“The southern gospel fat ass”

From Pamela Furr’s blog:

I want to preface this blog posting with this disclaimer. I AM A FAT ASS. I am bigger now than I’ve ever been. This is disappointing and depressing. I look terrible and I feel terrible. I’m embarrassed to go out in public sometimes around people who knew me when I was hot. But I am determined to change that. I say that a lot, and one day I’m going to mean it. I’ve got a trip to Barcelona riding on it, not to mention my self esteem and my health.


OH MY GOD!!! What happened to Southern Gospel Music? Where did all the fat asses come from?

I am just getting settled into my new home in Huntsville, Alabama, and I’ve actually had a moment today to go through my cable channels to see what my $100.00 per month is paying for. I’ve got the Military Channel & the Pentagon Channel.. this interests me greatly. I’ve got all kinds of Discovery Channels and News Channels. YES! And to my surprise, I’ve got the Gospel Music Channel. WOW! The Gospel Music Channel. I didn’t know there was a Gospel Music Channel.

And of course, what do I discover? A GATHER HOMECOMING VIDEO. I didn’t know he was still making those.

I will also say, I don’t know how old this one was…

But here goes… WHERE DID ALL THE FAT ASSES COME FROM? Holy moly. I’m not joking. Everywhere you turn double chins and swollen ankles.

I ask you what happened? And I have to wonder if Howard Goodman is in heaven right now laughing his celestial fat ass off at all the people that used to make fun of him AND his family all those years for their weight. Karma may be at play here.

And then there’s B roll footage of behind-the-scene looks at the fat asses eating the catered food Bill Gaither has brought in. NO WONDER THEY’RE ALL waddling up to the microphone every night. Good Lord!!

Okay, it’s time for an intervention. There’s no sense in all these God-fearing talented people to be that fat. It doesn’t look good. It can’t feel good. The next Homecoming Tour should be called the HEART ATTACK EXPRESS.

Think about it. If Gaither started a weight loss program for his aging gospel music stars, caught it all on tape, and sold those.. he’d make ANOTHER fortune. I’ve got it. The Gospel Music Channel’s new reality show. THE BIGGEST LOSER - HOMECOMING STYLE.

You heard it here first, folks, from a FAT ASS.

I guess it’s too late to warn of those easily offended by three-letter words. But though this us a little harsh at times, sometimes plain speaking is best done in the vernacular. And few children of southern gospel speak the language of unfiltered populism better than Pamela Furr, the sometimes heretical, sometimes songwriter, always provocative talk radio diva who has, I gather, recently landed herself in Huntsville, AL.

I think for those of us who spend a lot of time immersed in the gospel subculture, we become accustomed to things that might not otherwise seem so taken for granted in the rest of the world. At an event like NQC, which probably has the highest per-capita usage of wheeled mobility aids for the ill, aged, weak, and obese, you get so used to seeing overweight people all around you in the seats, the isles, the concession area, the restrooms … so much so that the sight of considerable girth and heft on stage is no more out of the ordinary than learning to hug the wall and praying that your toes don’t get smooshed when a gaggle of Little Rascals and Tomcats inches its way toward you in one of NQC’s mobbed halls at the Kentucky Fair and Expo Center.

Back in the 90s, religious themed weight loss programs were all the rage. During my stint as a salesboy at the Baptist Bookstore, the Weigh Down workshop materials were hot items for women’s bible study circles and even some mixed gender groups. But this was also in a metropolitan suburban area where cultural attitudes and social norms had long ago stigmatized weight problems as highly undesirable. The body is a temple and all that. Or, as the rest of the world might say: maybe you can’t judge a book by its cover, but that don’t stop us from doing it all the time.

Southern gospel today is still largely the domain of the rural evangelical – which takes in people who are both literally from “the country” and those who may live somewhere else but are still from the country in spirit. And in the country, you don’t pray to lard, you cook with it. Lots of it.

My grandma Maude used to keep gallons of it frozen in old sherbet and ice cream tubs, which I learned about the hard way one night when I tried to sneak a taste of rocky road from the back-porch deep freeze (in the dark, lest turning on the lights would give away my scheme). Instead of getting a scoop of ice-creamy goodness, I got a mouthful of congealed pig fat (the light was just dim enough to make the dark crispy bits of whatever had last been frying in the fat to look like chocolate chunks … blech). Anyway, it wasn’t really a meal at my grandmother’s house if a big dollop of fat wasn’t lobbed into a cast-iron skillet.

This is more than just a bit of local color from my Ozark childhood. It’s illustrative of how central fatty cooking and eating rituals are to rural life in the south. I can still recall the sights, smells, and tastes of Grandma Maude’s kitchen down to the grime in the seam of her formica table top and the way the buttermilk jars jangled in the ice box door (we never called it a refrigerator) when it closed.

In this part of the world on a Saturday night, you don’t go to dinner and movie. You have fried catfish and homemade ice cream on Dink and Donna’s car port. And it’s called supper. And it’s not just a meal. It’s a night-long festival of fatty foods. You drink high-fructose sodee (lots and lots of it) and munch on all kinds of high-fat down-home goodies all evening. Then you get up and go to church the next morning and eat pot-roast and gravy and green-bean casserole for lunch, which is called dinner.

Perhaps not surprisingly, these habits have been exported to southern gospel. When I was part of a quartet, nary a gig went by that some nice group of church ladies didn’t fix up a spread full of scrumptious belly-busting delectables.

And it’s no different in the big leagues. As Jerry Kirksey noted a while back, NQC is at least as much about a week-long eat-off as it is about music. As for the Homecoming tour, I’ve eaten one of those catered dinners that Gaither serves before his concerts. It may come in fancy stainless steel service warmed by those little fondue fire pots, but that food is every bit as irresistibly fattening as anything you’ll find at the Pisgah Heights Baptist Church basement on potluck Sunday. So The Biggest Loser Homecoming Style? Fat chance.

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  1. mythbuster wrote:

    I have nothing special to say except that this just cracked me up! You’ll have offended 95% of people associated with the genre. Oh well.

  2. RF wrote:

    I’ve thought the same thing. Alot of fat people are in sg.

    A lot of it has to do with being on the road 3/4 of the year. When I’m on the road, I eat out which is lethal to my weight. More of it has to be with sg’s rural roots where the lard comes in. “It don’t taste good unless you use real butter and real lard.” How many times have I heard that around these parts?

    It may not taste good, but it may kill you too.

  3. BUICK wrote:

    Now THIS ought to be fun to sit back and watch unravel.

  4. Pamela Furr wrote:

    Well, I had no idea avery would post this. But to RF who says a lot of it has to do with being on the road. THERE IS NO EXCUSE in 2008. Even Wendy’s, McDonald’s and Truck Stops have soups or salads you could eat. Not to mention the refrigerator or stove most artists have on their busses. “On the Road” excuse doesn’t work anymore. Next.. (and pass me the cheese dip)

  5. Ted wrote:

    Weight is a issue with the evangelical culture.
    I was at a Bill Baily New Years eve concert at the Happy gospel center with The Perry’s and Browns.

    I put two short clips on you tube of the event, scanning the church and my kids who put up wtih my SG

    Bill Baily emceed the event. Bill cracked jokes about his weight struggles, “being fed strawberry cake at midnight while visiting his Mom”, “awwwwe, how could I say no”

    Tracey Stuffle had my son and I in stitches, with his weight humor. “I need a cheeseburger to help me down that ultra slim fast”

    In all seriousness though we need to address it. Bill Gaither lost a lot of weight, and good for him. We see what happened to the Goodmans and Jerry Falwell. Dr. Dobson said on Larry King live that he wishes that Jerry had taken better care of himself regarding weight after he died. Governor Huckebee has a wonderful story to tell on how he lost a tremendous amount of weight, look what it did for his stanima and career.

    I think our North American culture has a lot to do with it (I am Canadian). I went to visit my Dutch relatives in Holland, you see very little obesity there. They all like to make fun of overweight Americans.

  6. Kyle wrote:

    I’ve known several singers who have lost jobs over their weight/appearance (it also got them a couple jobs!!). From strictly a singing standpoint, it’s just physically harder to breathe properly when you’re fat. Ever see an overweight person walking across the room? They’re huffing and puffing just about the whole way. That can’t be good on singing abilities.

  7. Philip wrote:

    Offended? Yes. Attempts at low-brow humor usually do that for me. Also, you have made a very FAT, but very weak claim.
    Sure you can name a few overweight people in the industry, but the majority are of normal size.
    Finally, to you Doug, I am disappointed that what once was (and still sometimes is a valuable site) is more and more deteriorating into this host-inspired nonsense.

  8. Tony Rush wrote:

    Phillip, you’re joking, right?

    I haven’t hear from or seen Pamela online in years. Last time I thought about her, I would have categorized her as someone whom I had little interest in hearing about or from.

    But, this blog post is 100% on target and credit should be given where it is due. The SGM industry is addicted to fat.

    Last I checked, 61% of the U.S. population was “overweight” with 27% of them big enough to be called “obese”. I would be willing to bet $5,000 that the average rate of “overweight” and “obese” is higher than the general population.

    In other words, if you look at the audience at an SGM concert, you will definitely see more fat people than you will at a mall.

    Tony Rush

  9. Starina wrote:

    What the hell? Did she just say “Fat Ass”? Honey, we fixin to have some devil chasin’, butt kickin’ revival up in here! Let the games begin! (In Jesus name, of course)

  10. Montana Man wrote:

    “A few overweight people in the industry”?
    Names don’t get named here, but there are significant numbers of morbidly obese. The best thing you see is that in SOME groups, it is important to maintain healthy weight. But Paul the Tentmaker could make a living dressing a lot of SG singers.

  11. Edie wrote:

    Well, I say Amen! Almost every group in the industry has overweight people in it — some more overweight than others. Some need to lose 20 pounds - some need to lose 120, but it’s still a problem either way.

    I struggle with it just like everyone else, but as an industry overall, it is embarrassing.

  12. Dean Adkins wrote:

    As the link below indicates, obesity has increased dramatically in the US. It seems SGM is not immune to the problems (and that includes more than obesity) that are prevalent throughout the nation.

    U.S. Obesity Trends 1985–2006

    During the past 20 years there has been a dramatic increase in obesity in the United States. This slide set illustrates this trend by mapping the increased prevalence of obesity across each of the states.

    “In 2006, only four states had a prevalence of obesity less than 20%. Twenty-two states had a prevalence equal or greater than 25%; two of these states (Mississippi and West Virginia) had a prevalence of obesity equal to or greater than 30%.”

    Dean Adkins

  13. Chuck Peters wrote:

    Hey Pamela.. When were you “hot”?


  14. Pamela Furr wrote:

    Hey Chuck, back when you used to spend the night at my house.

  15. Starina wrote:

    Hmmmm…..a fat ass AND a smart ass. And how YOU durrin?

  16. Phil wrote:

    Sadly, even though I don’t know you Pamela, I’ve know who you are for about a decade now and in that time you have been crude and crass which greatly diminishes any “hotness” you MAY have once had. Your comment to Chuck showed your lack of class.

  17. Jenn Brewer wrote:

    LOL- this is hilarious…I am fellow “fat a**” myself…but, doesn’t every genre of ministry have them????? Why are we so embarassed and upset over SG?

  18. CG wrote:

    Oh yeah?! Well, at least we don’t drink wine! And that WAS (too) really grape juice that He turned the water into.

    Why don’t you quit being so judgemental and pass me another piece of fried chicken!

  19. burt wrote:

    Honestly, y’all! This is rediculous.

  20. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Just in case you might want more information about from “The Open-Minded Conservative.”

  21. Pamela Furr wrote:

    Phil, from your vantage point, do you think Chuck’s comment was classy? You guys are on the outside looking in and have no idea what these comments meant. You see, I know Chuck. I know him very well. I’ve known Chuck for about 25 years. I know from the heart of Chuck where his comment came from and I laughed. He also knows where my comment came from and I’m sure he laughed. Chuck and I have a history. No, not an intimate one from a sexual standpoint, but an intimate friendship. If Chuck cares to tell the story about spending the night at my house, I’ll let him do so. Otherwise, try not to judge, Phil. You’ll look really foolish.

  22. art wrote:

    A couple of pertinent points:

    1.) When I first became attracted to SG, I noticed that old-timey male quartet harmonies reminded me of fried chicken — despite the fact that I don’t come from a background of camp meetings, dinners on the ground, etc.

    2.) Regarding “the vernacular”, I share the concern about crassness in the society, but I have to wonder about biblical references to dung being strewn around the ground. Was that written in the vernacular too? And (off topic, I think) how did terms for various unsavory stuff earn the status of profanity?

    I love this web site!

  23. Scott wrote:

    This post is a scream.

    I seem to remember Bill Gaither talking about the amount of triple-bypasses “represented in this room” in the first Gaither video. He wasn’t wrong.

    Poor Vestal–all that honey-baked ham and pringles takes its toll on you after a while, darlin.

    Someone should do a study on SG artists’ diet and life expectancy.

  24. Charles Brady wrote:

    This post looks like a screenplay from a Eddie Murphy movie…..

  25. Pamela Furr wrote:

    Scott - exactly! Good post. Look, I’ll say it again. I’M A FAT ASS. There’s no excuse for it. I don’t want to die young. But at this rate, I will. But if I don’t, am I living the most incredible life that I can? No. Simply because I’m not in the best shape I can be in. I could live a more fullfilled life, and life that GOD wanted me to have if I would take better care of myself. I would venture to say that if more Southern Gospel artists did the same thing, not only would their lives be better, but their careers would be better too. As Oprah would say, LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE. It’s been a long while since I’ve even observed anything remotely Southern Gospel. Unfortunately, this was the first impression when I observed. And I point the finger right back at me. My blubber is the first thing that I’m sure is observed about me. On my show on Friday, this was the topic. OBESE people are the last group of people that can be openly discriminated against, and I’m not sure there’s anything we can do about it. I’m not sure I want to do anything about it. It might be the only thing that shakes me enough to make me get off my lazy “ass” and walk or run. It might be the only thing that makes me pick up an apple instead of the apple pie.

    I contend that Southern Gospel is falling into that world of discrimination. I contend that normal everyday people will never ever hear the message you’re sending, if they can’t get past the fact that you’re fat and lazy. I guess it’s okay to sing to the choir of fat asses. But is that really what God intended?

    Isn’t there a great big world of people that need to hear the message in the wonderful world of Southern Gospel? But if they can’t get past the fact that you’re lazy and fat, then how have you benefited the Kingdom of God? You haven’t. You’ve put up a huge wall that wouldn’t be there if you were healthy.

    I don’t know that I want to stand before God and be told that I could have been a more effective witness if only I had taken better care of my temple.

    So, I guess I need to get off this computer and take a walk and drink a bottle of water. Anyone want to do the same?

  26. Norm Graham wrote:

    Not sure if it was deliberate on Gaither’s part, but all those younger guys in his
    Vocal Band and Signature Sound are relatively slim.

  27. Mickey Mixon wrote:

    Amen Phil, Burt and Charles. The topic needs to be considered but the crassness is offensive, obstructive and unChristlike.

  28. Pamela Furr wrote:

    How is it unChristlike? Do tell. I didn’t say one thing that I wouldn’t say if Jesus in the form of man were sitting in front of me. Are you offended because I used the word “ass” or because you’re fat? How is this obstructive? I would argue that it’s constructive. It certainly started the conversation, didn’t it? It certainly made you think, I hope. But if you can’t get past “ass”, then there’s no point in you reading this at all.

  29. burt wrote:

    I’m not really that offended by the language that is being tossed about so freely on this subject. I wouldn’t consider this to be a Christian website anyway…just a commentary (a very realistic commentary) on the state of Southern Gospel. That said…before it was all explained , I thought the comments made by Chuck and Pamela took the conversation out of bounds (even for this website).

    I’m just kinda surprised that the Jesus police haven’t swooped in to kill this thing already.

  30. Chuck Peters wrote:

    Ok.. I probably should have sent the comment to Pam in private.. because I knew she would “get it”.. but others wouldn’t. Yes I spent the night at Pam’s.. She and her family (Mom, Dad and little sister) took me in at Christmas time because I was a lonely guy.. hundreds of miles away from my family for the holidays.

    I thought it was something pretty cool to do for a friend.. I will never forget the kindness her family extended that year! ..and breakfast was delicious!

  31. you-gotta-be-kidin wrote:

    Although this isn’t a Christian blog, it seems that most respondents are somewhat tied to the Christian music industry. How can language that has been used on here remotely be that of example of Christ? I don’t disagree that many in ministry (as well as the world) are fat, however shouldn’t this post be about being fat and not about how much trash can be talked? With that being said, I can’t for the life of me understand why Jesus loves all of us. However, I am thankful that He does. Maybe we should show Him some respect as we carry His name, both in our weight and our language! Thank you.

  32. Grigs wrote:

    Pamela, I like your songwriting much better than your prose. :-) You did inspire this fat boy to go on a diet. I’m starting next month….

    Tony Rush, long time since I’ve seen your name. Might wanna cut the Fat Police routine, though. I checked out your website and thought I saw the beginnings of a double chin. I know, I know, the voice of experience…..LOL.

    Norm, I heard three little old ladies at the last Signature Sound concert that I attended fretting about Ryan Seaton. Not because of his hair, clothes, or dancing….

    LITTLE OLD LADY #1: He’s such a sweet boy, but I worry about him.

    LITTLE OLD LADY #2: I know, he’s soooo thin!

    LITTLE OLD LADY #3: I’m going to talk to Ernie. I’ll bet that child isn’t eating properly.

  33. Faith wrote:

    Okay, this post is TOO funny. To all the folks that are uptight and/or in a snit about this subject…get off your fat a**es and hop onto the treadmill!

    Furthermore, if you hate this blog so much, stop reading it!…but I SUSPECT that many of you read it so that you can respond with preachy “WWJD” type of statements, even when nothing bad has been stated.

    What would Jesus say about this subject? Come on, He’d probably tell us all to get in shape!!!

  34. John wrote:

    She’s back!!!

    I must say that I’ve missed the “Furrisms” in the last few years. You’re always thought provoking.

    Thanks for a good laugh, Pamela.

  35. Norm Graham wrote:

    Re an earlier topic: Is fatness an issue in Polka music? I know polka bands once did a song called “She’s Too Fat for Me.”

  36. c wrote:

    you guys read your bible at all words can kill… no wonder southern gospel is dead because of websites like yours..

  37. Janice wrote:

    The only thing that REALLY offended me was taking God’s Name in vain. I am amazed that Christians no longer seem the least bit offended by it. Trash talk is a small thing next to that, IMHO.

  38. Pamela Furr wrote:

    Good Lord (*oops*) It’s not in vain. I said it several times with GREAT purpose.

  39. c wrote:

    I think pam or whatever her name is i have neVer heard of this person is upset maybe because she is a wanna be IMO.. Maybe she is mad because she fat who knows.

  40. Grigs wrote:

    Norm, watch that Big Joe Porka…I mean Polka show on RFD. Fat is an issue in polka!

  41. Brad wrote:

    Hey Pam…I first met you back in the Skyline Records days…you were hot then..and you’re STILL hot! :)

  42. Sam wrote:

    Hmmm…the Queen song “Fat Bottom Girls” just took on a whole new meaning.

  43. Brittni wrote:

    I disagree that the “on the road” excuse doesn’t work anymore. True, there are better food choices to make now so if that’s where your excuse stems from then you do indeed need to find a new one. But one of the major causes of weight gain is STRESS! Now, if you’d like to argue with me and say there’s no stress “on the road” bring it on! haha

  44. Pamela Furr wrote:

    But stress IS an excuse. Believe me, I use it all the time. There are other ways to channel that stress. In fact, studies show that exercise is a GREAT reducer in stress. Now, if you want to tell me that it’s hard to exercise on the road, I say then you’re the queen of excuses. Talk to Ernie Haase. Or for that matter, long before he passed away, didn’t George Younce jog all the time while they were on the road? Or was it Glenn? I can’t remember which one. But Ernie will tell you. Again - NO EXCUSE. You can jog around the venue 20 times before you shower and get ready for the concert. You can SCHEDULE the bus to get into town an hour or two early and hit the “Y” in that town, if they have one.

    Excuses are OVER! For me and for you. Get off your ass and exercise. Order that salad. Show God the respect he deserves by taking care of the body he gave you.

  45. Chuck Peters wrote:

    Ya know.. this is a serious subject. I myself.. have battled weight issues pretty much all my life. I have to constantly be aware of what I eat. Not a diet.. but a lifestyle. I got a little carried away over the holidays.. but I am back on track.. and have lost about 15 pounds since Jan 1st. I have about 27 pounds to go to be at my goal.

    Why do it? I am 54 years old.. I want to live at least another 30 years.. I want to continue to be able to mow the yard without having a heart attack. I want to be able to walk around the exhibit hall at NQC.. without having to rest every 10 minutes. I want to be able to sit, comfortably, in one seat, at the movie theater,..etc etc.

    Mostly.. just to feel good.

  46. jb wrote:

    #44- Sorry Pam, but, YOU need “to show God the respect he deserves”. I am not offended, but, your attitude and language are disrespectful.

  47. LW wrote:

    #27 this site is has very little to do with Christian values if you take a hard look at any of the topics. But it is true that Christians do tend to be overweight. They don’t tend to drink, smoke, or do drugs anymore so what is left but to enjoy food at large amounts. So…. they gain large ammounts of weight. Sad but true. As far as this topic being ridiculous, well most of them take this turn in one way or another before they are worn out.

  48. Scott wrote:

    In the end, the only person charged with taking care of me is me. I have the choice of what I take in and of what I do. Granted, I might not be able to do it on my own but I AM responsible.

    There are plenty of excuses to make for almost anything. Some of them are valid but most of them keep me from being the person I can become.

  49. cdguy wrote:

    This is FUN!!!! I think this thread has grown quicker than just about anything I’ve read here in the past year. I don’t think I know any of you people, but have enjoyed reading this thread SOOOO much.

    And almost every comment has validity. ALMOST every one.

  50. steve wrote:

    Joe Tex’s big hit is here.


  51. antipathy wrote:

    “Peter, Surely you are one of them: for your speech betrays you. Then began he to curse and to swear, saying, I do not know the man.” And the cursing and swearing is what convinced the crowd Peter was not a Christian.

  52. Pamela Furr wrote:

    Hey JB. Me and God are good. Real good.

  53. Dee Dee wrote:

    So someone copy BG on this, if he sees $$ signs, he’ll have a Homecoming Biggest Loser starting soon and I just want to know what channel it will be on!

    It’s sad but I’ve ‘joined the FA club’ and it sure is harder to take it off than put it on.

    As for ‘no excuse’, I agree to an extend but the very lifestyle on the road makes it harder (though no impossible) to manage weight.

  54. david wrote:

    I will preface this by saying that I have lost 94 lbs in the last 16 months. Why? Because I have a five year old daughter that I want to watch grow up. I think Pamela was right on track. In SGM weight has always been used as a joke line (remember the “Ton of Fun” Kingsmen). In most cases it is something that can be controlled. I ate smaller portions and started walking and then exercising more frequently. I am in Florida now, but I fondly remember Pamela at WSTS in Laurinburg, NC back in the day. I think Chuck called her “Famela Purr” back then. I had a crush on her after meeting her at a Gold City concert many moons ago. Keep it up Pamela!

  55. LW wrote:

    It’s all vanity anyway isn’t it?

  56. Mickey Mixon wrote:

    As an ordained minister and student of life I observe and analyze much, as most humans do. One thing I have noticed, for the past year or so, is how that when evil is challenged it often attacks and tries to humiliate and degrade the challenger, then if that doesn’t suffice it will mask its tone and make excuses while trying to justify itself, and if that’s not enough (ironically) it will re-ignite and vehemently blame the challenger for the offense, repeatedly if it deems it necessary to do so. It happens all day every day everywhere around us.

    Mr Harrison, I realize some of your readers could care less if I visit your site and participate in your blog or not, but I believe you do, after all that’s why it’s online and allows for replies, but I think I’ll take a break for awhile, Bro, until the filth subsides. I appreciate your site; normally, in the mornings, I check the SN website for updates then your site, but for now, if potty language is the menu for the day, well, I’m not that hungry.

  57. Brittni wrote:

    OK! You have me! haha

  58. Grigs wrote:

    Pamela, you’re right. George used to walk 2-3 miles every day per his heart doctor’s orders. Plus, from hearing him talk about it, I think that he enjoyed it.

  59. Pamela Furr wrote:

    Yes, antipathy, because the Bible says “except a man not say ass he cannot make it into the Kingdom of Heaven.”

    Gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins. Can I get a witness? Saying “ass” over and over to get YOUR attention, not a deadly sin the last time I checked.

    All I can say is this, SO FAR seeing that Gaither Video has inspired me to get me on the treadmill today. (walked a bit yesterday) and I’m meeting with a nutritionist tomorrow.

    I’m hoping by the end of the year the only “ass” from me will be a smart one. tee hee….

    Thanks, Bill Gaither. And I’m serious about the Biggest Loser Homecoming Style. Come on.. Libby Stuffle & Squire Parsons climbing up a hill with 35 pounds of Gaither DVDs. Who makes it up the hill first? Or Mike English & Karen Peck competing for the most push ups. Who wins? I’m telling you, I’d watch that DVD! And think of the people, the church people, you’d inspire to get healthy and fit!!

    Do it! Do it! Do it!

  60. antipathy wrote:

    Pam, all I did was point out that in SCRIPTURE when Peter wanted to fool the people into thinking he was not a desciple of Christ he cursed and swore and that was enough to convince them. I am not saying you are going to hell for it. I am just saying scripture proves that the world knows that the language of a Christian is one that does not use swearing. You can make light of it all you want. That doesn’t change what is written. Take all of it, or leave all of it. You can’t cherry pick it.

  61. wackythinker wrote:

    Although most of what’s been said here are valid points, I do think we could be a little “kinder and gentler”. The apostle Paul instructed we should “speak the truth in love”.

    Although I’m not personally offended by the language and tone of most of this thread, I do think there may be better ways to express a lot of what’s been said here. Paul also said that all may be permissable, but not all is profittable.

    I’m all about profit. :)

  62. rh wrote:


    I would agree that we should be paying attention to what we eat and how we look. 5 1/2 years ago when I was 35, a doctor told me that unless I changed how I ate and took care of myself, with my risk factors, I would be a candidate for a major heart attack in 5 years. At that time, my son was 10 and my daughter was 5. Considering I wanted to see them grow up and see my grandkids, the Lord willing, someday, that’s all it took to change my habits. I dropped 65+ pounds over the next 3 years and have kept it off. It’s a struggle, but it’s one that’s worth doing.

    As for language, well, I was raised in an Assembly of God home where he even saying “gosh” or “golly” was considered a sin. However, watching Gomer Pyle say it on TV was always funny. And it didn’t stop my momma from threatening to beat my “ass” once or twice growing up. I love my AOG heritage and until recently, we still attended an AOG church. But since growing up, I’ve heard several pastors say those words and even a “dadgum” every once in a while. All of that to say, I think your post was humorous and the truth of it doesn’t change. And by the way, for all who would criticize, I’m in law enforcement and I can promise you that at times I’ve said worse, but ultimately, it’s between God and me.

  63. A. Nonemus wrote:

    Well, I’m a “big ‘un” myself and am working on getting it off. And I am also familiar with Pamela Furr…and it does not surprize me at all that she used the word “fat asses”. Shows the lack of class and crassness she has become known for by some people in the NC sandhills where she’s from that she acts better than they are when they couldn’t further her career.

    And, I’d be willing to bet a weeks pay that if Gaither gave her a spot on the tour and video…she’d waddle her “fat ass” up there and buddy up with the best of ‘em.

    I know she was trying to prove a point, but I think she did it in a very distasteful Pamela Furr way she’s famous for.

  64. Pamela Furr wrote:

    A. Nonemus,

    LOL!!!!!!! I left when I was 19 years old. You’re right. The Sandhills had nothing for me. I left when Chuck Peters left. Remember Chuck? He hired me to work for him at a small radio station in Clinton, TN. (Although, I don’t think people in the Sandhills knew you as Chuck Peters. In fact, I don’t think anyone in the Sandhills knew anything about Gospel Music really… it was mostly in the Piedmont..Fayetteville, Lumberton that knew anything about us. And again, I LEFT WHEN I WAS 19 YEARS OLD!!!!! 20 YEARS AGO!!)

    Go figure, small town girl leaves her hometown to pursue her dreams. LOL!! How crass can she be?? LOL!!

    And yep, if Gaither offered me money, I’d waddle on up there. But why would he? I’m not a singer. But I will gladly cash that fat ass check I get every quarter for a song or two he’s cut on those things. That’s how I keep chocolate cake and ice cream in my house. :)

    Love how bitter annons hide. LOL! This one made me laugh.

  65. j-mo wrote:

    The text of an article I once read. Sorry for the length…I don’t remember where I read this or who wrote it, I just saved a copy to my PC because I found it interesting.

    I often get asked questions regarding Christians and the use of profanity. While this is a hotly debated topic that has many scriptures quoted in support of all sides, there are not really any scriptures with definitive instructions on the use of profanity. Obviously, taking the lord’s name in vein is a separate cut and dry issue, but that isn’t the topic of this article. I think in the end the issue of profane or vulgar language is largely one of common sense. Passages like Proverbs 10:31, Matthew 15:11, Ephesians 4:29, Colossians 3:8 and James 3 certainly show us that there should be importance placed on the content of our speech. However, they do nothing to suggest what particular words should or should not be used to convey that content. These verses are exhortations to use our speech in profitable manners which will glorify God, but who is to say that there are certain words that do or do not inherently God? I believe the actual words used to glorify God could vary from setting to setting. Perhaps in some circumstances words that society has deemed profane or vulgar can not only be “okay”, but could actually be the proper way to communicate a message clearly. I’ll provide a true example and hope it does not offend too deeply.

    My friend was witnessing on the street to members of a Goth crowd who were into Wicca. Their own language was extremely vulgar according to most of society’s standards. In an attempt to communicate the gospel to them in a way they could relate to my friend pointed out that since the fall the world has been “totally f**ked up”. Their response was contemplative and agreeing. Most reading this right now are probably shocked and appalled by mere instinct, but in my judgment this falls under the category of being all things to all people (1 Cor. 9:19-22). I have no reason to believe that there is anything inherently wrong with the word he chose to use by the standards of God.
    The Bible itself uses language in numerous passages that was certainly considered vulgar in those times. Historians suggest that Paul’s use of the word skubala (Phil. 3:8), while rarely translated to English more strongly than garbage, was actually considered profane in it’s time. Literally it translates to our word for dung and it appears often in ancient graffiti. In 2 Chronicles 10:10, the young men tell Rehoboam to tell Jeroboam that his “little finger is thicker than his father’s loins”. In that text, little finger is often considered a euphemism for his penis. Notice that when he actually confronts Jeroboam, Rehoboam omits that phrase. This editing indicates that the phrase was inappropriate (therefore not spoken to Jeroboam’s face). Ezekiel 23:20 describes in quite lewd terms the genitalia and seminal emissions of those engaged in adultery (a metaphoric use of vulgar language). In fact, the whole chapter tends in this direction.
    Words in themselves are not inherently wrong or right. It is the perception of a society (or portion of society) that deems a word vulgar. Vulgar by its very definition does not describe someting as bad or evil, but simply as common or low class. From the beginning of time bad words have been the ones that high society does not use and lower class people do. Can simply speaking in the dialect of the common or low-class be considered a sin?
    For nearly every word considered profane there is another word that means the exact same thing yet does not generate the same negative reactions. S-H-I-T and M-A-N-U-R-E have the same meaning, so why is it that one of the words is considered vulgar and the other widely accepted? In this case, it is because of William the Conqueror of France. William invaded what is today known as Great Britain in 1100 AD. When the Frenchman conquered people who spoke Anglo and Saxon he made a law stating that any language other than French was to be considered profanity. The Anglos and Saxons referred to fertilizer as shiite and it was thus deemed profane by William. The French word for fertilizer was manure and has thus been considered acceptable ever since. Are we to determine what language is inappropriate by the decrees of William? What is the standard to decide what words are and are not vulgar? I have yet to find one in the bible.
    We can attempt to broadly apply ideas such as “give no offense to anyone” (1 Cor. 10:32) to the topic of profanity, but even that chapter seems to make the point that there are appropriate and inappropriate times to participate in culturally offensive behavior. We can also appeal to passages like Ephesians 4:29 saying “Let no unwholesome words proceed from your mouth”, but again, the Bible does not tell us that there are certain words that fall into the category of unwholesome. Rather, the point of the verse is placed on the attitude and intention of the words, not whether they are acceptable to the society around you. The sentence my friend spoke to the Goth crowd on the street may contain a word that is not considered acceptable to most of society, but it certainly did more to bring glory to God than many sentences I hear exchanged among Christians that are flooded with attitudes of deceit, hatred, anger, lust, jealousy, and many of the other sins that the other 31 verses of Ephesians chapter 4 are dedicated to warning us about.

    We are all products of our environment and it’s natural that we have certain instinctual reactions to things that have been engrained in us from a very young age as “wrong”. However, we need to try our best (as with any scriptural issue) to ignore the notions of our society and in stead seek the council of God. Obviously, when we are among people who take offense to certain words it is the right thing to do to avoid those words. However, it is surely much less offensive to use profanity among people who routinely speak it than to condemn them for doing so. Often times this condemnation is less about personal convictions arrived at through God’s guidance and more about attempting to make ourselves look or feel better because we don’t participate.

  66. giddyup wrote:

    Becareful little mouth what you say! You reap what you sow!

  67. Al Locke wrote:

    Good Grief! There are “some” on here that need to lighten up!
    Opps…..is “Good Grief” cursing????

  68. Ben Harris wrote:

    I agree with the minister. Some things are best left unsaid. If your eye offends your brothern, pluck it out???????????? Ya know, He probably meant that.

  69. CG wrote:

    First of all, I looked at PFs pic and she is HOT :)! Secondly, what songs has she written?

  70. BGC wrote:

    How sad…

  71. Joe wrote:


    I agree with those who have stated here that your comments are obnoxious, crude, and tactless. And to show how out of touch with spiritual class you are, you stated “I have not said one thing that I wouldn’t say if Jesus …were standing right here in front of me…”

    Oh really?

    You said, in caps. “OH MY GOD!!!”

    Did you ever read the 3rd of the 10 commandments?

    Didn’t think so.

    “You must not use the name of the Lord your God thoughtlessly. The Lord will punish anyone who misuses His Name.” (Ex. 20:7 NCV)

    Don’t you worry about the rest of us judging you. You’ve judged yourself.

    Janice (#37) gets it. Mickey Mixon (#56) gets it. antipathy (#60) gets it.

    You (#38 to prove the point), don’t get it. It seems you have no clue.

    And Doug- you really are letting your site degenerate and deteriorate. It’s your call. But it sure is NOT what it used to be….you really can do better than this.

  72. SHAMED LANGUAGE wrote:

    I’m disappointed at this site with the language that has been posted and of course the trouble that can occur from this site as well…make sure you always do “God’s Will”, and not your own when you judge others on here……

  73. Pamela Furr wrote:

    Joe -

    I get it. I get it all too well. You’re actually more offended at OH MY GOD! Again, I said it with GREAT purpose. It was NOT thoughtlessly. I can assure you. But Joe, I don’t have to answer to you. That’s the great part. I would ABSOLUTELY HAVE SAID IT in front of Jesus himself. In fact, I DID. In front of Jesus and anyone else reading this blog. Not ashamed of it. Not going to apologize for it.

    Did you read #65 at all? I think that was probably the best explanation of “language” I’ve heard in a while.

    AND KEEP THIS IN MIND. I posted this on my OWN blog. It was reposted here. I didn’t ask for comments from the closed-minded, judgemental jerks who wouldn’t know how to witness to a person in the real world if he were begging to know Christ.

    So get over yourself, brother. Heaven is going to a be a great big GIANT place, with people who say ass and damn, and blimey, and dagnabit. Maybe even a few who have uttered OH MY GOD.

    There will be tons there, too, who have dropped dead way too soon, who didn’t accomplish nearly what God’s perfect plan had in store because they were too lazy and too “damned” fat. They’ll be handed that wood, that hay, and that stubble…because they weren’t afforded enough time to get to the gold, silver and precious stones. BECAUSE THEY DIED OF HEART DISEASE AND DIABETES, so the work that God intended DIDN’T GET DONE. God had to use someone else.

    Oh I get it, brother. I get it all too clearly.

    I’m glad Doug posted this. Didn’t ask him to, but glad he did. The emails I’ve gotten to my personal address have been outstanding. It’s inspired a few to do what I have done.. GOTTEN OFF MY LAZY … oh no, here it comes… ASS.

    OH MY GOD — thank you!!

  74. Ron wrote:

    Hey, honey. Maybe you need to take another look at the ten commandments. And another thing. I don’t think it’s such a wise thing to be using God and then a curse word in the same sentence or paragragh. Clearly you have a big problem. Go talk to a preacher. Get right with God. Oh, and I am disappointed with this supposedly “Christian” blog. Try not to let another thing like that slip out, okay? One more thing, Pamela “cat Furr makes kitten britches”. GET RIGHT WITH GOD! God bless you, sister. Have a nice day.

    P.S. Southern gospel music is the best kind of music on Earth!

  75. Jim E. Davis wrote:

    Is Doug becoming a shock blogger?

    Interesting thread. Why are we surprised? It’s ok for Christians to smoke, drink, dance, divorce, view movies with ungodly content, dress immodest, etc. So why are we shocked when cuss words are the norm? Wait till you see what our kids are gonna add to the list.

    Just think. Billy Graham at the invitation saying, “I’m going to ask you to get your fat *** out of that bleacher and down here to the floor of this vast arena.” Perhaps he could have reached many more with this approach.

    Don’t know Pamela but instantly recognized the name as one of the writers of the Martin’s hit song, “Grace”. Listened to it today in my car as sung by Lordsong on their acapella project. Great song!

  76. Wayne Kerr wrote:

    Ok. I fell for it, so here it goes. I knew that as soon as I saw the name (which I use in vain here) Pamela Furr, there would be a great number of posts disagreeing with her. I also knew that she would fire back at them, not attacking their points, but them personally. Pamela Furr ( I use this name in vain) is a very sad, lonely person. She does this ever so often on blogs, message boards, e-mail lists, radio shows, and Pamela (used in vain) only knows how many other forms of media. She needs the attention. She craves the attention. This is Pamela’s (used in vain) way of being famous. Kinda like the girl that can’t be popular in high school as a cheerleader, so she becomes the official school harlot and instead of fame, gains a reputation.

    So go ahead. Do as I did. Fall into Pamela Furr’s (used in vain) trap. I give her at least three posts to respond to my post.

  77. natesings wrote:

    Well add me to the list that has missed hearing from Pamela. I always enjoyed your posts on SGN from back in the day. I see the web addy for the station you work at but I don’t recall seeing the link to your blog.

  78. dkd wrote:

    #65 J-Mo. You said it best.

  79. natesings wrote:

    Nevermind, I see it at the top:

  80. antipathy wrote:

    Again, everyone can candy coat it how ever they need, to justify their lifestyle (typical “christian” these days), but the Word remains. It doesn’t change. To convince “the world” that he was not a Christian, Peter cursed and swore. This is what convinced them he was not a desciple of Christ. You can’t deny it. You can’t dispute it. You can’t interpret it in some twisted way. So, when one does the same as Peter did years ago, you also convince others you are not a desciple of Christ.

    So curse all you want, swear up a storm, tell others that they can’t judge you, etc. Doesn’t change the Word.

    #65, it doesn’t matter where the origin of the word came from, if it’s something that gets “bleeped” on TV, that means the “world” knows it is not right. It is offensive. It is profane. They also know a Christian wouldn’t say it. And to suggest that it was a way for someone to gain the recognition of the “goth” community and made it easy for them to minister to them is unbelievable. So, it’s acceptable to go snort a line of coke with a druggie so I can minister to them? It’s ok to go drink a bottle of Jack Daniels to minister to the drunk? It’s OK to become an adulterer to minister to the adulterers? Give me a break.

  81. Pamela Furr wrote:

    I didn’t know Lord Song recorded it. WELL — my publisher didn’t tell me that. Hmm… I need to get a copy. Thanks for the heads up. :)

  82. A. Nonemus wrote:

    This whole thing shows what Pamela Furr is known for in the old WSTS listening area..and might I add not too fondly known for…saying things merely for shock value.

    Seems to me that shock value is what she thrives on.

    On a better note, I will say that I give her kudos for wanting to live a better and healthier lifestyle, and I wish her the best of luck in accomplishing her goals. I myself have lost nearly 80 pounds and I truly know how easy it is to get to lax, and also know how hard it is make it go away.

    I still think, however, that she thrives on the shock value of her comments and that all her statements here show a total lack of class.

  83. T wrote:

    So you can’t drink to minister to the drunk but it evidently is ok to become fat to minister to the fat. :)

    The Bible talks a lot about gluttons too.
    So, just to review, you can’t drink, you can’t smoke, you can’t swear because those are not “Christian” ways of acting. However, you can be fat, despite SPECIFIC scripture against it. Love it :)

    But just in case, here are some examples:
    Proverbs 23:20-21 warns us, “Do not join those who drink too much wine or gorge themselves on meat, for drunkards and gluttons become poor, and drowsiness clothes them in rags.” Proverbs 28:7 declares, “He who keeps the law is a discerning son, but a companion of gluttons disgraces his father.” Proverbs 23:2 proclaims, “put a knife to your throat if you are given to gluttony.”

    I said all that to say this, you people come on this site and use “Christians” like you have a magic glass that you can tell if everyone is a Christian, when in reality you don’t know. It is not up to use to determine who is and who is not a Christian, that’s God’s job.

    And from my personal experience I have come to know that going to church every Sunday and singing in the choir doesn’t make you the Holiest Christian around, and not going to church and saying a cuss word every now and then does not make you a terrible person.

    Lighten up!

  84. Pamela Furr wrote:

    A. Nonemus -

    What are you talking about? I was there for 4 years.. 15yrs old to 19yrs old. I think. Or was it 16yrs old to 20. Chuck do you remember? Wait I think it may have been 16 to 20… because I had just gotten my license. (so that means I left home at 20, not 19 as previously stated). In fact, I remember getting in trouble with the general manager Joe Bell because I was doing my homework while I was on the air and not concentrating on the show. I’ll never forget that. LOL!!

    What is this guy talking about? What shocking stuff would I say on the air? I didn’t learn anything shocking until I moved to Nashville. LOL I think once I talked about chuck’s toupee on a windy day.. and he didn’t like that. LOL

    You’re nuts. Sounds like an old flame that I turned down or something.

    Joe Bell & Chuck (Lewis) Peters can tell you I had a great reputation at WSTS when it was in Laurinburg. Had great ratings, if I remember correctly, and had lots of fans.

    Again, what on earth are you talking about? You’ll have to give examples, otherwise, you’re just a coward hiding behind a fake name trying to get a rise out of me. And it’s working. LOL!!

    Bravo, coward.

  85. j-mo wrote:


    I’ll admit that, along with the old “many things are permissible that aren’t profitable” line, that your argument on why to refrain from profanity is probably the most compelling I’ve heard. And I actually agree that it is best to refrain from using profanity around “the world” as it can potentially cause confusion and thus damage your witness. At the same time, I think if “the world” was reading this thread they would be much more off-put by the bickering, name calling and judgmental attitudes (on both sides) than they would be by a Christian using a little profanity. Actually, forget “the world”; I’d say Jesus himself is much more disappointed with the lack of unity among his people than he is with the fact that little Pammie said a naughty word. Even if you were to convince me that Pamela was 100% wrong in using the word, I’d still say Jesus is more disappointed in all the in-fighting than he is with one of his followers misinterpreting his teachings.

    On your last point, there is a pretty clear difference between the example I used and yours of becoming an adulterer to witness to adulterers, etc. I don’t think anyone here would argue the point that adultery is a black and white sin. Profanity, on the other hand, is a cultural stigma. Even by your standards, profanity isn’t so much a black and white sin as it is something that will cause the world to think a certain way about us.

    To Pamela…I was really entertained by reading your thoughts and I commend you for being yourself regardless of the environment. I don’t agree with everything you ever say, namely the ‘oh my god’ stuff in this case, but the last time I checked fellow Christians don’t have to agree on everything to co-exist. If Jesus can put up with you despite your flaws than I guess I can too. I hope you’ll do the same for me.

  86. Jim E. Davis wrote:

    Checked my Cd to verify. The song “Grace” is part of “The Grace Medley” along with three other songs. The inside liner does give proper credit. Your co-writer, Wayne Haun, produced the project.

  87. Steve2 wrote:

    steve wrote:

    Joe Tex’s big hit is here.

    The chorus of that song sounds like a P+W song: One line, repeated 8 times.

  88. antipathy wrote:

    Yeah, I’m sure if Jesus were here he would just have us ignore HIS word. He would suggest we not bring it up, not to quote it, not to offend anyone with it for the sake of “unity”. He’d probably tell us not to preach anything that would step on the toes of others. He’d tell us to be Politically Correct. He’d tell us to only quote scriptures about love. He’d tell us not to mention Hell, the ten commandments or anything like that. He’d use all of the cliche’s like “Judge not”, “work out your own salvation” anytime someone quoted His word. You’re right. I digress.

  89. Amanda wrote:

    I agree that we all need more exercise and less Twinkies. However, I totally disagree with the way this message was presented. Yes, it was on Pamela’s blog, but Doug felt the need to bring it here. I’m not surprised. Just disappointed. Even for Doug, this is extreme. And, before all the “Doug Disciples” jump on me, I read this blog frequently (and often enjoy it). In fact, I just rated this blog as the blog that I visit the most often (on the Singing News Forums). But, posting this mess here was totally unnecessary, and offensive to many.

  90. c wrote:

    Why are we even talking about this let us just do our part to see folks touched thru the songs not how they look. GIVE ME A BREAK THIS TOPIC IS STUPID JABBER.

  91. J-mo wrote:


    I don’t think Jesus would ever say to ignore his word, which is the exact reason I said he’d be so disappointed with the judgmental crowd here for doing exactly that. How can you be so hypocritical to not realize that you are dismissing the “love” and “judge not” passages just the same way you are accusing others of dismissing your supposed anti-profanity scriptures. By the way…where are those anti-profanity scriptures found again? If you think you find a few that dispute one single word I’ve said, feel free to throw them out there. I’m quite sure for every one you can find that you think illustrates your point I can show you at least 50 of those passages regarding love and “judging not” that you seem to look at with such distain. If you can stop sarcastically dismissing any thoughts that differ from yours (without looking into them or considering even the possibility they could be correct) for long enough to coherently put a few thoughts together about your beliefs, I’ll be more than happy to consider your viewpoint. As I have said, I’m open to have my mind changed if the right evidence were presented. Unless that happens, I’ll be retiring from this thread to avoid the further embarrassment of being associated with such a petty argument.

    By the way, it’s quite ironic that you’d call my view cliché while your spewing out trite thoughts about ‘Jesus not wanting people to be politically correct’. Who here ever said I believed the way I do because I had some desire to be politically correct? I live my life the way I do in attempt to be as much like Jesus as possible.

  92. Joe wrote:

    “But, posting this mess here was totally unnecessary, and offensive to many.”

    And Amanda- you just stated, in very few words, what many of us seem to be finding here, on a website that we once loved to visit. I’ve been here daily, for over 2 years, and has it ever changed.

    It has migrated from being a news/discussion board with SGM as the basis, to items of flashpoint agreement/disagreement, as if Doug’s main goal in life is to now foment controversy between responders. He has gone on record to state that he is very comfortable with his own liberalness, and is most uncomfortable with any and all who would seek to bring Scriptural wisdom and balance into these discussions. I categorized a list of Doug’s own words on this very issue, and you may find them in post #11, under the thread “Politics and Christian Entertainment”. Among others, Doug’s statements regarding people like me, are..that his threads are being “hijacked by people quoting Scripture; spittle-flecked bloviators”, characterized by the “scandalously trifling qualities of the fundamental mind…”

    It has now trended into a site where Christians with conservative viewpoints from Scriptural bases, are scorned and belittled; not only by fellow-responders, but now also, by the webmaster himself.

    And maybe this is exactly what Doug wants. A liberal board, with Scriptural principles missing. In a private email to me, he said he encourages conservative viewpoints, as he wants them here. But in the public forum, it seems to be a different story.

    I guess it comes down to this. If he keeps posting the offensive garbage he’s been posting, and encouraging more of the same, then a whole lot of us simply won’t be here anymore.

  93. steve wrote:

    Joe #92
    “then a whole lot of us simply won’t be here anymore”

    Speak for yourself.

    Go back and read Buick at #3. I think the # of replies has been unprecedented.

    Did you ever wonder why hemmoroids aren’t called asteroids?

  94. antipathy wrote:

    J-Moe, read the previous posts. I’ve mentioned the issue several times in the thread. You can post as many scriptures about love as you’d like. I don’t ignore those. I don’t use them to negate the others either. I’ll be as open minded as you are. If you can quote me several scriptures that say it is Christ-like to curse and swear then I’ll change my view point. I didn’t say someone was going to Hell for it. I just alluded to it not being Christ-like.

    Also, I do take the Judge Not verse seriously. However, I take the whole scripture into consideration, not just the first half of it. The second half says “by the measure that ye also judge”. So, I am perfectly fine with being held to the same standard as I expect of others. Anything less would be hypocritical. Right?

  95. BUICK wrote:

    “it is a tale
    Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
    Signifying nothing.”
    (Quoth MacBeth)

    Perhaps in this case, it is full of sound and Furr-y but it still signifies NOTHING. No gluteally maximized people will go on a diet because of what we’ve done here. And no one is going to change his/her speech because of what has gone on here. All that happens is hardening of the arguments whereby each person is more convinced of his original position than he was when this all began.

    If we all just ignore this thread, maybe it will go away. And if we don’t bite on the bait next time, maybe we can influence Doug not to post shock-talk just for the sake of stirring up controversy.

    Don’t take the bait, people. DON’T TAKE THE BAIT!

  96. Mark I. wrote:

    Can we go on? This has become about like the blogs about Young Harmony. Right / Wrong. What does it matter. Nothing is going to change. Doug will still post junk like this, Young Harmony will still get undeserved Dove Nominations, Pamela Fuzz will still talk trash and act like she is a star, Rick Hendricks will still promote radio and Singing News will still drop and add radio stations for charting. Can we go to the next Blob Opera?

  97. Janice wrote:

    Joe #92,
    I have been reading this blog since the beginning and I agree with you 100%. But something bothers me about myself. Why do I keep coming back? Really. Why do I? I have decided several times to just quit reading it. It really isn’t uplifting. But here I am. What should we do, Joe, and the rest who agree?

  98. Bubba wrote:

    The shallowness of the spiritual discussions on this blog and many SGMB’s is a clear and evident indictment of the arminian type of easy believeism, decisional regeneration that is taught in the majority of churches.

    Is there no desire or expectation for personal holiness on the part of God’s people?

    LOL! Let the flaming begin!

  99. FormerDJ wrote:

    I am laughing so hard the tears are streaming down my cheeks. Pamela brought up a great point in her blog (HER BLOG) that many performers and fans of SG music are overweight. It’s true. I could list dozens of performers who are obese and are at risk of dying much too young. You, as fans of SG music should be concerned about these people. You should be their biggest supporters in living a healthy lifestyle. Instead, you are foaming at the mouth because Pamela used a word you don’t like. HELLO! I really believe you missed the point of the entire blog.

    Could this be because you are overweight or obese yourselves? Could Pamela be stepping on your toes? Could that Hardees big biscuit this morning be burning a bit in your belly? Concentrate on the topic. Should the public face of Gospel music be one of obesity, which most people equate with laziness, or should it be one of health and vitality? What would Jesus do? I think he’d step away from the Big Mac.

  100. jb wrote:

    “Light travels faster than sound, that is why some people seem bright until you hear them speak”. If you are interested in the HEARAFTER, remember the HEAR determines the AFTER. God Bless!

  101. SM wrote:

    Maybe Doug posted it just to get the thread hijackers to quit reading once and for all. It’s a brilliant idea, but its apparently not working as designed.

  102. Joe wrote:

  103. Amanda wrote:

    Former DJ,
    No, Pamela is most definitely not stepping on my toes. I’m just a skinny gal who doesn’t want to read trash on a site where Southern Gospel music is supposed to be the topic. No, I don’t blame Ms. Furr; she has a right to her opinion. I blame Doug for bringing this garbage to his blog.

  104. j-mo wrote:


    Hearafter? Judging by the errors in your post, you could very possibly be one of those people who seem bright before they speak (or in this case, type). You might want to make sure your posts are actually intelligent before you go calling people out for not being bright. It’s pretty embarrassing for you when you don’t.

  105. Janice wrote:

    Joe #102, very well put. I guess the first and second options are what I have been doing, but there does come a time when the third has to be done. I don’t have a lot of hope anymore that it will improve here.

    Television is constantly exclaiming O M G !!! and I cringe but it has been a long time since I actually turned the tv off for it. I used to, though.

    Bubba #98, that is a great question. Is there no desire or expectation for personal holiness on the part of God’s people? It makes me sad to wonder that about myself as well as others on this forum, and Doug too.

    Doug, DO you care about personal holiness?

  106. jb wrote:

    #104: I never said I was a journalist and I wasn’t calling people out. I’m not embarrassed either, just posted a quote I read. People sure take offense to things on here. Get the chip off your shoulder.

  107. Grave Digger wrote:

    Here’s a thought . . .

    If Pamela had used the words “Oh my Goodness” and “abundant posteriors” in her blog . . . .

    #1 - Would it have bothered you so much that you would post a response?

    #2 - Would it have the same meaning as it did with the more graphic phrases?

    Complain about “shock value” all you want, but it’s sure driven a lot of responses to avery’s web site and I’m sure it’s done the same to Ms. Furr’s personal secular web space.

    Pam, I don’t always agree with you, but I’ve certainly missed your interaction on the gospel music boards.

  108. Pamela Furr wrote:

    Thanks, Grave Digger. I appreciate that, star that I am and all. I’ve been out of the loop for a long time, and frankly, don’t want back in. I have my friends in the so-called biz that I’ve known for years. That won’t ever change. What disappointed me, however, was how fat everyone had gotten. Look, I’M IN THE SAME BOAT. And it has inspired me this week. I’m just hoping what some called “shock” inspires to do something about it.

    I have gotten some private emails from some southern gospel folks, but not the heavy set ones.

    I know it’s a touchy subject. I sob sometimes knowing that I’ve gotten to this LARGE point in my life. I sob sometimes knowing that other folks in the room have either ignored me all together (because truthfully, most folks won’t even LOOK at a fat person…) OR if they have looked, they’ve looked in pity or have looked & laughed. It’s wrong, sure. But they’re right.

    I hate that my beloved Southern Gospel Music has turned into a joke… in lots of ways. But in this case, I can tell you, people who need to hear your message will not hear it. Why? Because they can’t/won’t get past the rolls of fat. IT’S SAD, BUT VERY TRUE.

    And I think it’s sad to think that my beloved Southern Gospel Music performers are cutting their lives in HALF because they’re not eating right and not exercising.

    It’s a real problem in this country. IT’S REAL. It’s not pie-in-the-sky. It’s here, and it’s now. And looking at the majority of people sitting around that camp fire on that Gaither video, the problem is ENORMOUS in Southern Gospel.

    So, you artists reading this (and you know who you are).. don’t be pissed at me. I said all that I said pointing the finger at myself!! The truth hurts sometimes. YOU’RE FAT. And there is NO excuse. Personal Holiness?? Here’s your opportunity to be holy and healthy….as God intended you (and I) to be. (and just for fun so that I can live up to my reputation, I must end this by saying “ASS”!!!!)

  109. Janice wrote:

    Pamela, I don’t know you, but I still just want to make it clear that I’m not really that offended by your “salty” language. I thought parts of what you said were funny and most of what you said was completely true and should be considered. But God cares about the use of His Name, and I think we should too. Maybe you could take care of the need for shock with crude language and not with His Name.

    I say this as respectfully as possible.

  110. Montana Man wrote:

    Ahhhh, I feel GOOD! I thought about them fat folks, and only gained a pound while I was doin’ it. Fat was what this thread was about, right?

  111. cynical one wrote:

    As a person who’s never had to work hard at keeping my weight in check, I can’t relate to what most of the overweight people deal with, when trying to lose weight or keep it off. I do have several immediate family members who do struggle with their weight, so I know it’s tough. I also know Pamela is right — this is a lot of girth in the industry and among the fans of s/g. It’s also a wide-spread problem (pun not intended) in the evangelical church in general. You’ll never hear John Hagee preach on gluttony, just as we never heard Jerry Falwell preach on it.

    Our family has noticed the trend toward obesity in s/g circles, and commented on it at various times. With tongue planted firmly in my cheek, I would ask if Jesus’ promise of “abundant life” meant abundant cake and ice cream, fried chicken, etc, or a better physical existence if we’d take care of “temples”? Probably the latter.

  112. Lottie Squires wrote:

    This is such a personal issue, why are we spending so much time on it? Those of us who need to lose weight already know it and don’t need to be preached at or talked down to, thank you very much. I don’t drink, smoke, gamble, use drugs or fool around…try to take away my chocolate, too, and you gonna DIE!

  113. Dave wrote:

    This subject reminds me of the thread over on the Singing News Message boards about Tony Gores BBQ restaruant, that Kirk Talley calls the “Pig Palace” LOL.

  114. MO wrote:

    I, for one, thought this was hilarious! You know why? Because it’s so true! Hahahahahaha!

    BTW, I just usually just passively read instead of post, but people who continually have conflicting moral objections with this blog (or Doug, for that matter) need to save themselves the stress and turn off the computer rather than creating the vicious cycle of saying you’re not visiting the site anymore and then coming back to spiritually moderate every other post.

    I love this blog!!! :)

  115. Rod wrote:

    Hey guys and gals (The super spiritual ones) …What constitutes cursing? How do you know D@m, A$$, S^!T is cussing? Did Jesus have a list of cuss words that we shouldn’t say? Where did they come from? How come “aw shucks” isn’t a curse word? What were the cuss words in Jesus’ day? I need that list so I won’t say any of those. Someone research this for me. Here’s a great line from George Younce back stage at the Masonic Temple in Toledo Ohio…I was there and I heard it first hand…He said, And I quote…”I don’t believe you’re a Christian if you can’t say d@m or a$$ every once in a while”. Oh my Gosh he actually said that!!! Why isn’t GOSH a curse word? Do we have a curse word fairy who adds to the list every year. I vote for Pooey as the next viable choice. You guys need to get a life. Oh by the way I didn’t use the actuall words because I choose not too…Not because I have a problem with it…The same reason I choose to eat that BIG MAC and hopefully become a fat A$$.

  116. antipathy wrote:

    Rod, look it up in Websters or dictionary.com. It will tell you if the word is a curse/swear/vulgar word. Or if it has to be bleeped when said on TV. The world in charge of TV/FCC etc. know their wrong. It’s a sad state of affairs when Christians don’t….or they just don’t care about they kind of witness they present to others. It’s like they are rebellious teenagers trying to see just how much they can get away with. Trying to see if they can live on the fence. Why? What do you gain by cursing? Proving a limited vocabulary? There are plenty of words in the english language that express anything you want at all levels of emotion and intensity.

  117. Pamela Furr wrote:

    No, it was said for affect. And obviously - it worked. Thankyouverymuch

  118. Rod wrote:

    I agree…Someone who walks around with a potty mouth is plain lazy and needs to read a vocabulary book…My point is sometimes BUTT, REAR, HINEY, can be described as A$$ in certain context…My mother bless her heart is one of the finest Christians I know and I have heard her swear…I myself do not make swearing a common occurrence in my life, however we have a lot more things to be concerned about in our Christian walk that someone who says A$$…The biggest reason I am even defending this is because most of the attitudes of the people who have cried foul are self righteous Pharisees who have most likely have enough CRAP (Is that a curse word?) in their own life to take care of than to be preaching to others. I would be more concerned with their mean spirited way of condemning than with someone who says A$$.

  119. Lest We Forget wrote:

    Now that the dust is clearing a bit . . .
    We have discussed the problem, the language and other stuff, but no one has shut off the faucet while continuing to clean up the water on the floor.

    Yes Fruit, Yes Veggies, Yes Whole Grains. No meat products, no dairy, no sugar or processed foods. The only healthy, logical answer. Add 20 minutes a day of exercise and you will be amazed!

    Follow this plan, and watch the pounds fall off. Eat all you want! Guaranteed!

  120. Montana Man wrote:

    Not judging anything or anybody, just quoting an old coach:

    Cursing is the crutch of conversational cripples.

    Course, he wasn’t saying that for EFFECT. Just his observation about ability to have a conversation.

  121. jb wrote:

    My daddy always told me, “if it’s not a word you would say in church, or not something you would do or say if Jesus were physically with you, then don’t use it or do it”. I would not us A***, D***, S*** and alot of other words in church, so I shouldn’t use them in my everyday walk. Not condemning, just my humble two cents worth.

  122. Lest We Forget wrote:

    Okay, one more time. Can we forget the colorful (if not improper language) and focus on saving someone’s life by helping them to eat healthy?

    I love buzzing on drugs, but can’t allow myself to do them anymore. I love to smoke, but had to quit before it killed me. I love to drink alcohol, but my Christian walk and my liver cannot tolerate it. I was a chocoholic and a junk food junkie, but the same spirit that helped me to conquer the others has finally changed my eating habits too.

    God help Southern Gospel and it’s fans to realize that stewardship applies to eating too!

  123. cynical one wrote:

    I like the bumper sticker I saw several years ago: “Moderation in all things, including moderation!”

  124. Grave Digger wrote:

    cynical one, can I steal that line??

    No, I probably shouldn’t. I suppose it’s unChristian to steal it.

    Perhaps I can “borrow” it?

  125. Edie wrote:

    I wouldn’t say booger if Jesus was standing in front of me. I guess that makes it a cuss word.

  126. jb wrote:

    #125 Edie: I went back to my post and reread it. I didn’t say anything about it being a “cuss” word, so if you wouldn’t say “booger”,(quite funny ) if Jesus were standing with you, then don’t say it. I didn’t say that everyone should use this analogy. I just said that is what my father always told me. I’m not picking a fight here, just my own opinion.

  127. FT SG Wife wrote:

    #119–What about water? We all have been told to drink half our weight in water, what if your traveling for 12 hours in a suv pulling a trailer, you can’t just stop every hour to use the bathroom! So how are you supposed to get water in? What about artists who are in constant pain, like with their backs? It is almost impossible for a person with chronic back pain to excersize regularly. If they do, then they are on pain pills which messes up your entire system (bowels) and causes you to gain. I don’t know of any singer who likes to eat before a concert. So by the time the concert ends, they are starving. So what do you do? Lay in bed with an empty stomach unable to sleep, then lie there into the wee hours, then get stressed out because you have two concerts the next day and travel 3 hours in between so you know your going to be tired and you know you HAVE to go to sleep, but you can’t because your stomach is not happy. And it’s not like you have all the conviences of home to grab something small and quick. Oh you could go to a gas station I suppose. Not too much healthy there. What about people who have thyroid problems? That makes people gain alot of weight. What about people with joint problems who can’t excersize? There are many medications that cause people to gain weight. What about all the little old ladies who bring you goodies? Are we supposed to tell them No, I can’t, my butt is too big, Pamela Furr said so?
    Also, men don’t plan too well and they don’t follow the instructions of their wives too well while they are on the road either. I have often packed non perishable healthy snacks only to find them at the bottom of the suitcase smashed upon his return. I once threatened to pack cucumber sticks, he threatened to divorce me. Just kidding.
    It’s all about feeling good. Your doing what you love to do, your living your dream, you have a hundred people telling you how great you are a few times a week. What do we do when we’re happy? Eat. Why should self denial start after a concert when your on top of the world? I am a terrible writer, but anyways, one of my points is that just because someone is overweight doesn’t always mean that they eat too much and are lazy. We don’t always know what the problems are by looking at the person.

  128. John Masters wrote:

    “my points is that just because someone is overweight doesn’t always mean that they eat too much and are lazy. We don’t always know what the problems are by looking at the person.”

    My dear FT SG. I could use similar justifications to smoke pot or drink alcohol or abuse drugs. “Well, it relaxes me after I sing and get all worked up.” “Well, it helps me to sleep.” “Well I drive an SUV and have to eat stuff that will kill me.” Get a clue! Most towns big enough to host an SG group have an all night grocery store. In less time than it takes to buzz through the drive through for a cholesterol combo with extra cheeze, a disciplined singer can stock up on fruit, veggies and any number of healthy foods. And, eat as much as they want and get slim! There are VERY few obese vegans. Can’t say I have ever seen one. An SUV surely has room for a small cooler or a grocery bag. Quit the dairy, grease, and animal products for a month, I dare you! It can be done, and you will sleep better, feel better and I guarantee, sing way better! It is time for representatives of our Gospel in song to assume the responsibilty of looking like we have some ole fashioned Christian disipline when it comes to the worst drug of all time, food!

    This is no laughing matter, yet other genres are no doubt giggling their skinny hind ends off when they see our ads!

    Is hind end a bad word?

  129. philo wrote:

    Holy smoke! Whats this ‘personal holiness’ stuff?(janice#105) joe, ron et al. Look we’re all human with different personality types very open minded right arcoss to very narrow minded and everything else between.Seems like the fundamentalists have their more than fair share of narrow minded type. Relax it’s just part of the human condition though. As the sayings go Funny old world Takes all sorts……blah blah blah.

  130. Pamela Furr wrote:

    FT SG WIFE: I want you to take a look at what you just said.


    You’re feeling good. You have 100 people telling you how great you are. Why should self denial start after a concert when you’re on top of the world? Okay, so when that woman comes up to your man and tells him how great he is…he’s on top of the world.. why should self denial keep him from getting her number and meeting up with her somewhere for a little quickie before he heads back on the bus or SUV? Hmmm? WELL, FOR ONE, it would be wrong. JUST LIKE GLUTTONY is wrong.

    Why should self-denial start?

    Wow. Bless your heart. What have I heard Chonda Pierce say that meant? Oh yeah. You’re so stupid.

    Doesn’t the word of God tell us to deny self?

    Bless your heart.

  131. Pamela Furr wrote:

    Hey Montanna Man -

    It wasn’t a crutch in this instance. It grabbed your attention. It grabbed a lot of people’s attention. You should see the emails I’ve gotten. It worked. And hopefully some people will take it seriously enough to get on the treadmill and eat a piece of fruit.

  132. FT Sg Wife wrote:

    Ms. Furr, you said, “Okay, so when that woman comes up to your man and tells him how great he is…he’s on top of the world.. why should self denial keep him from getting her number and meeting up with her somewhere for a little quickie before he heads back on the bus or SUV?”

    The thought that someone would think this did go through my mind when I was writing this. The feeling good/self denial scenerio could be attached to any life event. When your kid’s team wins the baseball championship what do they do afterwards to celebrate? Pizza or ice cream. The list of events could on and on. It’s our culture.
    Believe it or not, there still are gospel artists out there who love God and live their lives to please Him and who would never think about cheating on their spouse. I just so happen to be married to one of them. Thank you for your concern though.
    Why should self denial start? I was being sarcastic.

    Your too cute. Insulting me in one sentence then telling me what the bible says in the next.

  133. Amanda wrote:

    Hmmm… Why do I get the feeling that Ms. Furr has nothing better to do with her time than create controversy? Where ever did I get that idea?

  134. John Masters wrote:

    “When your kid’s team wins the baseball championship what do they do afterwards to celebrate? Pizza or ice cream. The list of events could on and on. It’s our culture.
    Believe it or not, there still are gospel artists out there who love God and live their lives to please Him”

    Respectfully, Ms. FT, that statement sums up the whole problem. Our culture does not please God. God is not pleased when we stuff our faces and teach our children to eat foods that are proven killers. We shew them away from drinking and smoking, then turn around and tell them that ice cream is okay. We tell them that Santa and the Easter Bunny are real in the same way we tell them the miraculous stories of Jesus. Our culture is the problem. Our culture is obese and self serving and inconsistent. Our culture is, in a word, evil. Be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by what??
    The renewing of your mind. Makes more sense with every post I read on this thread!

  135. Pamela Furr wrote:

    Hey Amanda, honey - Avery posted this from my blog…the blog that is read by fans and friends of the show. Didn’t take any time or effort on my part. LOL I find it interesting, though, that this posting is still getting comments. LOL Who is it that doesn’t have anything better to do with their time??

  136. Pamela Furr wrote:

    FT SG Wife, I believe you were condescending, not me. But let me tell you something, to think that your husband has never thought about cheating is crazy. The fact that he hasn’t is awesome. But don’t lie to yourself in thinking that he hasn’t thought about it. MY POINT IS, we need to start being better stewards…even of our food.

  137. Amanda wrote:

    Ms. Furr, I think you know why this is still getting comments. Look at what you just said to FT SG Wife. Geez, talk about harsh. And how in the world was she condescending to you?

    Yes, Avery did post this from your blog. But you do continue to comment here, right? I just don’t get why you need to post such harsh comments here, on THIS site, particularly to FT SG Wife. I can assure you, your unpleasant and downright demeaning comments are not going to inspire people to change their eating habits. Which is why I am quite sure this whole thing is all about creating controversy, and not about helping people change their eating habits. So, congratulations! You did it!

    By the way, I have been reading this blog for a long time now, and I do spend some of my time each evening reading and commenting on the posts. I used to enjoy this blog more when it actually pertained to SG music. This particular post shows the fact that Avery was apparently struggling with a slow news day. That, and the fact that your blog was right down his alley when you factor in the controversy that it was sure to generate.

    Oh, I forgot. LOL.

  138. John Masters wrote:

    Amanda said - “I used to enjoy this blog more when it actually pertained to SG”

    Ms. A - While the banter has been colorful, I am thankful that someone finally noticed the elephant in the Southern Gospel living room (no pun intended)! We have been in denial for way too long! Overeating and devouring rich, western foods is every bit as harmful to God’s temple as smoking, drinking or drug abuse. It is plain and simple addiction. It is high time that a new and different revival started in SG - then, prayerfully, it can spread to the whole world. The health care crisis is in what we eat, and how much. God help us!

  139. southern girl wrote:

    I found this site by accident.(!?!?) This is hilarious. I totally agree with the weight thing.
    It doesnt matter where we live, what we do, we all need to take better care of ourselves. No excuses….
    That said, FT SG WIFE please WAKE UP!
    How is it that quite a few of the women in southern gospel continue to become more polished and fabulous, but some men “on their high” cant stay away from the trough? The comments reminded me of those scenes of the big bellied man in a slick suit walking up the aisle at church, with the mousy little wife, no makeup (of course) long jean skirt, sneakers and ten kids following him. Dont make excuses for the men anymore. They can help themselves.
    I believe most places still serve a salad or low fat option EVEN late at night.
    Thank God your husband loves you and is faithful, but even if he is fat, the devil throws a different buffet out in front of him. We’ve all seen the SG groupies. To say he is never tempted is terribly naive. Temptation doesnt mean he seriously comtemplates it, or even makes a game plan, but it is laid before him.

  140. Pamela Furr wrote:


    the reason why people are still commenting (well, truth is, it has died down quite a bit) is because it’s a topic that hits home with everyone. EVERYONE. I wasn’t being harsh. I was being truthful, and unfortunately, sometimes the truth is painful. She was condescending when she said “because Pamela Furr said so.”

    I didn’t post this on my blog to help people, I posted it to help myself. If it in turns helps other people, then FANTASTIC!!

    I talk about this subject on my show, however, not only to share my own experiences, but hopefully someone can be and will be inspired.

    It’s not a topic that comes up everyday, but it certainly comes up often enough.

    I’m just disappointed that more people in the gospel music world don’t talk about it, and more importantly do something about it.

    Again, I would bet money that if the Gaither folks were so inspired, they could do some sort of weight loss challenge not only for those who do the tour, but the fans who come to see the shows… you would see a GREAT change in the scale.

    Remember when Kelly Nelon (then Thompson) but out an aerobic album? LOL! She was trying to be the Jane Fonda of Canaan.

    Seriously, why not do a gospel music challenge … starting now… and then do a results night at NQC like the biggest loser on TV? Who can get to their goal weight in 6 months… or who can lose the most in 6 months.

    Just thoughts, Amanda. Hope it’s not too harsh for you.

  141. Amanda wrote:

    I don’t know, Pamela. That was a pretty tough speech. The jury’s still out on whether it was too harsh or not.

  142. Larry Petree wrote:

    There is no place in the church or on a web page that represents the church for the manner of lanuage you use.

    I do not read your forum, it is a waste of my good time. However, someone pointed out the fact that you were using cuss words on your forum.

    Stop it. Stop bringing a reproach to the name of Christ and His body.

    You are making yourself even more irrelavant than you are.

  143. Robert wrote:

    I didn’t have time to read all the comments but thought that Pamela was dead on.
    I’ll add this in case someone else didn’t. Why in the realms of especially Baptist and most other denominations is it not alright to cuss, drink, dance, etc. but it is alright to eat yourself to death?

  144. apathetic wrote:

    Mr. Petree, great comments from a great song writer. Nice to see a writer who believes what he writes about.

  145. Pamela Furr wrote:

    Larry Petree. Ha. Talk about irrelevent. Wow.

  146. Dean Leach wrote:

    Pamela Furr, Ha, talk about trashy and no talent.

  147. Pamela Furr wrote:

    OKAY - THIS IS FUNNY. No one has posted to this thread inb over a month and suddenly Larry Petree (I’m sorry, I mean Dean Leach) decides to post.

    Want to see the “Christ-Like” emails he sent to me just moments ago? LOL

    I’ll show you the entire exchange. (the original message starts at the bottom) Now if you are anyone that knows me, then you will know the GREAT humor I find in this.

    Oh, and be not deceived. Dean Leach IS Larry Petree. And I ask Mr. “I’ll take your money to teach you Bible College” how different is what I said (gospel music fat ass) to calling someone excrement trash?? AND WHO SAYS THAT, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD??? You’re either a piece of excrement (or s*** as we sinners call it) or you’re a piece of trash. BUT EXCREMENT TRASH??

    TO: arleonmusic1@twlakes.net
    FROM: Pamela Furr

    Excuse me, sir. I hate beer. Vodka with a little cranberry juice and a twist of lime is my choice, sir. How dare you!!

    From: Arleon Music [mailto:arleonmusic1@twlakes.net]
    Sent: Sun 05/11/2008 10:10 PM
    To: Pamela Furr
    Subject: Re:

    You are a waste of human flesh. A bum with no talent, a has-been that never
    was. Get a life. I’d talk “christ-like” you filthy mouth, beer drinking
    liberal. You foul mouth piece of dirt.

    Dean Leach
    —– Original Message —–
    From: “Pamela Furr”
    To: “Arleon Music”
    Sent: Sunday, May 11, 2008 8:56 PM
    Subject: RE:

    Mighty Christ-like of you.


    From: Arleon Music [mailto:arleonmusic1@twlakes.net]
    Sent: Sun 05/11/2008 7:34 PM
    To: pamela@wvnn.com

    you are a no talent bum,,,and you are a piece of trash. You are a piece of
    excrement trash.

  148. Pamela Furr wrote:

    OH WAIT - I forgot to show you the email from Larry Petree… he sent it about the same time he sent one from “Dean Leach.”


    TO: larrypetree@twlakes.net
    FROM: Pamela Furr

    Yes, but HE is strong.

    From: Larry Petree [mailto:larrypetree@twlakes.net]
    Sent: Sun 05/11/2008 7:29 PM
    To: pamela@wvnn.com

    You are weak.

  149. Pamela Furr wrote:

    OH wait — one more. From Larry.. I mean, Dean Leach.

    From: Arleon Music [mailto:arleonmusic1@twlakes.net]
    To: Pamela Furr

    You are a degenerate. By the way, next time you attack one of my writers
    online, I’ll come at you with full force of my brain. Don’t be a fool. You
    nasty mouth drunk, poor excuse for a believer. You have brought shame to
    Christ. And, I am here to challenge you with great strength. Attack my
    southern Gospel writers, and you will pay.

    Dean Leach

  150. Dean Leach wrote:

    Pamela Furr is a liar. Larry Petree had nothing to do with writing Pamela Furr.

    Pamela Furr is obsessed with Larry and sends him harassing letters, to which he does not reply.

    She is just one in many who attack Larry for his stand for the Gospel

    Also, it should be known that Pamela advocates drinking alcohol and also stated in a letter that there were Southern Gospel music people who would drink with her. She also supports cursing and believes it is fine.

    This woman is a liar. Larry Petree has nothing to do with Pamela Furr. he has never met her and has never written her.

  151. Larry Petree wrote:

    For the record, I have had NO correspondence with Pamela Furr. I operate both a publishing company and Bible school and I have no time to correspond with someone who has no interest in my ministry. It is sad that I have been pulled into this mess. There are 6 computers and 10 people who come in and out of this ministry and I can not control everyone. But, for the record, I did not and I have not corresponded with Mrs. Furr.

  152. kay wrote:

    Well Christians can’t do anything but:EAT.

  153. Pamela Furr wrote:

    Larry, I have been asked to respond in restraint. I will do so. You contacted me at work.. over 30 emails. You contacted my General Manager several times via telephone. Your email addresses and IP addresses were traced under Arleon Music and Larry Petree and they all came back to YOUR computer. You have been blocked from contacting me at work via email under the law of “cyber bullying.” Now that it’s all out in the open, I am grateful that it has stopped. There’s been no need for this at all over a simple blog. Thank you Doug for allowing me to state the truth here and allowing me to defend myself. These emails have been ugly and un-Christ-like and I will not be engaged in this any longer. Thank you.