The Nelons

So they’ve signed with Vine Records. First blush, these seems like great news. But I decided to leave my champagne corked, since it seems pretty clear that the debut project from the deal will be some Praise and Worship album the Nelons have more or less completed before signing with Vine.

No matter how smart this album may be as a piece of marketing strategy for the Nelons given the church work they’re involved in these days, the creative impoverishment of P&W music is a waste of the Nelons considerable talent (see here for more on my issues with P&W music). Here’s hoping this Vine deal produces a first-rate album (which need not necessarily be straight-ahead sg, as Janet Paschal and Vine proved with her hymns project) and isn’t only about the Nelons tapping into old sg loyalties to sell a faddish record … or just a way for the Nelons to access Vine’s distribution hook-up with Crossroads.

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  1. tim wrote:

    Janet P’s CD is excellent and reachs beyond SGM - so why hasn’t a single been released to radio beyond SG?

    This was one of the biggest disappointments of 2007 - not having a single from Janet shipped to Inspo radio stations.

  2. thom wrote:

    I have only heard a couple cuts form “The Nelon’s” new project but what I have heard is really good. Beautiful harmony. I was pleased to receive a phone call from a booking agent to let me know they were going to be touring some in addition to their church work.

    I have them booked for May3rd and I am genuinely looking forward to the date.

    It will be interesting to see what kind of project Haun puts together for them next.
    Based on his past work, I am sure it will be good.

    Thom Rawls

  3. Brett wrote:

    Have you noticed how the press release states how Jason is the tenor and producer for the group, But no mention of the role Kelly or Amber play.

  4. BUICK wrote:

    Brett (#3), what I noticed on their “printable biography” (which is part of their publicity kit) was this phrase:
    “From January 2004 until the present-day, Jason, Kelly, and (their oldest daughter) Amber HAS been working alongside Dr. Ken Martin…” (caps. mine)! Plural nouns require a plural verb. I think we learned that in first grade.

    Given the fact that this is a .pdf publicity piece, no one can get in there to correct it so it goes out with redneck grammar. Such mistakes as this reinforce the perception that the tooth-to-tattoo ratio is rather low among SG artists and fans.

    Also, I had not read Doug’s P&W music diatribe before but I followed the link on his posting for this discussion. What a masterpiece! I had not put my feelings into words but you did it for me. The statement that this genre is overrun with “musicians whose musical sensibilities never developed beyond the youth rally, the church camp and the praisejam” is spot on. And the line about the faith of a child and children’s music is priceless. You have verbalized what I could not. I’ll be passing that article along to lots of friends. Thanks for giving it new life in this posting.

  5. Grammar wrote:

    It was so nice to get a grammar lesson, but I could not help but laugh when I got to looking for a response. I found a really good one. In my college Composition Little Brown Hand Book it does say that a plural verb would be used after a plural noun. You see, Had the “printable biography” had said The Nelons HAS been working along side, then you would be correct. However it says That Jason, Kelly, and Amber HAS been working. Since there are three nouns there, you go to the Noun closest to the verb to see if you should use the plural or singular verb. Since there is only ONE Amber, you would use the singular form, which would be “HAS.” Before you go to correcting people’s grammar, maybe you should sit through a few Compostion classes.

  6. anonymous wrote:

    OUCH! I smell TOAST burning!!

  7. Brett wrote:

    No you use the plural of have not has. You don’t say. They has, Place Kelly, Jason, Amber in the they and it becomes have, not has. Have is correct.

  8. BUICK wrote:

    Hey “Grammar” - if you are correct (and you are not) then the Nelons are grammatically incorrect on the biography page of their website ( So they HAVE (not “has”) it both ways. One is incorrect - and, as it happens, it is the .pdf printable biography. If the sentence said that Jason, Kelly OR Amber has been working…, then your little brown book’s citation would apply. But since the conjunction is “and”, that makes the string of nouns plural and the verb must be plural. (Surely you know that and are just pulling my leg…aren’t you???)

    If you aren’t joking, then you reinforce my point that many SG artists and fans come off poorly in public. As the Verbal Dynamics commercials say, “people judge you by the way you speak.” You may wish they didn’t but they do - and they judge the SG genre negatively because of the way we speak. You have helped to make my point (unless, of course, you are just kidding).

  9. Jim E. Davis wrote:

    Compostion class? Is that about gardening?

  10. thom wrote:


  11. Derek wrote:

    I’m just waitin’ on the discussion of dangling participles! LOL

  12. tim2 wrote:

    I think I’m gonna write a song and entitle it “Grammar Got Run Over By A Buick”?

    Sorry - just couldn’t help myself!!

  13. Mike Garner wrote:

    well.. this has become the stupidest thread in the world… Anyway, to everyone who just enjoys bashing the Nelons, the new songs are great. People do not know what they are talking about when they talk about it being contemporary. yes it is different from the past, but the songs are great. Maybe Worship is a better word than contemporary, but none the less it is a great album. Last night in concert, they staged many of the new songs, and they are not typical repetitive worship songs as are so common. They have a deep scriptual base with a great melody. Promoters need not be concerned with the new music, it has not changed their style, they still do old nelon classics, and still do a first class show. I challenge everyone to atg least get the new album and give it a listen, then if you dont like it voice your thoughts.

    ps- so what if their work has taken them more to the church, instead of long tours that you cant make a living on anyway, i know i have been there. Working in the church is such a bad thing????

  14. Mike Garner wrote:

    On another thought, on the subject of Jason being mentioned a lot of the time. Everyone has to have a boss, someone in charge, and it so happens that Jason being the head of the home, also takes up leadership of the group, BUT let me tell you, after personal experience of traveling with them all over the country, and being there first hand, it is not all about Jason, everyone has a say in the decision making process, but ultimately someone has to make the final decision. There have been several threads in the past about different member of the nelons, most of them just ignorant opnions from people who really do not know the truth. Amber could be singing anywhere in any kind of music, but dedicates herself to the Lord, and singing Gospel music. So does everyone else Leave them alone, they were gone for a while, but they are back, on a limited basis so they can work in the church back home. They are good aand everyone will notice in time….

  15. Jonathan wrote:

    I was in that service with the Nelons on the 18th. I really left wanting more. I seriously thought about going to the service on the 19th, but did not feel like making another 70 mile trip. I had pre-ordered the new cd off their website and was wondering if I would like it. I really enjoyed the songs they did off of it, especially Kelly on the old hymn, What Wonderous Love is This. I like when they sing with just piano. One of the higlights of that night for me was The Love of God. I agree with Mike, The Nelons still pull off a first class show, if people will just give them a chance.

  16. Robby Myrick wrote:

    I’m reading this blog while spewing my Starbucks coffee as I belly laugh over the commentary. You folks are near nuts! (( ha ))

    I’d be amused to know whether Kelly, Jason, OR Amber (( did I get that right, Mr. Grammar? )) have even perused this column … at all! Funny stuff.

    Hey … ya’ll come see the Nelons in south Mississippi on Nov. 22nd. It’s gonna be a hoot!*

    Here’s the lineup:

    - The Perrys
    - The Nelons
    - The Dixie Echoes
    - Tommy Moseley

    * hey, that’s south Mississippi for “we are going to experience a grand evening of Southern Gospel entertainment and inspiration … “. ;-)

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