The undeserving

Via Martin Roth, guess what year the music died, because of the Bill Gaither Trio?

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  1. Grigs wrote:

    You know, Pamela Furr might use questionable language on her blog, but at least she knows something about music. Anybody who thinks drivel like “Achy Breaky Heart” should beat out anything a great artist like Vince Gill does is just goofy.

    Thanks, Avery, that’s two minutes of my life that I’ll never get back! :)

  2. CVH wrote:

    See? Even in the “sweet and high” Danny singing, Gloria-reciting-about-Benji-playing-under-the-dining-room-table, had-his-own-hair, used-a-reel-to-reel-machine-to-playback-the-tracks, still-working-on-his-first-million, hey-let’s-open-a-studio-and-call-it-Pinebrook, Marsha-Stevens-was-still-in-the-closet-and-not-causing-problems, Benson-was-still-a-real-record-company, Mark-Lowry-was-only-15, Henry-and-Hazel-Slaughter-co-bill, VHS-wasn’t-even-invented-yet, pre-Homecoming days…Bill had mystical powers we still do not fully understand.

  3. cynical one wrote:

    Grigs — only 2 minutes? From some of the comments we read on this sight, I’d have thought all s/g followers were much slower than that. We sure give each other a bad rap here, don’t we?

    And that writer thought Roy & Dale should have won over the Bill Gaither Trio? I liked Roy & Dale, and their recordings, but I’d have to disagree with that author. Kinda like Grigs’ comment about Gill vs Cyrus.

  4. cynical one wrote:

    OOPS!!! Can I say “rap” on this site? It rhymes with a word considered by some to be vulgar. And many might consider “rap music” to be an oxymoron.

  5. BUICK wrote:

    OK, BGT got the Grammy but he doesn’t have his name on a chain of fried chicken joints. So who’s the REAL winner?

    Happy Tails to All Y’all.

  6. ted wrote:

    I get the National Post delivered every morning at my door… Was that Gaithers only Grammy?

  7. cynical one wrote:

    Ted — no, Gaither has won other Grammy’s. According to one bio, he won Grammy’s in 1973, 1975, 1991, & 1999, with about 7 or 8 other nominations. I don’t find references to other Grammy nominations, but I do find about 104 movie credits. That may be more movies than Bill’s done music videos, but Bill’s catching up fast.

  8. cynical one wrote:

    The reference to 104 movies was to Roy Rogers. I wasn’t real clear in my note.

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