to have problems keeping the good people in the group. I personally liked Poet Voices when Tim Duncan was in the group. Can anyone name all the personnel changes that Poet Voices has made over the years? Too many for me to name.

  22. Mark Perkins wrote:


    Thank you for being open enough to post here. I’m glad Poet Voices is open enough to be used by God, no matter what the genre or style is called. I pray that God will bless your ministry and lives will be changed. Your honesty and willingness to address the “fans” and followers in this setting is refreshing to me and appreciated. Please pass on to Phil and the rest of the group our support for your ministry.

  23. BUICK wrote:

    DBM (#15) - sorry to hear about your uncle. Please accept my condolences.

  24. Linda Jeffers wrote:

    #22 The reason that Poet Voices change hands so much is because, even though Phil is a good songwriter, he is a horrible business man. Hard to work for. Here is something funny to think about. What groups do you know that are from the Chattanooga area? Poet Voices, Young Harmony, The Greesons, Heirline, are the ones that I think of. All of them are in the same boat as far as I am concerned, and that is they have been on the road W A Y too long. Are all of them with Eddie Crook? Another Joke!
    I hope this makes the blog, someone needs to tell the truth on this matter!

  25. JH wrote:

    What is your basis for your claim against GC? How would you know he is bashing others under other names? I will say this though, Phil must not be the easiest person to work for. Not only because of the group member changes but being a concert promoter I noticed they are on their third booking agent since they started the new group a few years back.

  26. info wrote:

    You can watch PV tonight live at 8:00pm eastern

  27. info wrote:

    actually it is 9:00eastern 8:00central

  28. Curtis wrote:

    #24. From your post I think you asking for information on the groups you listed.

    Young Harmony is not with Eddie Crook. They are considered an Independent Artist because they are not on a major label though Rick Hendrix does manage the group and I must say he does an excellent job in doing so. Whether you like Young Harmony are not they are annointed, blessed and are changing lives.

    The Greesons and Heirline are both with The Eddie Crook Company and I am personal friends with both of the groups and they as well as Young Harmony are extremely annointed. I have seen them minister in this past year and they are seeing souls saved and lives changed.

    I Samuel 24:10 tells the story of David and how that he was presented the opportunity to kill King Saul but he said “I will not put forth my hand upon my Lord for he is the Lords annointed.”

    If David who wrote the Psalms was wise enough to not touch God’s annointed we should do the same.

    Jesus said that we kill with our tongue so please as a man of God I warn you to watch what you say about anyone that is annointed of God.

    Your Brother in The Lord,


  29. Dave wrote:

    I think Phil Cross sang better when he wore that wig! LOL, just kidding.

    He sure did look different though.

  30. Jim Webber wrote:

    Out of curiosity I tuned into the webcast to hear what the group sounded like with Mitch. After enduring Phil explaining why he does what he does for twenty minutes (actually it was more like a gaither wanabe comedy act), they finally performed a song. Mitch brings a nice blend to the trio. One song was enough and that’s all I’ll say on the matter.

  31. Revpaul wrote:

    Linda #24,
    Concerning groups that have been on the road “W A Y too long”, in your opinion precisely how many years should a group sing before they hang it up? What criteria would be appropriate for us to make that determination? Suppose a group is not from Chattanooga, would that make a difference? I mean, is there something in the water there that predetermines length of ministry? BTW, I love the Singing Echoes from Cleveland TN, which is only about 20 miles from Chattanooga. Can they keep singing? Pretty please?

  32. sissey wrote:

    Jim I also tuned into the live webcast with Valley Baptist Church in Bakersfield. I wanted to see how they sounded without having Mark. I was not impressed. There was way too much talking and joking around. I did enjoy the song about Phil’s father-in-law but I truly believe they have a lot of practice to do in order to blend together. I don’t think I want to spend any money no time soon to listen to them in concert. I will be at NQC this year to hear Gaither Vocal Band and maybe Poet Voices will sound better in September.

  33. Curious Sam wrote:

    How professional Poet Voices looked on stage tonight. Two guys in matching suits, the new guy with a different color shirt. And the best thing was the cheat sheets in the floor, I guess the new guy doesn’t know all the words.

  34. Amanda wrote:

    #24-I have heard both Heirline and the Greesons in concert, and they are AWESOME! I don’t know why you don’t like those groups, but please don’t assume you speak for everyone.

  35. crazyjoe wrote:

    ….Greg Crowe, you guys are in California and eating at Wendys???? Why aren’t you eating a double-double at In-n-Out???….Wendys…ugh!!!!…

  36. ConnieHopper's#1Fan wrote:

    Admittedly I’m one of those people who enjoy reading ill-informed comments and judgements that people so willingly post on this website. Critiques ranging from salad hating to bashing guys for refusing to conform to wearing bad matching suits, are always entertaining. I LOVE THIS WEBSITE. Phil Cross has never been known for being a saavy business man who can get along with just anyone. He’s a great song writer who also has a knack for surrounding himself with people who can compensate for his shortcomings. Phil isn’t the strongest vocalist on the SG forefront so he partnered with Greg and Jon because they can sing their hind ends off. In my opinion Phil writes the hits and knows to let Jon and Greg sing the hits. To the best of my knowledge Jon nor Greg “work for Phil”. They each own the group and seem to be quite financially successful outside of the Southern Gospel world. I’ve seen them all perform live and they each bring something different and important to the stage.
    I don’t love every song that they sing, I’ve seen a couple of the group members wear a bad outfit from time to time, I’ve even heard them hit a sour note. But there is no denying that these boys can deliver some good music. They are talented and all kinds of people are recognizing it regardless of how they mislabel their musical genre. They’re seeing lives changed and they’re seeing their checking accounts get a little fatter. I’m thinking life ain’t too bad for Poet Voices these days. And if they aren’t die hard southern gospel, is that really a bad thing? Maybe if they sold “Jesus Got-er Done” t-shirts, they’d be better accepted?

  37. anonymous wrote:

    Hey Curious SAM….cheat sheets are the NORM in MOST music genres - not a big deal…

  38. James ofBakersville wrote:

    Connie’s fan, Just as Kim and Connie carry the Hoppers, Greg and Mitch will have to carry PV. I was at the concert last night and would not brag on the “sound” or “blend” that they presented. The baritone that Mark Lanier brought to the group is no longer. The group has a high pitched “tinge” sound to it now. If as you say Phil surrounds himself with folks that can put up with him, where are the people that were around him 5,4, even three years ago? They will have to be sucessful with their personal ministries because as a group they just aren’t cutting it, yet. Things could very well change. Just as Avery referred to their set at NQC, last night was not much better. Too much talking, and too many “deer in the headlight” looks when someone missed a cue. The mismatch suits and papers on the stage wasn’t that big of a deal. The biggest problem with last night was the sound, the vocals were stacked so high, it is a wonder they weren’t hit by some low flying airplanes.

  39. Ben Ridge wrote:

    I saw Poet Voices last night for the second time. The first time another guy was singing with them. The concert was average and the singing ok. What I did not like was the performing. I don’t know what they were trying to do but it wasn’t real, just alot of show. One thing I’m very thankful for is God leading me to a church that knows how to praise Him and lead us into a time of true worship. Last night was anything but that, it was a show, plain and simple. Sad.

  40. Tucky wrote:

    Pastors use cheat sheets for their sermons, why wouldn’t singers use them? Besides, wasn’t this Mitchel Jon’s first weekend with them? I’ve been going to my family doc for umpteen years and he pulls out his prescription drug cheat sheet every time I go to him with a new ailment or rash:) so I’m thinking if the Three Bridges guy needs help with the words, we ought to cut him some slack. Besides, have y’all heard this guy wail? Go back and listen to “Yesterday” by Three Bridges. He wears that song out! And here’s an interesting article on Greg. The sad part about the article is that he doesn’t mention his love of salads.

  41. corn_husker wrote:

    I looked at the article. He seems successful, wonder how much salad he sells? Greg’s a good singer and Mitch is a good singer and Phil writes good stuff so I only see good things for those guys. They kind of remind me of greater vision and who doesn’t love Greater Vision?

  42. BUICK wrote:

    TUCKY #40 - most pastors don’t preach the same sermon night after night. It is not uncommon for a pastor to write and preach over 100 different sermons in a year plus often teaching Bible School classes and mid-week Bible studies or small group studies. To try to equate that with a musical group that sings the same set time after time after time is a flight of fancy into the stratosphere of faulty logic.

    But I do agree that if it is the guy’s first night (or first week) we ought to cut him some slack and give him time to memorize what may be new material to him.

  43. Melinda wrote:

    Well I have been watching this blog for two days now and after #25’s comment I must say a few things! Yes, I may be the new booking agent, but I was a friend first and an artist that shared the stage with PV many times over the past four years. I wish some of you could get to know these guys and see their hearts! Phil, Greg, and Mark have been very good friends to my husband and I, and we support their ministry. Mitch is going to be a great partner with them! Without numerous hours of practice, Mitch jumped on a airplane to traveled with them for the first time this weekend, learned an entire program and some of you dare make comments about two pieces of paper on the floor. There were about 2500 people there last night and the program was broadcast worldwide via internet! If that had been me there would have been paper all over the floor!

    So many comments have been made over the past few days about PV that are simply not true. One thing Phil Cross and Greg do not do is put on a show! They NEVER have a line up and let the Spirit lead them through out the program! When Phil tells a story he is simply sharing how the Lord gave him that song and the meaning behind it. This only makes the song come alive and allows people to take the message and apply it to their own lives.

    Is Poet Voices perfect? No! We are all sinners saved by grace, but there is one thing I can say! I have been around a lot of artist in my life and I can say these guys are serious about their ministry and they are some of the easiest and most fun people I have ever worked with! The Lord has great things in store for these guys because their hearts are where they should be!

  44. Montana Man wrote:

    Buick, your response to DBM made me laugh — out loud!

  45. Sissey wrote:

    Poet Voices is NOT Greater Vision. They are not even in the same class. I will say that Phil’s song wiriting is in the same class or even better than Rodney but not their singing.

  46. linda wrote:

    I wonder how many of these poster are actual members of pv using false names. They may have started the whole thing for the publicity.

  47. Phrind of Phil wrote:

    Hey Ben,
    Why bother going to a concert? You should only go to worship services, if being “led in worship” is your thing. What is sad is the number of people who think a gospel group is supposed to be a “worship team” who regurgitates repetitive, mindless chants telling God who He is. Good grief! I want to listen, laugh, cry, think, reflect, see a good show when I go to a concert. I worship at worship services. So, when a group comes to town to put on a show or give a concert, do us all a favor. Stay home, project your lyrics on your own wall, watch TBN or something. Sheesh!

  48. corn_husker wrote:

    linda, why be so small minded as to think that Poet Voices really doesn’t have any fans? I don’t work with that group, but I do like their music. I also like Jefferson Airplane and if people were dogging them on a website I’d probably make a comment on their behalf as well and I ain’t ever received a dime from Jefferson Airplane either! And I guess you think the glass is half empty too, don’t you linda?

  49. Tucky wrote:

    Buick # 42, pretty sure it was the newbie’s first weekend, so if he didn’t know words who cares? Now if Phil still hadn’t learned the words to Champion of Love and needed the lyrics fed to him, then that would be a whole new thread!
    Might I also add, Mr. Buick, I always enjoy your comments whether or not I agree with them. Its obvious from your written skills that you went beyond the sixth grade which is not the norm among the southern gospel fanbase. I always appreciate your view.
    You obviously have been around SG for a while, what’s your opinion of Poet Voices? And please try not to offend me, according to linda # 46, we all are members of Poet Voices! You think that means next I time I go to one of their “shows” I can get a cut of the love offering? Sweet!

  50. ConnieHopper's#1Fan wrote:

    James #38, I don’t totally agree that Kim and Connie carry the Hoppers. I think Dean is quite the vocalist as well. Do you not agree?
    Concerning Poet Voices, I haven’t heard them yet without Mark so I can’t agree or disagree about their new sound, however I would think that they now have the ability to do more complex harmonies. I loved to hear Mark sing and I know that he contributed a lot to the group vocally, so I’m excited to hear the new sound. I’m hoping the “tinge” sound you witnessed, can be attributed to the church’s sound system.
    As far as Phil not being able to keep group members around him, I’m really not sure about any of that. I think Greg and Mark were members about 5 years. Previous to them, the tenor who sang his rear off was with Phil for numerous years and Channing Eleton played piano with Phil for quite some time. So I’m not saying that Poet Voices hasn’t had personnel changes, but by no means have they had more turn over than most groups in Southern Gospel. And, I can’t comment on their stax trax because I haven’t heard the new group, but I can’t imagine they were more stacked than The Greenes or The Ruppes. Were they?

  51. Joshfromtheblock wrote:


  52. Jay wrote:

    RE #1- By no means was I being sarcastic about Joyce Martin’s recent salvation. I am THRILLED for her. I wish more SG entertainers would truly search their souls, and make certain that they are really saved.

    RE#24- Um…Who put you in charge of determining who should sing and praise the Lord? I admit that several of these groups aren’t my favorites, but I can say that The Greesons ARE among my favorites. They’d probably admit that they aren’t the ‘best’ vocalists, or the ‘most polished’ group in SGM. But, I’m very sure that they’d prefer to know that they have God’s touch on their lives and their ministry. I’ve not been around them often, but from what I’ve seen, they are probably one of the most sincere and truly spiritual groups on the road. They are real, and not one bit showy in their singing. Joey Damastus is a blessing. Not many young, goodlooking guys have a heart for the old-time singing and worship like he does. I’d be careful with my words, if I were you.

  53. BUICK wrote:

    RE: #49 - First, thanks for the kind words about my postings.

    As to the current PV lineup - I haven’t heard them so I can’t say. I like some of Phil’s songs and others don’t ring my bell. But that’s pretty much the case with every song writer and every SG fan, I suspect. (Although I haven’t heard much Mosie Lister stuff I haven’t liked.)

    Wish I could have been more helpful about PV but I just haven’t heard the current configuration.

  54. corn_husker wrote:

    Tucky, if you think that the majority of Southern Gospel fans aren’t educated you’ve obviously been to a Crabb Family Concert. Geez, I love the Crabbs and all their 48 groups that have been birthed out of their family, but the fanbase at their concerts is somewhat scary. Poet Voices has good music, regardless of who’s singing it, they’ve got good music.
    And Buick, if you think that most pastors are preaching new sermons every Sunday and need new notes with each sermon, you’ve obviously never watched Joel Osteen. Same sermon every week.

  55. Tucky wrote:

    #53, You’re welcome!
    Corn_Husker, I bet if you asked Poet Voices, they’d be happy to segment a portion of their concert and sing the hits of Jefferson Airplane! Especially since Ben Ridge # 39, has informed us that Poet Voices is now doing “shows”. Tell me Ben, was it complete with costume changes, stage props, and a fog machine? Or perhaps it was a more scaled down show with a brief popcorn purchasing intermission? You’re certainly entitled to your opion and I’m just giving you a hard time, but I can’t imagine that any of those 3 gentleman were merely “performing”. I’ve always believed that they have a heart for worship.

  56. Jim Webber wrote:

    Wow, this blog has become about as spiritual as a Poet Voices Concert.

  57. Sissey wrote:

    #43- Are you the same Melinda that has been riding on the shirt tail of Poet Voices? Of course you will say good things so you can get your pay check. Is it in your job to come to Poet Voices rescue on a message board. You just don’t want to be replace.

    I’m getting off the message board now because it sounds like the Poet Vices themselves has been doing all of this writing. It is pretty bad if a group has to get on a message board to get attention.I’m going to another thread.

  58. Rita Stacy wrote:

    Reply to # 54 I MISS THE CRABBS!!!!!!!!!!!

    What was that crack about their fans
    being uneducated!!!!! All of the new
    Crabb family groups are doing God’s
    work and are seeing souls saved!!
    You do remember IT’s ALL ABOUT SOULS!


  59. corn_husker wrote:

    #58, I didn’t make a crack about the Crabbs, I stated the obvious. I love all the Crabb people, but their fans are the polar opposite of The Perrys’ Fans or Gold City’s Fans. If that statement doesn’t apply to you, then don’t be offended. And #56, do you generally look for spiritual relevance on this website? I enjoy the website, but if I want a spiritual experience then I shoud probably look elsewhere.
    And Sissy #57 your comments always make me laugh. I seldomly see eye to eye with you, but you do make me laugh.

  60. Rita Stacy wrote:

    Guess what I like the Perry’s and Gold City
    too. How does that make me uneducated!!
    If it is so obvious–please inlighten me!

    Anyone can understand talent when they
    hear it!!!!

  61. corn_husker wrote:

    Rita, don’t take things so personally. I sell product every year for a well known quartet at NQC and I welcome you to come and sit with me this year and watch the people who buy CD’s from The Crabbs vs. people who buy CD’s from Gold City. It would open your eyes. I never said you were uneducated. However, when you ask a question the correct punctuation is a ?, and not a !
    I make typing mistakes too, don’t sweat it, but I am a bit curious. Who is your favorite SG artist?

  62. CG wrote:

    Umm, Rita (post 60)…

    …being a fan of the Perrys or Gold City does NOT make you uneducated!

    BTW, Rita, I believe it’s enlighten with an “E”, not inlighten (with an “I”).

  63. Faith wrote:

    …uh, no, I better not comment, that would be too easy…

  64. BL wrote:

    #43 Melinda “They NEVER have a line up and let the Spirit lead them through out the program! ”
    Is that supposed to be a good thing? I think it shows ill-preparation on their part. Don’t get me wrong, being open to where the Spirit leads is incredibly important and I’m sure they do a wonderful job. But I don’t see anything wrong with having a set program. If the Spirit leads them to do something else, then great! But at the same time if something happens or someone misses a cue, there’s a plan to fall back on and they could avoid what one commenter referred to as “deer in the headlight” looks. I think not having an idea of how the concert’s going to go conveys a lack of interest on PV’s part. Just my opinion though.

  65. AD wrote:

    Could somebody direct me to the original Joyce Martin story/posting?

    And I agree with BL’s #64, by the way….

  66. Rita Stacy wrote:

    Reply # 61 Thanks for the invation!

    Big surpise Anything Crabb is my favorite,
    however I do like alot of Southern Gospel
    groups, which I was introduced to, by
    THE CRABBFEST venue. I saw no one at
    any of their concerts that scared me.

  67. cynical one wrote:

    Is “ConnieHopper’s#1Fan” really Connie?

    As for Dean, I think he’s one of the best voices in s/g today. If he looks hateful or angry on stage, it could be he’s thinking about all the sound and video, what’s coming up next, who’s moving around in the audience, etc, and not about WHAT he’s singing. There can be a lot of distractions, and hate or anger may not be what he’s thinking inside at all.

    Just a consideration.

  68. ConnieHopper's#1Fan wrote:

    #67, No I’m not Connie. However, I’m a huge fan of Kim, Dean, and Connie. Glad to see you agree with me about Dean and his talent. How come he flies under the radar so much and people don’t note his tremendous delivery of a song? He’s always nothing but nice off the stage, however on stage he seems distracted to me.
    And I’m with you Corn_Husker, I’ve seen some scary fans at SG concerts, but it does make for cheap entertainment.

  69. Tim Nichols wrote:

    Reply to “AD” (#65),

    To answer your question…the mention of Joyce’s (of The Martins) “recent conversion” was posted as a comment under the Dec. 19th “OPEN THREAD” heading. It is comment #44 by “Jay”.

    I tried to find it earlier for you, knowing that I HAD seen it before, but it appears that the ’search’ function on this site won’t work on ‘more recent’ posts! But, I happened to run across it today…so, here ya go! Hope it helps!

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