Open thread

The real world impingeth.

I won’t be able to get to anything substantive for a few days, so talk amongst yourselves in the meantime.

I’ll kick things off: David Phelps is charging $195 per-person for the April 12 taping of his Christmas special (semi-formal holiday attire, snow, and ho-ho-ho not included, but you will get some finger foods with Lori and David a few minutes before the show). Fortunately, it’s being taped at the “Holiday Barn” on the Phelps ranch, so there ought to be plenty of room for an ego big enough to charge a few bucks shy of $200 a pop for a single video taping. Does he have enough groupies and diehards to fill the place? I’m honestly asking.

Update: For the record, David Phelps sold out his Christmas concert. Viva il Gospel Divo!

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  1. Ron wrote:

    Wow thats expensive, I might pay $50.00 to hear that guy sing “O Holy Night”. But there is no way I would pay 200 Bucks. Someone tell me, is David trying to ease back in to Southern Gospel ? Ive been seeing him lately in Singing News.

  2. Janice Kieft wrote:

    Anyone know what happened to the Unthanks website? Did I miss something?
    Any insight.


    PS I’d pay that much for a small venue if I didn’t have a lot of travel expenses. Go David

  3. Aaron Swain wrote:

    Well, if he’s trying to ease his way back into SG, he sure ain’t doin’ it right. Most SG fans, diehard as they might be, probably won’t be willing to dish out $195 or more, unless it’s for something like NQC. Shoot, they could get into a Homecoming concert for less than that.

  4. Aaron Swain wrote:

    Now, not to say that Phelps isn’t good, because he’s great! I just can’t see spending that much on an event of his, taped or not.

  5. art wrote:

    I’ve been waiting for an open thread to unveil the following stroke of genius: The best way to promote SG to the masses would be for someone to produce a high-quality, respectful, sweet, well written, entertaining mainstream movie based on a touring SG quartet.

    This sounds like a job for Robert DuVall, Mel Gibson or Bill Gaither.

  6. art wrote:

    And as much as I admire David Phelps, I wouldn’t pay $200 a pop to hear anybody sing.

  7. zack wrote:

    REALLY BIG PHELPS FAN! LOVE HIS SOLO WORK! LOVED HIS WORK WITH GAITHER….but ain’t no way i’d pay $195.00 to go to that concert…for that kind of price i better get a bus ride in davids bus and a nights stay in the spare bedroom, and a steak dinner!

    moving on…

    Art, What quartet would you have in mind? lol i’m sure if Bill Gaither did this he would do it on the Vocal Band…wait…is that a real quartet? just asking? seriously ain’t too for sure…

  8. Steven wrote:

    I am a big david fan….however, in order for me to pay the admission. (which i’m sure there are more price levels)…The cathedrals and original hinsons would have to be singing too.

  9. Practical Fellow wrote:

    I’ve got friends who purchased tickets for the David Phelps event. They are very excited. If I had that much green I’d probably go just for the spectacle of it. My guess is that these pricey tickets will put well-dressed bottoms in the seats who will look appropriate for a taping. And this could certainly help the Phelps family have a Merry Christmas.

    On a completely different note: Art (post #5), a movie about a SG quartet? Yikes. And I’m pretty sure you don’t want Mel Gibson connected with anything right now where you’re trying to build a positive, respectable fan base. What with all the anti-semetic, drunken rants and such.

  10. Trent wrote:

    Does anybody know if Hope’s Call is officially off the road or not? I never saw an announcement to that effect.

  11. curious inquirer wrote:

    Will those with deep pockets be allowed a karaoke sing-a-long section to be added on the DVD? Maybe they could come up and join him as a special feature?? That might make it worth $195!

  12. Videoguy wrote:

    As a corollary to the Dove Awards video, we can’t forget the Boundless Love encore from the Travelin’ Live video:

  13. bob wrote:

    The gospel quartet idea is a good done and would be a natural for Robert Duvall I think.

  14. Kyle wrote:

    Do a movie on the Statesmen/Blackwoods joint touring era. Problem is, if anyone were to touch on any negative aspects, then SG purists would flip a lid. Show a scene of the two quartets playing cards and smoking, and it would be like saying Jesus had an affair with Mary Magdalene. “Oh, they NEVER did anything like THAT!! How DARE you accuse them of SMOKING?!?!?!” Not to mention any other events that may have occurred.

    In the Oaks’ 1986 biography, Calvin Newton told stories of pretty girls “wantin’ us to take them home,” and how most nights, they did just that. Good luck getting THAT past the SG audience! You’d almost have to have a quartet bio-pic rated PG-13 (if not R)….

  15. natesings wrote:

    Maybe Oliver Stone could do the movie.

  16. jb wrote:

    Speaking of Hinsons. What has happened with Bo Hinson’s group? Do they still sing and why do you not hear much about him. Maybe I’m not looking in the right places. Watched a youtube video of the Hinson’s and Bo has a great voice.

  17. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    I’d don’t necessarily want to see a movie about a Southern Gospel group. I think a movie where Southern Gospel was used primarily as incidental music would be great, though.

    Traditional black gospel was used in _The Ladykillers_, and bluegrass/bluegrass gospel was used in _O Brother, Where Art Thou?_. If the Coen Brothers ever did a film set in the modern South, then it might work.

  18. Jenn wrote:

    Does anyone know if there was a falling out between Annie McRae and Troy and Katy Peach? The whole TK and MCRae breakup so quickly still doesn’t make sense….

    and to Trent- I believe Hope’s Call is done. Eddie and Jess I think are on staff at a church.

  19. zack wrote:

    In Loving Memory of Anthony John Burger; June 5th, 1961-Feb. 22, 2006. We still mourn the loss but remember the legacy he left behind.

    can you believe its been 2 years already?

  20. sockpuppet wrote:

    Maybe Daniel Mount or David B Murray could give you the rundown on the New Hinsons - I checked their website today and (like Russ Taff) they only show 1 date booked for the year - just kidding Tori ! I know the deal with your notorious webmaster.
    Check it out for yourself

  21. natesings wrote:

    Here is the site for Bo’s group. All dates are TBA though.

  22. Seaton wrote:

    #14 - I agree with you. Knowing things like that occurs doesn’t negatively impact my view of Southern Gospel Music. Too many ‘fans’ decide it’s easier to keep on their rose colored glasses. I took mine off a long time ago.

  23. Not Ernie Haase wrote:

    What’s the latest word on Josh Cobb? He threw out some nasty barbs after the breakup with L5 threatening to “blow the lidd off of things.” But I haven’t heard much since then.

  24. Not Ernie Haase wrote:

    I apologize for the typo in the earlier post…

    Also, I would NOT pay $195 for a ticket. Maybe a package deal of some sort, but not for the honor of appearing in a taping.

  25. Tom wrote:

    Not Ernie (#23):

    Not sure how active Josh Cobb is musically at the moment, but you can still buy his 2003 CD at CD Baby, I got it awhile back and it’s not too bad for an indie rock CD, if you’re into that (and I am). The “if you like” comparisons to Radiohead and Jeff Buckley are pretty accurate. His Myspace page is still active (updated regularly) at

    Here’s the question I was saving for the next open thread: Are the Steeles fixin’ to make a comeback? They’ve got a relatively new Myspace page (added just a month and a half ago) at I’ve never cared much for the song “We Want America Back,” but I’ve liked a lot of their other stuff.

  26. Tom wrote:

    Follow-up to my previous post. Apparently the formatting added my period at the end of the sentences to the hyperlinks and they don’t seem to work. They work if you copy and paste the URLs without the period at the end of the sentence . . . .

  27. GM wrote:

    “Supply and demand” is a basic business philosphy (hotels, airline tickets, rental cars). If David thinks there will be enough demand for his event that he can charge $195 and still sell the number of tickets he needs to sell, good for him. I hope he sells out. If he does he should charge $229 next year, if he doesn’t he may need to back down to $99 or a price that will move tickets.

  28. 1maidupmind wrote:

    #25. I hope not.

  29. Grigs wrote:

    I’ve had an idea for a “quartet movie” for a long time. It takes place in the 50’s. A struggling quartet is on the west coast working when they get a call inviting them to appear at the NQC. They’ve only got a few days to get there and a broken down car to travel in. Along the way, they sing in a snake handling church, get mixed up in a moonshine racket and various other adventures. They finally get to the NQC and walk in just as James, JD, and Hovie are about to give up on them. The last 15 minutes of the movie is the quartet’s show stopping NQC set.

    I had a second idea about a teenage boy whose grandfather is estranged from his mom. Grandpa and Mom patch things up and the old man comes to live with them. Teenage boy is sort of an outcast at school because he is a SG fan and not into what the other kids are into. He and three other outcasts have formed a quartet and they’re pretty good. One of the outcasts recognizes Grandpa as a legendary quartet man who just dropped out of sight years ago. They talk Gramps into working with their little quartet and they slowly improve from pretty good to great. The kids make a play for the big time and the mystery of why gramps dropped out of sight is revealed.

    My third idea is about a quartet bus haunted by the ghost of a tenor singer. Let’s skip that one. “The Burning Hell” and “A Thief In The Night” notwithstanding, I’m just not sure that Christian horror films will do good business.

  30. Chrystal wrote:

    Hmmmmm…. $195.00 a ticket? No thanks. I’ll spend it on something more worthy, like my car insurance that just came due.

  31. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #25: Around Christmas time, it seemed that he had recorded a Christmas project, and there are a number of new songs on his Myspace as well.

    As far as an “official” website, not really sure what happened to that. It showed up when all the “barb-throwing” happened and hasn’t been maintained/updated since then.

    I’m glad Cobb has found an outlet that he is happy with. Would love to see him back in SG, but as long as he’s using his God-given talent, I say let him keep on rockin’.

  32. Mike McIlwain wrote:

    #29 Griggs,

    I like it. I would love to see a good indie movie person make those movies. Those are good storylines. I don’t know if you were being serious or not, but I like the ideas you’ve proposed.

  33. Tom wrote:

    1maidupmind (#28):

    I agree there was a lot of junk to wade through with the Steeles, but I confess to being a sucker for upbeat songs like “On the Road to Emmaus.” They’ve had a handful of songs like that in the past . . . .

  34. Matt Moore wrote:

    Speaking of David Phelps, did anyone else see the uncomfortable “hug” he gave bill after his performance on the “Amazing Grace” video. AWKWARD!

    Anyone heard the Johnson Family live? To me they are the epitome of “family” harmony. The recording is pretty good.

  35. Trent wrote:

    Well, I received my new issue of Singing News in the mail today. It’s got the ballot for this years Fan Awards. In nearly every category, you have to be in a full-time SG group or full-time singer to be eligible. Unbelievable. If people want to vote for their favorite group or their favorite singer, why do they have to be full time? I cannot figure out Singing News’ obsession with this.

  36. BUICK wrote:

    Well, since this is an open thread (kind of like “Open Line Friday” on Limbaugh’s show), I submit this for your listening “entertainment”.


  37. Angie M wrote:

    How about some SF? Aliens land, and they think people who can’t harmonize are uncivilized, so the quartet has to save the day. Or maybe a disbanded quartet or family group is demed the only hope of planet Earth…

    OK, I’m not serious. Shouldn’t post at this hour. :)

  38. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #37: Well, in light of MM disbanding recently, they could be that “only hope.” :)

  39. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    How about a movie titled “Storytime with Gerald Wolfe?”
    We won’t need a producer or scriptwriter because it can be done in-house with Gerald doing the stories and Rodney writing the script.

  40. 1maidupmind wrote:

    #33. They had a few good cuts, most of their stuff was novelty tunes. This doesn’t surprise me though, considering Jeff’s past career as a professional wrestler, and mentor to Faith Hill. That even sounds weird doesn’t it? See, he’s always relied on some gimmick.

  41. Karalyn wrote:

    #36– That’s awesome! LOL Thanks for brightening my day. Hilarious!

  42. Frank wrote:

    Back to the topic - David’s ego is way bigger than his talent. Have you ever been to one of his concerts - enough said.

  43. Dexter wrote:

    Hey Angie…sort of like when the rock group KISS had a cartoon where they were super heros?? That would be WAY cool! LOL

  44. ShortBusAllStar wrote:

    Ahhhh who could forget… Oh what a mighty God, oh what a mighty God, oh what a mighty God ,oh what a mighty God WE SERVE!

  45. 1maidupmind wrote:

    36. Buick. The video is hilarious.

  46. burt wrote:

    Michael English will finally release his album this coming Tuesday. Any thoughts?

  47. Amanda wrote:

    I can’t wait to hear it, Burt. Michael English is amazing!

  48. Sissey wrote:

    I think David Phelps has a power house voice but I would not pay $195 or more to hear him.

    I wonder if David regrets leaving the vocal band. I also think Daivd needs to clean up his appearance. He looks like his has a mop head.

  49. Nick wrote:

    Alright, so let me start by saying that I don’t comment on here much, mostly because a lot of the topic threads I find to be a waste of time. That being said, every once and a while I gleen insight into a story or hear a story I don’t see some where else, so I do like this website.

    Now, this post is so ridiculous and insulting; not only to David Phelps, but to the many fans and people that his music has touched. Not all the facts are being talked about. It isn’t a single taping; it is a taping of two upcoming DVD releases. It does take place all on the same evening, but so does many other big music event tapings (Gaither generally releases two DVDs for every event he films).

    Would I pay $195 to attend this event? Without a doubt! David Phelps is the most talented male vocalist in the last 40 years (christian or secular). As far as ego is concerned, I do not of any singer that does not possess, at least some ego. Having met the man on more than one occasion and having seen him multiple times in concert, I will say that he has less of an ego than half of the SG industry (Lordsong being the worst…Michael Lord didn’t even take 5 minutes to meet fans after a recent concert I attended and Kim was the rudest person I’ve ever met. Lordsong lost the best part of their group when Amber left).

    In closing, as of this afternoon, the taping was sold out. I, unforuntately, wont be in attendance, but I cannot wait for the release later this year. You people disgust me. You guys spend more time judging and ragging on artists who make more of an impact for the Kingdom than is fair or acceptable. If you don’t care for David’s music or concerts, don’t go! There is no sense in insulting such a talented man of God.

  50. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    #36 and #41 - I found his artist myspace page:

    Also note all the people who like him and commented here:

    I confess I can’t tell for some of the comments if they’re tongue in cheek.

  51. Bryce wrote:

    “David Phelps is the most talented male vocalist in the last 40 years (christian or secular).”

    Glad you like David, Nick (#49). The guy does have above average vocal skills. Unfortunately, the above quote solidifies your position as the official “Leave Britney Alone!” poster for this thread.

    Kudos to you.

  52. Chrystal wrote:

    I wouldn’t go so far as to say that David Phelps is the most talented vocalist in the last 40 years. There is one thing that David does that destroys his voice (imho), and it’s when he goes up to try to hit an incredibly high note (and I do mean try), and it destroys the continuity of the song he’s singing. It really sounds like a screech. I do agree he has a good voice, but when he starts (showing off) screeching, he loses me. I fast forward through his performance.

  53. dkd wrote:

    # 36..Thanks for the U-tube chuckle..Oh my!

  54. BUICK wrote:

    Frank (#42), sorry. I’d thought it was an open thread and we were encouraged to “talk amongst (y)ourselves”. I misunderstood that the David Phelps subject was just one that Doug threw out to get things started but that he was giving us permission to talk amongst ourselves about other things, too. Perhaps you will like this one better. (But I doubt it.)

    I don’t know how many critics of Phelps have heard him in concert on one of his tours (and not just as a member of the Homecoming troupe.) I only had that chance one time but I can tell you it was terrific.

    David’s concert is lavishly staged with dramatic lighting and seamless choreography. He uses live instrumentalists and backup singers (and these seem to be desired by a certain segment of this site’s contributors). He was very accessible to fans after the concert I attended.

    Phelps has a fine voice and he is perhaps the best-trained vocalist in SGM (Julliard, I believe). Plus, he is VERY humorous but always in an intelligent way that never gets smutty (a complaint I’ve read about Mark Lowry on this same website).

    But to me, Phelps’ greatest strength are his compositions. We’ve had people posting that some songwriters’ songs all have a sameness to them. Phelps songs are creative, innovative and fresh. He has broken out of that old SGM “God,” “sod,” “trod” rut. Have you really listened to “No More Night,” “Second Fiddle” and “End of the Beginning”? That is fresh bread!

    I cannot speak to his ego. I do not know him. I’ve just attended a concert on his tour a few years ago. He presents himself with confidence and self-assurance on stage…but then I would want that out of any professional.

    I suspect the main reasons Phelps gets hammered on sites like this are:
    a) He’s not SGM enough. He has reached out to a younger crowd by means of a more CCM sound and look. Seems to me that some have complained that there are not enough young people in the SGM audiences anymore. In our church, the younger crowds do not go hears male quartets but they crowd out to hear David Phelps (any time he’s in the area).
    b) He doesn’t look SGM enough. Maybe it was those years standing next to Guy Penrod that influenced him. Or, then again, maybe most of us aren’t his target audience.

    Would I pay $195 to see and hear him in a taping? No. I don’t have lots of extra money and my priorities are such that I wouldn’t do that with the $195 ($390 for my wife AND me!) even if I did have it. But I can understand the appeal to those who will. If you want to spend that kind of money, at least you are getting some value for your dollars.

    If you (like me) decide not to go, at least acknowledge that this is a very talented, well-trained professional who writes creative and inventive music, performs it with live musicians and dramatic effects and appeals to the crowd that most SGM performers only wish they could draw. Personally, I don’t find much to not admire.

  55. philo wrote:

    josh groban grossed $12 mill last year, maybe dave boy’s trying to catch

  56. usetobe wrote:

    Movie was done back in the late 60’s called “Sing A Song for Heaven’s Sake” It was a full lenghth show feature some of the groups from that era. NO DIRT THOUGH> And speaking of that, no one appointed us judge and if a person or group is not doing right they have a judge they will have to face. If you don’t like what a group or person is doing, don’t listen to them or go see them don’t talk about them and spread gossip.

  57. gc wrote:

    Nick posted: You people disgust me. You guys spend more time judging and ragging on artists who make more of an impact for the Kingdom than is fair or acceptable. If you don’t care for David’s music or concerts, don’t go! There is no sense in insulting such a talented man of God.

    Then he stated:
    I will say that he has less of an ego than half of the SG industry (Lordsong being the worst…Michael Lord didn’t even take 5 minutes to meet fans after a recent concert I attended and Kim was the rudest person I’ve ever met. Lordsong lost the best part of their group when Amber left).

    Medicine my brother! It will help that speak it but don’t follow it bi-polar personality.

  58. Burt wrote:

    #54, Phelps did not write No More Night. It was written by Walt Harrah.

  59. Phil wrote:

    Nick (#49) I feel sorry for you, because I happen to know Michael and Kim with Lordsong pretty well and you got the wrong impression of both of them. Michael is one of the nicest guys I know, in or out of gospel music. As for Kim, she has gone through a alot lately with the illness and death of her father and if she SEEMED unfriendly to you, it was not the normal for her and she may have had a really emotional and trying day…

  60. Chrystal wrote:

    #49 Nick wrote: “In closing, as of this afternoon, the taping was sold out. I, unforuntately, wont be in attendance, but I cannot wait for the release later this year. You people disgust me. You guys spend more time judging and ragging on artists who make more of an impact for the Kingdom than is fair or acceptable. If you don’t care for David’s music or concerts, don’t go! There is no sense in insulting such a talented man of God.”

    Shouldn’t you have given Lordsong that same courtesy? Hmmmmmmmm? The hypocrisy in your post astounds me. What you are really saying is that people should keep their mouth off of singers YOU like (like David Phelps)…but everyone YOU DON’T LIKE is fair game.

  61. Mike McIlwain wrote:

    I received a message today that CCM Legend Larry Norman passed away today. The Stamps, the Statesmen, and the Imperials covered his song “Sweet Song of Salvation.”

  62. Faith wrote:

    Frank #42, David was at our church some years back and the entire staff was disgusted by his diva-like demands and antics - thankfully he will never be back. I do think he is a great singer, but everytime I think of the way he acted, I can’t really enjoy his music.

    One more thing…who the heck cares about David Phelp’s moptop? Can you REALLY complain about his hair when Guy Penrod walks around looking like the Maharishi? Now, HIS hair creeps me out.

  63. Kyle wrote:

    Larry Norman died? I hadn’t heard that. Didn’t he also write “I Wish We’d All Been Ready”? That’s one of my favorite songs!!

    As for the new Michael English CD, I’ve been listening to the MySpace samples almost non-stop. So far, my favorites have been “Feels Like Redemption” and “Time,” but I absolutely LOVE the title track!!

  64. Ron F wrote:

    Hey I know some sweet Christian old ladies that would pay $195.00 just to run their fingers through David Phelps and Guy Penrods hair.

  65. Mike McIlwain wrote:

    Concerning Larry Norman, the wikipedia site now lists him as passing yesterday. I received my info from the Orphans of God update. Orphans of God is a message board type of interaction that pays homage to the late Mark Heard and his influences upon modern day musicians.

  66. Mike McIlwain wrote:

    An official word from Larry’s family.

  67. J wrote:

    I believe I could be persuaded to pay $195 for just the Original Hinsons.

    How about a movie about the Statesmen and The Blackwoods wives who looked the other way for so long they couldnt straighten their necks out. For the sake of SGM No movie about those guys please unless of course it was just their music. I never heard anything before or since like the Statesmen, they were astounding.

  68. Derek wrote:

    I bet there are some folks who would pay $195 to run a pair of scissors through their hair! LOL

  69. Jim2 wrote:

    Here’s a great blog post about the passing of Larry Norman - I love the part about the little christian bookstore and the kinds of christian music available back in the 70’s - “Appalachian wedding” indeed!!

  70. Kyle wrote:

    For the sake of SGM No movie about those guys please

    Not that I’m implying anything here, but are you saying that it could hurt the industry to learn that these legends are indeed (gasp!) HUMAN?!

  71. RT wrote:

    Comment #10 Does anybody know if Hope’s Call is officially off the road or not? I never saw an announcement to that effect.

    It’s over for Hope’s Call

    The older lady and her husband split up, and that split the family

  72. tim wrote:

    An open thread - let me vent….

    Comp Discs….I just received a comp disc from a new company. It has six songs on it. All but one of the songs has been sent out on AT LEAST one other disc. (This one song was from an unknown artist.) Some of the songs are on two or more comp discs. Most of the groups involved are newcomers or groups that have never broken the top 40 with average talent.

    Why do groups feel that they have to be on 2, 3,4 or more comp discs? So many groups complain about lack of cash in love offerings etc. yet they spend hundreds of dollars to get on multiple discs. Why? Buy some decent lights for your shows, hire a band, make an extra bus payment, support a family through Compassion; you are wasting your cash on extra comp discs.

    I get tired of seeing the same group on different low-end discs. It doesn’t increase the song’s chance of airplay and it gets annoying when more than one radio tracker calls about a song.

    I think from this point on when I get a call from more than one person tracking a song I am going to say “no play” to all but the major comp disc the song is found on.

    Perhaps this will help elimate the seemingly endless parade of repetitious comp discs and music that crosses my desk. I hope it will cut down on the tracking calls for the same song.

    Thanks, I feel better and am ready to face the next round of comp discs…..

  73. BUICK wrote:

    Burt (#58) - you are correct. My mistake. I looked at the title of the recording on which the song appeared rather than the name of the one who wrote the song. Thanks for correcting me on that.

  74. CVH wrote:

    Larry Norman - a pioneer in the genre but more than that, a guy who lived his faith day by day. Perfectly? No. Rough edges? Plenty. But authentic and honest? Unquestioningly.

    From one of his earlier works:

    I am a servant, I am listening for my name,
    I sit here waiting, I’ve been looking at the game
    That I’ve been playing, and I’ve been staying much the same
    When you are lonely, you’re the only one to blame.

    I am a servant, I am waiting for the call,
    I’ve been unfaithful, so I sit here in the hall.
    How can you use me when I’ve never given all,
    How can you choose me when you know I’d quickly fall.

    So you feed my soul and you make me grow,
    And you let me know you love me.
    And I’m worthless now, but I’ve made a vow,
    I will humbly bow before thee.
    O please use me, I am lonely.

    I am a servant getting ready for my part,
    There’s been a change, a rearrangement in my heart.
    At last I’m learning, there’s no returning once I start.
    To live’s a priviledge and to love is such an art
    But I need your help to start,
    O please purify my heart, I am your servant.

    On Phelps, I think his biggest professional problem since leaving GVB has been that he’s trying too hard to be all things to all people. Just listen to his Christmas CD that was released last fall. There were like 15 songs on it and they ranged in style from operatic (sorry, no Josh Grobin he) to simplistic and sappy. Frankly, I was ready for it to be over by the 10th track. As for ego, he has his fair share.

    One of the most frequent comments I hear from people in the business about him is that he’s lacking a clear identity. Is he inspo? SG? Pop-classical crossover? No one knows. Sure, he has a core group of dedicated fans but his reception from radio and fans won’t grow until he decides who he’s going to be. Still, if he can fill a room with true believers at $195 a head, more power to him.

  75. Oldtimer wrote:

    This is bringing up an interesting topic - who would you pay $200 to hear for an evening? We will allow both past and present - who would be worth $200 a pop for you? I am not a wealthy man, but here are those that I would come up with $200 to hear :

    The Sumner, Baize, Enoch, Sumner version of the Stamps quartet.

    The Payne, Talley, Trammell, Younce version of the Cathedrals.

    The Rozell, Lister, Sunmner, Hess, Blackwood version of the Master’s V.

    And here are the two groups I would pay $500 to hear live :

    The Sam, Rusty, Howard and Vestal version of the Cathedrals

    The Hamil, Fox, Parrack, Reese version of the Kingsmen.

    What say You?


  76. Kyle wrote:

    Kim Hopper is now officially signed to Canaan as a soloist. Not to second guess Clark’s intuition, but isn’t this kinda redundant? I remember when Ernie Haase did a solo project while with the Cathedrals. They were on Homeland. Ernie’s two solo CD’s were on Daywind….

  77. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #75: I’d pay that much to hear the Sam, Rusty, Howard, and Vestal version of The Cathedrals too. It’d be interesting to hear their rendition of Cathedrals songs. =)

  78. jb wrote:

    As much as I love SG music, I can’t think of anyone I would pay $200 to go hear. I don’t mean that in a bad way. My money is just hard to come by these days.

  79. Beth wrote:

    #75 said: The Sam, Rusty, Howard and Vestal version of the Cathedrals

    well - I’ve never heard of THAT lineup for the Cathedrals. ;-0

  80. j wrote:

    $500 for the Oaks with Gatlin, Harper, Wynn, Hamill and Fairchild. Even more for the Statesmen with Lister, Weatherington,Rozell. OTT and Hess.

  81. Videoguy wrote:

    I bet Vestal could tear up I Just Started Living.

  82. Ben Harris wrote:

    #67 YOu lump all the Statesmen into one group who all seem unfaithful to their wives. That would be unfair. Although there are accounts of some in the group doing bad things, not a single bad word of slander has ever been spoken of Jake Hess, Doy Ott, or Denver Crumpler. For that matter, I have never heard a single reference to Hovie being unfaithful either. I think your comment might at best be a stretch.

  83. Andrew S. wrote:

    Hey,I know this is sorta off the topic of the 200-300 dollar concert.What is up with the Hoskins Family?I tried to go to their website,but it said a new website was coming soon.They were really popular but disappeared like a year or year and a half ago.BTW-what also happened to the Sons Family?With the Hoppers ride song out,it made me think of the song the Sons family had a couple years ago.

  84. Joe wrote:

    Oldtimer #75-

    You made us all smile when you typo’d Sam, Rusty, Howard and Vestal as the Cathedrals- we all knew what you meant. That concert would easliy be worth $500 a ticket.

    The other one I do believe I’d pay $500 for would be the Brian/Ivan/Mike/Tim version of Gold City. Those may be the best 4 voices ever put together in a SG male quartet.

    $200 easily for the version of the Kingsmen you mentioned; also, would pay same to hear the original Downings (a fantastic group), the Nelons (with Janet and Kelly), the Couriers Quartet, the Thrasher Brothers, and the Singing Americans in their prime.

  85. Nick wrote:

    Alright, a couple follow up comments here.

    – There is nothing bi-polar about my post. Most of these comments on here are by people who have very little knowledge of the taping or David’s following outside of the Gaither Homecoming series. To say that David only “tries” to hit the notes he sings is fool hardy and inaccurate. There are very few tenors in the world that can sing with the power and range that David does. If he was only trying to hit the notes, he would be notoriously flat all of the time, which having heard him live mulitple times, is not the case.

    To address my Lordsong observation…I don’t know them personally. I only know them from the concert I attended. They may very well be nicer than they came off, but having an off day does not excuse rudeness. I’m not making a half-cocked statement, as I witnessed this first hand. It defintely appeared to be more than “personal issues” going on. If I’m wrong, so be it.

    –Leave Brittney, alone… I give ya props for trying to make some humor at my expense, but next time use something a little more plausible. Comparing the emotional waste that is Britney Spears (whom we should pray for instead of making fun of) to a man of God like David Phelps is nothing more than insulting.

    –All I’m trying to say is that most of these posts about the taping seem to be personal. Like I said previously, if you don’t like David’s music or want to spend the money to attend, then don’t. You have to remember that, while David may still have a SG fan base, he is a CCM artist now. The CCM industry is a completely different ball game from SG. The venues tend to be bigger and fan base is generally larger. It may be normal to spend $15 dollars to see the McKameys live while, at the same time, it would be normal to spend $40-70 to see MercyMe or one of the other big CCM draws (depending on venue). $195 a ticket for a CCM dvd taping is very reasonable and by most standard cheap. You have to keep your genres in mind when making generalized statements about what is being charged for a concert.

  86. Observant dude wrote:

    Does anybody else find it strange that Whisnants are affiliated with a SN charting radio station, and mysteriously have a ton of top ten songs? You think their family isnt gonna chart them at #1 EVERY month? DUH!

    Oh, and the fact that Crossroads, and Daywind completely monopolize the fan awards is ridiculous. I mean, there are “other” groups that are eligible that arent with these labels. A friend of mine wanted to vote for her favorite group, but she said that her group wasnt on the list. I told her that she could vote for whoever she wanted to, and that those lists arent the ONLY eligible groups and people. Come on SN, give all the groups a fair shot. I mean, it’s pretty pathetic of Daywind to put their list of nominees on the flipside of the actual ballot.

  87. zack wrote:

    I don’t really know anything about the sons family but I heard the hoskins family were coming off the road b/c one of them is having sever vocal issues…I don’t really know how true this is…it just what i’ve heard…I always loved that song Rocky Road, and Let eternity begin.


  88. Angie M wrote:

    I’d pay $200 to see Rusty goodman, with or without the rest of the group.

  89. natesings wrote:

    I’d like to see some present groups that people are willing to pay $200 to see. Almost everyone being named is dead already. The only one I can think of is what was named earlier…Gold City with Brian, Ivan, Mike, and Tim. I preferred the sound with Steve Lacey (Pillars of Faith, Acapella Gold)…but the group with Mike was admittedly more popular and would draw more.

  90. SG Obzerver wrote:

    ~Observant dude wrote:
    Does anybody else find it strange that Whisnants are affiliated with a SN charting radio station, and mysteriously have a ton of top ten songs? You think their family isnt gonna chart them at #1 EVERY month? DUH! ~

    Well….knowing John, Jeff and the rest of the Whisnants I seriously doubt it. And even if they did, one station CANNOT make that big of a difference in the charting system. They have also been in the radio business alot longer than they have been having number one songs. That being said…


  91. jb wrote:

    Zack: Hasn’t the Hoskins family been off the road for some time now?? Maybe I am thinking of someone else. Would be great if they were still singing.

  92. Phil wrote:

    Uh, Observant dude you need to take the Observant off your name…There are no Daywind names on the backside of the actual ballot. Daywind has paid for a card insert that is the same size as the ballot but in no way could be confused for the ballot(except by you evidently). Also, the Whisnants one station influences the SN charts very little and their songs rise and fall on their own station as well. The big reason the Whisnant songs go up the charts is because people all over the country like them…

  93. J wrote:

    Oh yeah, Couriers singing “Lovest thou Me” or He”ll Pilot Me” easy $500.00.

  94. Jim2 wrote:

    #86, “Observant” kinda depends on where you are standing - look at it from the other side, what Record Label do you think those “other” groups would opt to be on if given the chance? 9 out of 10 would probably say Crossroads, Daywind or Spring Hill with “keeping my artistic options open” taking the other spot.
    Speaking of perspective, if you subscribe to the school of thought that awards translate into sales, what better way to spend advertising dollars than the back of the ballot? Hey, if SN offers the space, you better believe a savvy markting director is going to jump on THAT opportunity.

  95. J wrote:

    #82 Where did you purchase those rose colored glasses?

  96. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    ‘Whisnants are affiliated with a SN charting radio station”
    Give the Whisnants’ family a break.
    The building for Jeff’s brother radio station and inventory for group was destoyed during a fire last month.

  97. LS wrote:


    One of my co-workers released a national single a few years ago, and we weren’t sure what to do with it. I asked Jeff Whisnant how they handled charting. Jeff said their station does NOT chart the Whisnants until their single is already in the top 40. There’s no mystery about why their songs chart…they’re great songs with strong messages…but in any case, I don’t believe one station could ever get a group into the top 10, even if they did chart that group at #1 every month! DUH!

  98. Faith wrote:

    “Singing Americans in their prime”? Which line-up would that be? They only changed personnel about every two weeks…

    Honestly, though, I miss the Singing Americans. They had some really great songs…”Black and White” was a huge recording. It would be nice to see a reunion DVD of all the Singing Americans!

  99. Matt G. wrote:

    I’d definitely pay $200 to hear Howard, Vestal, Sam, and Rusty. Especially in the early to mid-sixties with Howard at the piano. I’d also pay that much to hear Parrack, Hamill, Fox, Reese, Bruno version of the Kingsmen. I can’t forget the Statesmen with Rosie, Jake, Doy, and Big Chief. I’d pay $500 to hear the original Goodmans, with all 8 brothers and sisters!

  100. zack wrote:

    jb, Yes they have been off the road for quite some time…

  101. Montana Man wrote:

    If you’d pay $200 to hear the Couriers, what would you pay to hear the three living originals still singing together? Dave, Duane and Neil will be in Montana in October, and you’d be welcomed!

    I know, they sing in Pennsylvania all the time, down to Fla, out to AZ, up to Canada.

  102. Observant dude wrote:

    Well, I see that I’m in the minority on my thinking about these topics I brought up. Fair enough…

    Jim2, If those “other” groups decided to go with a label for some “free” publicity, I’m sure they’d go with one of the ones you mentioned. Problem is, anybody and their brother can get cd’s printed for less than a buck, and when you go with a label, they stick it to ya with your product orders, sometimes even 5 bucks a piece. But that’s a different topic. :o) I’ll agree that it’s a great marketing ploy to put your list of artists on the back cover, but when it confuses people (not me, but NON observant people :o) to the point of them not actually voting for their favorite group, then I think its an unfair advantage.

    Phil, I’m sorry I was mistaken. Daywind’s list isnt on the back of the ballot. It’s another card, the same size of a ballot, and it just so happens to look like a ballot. That wouldn’t be confusing at ALL! By the way, I’m not a moron. I knew that it wasnt the ballot. As I stated in my other post, it was a friend of mine who is in her 60’s, and she was confused.

    As for the Whisnants…I’m a fan of their music, and I have been praying for them daily about their loss in the fire. I just found it strange that they had very close ties with an SN chart station, and they have had a buncha high charting songs. I know how the point system works, and 1 station would make a pretty big difference if it was consistently charting high #’s. I NEVER hear ‘em on our stations around here, and at NQC when they asked people to “sing it if you know it”, Nobody was singing along with their current top 10 song.

  103. brad wrote:

    The only group i can think of i would pay to see is Gold City Jonathan,Mark,Tim and Jay but David Phelps has an awesome voice.

  104. j wrote:

    Couriers never come to our neck of the woods. It would be great to hear them again.

  105. Jim2 wrote:

    Dude (observant or not)
    Don’t take it personally - you may not be in the minority, I’m sure you’ve noticed that this site isn’t about affirmation - those who agreed with you probably just nodded their head and went on to the next comment. I’m not up on the ins and outs of CD Duplication and artist cost, but I’m guessing in a lot of cases you get what you pay for - retail ready with quality graphics and a UPC # on the cover gives at least a subliminal message as to the professionalism of a group. I will cede your point about the “free” publicity - if that is all that a record label is doing (as Doug has pointed out in past posts) then they are not doing their job. Artists on a label should expect some “development” to go along with the distribution and radio support - but I’ll let Doug rant about that - he’s more informed and has a more immediate concern than I do.
    I know the Fan Awards are not a Presidential Election, but I’m catching shades of West Palm Beach with your friend having difficulty with the ballot.

  106. John wrote:

    j, check out the original Couriers appearances at their website:…you can find out for yourself how close they’ll come to your part of the world.

  107. Andrew S. wrote:

    Hey…another question here..What is that number that appears on the side of the cd and on the back?When SN prints their charts in the magazines,under the artist’s name it has the album title and record company.What is the significance about the number that follows? Mark Trammell Trio’s Once upon a Cross cd’s number says DAY1509D…so for what is the number used?

  108. natesings wrote:

    #103- I believe that former Gold City lineup will be singing at Gold City’s Homecoming this summer.

  109. CVH wrote:

    I doubt I’d pay 500 bucks to see anyone, but as far as The Couriers are concerned; they sold/gave their original name to some other guys they know who have carried on the ministry for awhile now. But after years of semi-retirement and involvement in other ministries, Dave, Duane and Neil regrouped and are doing dates all across the country (as others have noted and shared their current website).

    They were always one of my favorite groups; not flashy like the Oaks, not shrill and bombastic like The Thrashers or Statesmen and not as hip as The Imperials. But along with the unique blend they enjoyed as a trio, their song selection (including many great songs by Neil Enloe) and their obvious heart for ministry won crowds over everywhere.

    I had the opportunity to be at one of their concerts about 18 months ago in Williamsport, PA. I was a little apprehensive, not having heard them for over 25 years; would they hit the notes? Would their blend still work? Would they just sound…well, old? I’m not kidding, they were fantastic. If you closed your eyes and didn’t look at how they’ve aged (and to be fair, pretty well at that too), you would have thought you were listening to them in 1977. It was just amazing. And their heart for ministry is still the same. I’m not one for misty-eyed sentimentality, especially over things that were never that good in the first place. But Dave, Duane and Neil - formerly the Couriers - were and still are, the real thing.

  110. Trent wrote:

    Jeff Whisnant of the Whisnants is part owner of that radio station, which is a Singing News charting station. It absolutely is a conflict of interest.

    One station cannot put you on the charts, but two or three stations that rank you high can put you on the charts. If one of those three stations that ranks you high just happens to be owned by you, then yes, my friends, that is a conflict of interest.

    What makes it a conflict of interest? For one, there’s no way artists can be objective about their own music. How could they be? Secondly, holding a measure of control of the charts when it benefits you to be on the charts is way problematic.

    The station is WCIS in Morganton, NC for those of you keeping score at home.

    By the way, I love the Whisnants and their ministry. They are one of my favorite groups. But they are not playing on a level field as far as radio charting goes.

  111. Trent wrote:

    The flip side of what I said in my recent post is….if the Whisnants’ station only charts them once they reach the national Top 40, as someone suggested earlier, the station is really selling the group short by over compensating in striving for fairness. That’s problematic, too.

    Either way, WCIS needs to be dropped as a charting station to make for a more objective Singing News chart.

  112. Tom wrote:

    Andrew S. (#107):

    That number is the catalog number that the record company assigns to each CD it releases. Usually these numbers have meaning mostly to the record company, distributors, and retail stores. Knowing the catalog number might make it easier to order a CD you wanted from a store, especially if the sales team is not very familiar with the artist or that particular recording.

    In the case of the Trammell Trio CD you cited with catalog number “DAY1509D”, the “DAY” part of the catalog number presumably is short for Daywind, “1509″ is the number assigned to this release (generally these are assigned in numerical order), and “D” means it’s in compact disc format.

    Each record company has their own numbering system, but they all basically function in very similar ways.

    Having just looked at the charts in the new Singing News that came in the mail today, the question I have is why the SN provides the catalog numbers for only 13 of the top 40. I can see how that fact might make the presence of a handful of catalog numbers confusing for you if you didn’t know they were catalog numbers. Maybe the occasional independent release will lack a catalog number, but even most independent releases have a catalog number of some sort. I’m confident that almost all of the Top 40 have catalog numbers–so why does SN list only thirteen of them?

  113. Dean Adkins wrote:

    Re: #109
    Statesmen - shrill and bombastic? Not even in Bizzaro World!

  114. brad wrote:

    i will be there.

  115. sockpuppet wrote:

    Let’s do a reality check here. If you think the Whisnants being “affiliated” with a charting station is one of the bigger issues with the reliability of the Singing News Radio Chart - I should have posted this on some trekkie blog, because you are way, way, way out there.
    SN Chart is a joke, always has been and always will be - there are more “conflicts” than there are “interests”.
    Sure, some good, even great, songs may make it to the top, but it is a seriously flawed system - what do you think makes more money for Singing News, advertising or paid subscriptions? Think about it and draw your own conclusions.

  116. cdguy wrote:

    As for SN using those catalog numbers in the chart, it appears they’ve only used those numbers on Daywind and Crossroads releases, but not even all of those.

    And those numbers will NOT help a retailer or distributor find you the cd. Everyone in distribution and retail uses 12-digit UPC codes (bar codes). So there really is no logical reason to include it on the charts. Most stores will find you the cd by title.

    And why doesn’t SN put the album title on the 2nd 40? Not worthy? I might want to know which cd “It’s Never Too Late” is on (not a great example, since I know Kenny Bishop only has one solo project, and it’s self-titled).

    And why don’t they include writer/publisher info on ALL the songs? Do some of the labels and radio promoters not furnish that info? If it’s the labels’ fault, those writers need to raise a stink. “It all begins with a song.”

  117. GD wrote:

    Does it bother anyone that many of the major artists still feel like they need to include a “nominate us” line in their ads in the Fan Awards “Nomination” issue? That really seems very strange to me. Anyone else see that as being odd??

  118. usetobe wrote:

    How about Claude Hopper having a “FAN APPRECIATION SINGING” with NO ticket required just a five dollar bill at the door. So he appreciates the fans enough to almost give them a concert

  119. Trent wrote:

    #115 (sockpuppet), your comment was pretty vague. You said there are more conflicts than interests in the SN chart. Could you elaborate?

  120. Seaton wrote:

    #118 - Ray Flynn Promotions is actually putting on that concert and requesting the $5 donation.

  121. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Charts to some the artists is what winning is in sports.
    In sports, winning is everything but if you lose, it really how you play the game that counts.
    Charts is almost everything if you are on the charts but if not not the charts, some find ways that they do not count.

  122. sockpuppet wrote:

    Trent, #119
    Not so much - I’m tired of all the back and forth. Just search “Chart” or “SN Chart” or “Singing News Radio” on Avery’s handy dandy SEARCH box and you’ll have more information than you can possibly ever want to process

  123. Amanda wrote:

    Is anyone else as shocked as I am about Jonathon Wilburn leaving Gold City?

  124. Trent wrote:

    Jonathan Wilburn has left Gold City.

  125. thom wrote:

    WHAT? Jonathan Wilburn? Is this True~?! I sure hope not.

  126. onthebubble wrote:

    I hear that Jonathan left on good terms, that he was just burnt out after being on the road for Soooooo many years - and that now he is selling cars in Alabama close to where they live.

    His father has also been very ill so that may have had something to do with it, too.
    Hopefully, either Jonathan or Daniel Riley will release a statement to tell us what happened.

  127. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #127: Ask and ye shall recieve. A joint press release was sent out today.

  128. Axlgee wrote:

    I recieve e-mails from David’s website. The taping is actually for 2 videos. The show actually sold out. They just recently added 80 more seats. So evidentally Mr. Phelps has alot more dedicated fans than you would think.

  129. wackythinker wrote:

    There are a lot of people willing to pay big bucks to see their favorite artists. Look at the “gold circle seating” trend, not just in pop and ccm, but in s/g, too. Especially if that means face time with the artist, folks will pay through the nose.

    And in s/g, it’s not just the Gaither concerts. Other promoters are catching on, and selling. I wonder what’s next, pay to sing with your favorite artist?

    We’ve seen on previous threads about blue-hairs’ inappropriate touching of singers at the record table. Maybe we could get some of them to pay for that privilege. Oops, no, that’s illegal in most states. They’ll have to continue to do it for free.

  130. music4him wrote:

    First of all, I do not know why several people on here will accuse David Phelps of getting a big head about himself, just because his ticket price is high.

    In the secular world, people pay $300 to see Michael Buble in concert. Now I like Buble a lot, but he cannot hold a candle to David Phelps.

    And it does not seem like $195 is too much since he sold out rather quickly. I say good for him.

    I know you can go to a taping of Bill Gaither for a lot less, but lets look at this from a business perspective. Bill Gaither usually does his tapings in front of 30,000 people in a packed out stadium. Now when you are producing a video-the time, the lights, the sound, the actual taping, paying for all the crews to handle each part of it, the venue, not even to mention the cost to design it, edit it, master it,duplicate it and promote both the concert and sales of the DVD-it takes a lot of finances to pull it off.

    Now it is know problem for Bill Gaither when he is packing out a Stadium to put the tickets at $20 to $50 a ticket. Not only will it pay for everything and more, He knows he is going to sell several million dollars off of that one taping.

    David is taking a different approach. He is doing a more intimate concert on his ranch, where they even have to worry about dressing up the barn. I think this is a really cool idea to do a Christmas taping on a ranch in a Big Barn, especially since it is David’s. OF COURSE THE PRICE WOULD HAVE TO COME UP. It is his own residence.

    Christian artist have been getting a bad rap for not having quality. I say well done to David. Michael Buble can attract people to music and sell out a concert for $300, so if David can attract people to our music for $200, then I say Congradulations to David.

  131. cynical one wrote:

    New subject: What’s up with The website seems to be down, and has been down for over 24 hours that I’m aware of. The message says, “We are temporarily offline to complete some maintenance checks and server upgrades. Check back back shortly. ”

    Does anyone know if that’s all it really is?

    And does anyone know why I might be so cynical?

  132. Trent wrote:

    Someone mentioned earlier that the group Young Harmony came off the road. Is that true?

  133. c smith wrote:

    I feel that this ticket price was to get mainly richer people in to this concert. Unfortunately, I think some people paid the ticket price who didn’t probably have the money to afford it. David Phelps has some wacked out devoted phans. I think money is what makes the christian music world go round, however, and you have to afford these things some way. If people are going to pay this price, I guess they should run with it. I think it makes me a little cynical however. (like thats anything new about this industry)

  134. anonymous listener wrote:

    I hope so…

  135. Poppi72 wrote:

    Sure would be nice to be able to load this website and return to earlier posts and what the additional comments are. Does anyone have a suggestion?

    Oh, I forgot….just not with it tonight. If anyone posted a comment on this subject, I wouldn’t have the slightest clue as to how to find it.

  136. Cobb wrote:

    To Not Ernie. This is Is Josh Cobb. I don’t know what your talking about “blowing the Lid off anything” There is nothing to blow a lid off of. I love Scott and Scott and Glen, and Roger, bless him, was a peach! Sensational journalism in a disease man.

  137. Cobb wrote:

    is a disease… man. ( that’s what I should have written.
    Oh yeah… Tom, Thanks for the compliments and for buying a Cd. I think your the only one who ever has… Ha ha, But seriously! You are.

  138. Kellie wrote:

    I went to David’s Christmas video taping. I thought maybe some of you would be interested in hearing about it.

    We were picked up by a private chartered bus from our hotel and driven to the Phelps’ farm. There we were greeted by David and Lori Phelps and had a nice reception with them. They advertised hors d’ouvres, but what they fed us was a full-fledged meal; lots of fancy sandwiches and salads and dips. There were too many choices to count. Everyone had their picture taken with David and Lori by a professional photographer.
    The concert itself was magical. There were two videos taped. During the intermission, we had a dessert buffet featuring Blue Belle ice cream. I think Blue Belle and Southern Living were the sponsors of the taping.
    David sang for hours. Also performing was comedian Thor Ramsey. The evening began at 4:00. We didn’t leave his property until 1 am. We left with a gift bag that included a cd, a t-shirt, a commemorative poster of the event, and a gift from World Vision.
    I had a wonderful evening with 279 others (his barn was definitely maxed out!!!) and I think you would be hard-pressed to find someone who didn’t think the evening was worth the money for the ticket, the travel, and lodging. We were entertained at a level I’ve never experienced and I’ve been to hundreds of concerts, shows, symphonies, theatrical productions, and etc.

    David was blown away by the fact that so many were willing to attend his taping. He kept saying, “I can’t believe you’re here….in my barn…where ‘barn stuff’ used to be.” We were thanked over and over again for our attendance. He was gracious and hospitable as was his beautiful wife, who looked like she was having the time of her life. Nice, nice people who bent over backwards for us and opened up their beautiful home (literally, their bathrooms) to us.
    And just for the record, it DID snow!! Buy the videos and see for yourselves!! I’m sure they won’t cost $195.

  139. Melissa wrote:

    I agree with Kellie! I didn’t go to this, but more power to the ones that wanted to. David didn’t force anyone to go to this. He planned it, did a lot of the work on the barn himself and then they promoted it. If no one had bought tickets or enough weren’t sold, then he would’ve known that God had other plans!

    I would’ve loved to have gone, but didn’t have the money for the tickets….which isn’t David’s fault! I went to a broadway play once….matinee…in NYC that was $55.00 each…..for matinee! Can you imagine what the prime time tix would cost? Why isn’t anyone complaining about this? I didn’t have to buy that ticket for $55…no one forced me to go. I wanted to go so I did! Same with David!

    If we are to be salt and light to the world, I suggest we stop beating each other up and support and love one another! David isn’t perfect no more than any of you are…but he’s learning and growing too! When/if he does something that the Lord is not happy with, I’m sure He will let David know!

    Meanwhile, let’s look at things through the Lord’s eyes and give people more understanding!

    Whether David is the top vocalist in the world or not is not the issue here…..this website sucks on showing the world that Christians are loving! No wonder the world wants nothing to do with the Lord…look at some of His representatives!

    JMHO, of course! But I chose love!

  140. Ferris Jooste wrote:

    you rock David Phelps. I would pay any amount just to hear you sing.

    I’ve never heard such voice. You are blessed and I appreciate your music. Would just be nice to see you performing in South Africa.

    God bless you…

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