Youtube roundup

I’ve been getting several emails lately from people sending me clips of gospel on youtube. I don’t have the time or organization skills to post them all. So consider this a place to collect as many gospel related youtube clips as you’d like. Might be useful or interesting to see the range of non-Gaither stuff out there. I’ll kick things off with this clip … oops … let’s try this one of EHSSQ from reader CH.

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  1. Channing Ford wrote:

    Crabb Revival and dad, Gerald.

  2. steve wrote:

    I like this old Cathedrals clip with Gerald Wolfe singing “Land of Living”. Mark Trammell and Danny Funderburk join him.

  3. Scot Eaves wrote:

    Actually, the video Doug linked to is the Dove Bros covering “Stand By Me”. This was from NQC 2006 just after EHSS recorded “Get Away Jordan”, which was a big song for the Doves.

    Anyway, I’ve posted several old SG videos at

    Seeing the videos that “Professor” Dean Adkins posted at is what inspired me to start posting mine.

    Dinana has posted some good ones, too. Find her page at

    This is enough to keep you busy for a day or so.

  4. Jim Bradley wrote:

    Doug….I know this is your Blog and you’re much more in the know than I, but…..that sure looks like the Dove Brothers to me in that clip! L.O.L

  5. BobB wrote:

    The clip obviously isn’t EHSS, but their mentors, the Dove Bros.

  6. Yolanda Gay wrote:

    The Dove Bros. mentors for EHSSQ-huh? I’m pretty sure their mentors would have been the Cathedrals.

  7. canuk wrote:

    The GVB singing “There is a River” in South Africa. Just piano, bass, and vocals…I love it :)

  8. burt wrote:

    Go to youtube and enter Larry Petree. LOL

  9. ray wrote:

    dinana also has two more clips of MMQ ,looks like the same night, and all three sound great! solid at every position,could be the next big thing in SG. who knows

  10. tstahl wrote:

    here’s a little shameless plug :D haha–ot15iz1rQ

    i’m definitly a youtube junkie, along with craigslist, espn and lol …have a blessed day and enjoy the video!

  11. Diana wrote:

    Thanks Scot Eaves (#3) for mentioning my postings. These are two of my favorites:

    Former Cathedral members:

    Triumphant Quartet:

  12. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    #9 - “Could have been” is probably a little better way of putting it, since Garry Jones announced that MMQ won’t be going on the road except perhaps for selected special dates.

  13. tstahl wrote:

    #11 i LOVE that video of the former cathedrals…that is simply awesome!!! forgive my ignorance, but who is playing the piano?!

  14. joe wrote:

    For those who miss the Rambos:

  15. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #13: Playing piano in that clip is Tim Parton, Legacy Five’s piano player. He is good!

  16. tstahl wrote:

    thanks!! you’re right he is VERY good!

  17. Dean Leach wrote:

    Hey Burt, what’s funny about it. His sermons are true and real and powerful. What is funny about that.

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