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A while back, I mentioned a conference I’d be participating in this spring at Middle Tennesse State’s Center for Popular Music. At the time, the conference program hadn’t been finalized. It’s up now, if you are interested and haven’t already seen this comment from one of the conference organizers.

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  1. bbq wrote:

    Being from Abilene, TX I thought it was very funny when I saw this on the Friday Schedule “Session 2″

    Varying Degrees of Similitude: Stylistic Homogeneity and Change in the Stamps-Baxter Songs of Luther Presley
    Gregory Straughn, Abilene Christian University

    Abilene Christian University is a Church of Christ affiliated University. How surprising Mr. Straughn would be presenting at a “Music” conference!

    Hah!!! I never knew we had such Southern Gospel expertise at our local Acapella University.

  2. cdguy wrote:

    bbq - First, not all Churches of Christ are exclusively acapella-only, any more. Second, many Church of Christ folks listen to, and often perform, instrumental music outside of the Sunday worship service — some Christian music, some secular music (although I really don’t like the term “secular music), some both.

    And if an acedemic is studying Christian music, s/g has to be a part of the discussion, even if it isn’t your preference, just as any other style of Christian music would be included.

    So, it really shouldn’t be all that surprising.

  3. bbq wrote:

    CDGUY–Being that I am Church of Christ, an alumni of ACU, and sing locally here in Abilene, TX in a S/G quartet I am not that surprised. In fact, my church, a Church of Christ, has hosted S/G concerts in our church before. Which, for being in the buckle belt city for CofC churches is something rather remarkable. In fact, my church leadership is actually currently reviewing our long-standing postions on Acapella only worship services. I am the chairman of our Worship Ministry Leadership Committee and we are working on “alternative” services that are non-traditional in nature for a Church of Christ. Some of the exploration of these services would obviously include the use of instrumental music.

    So, I am not that surprised at all. In fact, I was half way posting with tongue in cheek. We might also be surprised to know the number of Church of Christ members in the S/G genre. I believe that, if i remember correctly, Jeremy Lile of BF&A grew up CofC. And finally, we all know that CofC members are truly the only ones that really know how to sing!!!! –just kiddin’!!

    I wish I could be at this conference!

  4. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Do some churches have no piano?
    If so, what happens if an artist comes along that needs a piano because the artist might not have tracks?
    Having a piano and a band is “in” now.
    It how southern gospel music is stimulating the economy.

  5. oldtimer wrote:

    When I was traveling with the Impacts we sang in a non-instrumental church of Christ in Nashville and we simply brought our keyboard. The people there could not have been more gracious.

  6. cdguy wrote:

    One of the prominent pop singers of the 1950’s, Pat Boone, was a Church of Christ boy. He had the very first gold record of a Christian song — a s/g song, in fact, “Wonderful Time Up There” (aka “The Gospel Boogie), which later became a quartet standard.

    Fifty years later, he still very much embraces s/g (just chatted with him yesterday about that subject). As most people who are familiar with Pat’s career probably know, he has since changed his theological stance, having since joined the Charismatic movement (in the ’60’s, if I remember correctly, during the “Jesus Movement”).

    Just another example of Church of Christ folks using instrumental music outside the regular Sunday Morning Worship service. Although I don’t totally understand their philosophy, I do know they make a distiction between music in the worship service and Christian music outside the worship service.

    Maybe that harks back to the thought that there are actually 2 types of Christian music: Music for the Church, and music for entertainment.

  7. bbq wrote:

    CDGUY-I’m a member of the Church of Christ and even I don’t understand our philosophy or stance on instrumental worship!!! I guess i’m more of the mindset that I have my “church” membership at a CofC, but i’m a child of God and I will gladly worship with any child of God…instruments or no instruments!

  8. cdguy wrote:

    bbq - I like that mindset.

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