Bobblehead Russ

Mouse semi-rapidly over the navigation bar (the words: news, appearances, bio, store etc) at the top of Russ Taff’s home page. Hoo boy. Shouldn’t this kinda feature come with a free sample of Dramamine?

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  1. Kyle wrote:

    Slow news day?

  2. EezyE wrote:

    Why were you on Russ Taff’s website anyway?

  3. Edie wrote:

    I think it’s quite interesting how the last update on Russ’s news page (last July) was to announce a new booking agent and yet he only has one date booked for 2008. (Yikes!)

  4. zack wrote:

    russ has more than one date booked for 2008. I recieved a message from his wife saying they are having difficulties posting them on the website…i’m sure there just having a hard time with there web director…

  5. Tori Taff wrote:

    OK, Avery, how politically incorrect can you possibly be? A rabid long term Gaither fan such as yourself has surely heard Russ’ moving testimony concerning the congenital lack of neck muscles and missing spinal column that he was (partially) healed of during the 23rd chorus of “Because He Lives” during a Gaither taping a few years back! No? Well, I can just imagine your chagrin. Actually, it is my third favorite part of the epic RUSS TAFF STORY, right after the part about being Bill’s illegitimate son and the part about how he owes every good thing in his life to his smoking hot wife.

    Oh, and Edie? There has been a delay in getting the calendar up to speed, thanks for your concern. Because, seriously– if we only have one date for 2008 we may be moving in with you. We have two kids and three dogs, hope that’s not a problem.

  6. Tori Taff wrote:

    Ok, the neck story is a total lie.
    (But you knew that, right?!)

  7. cdguy wrote:

    Tori — LOL!!! You HAVE to be one of the funniest Christian writers around today. LOVE your musings in the Homecoming Magazine.

    My wife & I met you at Praise Gathering about 3 years ago, and really appreciated your spirit, but you have proven yourself to be quite a wit, too. Maybe Russ could open for your stand-up act?

    And you have to admit, the “bobble head” allusion was cute.

  8. zack wrote:

    Thanks for clearing everything up tori! i knew you guys had to do more than one date a year! lol After all I just saw russ in Dallas last week and he seemed pretty busy!

  9. Trent wrote:

    Russ must be fetching a really nice flat for that one appearance this year.

  10. zack wrote:

    HHAAHhahahaha! it must be the Russ Taff Homecoming or something! lol

  11. philo wrote:

    If you want to see a real ‘bobblehead’ in action have a look at youtube the stamps qt singing ‘i am a wayfaring stranger’Jd’s head takes on a life of its own, hilarious stuff.P.S. I’m really a big j.d. fan. Enjoy!

  12. Tammy Terrell wrote:

    Could anyone decipher for me Russ Taff’s comments on the Imperials lawsuit. It sounded to me like the comments Chauncey Gardner might have made in that hilarious movie with the simple minded gardener who the intellectuals thought was so brilliant because he spoke in “parables” and yet he didn’t have a clue about anything. Oh well, maybe he was just having a bad day!

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