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The Jeff and Sheri Easter discussion got me thinking about David Bruce Murray’s discussion of themed concerts: DBM’s point is well taken that there aren’t really many bonafide themed tours in sg, unless Gaither’s count. Instead, there are mostly a shifting constellation of artists who tour together sometimes under a common promotional title.

But the Easters and the Lewises in all their generational and stylistic variety … now that would be a jin-yoo-wine tour that I bet would be a big draw, playing to bluegrass, folk, and some country fans, as well as mainline southern gospel audiences.

Is there a promotional tour planned? Was it announced and I missed it? (I may have; I’ve been to lazy to dig a copy of SN out of the stack of unsorted mail to log in to their new (again) subscriber-only news site, and have instead relied on Chuck Peters for my news lately.)

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  1. Madison E. wrote:

    We did about 4 or 5 dates like that last year and promoters have contacted us about 2008, but we haven’t officialy stamped these few dates as a “tour” yet simply for the fact that it is difficult to coordinate 3 groups’ schedules.

  2. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    We might be playing with words but I thought every artist is on tour.
    Each artist or group is the same and the theme they sing about the gospel message of Christ.

    Look who are the 25 biggest touring Christian artists:

    There are 923 artists currently on tour:

    Talking about you really mean is a themed tour of logo and same artists.
    There is not too much out there in southern gospel music except Gaither’s national tour, Bill Bailey’s GA/FL regional tour in the winter months or maybe Frank Arnold’s events if it was package with a more common thread.

    Mark Lowry does a pretty good job:

  3. Tim wrote:

    It is real interesting to see the interest steadily growing for bluegrass/gospel music. In addition to the Lewis/Easter project coming out in March, Gaither has just filmed another video featuring bluegrass gospel.

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