Sometimes, it’s the announcements you don’t hear

Or, as a friend of mine put it in an email this evening:

I IMPLORE you to mention the absence of Young Harmony this year in the Dove nominations.

Consider me implored, and the absence gladly noted.

In the announcements that did get made, southern gospel did decently, if not remarkably, well. Karen Peck, Austins Bridge (I give up on figuring out if it’s possessive or not), EHSSQ, the Hoppers, BFA, Gaither, Mark Lowry and Janet Paschal (in southern album, for her very unsouthern hymns project, … not that I’m complaining) all got nominations, in some cases several. But I’m sure I missed some. See for yourself.

On the whole, this seems like a fair representation (if not a comprehensive sample) of the best that sg had to offer in the past year.

Update: I missed one of the most curious nominations of the bunch: Gerald Wolfe for male vocalist of the year. It’s not that he isn’t fully deserving. It’s just well … curious. Given that Jason Crabb was sg’s nominee in this slot most recently, I have no idea what to make of this, unless trilled Rs are back in vogue.

And finally, the Lewis, Scruggs and Long covering “I Will Find you Again”? Oh. My.

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  1. RF wrote:

    I always looked at the Dove Awards as kind of a gospel Grammy award. Then something went wrong with it all, and it seemed it was the CCM awards. Anyway, i agree with Avery that the sg nominees seem to be the ones that had the best quality of product in 2007. It will be interesting to see if any of them win outside of the sg-only categories. I am particularly interested in how Gerald Wolfe and EHSSQ do in the mixed categories in which they have been nominated.

  2. cynical one wrote:

    I’d be pleasantly SHOCKED if Gerald or EHSSQ win in those mixed-up categories. However, since loyalties may divided among the fans & producers of ccm, there may be a united front among sg voters. Could be interesting!

  3. Jim2 wrote:

    I guess if Point of Grace can be nominated for “Country Recorded Song” it’s ok if Janet’s “non-southern” album gets nominated in the Southern Gospel category.

  4. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    The last POG CD included some Country material. POG is known for having a CCM vocal group sound, but that shouldn’t preclude them from being nominated in a Country category when they record a Country song.

    In the case of Paschal, her CD would have been more appropriately categorized as Inspirational…even though I’ve been guilty of calling it a Southern Gospel CD myself.

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