Help with Singing Convention images

Consider this an open invitation to send me any images - photos or video - of traditional singing conventions. Group views preferable to close-ups. I’ve Googled this a bit and not had much luck beyond the Western Mass Sacred Harp site, some vertiginously amateur videos, and a few historical images.

But maybe I just don’t know where or how to look.  If you’re gracious enough to send items from a personal collection, please let me know if there are any restrictions placed on its use for educational purposes. Comments or email - or both - is fine.

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  1. Susan Jones wrote:

    Here’s some:

  2. Snarfie wrote:

    There are several videos available on YouTube as posted by caleb31588 recorded at the Church of Christ Singing held in Diana, Tennessee twice a year.

  3. fasolamatt wrote:
    admittedly mostly closeups

    the best pictures were on but Tom has discontinued posting them

  4. David Carlton wrote:

    Have you looked on Flickr. There are a heap of Sacred Harp pictures on Flickr, including my own, if there’s anything you can use here:


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