Spring break

Since it’s always spring or summer in Florida, spring break can be just about any time. Where I work, it’s this coming week, and I’m taking a few days off. See you next week.

PS: thanks to everyone who helped out with the convention singing thread. I’m deeply grateful.

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  1. Connie Swift wrote:

    Have a good vacation, Doug. Here are questions for the bloggers on here.

    1 What has happened to Young Harmony? I don’t know either of them except for what I actually learned about them on this site. They were scheduled at our church and didn’t show. The pastor announced at our church that Ginger and Jonathan of the group had filed for a divorce? Is this correct?

    2 Is it true that the Crabb Family are not really family? Can anyone explain the connection of any of them? Why do they adverstise as family? Can anyone help me with this.

    3 Why are there so many guys in southern gospel that are girly acting? We went to a concert two weeks ago where three groups performed. At least one person in each group was very sissy acting. Why is that?

    Thanks for your help!

  2. Poppi72 wrote:

    I don’t ‘check-in’ here very often. In days gone by, the format for this website was more user friendly. Seems the only way to post anything now is to post a reply to someone else’s comment and it has nothing to do with what one wants to comment about.

    Or I’m just way off base………….oh I’ve only been off base once in my life.


  3. philo wrote:

    Lucky you i live in Ireland(north),it’s beautiful,however if it’s not raining it’s about to.

  4. Jim2 wrote:

    Nashville had its first appreciable snowfall yesterday, and you are taking days off for SPRING BREAK?? it is a cruel world, Mr. Harrison.

  5. Ron F wrote:

    Ok since Mr. Harrison is out I will get us started with something to talk about. Is there really a Santa Clause.? My parents told me there wasnt one when I was fifteen, now I have been scarred for life. I am now Forty-five.

  6. philo wrote:

    ron f….when the cat’s away the mouse will play. My mum says i never believed in santa,but it was her way of getting out of buying anything lol.What about a thread on current bass singers ? It’s been done before but there’s a new breed out there so c’mon who’s the current champ!

  7. Ron F wrote:

    Could someone please tell me which song the Gaither Vocal Band is going to Release?Is it Heritage or Rick Hendrix

  8. curious wrote:

    I just seen the press release on The Gaither Vocal Band reaching a radio promotional aggreement with Rick Hendrix Company. I thought that The Vocal Band was exclusively with Jeff Oneal of Heritage Communications. Does anyone know whats going on?

  9. Ron F wrote:

    I am confused as well, I like Rick Hendrix and Jeff Oneal but someone needs to let us know what is going on. Hey what about Jonathon Wilburn leaving Gold City? Who will they get to replace him?

  10. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Listed by alphabetical order and you make the call about questions asked by poster # 6 & #7:


  11. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Hope this is correct:

  12. curious wrote:

    Wow I hadn’t heard the news about Johathon Wilburn! Who is available in the industry that could fill that spot? I am not very noligable in the Gold City heritage. I have only been in SG for about 5yrs.

  13. curious wrote:

    pardon my spelling. It should have been knowledgable. I was in a hurry! LOL

  14. Andrea wrote:

    According to the Singing News Message Board, they already have a replacement. Bruce somebody. I don’t know his last name. He has filled in for Jonathan several times now.

  15. Phil wrote:

    All I can say is I hope Jeff Oneal and Heritage will still be releasing Gaithers music or I won’t be playing it on our 85kw FM station in a medium southerm market…been calling and emailing Rick Hendrix for years and since I don’t report to SN he won’t send any music…well I guess that is the reason.

  16. Steven wrote:

    according to the SN site and forums

    He’s resigned gold city and an official press release is coming monday. Actually they call it a “joint” release from Jon and Gold City. A guy named Bruce , who has been a fill in on various occasions, is supposedly the new member (According to a forum member). Of course, until the press release is officially sent its not true lol.

    Of course jonathan can always go solo and change his name to “willie jon”

  17. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #8: They already have someone. His name is Bruce Taliaferro, and I hear tell he’s pretty good. Pictures of the new guy at:


  18. philo wrote:

    Ron f#8…..replace Jonathan Wilburn?Quite simply with Josh Garner fantastic lead although i believe he’s gone solo but thats happened numerous times in the past,think Tony Gore, Rick Strickland, Ernie Haase to name a few who have all returned to a group.GC would be a top tier quartet worthy of Josh’s considerable talent.

  19. ahd wrote:

    Check it out… The Connie Hopper Show!


    There are even plans for taking the broadcast global!!

  20. 1maidupmind wrote:

    The details of the Imperials filing a lawsuit against Armond Morales is a big mess. I had some interaction with the current lead singer of the IMPS a couple of years ago. We had not a formal agreement for a date, and we opted not to have the IMPS. He proceeded to lecture me about payrolls, families, etc…and IMHO did not come across as a very nice man. I would almost wager that he is the driving force behind the lawsuit. He needs to let it go. We all know that the REAL IMPS are the IMPS of the 70’s and 80’s. Armond in now an elderly man, 75. Let the man live out the rest of his days in peace.

  21. Norm Graham wrote:

    I think the mess over ownership of the Imperials name arose because it was never trademarked to begin with and thus never officially transferred to other owners.

    Based on US Trademark records, when Jake Hess started Jake Hess and the Imperials he did not trademark the name but says he got approval from someone in the Imperial Sugar Quartet although that group had not trademarked its name.

    When Jake left the group, it kept the name but again no one got a trademark.
    I assume, as folks left the group and Armand Morales stayed, that Armond assumed he owned the name. He apparently gave it in writing to the new group but now says that was a mistake.

    But the question is was it Armond’s name to give away? Obviously, Terry Blackwood, Sherman Andrus and other former members still using the Imperials name do not think so.

    A few years ago Terry, Sherman and others tried to trademark the name “New Imperials” but dropped their request. Then in 2006 the young guys applied for a trademark. A decision on that has been suspended pending settlement of the dispute between Armond and the young guys.

    Anyone involved can challenge a trademark request so even if the young guys win the dispute with Armond they could be still be challenged by Terry and members of the other Imperials.

    In any case, the original Imperials (formed in 1958) were Little Anthony and the Imperials, a doo-wop group who had a big hit with “Tears on My Pillow.”

  22. Revpaul wrote:

    #19 1maidupmind, I know that once a mind is made up, it’s sorta hard to change, but being ready to “almost wager” about something is like saying “I don’t really know, but I’m ready to trash this guy, whether I’m right or not”.

    The Imps are the Imps, and always have been the Imps, just like every other group that has lasted through the years. As a matter of fact, Armond’s son is one of the current owners. I loved them in the 70s and 80s, and, in my opinion, the current lineup is one of the most exciting quartets you could ever hear.

    Sorry you had an unfortunate booking miscommunication a couple of years ago. Maybe you, too, need to let it go. Just MHO.

  23. Ron wrote:

    Hey Philo, I think they already have a lead singer in place, but you hit the nail on the head Josh Garner would be an excellent choice. Just curious does anybody know why Jonathon W. is leaving.

  24. Austin F. wrote:

    Ron: I’d also like to know what Jonathan Wilburn is planning on doing now that he’s left Gold City.

  25. Rick Hendrix wrote:

    GAITHER VOCAL BAND is with Rick Hendrix Company effective Feb 01-2008

    I hoped and prayed this transition would have been much smoother. I respect and appreciate Jeff ONeal and his company.At this time Gaither Vocal Band is exclusively with my agency. But the facts must be drawn in the sand to make a clear path for radio stations and their much needed support and airplay for the current single- “When I Cry”- None of this is fair to the work Bill Gaither and Gaither Vocal Band have placed into their new project and single. I hope this at least clarify’s the promotional issue. I have clipped and pasted a statement from Gaither Music Group VP-Paul Sizelove—-

    The single Heritage Communications released to radio “My Journey to the Sky” is from a 2 year old project and is not the single we will be promoting. Heritage Communications will not be promoting Gaither Vocal Bands new single or project. The current single “When I Cry” is all we are currently promoting by Gaither Vocal Band. The new single “When I Cry” from the new GVB project has arrived at radio Feb 19-2008 and will be exclusively promoted by Rick Hendrix Company.
    end quote

    And to hopefully stop any further issues on exclusive rights-

    Gaither Vocal Band
    Ernie Haase and Signature Sound
    and the

    are exclusively promoted by the Rick Hendrix Company “ONLY” and will not appear on any other compilations,ads or web sites associated with radio promotions after 30 days from the start date Feb 10.

    Thank you-Feel free to contact me directly
    Rick Hendrix

  26. jgurnett wrote:

    Wilburn leaving is a good move all around. He simply doesn’t fit well vocally with the style GC has been moving toward. I’m anxious to hear them with the new guy. In my opinion, this is not a huge loss for them as some are saying but will turn out to be a good thing.

  27. Rick Hendrix wrote:

    Phil-KPAE comment # 14

    We just recently revamped our radio list, it now ships to 1347 stations. I reviewed every major label and promoters list over the winter-And built a list I felt comfortable with. Not sure why you were not added. But I would LOVE to have KPAE spinning our music. Please email me privately your info and I will see that you are on our new list. Many stations will notice our new disc # 55 and # 56 are totally different and were shipped via Universal. Totally different quality and service. I hope you will start receiving and agree.

    Thanks old friend-
    Rick Hendrix

  28. Tom wrote:

    I don’t pretend to be a lawyer, so I know I can easily miscomprehend legal matters. But here are a couple more questions about this whole Imperials thing:

    (1) Although there clearly was no historical continuity between the group Jake Hess organized in 1964 and the Imperial Sugar Quartet, Hess specifically asked permission to use the name from Marion Snider, who gave his blessings. (My understanding was that Hess did this as a courtesy, not due to any kind of obligation, legal or otherwise.) Obviously the Imperial Sugar Quartet never was quite in the same league as the Statesmen and Blackwood Brothers, but they were nonetheless a fairly well-known group in the 1940s and early 1950s. That is to say, the name was sufficiently well-known in gospel music that Hess thought it appropriate to ask permission to use that name when he organized his group.

    Norm (#20): I’m sure you’re probably correct that the Imperial Sugar Quartet never trademarked its name. But I doubt that this would even have been possible had they wanted to do it. They got their name from their sponsor, the Imperial Sugar Company, and it seems unlikely that the giant sugar corporation would consent to let a musical group they sponsored get a trademark to their corporate name. I also doubt that the Imperial Sugar Company ever sought to get trademark for the “Imperial” name for use in musical performance, although surely they had legal rights to the name in the grocery marketplace.

    The Imperial Sugar Quartet was clearly performing under that name long before Little Anthony came along. Would it be possible that the Imperial Sugar Company might have some grounds for claiming rights to the name as well, since they provided the name to the first musical group to perform using a version of the name? In a sense, since they sponsored the Imperial Sugar Quartet as a means of advertising, I wonder if they might be able to claim that name in the same way that they could claim rights to any other advertisements they might do (such as TV commercials or print advertisement). Surely, at the very least, they would have at least as much of a tenuous claim to the name as the Blackwood-Andrus-Moscheo outfit does today.

    It was an Imperial Sugar Company refinery that had that tragic sugar dust explosion last month in Port Wentworth, GA, so they’ve suddenly been in the news lately.

    (2) As a separate question, isn’t there a heck of a lot of similarity between the crown symbol that Armond’s version of “the group formerly known as the Imperials” is using (http://www.seethecrown.org/) and the surely-trademark-protected symbol that the Imperial Sugar Company has been using for decades (http://www.imperialsugar.com/fw/main/Home-771.html)?

  29. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Poster #26,
    Thank you.

  30. Wayne wrote:

    From Gold City e-letter:

    Gold City Announces Changes

    Gold City has announced the resignation of Jonathan Wilburn. Jonathan has served as Gold City’s lead singer for the past 12 years.

    “After much prayer I have decided to resign my position with Gold City,” says Wilburn. “I can never truly express the depth of my gratitude to the Riley family-Tim, Barbara, Danny and my precious friend, Doug-for the opportunity of a lifetime. They have not treated me as an employee but like a part of their family.

    ‘You, the fans, have supported me from the beginning and my heart will always be overwhelmed at the reception you gave me from the very first night I took the stage with this wonderful group. I believe God has great things in store for this great bunch of guys. Steve, Aaron, Josh, Kyle and Ed are some of my dearest friends. I can say with an honest and pure heart that I love them as brothers.

    “Through the years the road has taken a heavy toll on my family and me. Please pray for me as I move on to another chapter of my life. At this present time I have no plans; I just need God to direct me as He did in 1996 when He spoke to my heart about coming to Gadsden to sing with America’s No. 1 quartet.

    “Pray for these guys as they move forward in the ministry. I love them and I love you.”

    “Jonathan is one of my dearest friends,” says Daniel Riley, ” and it’s been my privilege to have traveled with him for the past 12 years. We have been through many ups and downs over the years and have become brothers as members of Gold City. As much as I would love for him to be here forever, I realize that change is inevitable for all of us from time to time. We all wish him the best as he pursues a new direction.”

    Stepping into the lead position is Bruce Taliaferro, a Gadsden, Ala., native. “Bruce is an amazing talent and one of my best friends,” states Riley. “He has filled in for both Jonathan and me on several occasions and is a great fit for Gold City. I am looking forward to introducing him to our many friends across the country.”

  31. brad wrote:

    I cant agree with that .Jonathan Wilburn is one of the finest leader singers there is.I believe a man of great character and truly an awesome lead singer.Im sure God has great things in store for him but he will be missed.It speaks volumes that he stayed with the group through lean times and the good times.The Rileys new he was a rare breed.I hope we hear from him in the future.

  32. curious wrote:

    Congrats Rick. The GVB are top notch and you represent the best!

  33. Ron F wrote:

    Rick Hendrix congratulations, Ok Folks Now we know. “When I Cry” is an awesome song.

  34. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #32: Absolutely. I think that will be the GVB’s next big hit.

  35. Derek wrote:

    It seems to me that this Bruce guy was simply waiting in the wings much like Daniel Riley was a few years ago. They all knew he’d be the next vocalist…just a matter of time. However, I must admit that I was surprised! You can add Johnathan to the list of “most improved singers during their GC tenure”. When Tim first hired him I thought he was out of his mind. But history tells us that the Rileys have a history of making good, long-term choices…so I have no doubt that Bruce is going to fit in nicely. I will miss Johnathan!

  36. SGFAN65 wrote:

    I never felt that Johnathan fit the Gold City sound, especially following in the footsteps of David Hill, and other before him. He was FANTASTIC with his folks - because they had a family sound. I quite honestly quit listening to and following Gold City because of Johnathan being with them. I think he “ruined” the song “I’m Rich”. Especially if you compare it to how David Hill had sang it with The Nelons a few years back.
    I am anxious to hear this new guy Bruce and hopefully I can become a Gold City fan again !

    I wish Johnathan well - Maybe he and Tony Gore could pull his Mom and Dad out of Retirement and bring back the Great Sound of “The Wilburns”.

    “In God’s Promised Land…………

  37. CVH wrote:

    Here’s a pretty exhaustive piece from CT on the Imperials situation. I posted about the lawsuit on another thread here a few weeks ago but no one picked up on it. Now, it’s everywhere and a lot of people are (probably unintentionally) repeating erroneous ‘facts’ and information. At the end of the CT piece are links to the Imperials website, Armond’s website (for the Classic Imperials, now known as the ‘artists formally known as the Imperials) along with other information.

    The whole situation is pretty sad. There are so many questions - what is the legal status of a ‘common-law’ trademark? Clarence Collins owns the national trademark for ‘The Imperials’; what are the cross-ownership issues of a national vs. common-law trademark? And why is Armond apparently reneging on the agreement he signed at this time? It would be nice if it could all be settled outside of litigation but if you read the letters and affidavits in the links from the CT article, it looks like it’s not going to have a pleasant outcome for anyone.


    That said, the new tune the ‘artists formally known as…’ is great…it’s on YouTube…


    I’ve been an Imperials fan for over 35 years, in every incarnation of the group. I just hope they can work it out amicably and that the legacy won’t be lost or the current group’s future tainted.
    Time will tell.

  38. Aaron Swain wrote:

    My thoughts on The Imperials Lawsuit situation here:


  39. insider trader wrote:

    Rick, way to go on the Gaither vocal band thing. You deserve it. Now what is the scoop on you and Young Harmony parting ways? Can you tell us why you dropped them? Just was tired of carrying them, or did they run out of money? What caused the spat?

  40. BUICK wrote:

    #29 - Thanks for posting those letters here.

    WHAT CLASS! From both JW and GC. They have set a VERY high bar for everyone else when there is a change of personnel.

    (And I do think JW is one of the top few leads in SG, now and back then, too.)

  41. Derek wrote:

    As I’ve said before…usually the last track on an album is there for a reason. Perhaps it’s because it’s the…how do I say this…it’s the end! It’s what’s left when you get the other 9 tracks. I love the song “I’m Rich” but I was never really thrilled with GC’s rendition. After hearing Teddy Huffam, Charles Johnson, and David Hill sing it, you’ve about heard all you need to hear. IMO there isn’t much else you can do with it. A Wilburns reunion would be great…but I think Tony’s doing more cooking than singing these days. Then again…stranger things have happened….

  42. thom wrote:

    my sources tell me that Jonathan Wilburn is pursuing a career in automobile sales. He should make a great salesman.

  43. Dale Steenhoven wrote:

    Prayer Request: I don’t know if anyone else has posted this, but Tony Gore has requested prayer that he might be able to sell his house in Alabama.

  44. Amanda wrote:

    I loved David Hill. I know he won’t do this, but I would love to see him back with Gold City. He’s an awesome singer.

  45. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Inside business should be asked with inside communications.

  46. SG Obzerver wrote:

    RE: Gold City Changes…

    “Stepping into the lead position is Bruce Taliaferro, a Gadsden, Ala., native”.

    I saw the pics from when he “filled in”…10 bucks says he has a full head of hair now.


  47. Friend of God wrote:

    SG Obzerver, What does him having or not having a full head of hair matter? Keep your 10 bucks and use it for a class on how not to be so rude and thoughtless! Before you say anything, I have all of my hair, teeth, and everything else that I am supposed to have. I am not responding for me! I just thought your rude statement could have been left out! It is people like you and statements like what you said that cause people to have low self esteem about themselves. You can damage someone for a long time. There are enough hurting people with out you taking the time to make fun of someone and increase that number.

    ~CH-CH-CH-Chia~ (Very tasteless!)

  48. KDM wrote:

    I don’t usually post here; I’m what’s known as a lurker. I have noticed one thing in particular…there are an awful lot of humorless people on this site.

    ~CH-Ch-Ch-Chia~ (Very tasteless!) Still funny. Much like Chia pets…

  49. gc wrote:

    What is wrong with stating facts. Most SG singers who are bald, get hair pieces. There are alot of people who use hair color and many who wear under garments that make them look slimmer and use the bad back reason for wearing it..
    and what about stacks? that is kinda like wearing a hair piece and everyone does that.. you think male vocalist of the year is competitive, you should have best hair that is not yours!


  50. Kyle wrote:

    Hmm…..I have plenty of room to talk on this topic!!

    I shave my head, so I am bald. The reason I shave my head is because I have a very noticable bald spot right down the middle of my head (as Bill Cosby would call it, a reverse mohawk). I don’t have the desire (or money) to cover it up with plugs, transplants, wigs, etc., so I just shave it all off to make it even. When I’m not on stage, I have a really cool-looking fedora that I wear to keep my head warm.

    I actually made a joke on my blog about me no longer being the only “openly-bald” lead singer in southern gospel since Bruce joined GC. I have been asked by several people why I don’t get a wig, and I just tell them, “I don’t want one.” It looks to me like Bruce feels the same way (as does Rodney Griffin, Derrel Stewart, and a few others, apparently). When I joined Acclaim, it was shortly after I decided to “drag the field,” so to speak. They said, “Keep it like that, but don’t shave your goatee.” So, I did what they said!!

    Maybe Bruce and I will start a trend. We sing about kings laying down their crowns at Jesus’ feet….maybe sg singers will lay down their hair!!!

    I have a great sense of humor, and I think the fact that this turned to the presence/lack of artificial hair is flat out HILARIOUS!! I also loved the Chia pet line.


  51. Dean Adkins wrote:

    “But this country is a supermarket of opinion in which everyone rattles around with their wobble-wheeled carts, grabbing exactly what they need - by brand, size, and price. There is so much opinion, offered so cheaply, in such rapid succession, on so many aisles of our lives, that you can’t tell the good stuff from chintz. All day long. Everyone is an expert. Each expert grows a herd of subexperts, making true conviction just another pyramid scheme…”
    by Tom Chiarella Esquire 04-08

    Could he be describing blogs?

  52. SG Obzerver wrote:

    #47 - I am sorry you took offense to my post. You obviously took it the exact opposite of the way it was intended.

    Bald is beautiful…so is thick and bushy and every variation in between. Its about the need some people feel to “fit in ” and conform to an either real or imagined SG “look”. Gaither 101 must teach that “it is better to look good than to feel good” (hat tip Billy Crystal) and that thinning (paging David Phelps) or no hair is not socially acceptable So the minute some folks come on board they go get them some store bought hair. And really its not a new thing…even some of the founding fathers (i.e. Jake Hess, Eldridge Fox, etc) heeded the call to conformity and plastered their dome with what at times appeared to be road kill.

    That being said…Follicly challenged singers stand strong! Let the reflected stage lights shine before all men. (someone please hum Battle Hymn of the Republic) Do not give in to the quartet peer pressure that so easily besets us to sow on obviously unfertile ground. Be a part of the few..the proud…the bald!

    I am SG Oberver and I approved this message.

  53. 2miles wrote:

    Here’s a change of topic…On Greater Vision’s new CD Cover “Everyday People” (an enlarged version can be seen in the Singing News on page 17)…The container in the middle of the table with a black label and red top (looks like the photography focused on it because the closer objects ((honey container)) are fuzzy)…Does it really say “Redneck Pepper”?…the sign behind, although similarly hard to make out, seems to suggest it as well…

    Sorry, I just have an annoyinng habit of majoring on small, insignificant details….

  54. dkd wrote:

    #47..the comment was intended as a joke, I don’t think there was anything mean about the statement. Lighten UP!

  55. BUICK wrote:

    #52 - Some excellent humor! If Tim Riley cared about Bruce’s chrome dome, he would have loaned him one of his own wigs. Tim must not care. Bruce must not care. I don’t care. And I’ll bet most of us can enjoy some hair-humor.

    (I remember at the NQC when Jonathan Wilburn, during a GC set, stood on his head on a bet. Later at the booth, Tim Riley said, “Standing on your hair ain’t no big deal. I’ve stepped on mine many times.” I think he saw humor in his baldness. Bruce is just the hair-apparent to the hair-lines. I’ll bet he’s up to it.)

  56. wackythinker wrote:

    If you can’t make fun of your favorite (or not-so-favorite) s/g singer, who can you make fun of?

    2 miles, I think you’re right. It appears to say “redneck” something, but I’m having trouble making out the rest of it. Don’t most “everyday people” put redneck spices on their food? Jason, however, seems to be the only one with a plate. Maybe Gerald and Rodney put redneck pepper and hone in their coffee and/or tea?

  57. Olan Witt wrote:

    #52. That photo shoot was done at The Star Cafe in Goddlettsville, TN. It’s just down the street from my office, had lunch there yesterday. The bottle does say Redneck Pepper, and it is HOT!
    Funny you would notice.

  58. philo wrote:

    dean#51…..I’m strictly dollar shop myself….

  59. sgmixer wrote:

    Bruce Taliaferro has an unbelievable voice. I think everyone will be pleasantly suprised. Jonathan was a great asset to them. I’ve not seen too many people that have the control over their voice that he has. With that said, I really feel that Bruce is a Vocal Band caliber/style vocalist.

  60. brad wrote:

    i sure hope so. They Rileys wouldnt add him if he couldnt sing.Jonathan was such a singer and great emcee.Planning on hearing them March 20th so we will see.

  61. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #59: That last comment could mean different things to different people (some people just don’t care for the GVB), but to me, that means nothing but good. Anticipating more than ever to catch a GC concert soon!

  62. K-D wrote:

    You won’t be disappointed with Bruce. He’s pretty incredible. I expect even bigger things for Gold City’s future.

  63. Drumming Drew wrote:

    #50…I love Rodney Griffin and his hair (or lack of). However he used to wear a rug as well….back in the GV Chris Allman days. What a phenonmon, all the SG singers so concerned with their dome. Can you imagine a secular singer like Phil Collins with a fur hat? I shutter to think at the criticism that would bring.

  64. jb wrote:

    I will have opinion after tonight as we are planning on seeing GC tonight. Should be interesting.

  65. Jim E. Davis wrote:

    Perused the News section of the Singing News web site tonight. Of the last 50 stories, over 30 had to do with illness, death and funeral plans. Kind of depressing. Maybe they need to add a couple more pages and call them hospitality and the obituary.

    In no way am I demeaning the loss of loved ones or physical difficulties but only pointing out that surely there are plenty of other stories that would be of interest for their readers.

  66. Ron F wrote:

    Not one person has commented about Connie Swifts opinion of alot of Gospel Singers are Girly acting?

  67. Phil wrote:

    Can anyone tell me where I can find the Kingsmen songs, “Go and Tell Somebody” and “Prodigal Son”?

  68. Jim2 wrote:

    Phil, (#67)
    I think the only thing still in print from the Kingsmen with “Go and Tell Somebody” is a project called “20 Favorites”. If you have to go the Ebay route, it was also on some out of print projects “Live in Dayton” and “Live Across America” - it was also on KingsGold #2.
    “Prodigal Son” is on the “Wish You Were Here” project. Happy hunting!

  69. Steven wrote:

    Not sure about Prodical Son by that title, however “Go and Tell Somebody” is on the Live from Dayton recording (live in orlando on vhs). I’m not sure what studio album the song is from however.

  70. Rick wrote:

    Re: #66- Why respond to a rant about “girly” singers posted by someone who is obviously homophobic, and is only trying to poke at a hornet’s nest?

  71. cdguy wrote:

    Phil — all the cd’s those songs were on have gone out-of-print, unless the Kingsmen themselves have some for sale. No longer available through retail channels.

    “Go And Tell Somebody” is on the newly released dvd of King’s Gold Vol 2. It is available through your local Christian bookstore. If they don’t stock it, they can order it for you.

    Hope this helps.

  72. BGL wrote:

    “Go and Tell Somebody” was also on Indiana Live, a recording featuring the Kingsmen, HeavenBound, Gold City and Gerald Wolfe.

  73. Phil wrote:

    Thanks for Kingsmen answers! Those are a big help.

  74. curious wrote:

    Re: Post 65 Jim,

    Wouldn’t it be nice if Singing News would report the healings, everyday miracles, and deliverances that take place at alot of gospel concerts and just in the lives of Gods people.

    Now that would be breaking news!!!!

    Just curious.

  75. Derek wrote:

    If my memory serves me correct, “Indiana Live” features three songs by the Kingsmen and they are “I’m On My Way”, another song about God’s army, and “I’m Standing On The Solid Rock”. I don’t remember “Go And Tell Somebody” being on there. There was also the pre-KingsGold choir stuff on the end with gerald doing his Jerry Goff & Peg McKamey impressions! LOL Of course that was also pre-Greater Vision as well if memory serves me correct. I’m not trying to be a smarty-pants, I just don’t want you to buy the wrong project looking for a certain song. I highly recommend “Indiana Live” if you can find it! Good stuff…great classic Gold City (Free, Parker, LeFevre, Riley) too on “Oh What A Day”, “Because He Lives”, and “Movin’ Up To Gloryland”.

  76. Tony Watson wrote:

    “Go and Tell Somebody” was not on the Indiana Live project. It was indeed the first cut on the “Live in Dayton” project - first with Parker Jonathan, I think in 1989. The Kingsmen cuts on the Indiana Live project were not cuts from other projects. They started with “I’m On My Way”, then “No Man Can Stop This Army” and then “I’m Standing on the Solid Rock”. I don’t think “Go and Tell” was ever on a studio project.

  77. Grigs wrote:

    RE: #70

    Girly doesn’t always equate to gay. I know some guys who love the ladies, but are as prissy as a bunch of schoolgirls.

  78. gina wrote:

    Does Gerald still do any of those impressions? I don’t see GV that often but haven’t noticed him doing so in the few times I’ve seen them in concert.

  79. gc wrote:

    There are girly Teachers, Lawyers, Judges,Journalist,Athletes, Actors,etc……what is the topic you would really like to discuss? What is your purpose for wanting to discuss that topic? Get to the point.

  80. Jim2 wrote:

    cdguy is right, I didn’t realize that “Wish Youe Were Here” and “20 Favorites” from the Kingsmen had also gone O/P. Amazon is showing several of the titles I mentioned as being available - mostly used, but might be cheaper than Ebay

  81. Steven wrote:

    just remembered. You can order the kingsmen cd “honoring the heritage” that they did when they were the carolina boys.

    The lineup is Jerry Martin (tenor), Randy Crawford (?), Parker Jonathan (?…could have been Jason Selph..can’t remember off hand), Ray Reese. It was a table project, but it was good none the less!

  82. Steven wrote:

    Accidentally hit send. Go and tell somebody is on that Honoring the heritage cd. So are other classics like Stand Up, Saints will rise, wish you were here…ect

  83. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    #75–Any idea what songs Gerald Wolfe sang on that project?

  84. nar wrote:

    #83- He did “champion of love” and “I’ll fly away” immitating peg mckamey, jerry goff while singing it with hevean bound, kingsmen and gold city. it’s pretty funny. I agree GREAT project! if you are looking for it on ebay, just be careful to get a original. There have been bootlegs or “reissues” that are not legit.

  85. Grigs wrote:

    Daniel, Gerald only got one song on Indiana Live, Champion Of Love.

    Might as well add that Heaven Bound’s contribution was Looking For The Lights Of that City, It’s The King, and I Feel His Promise.

  86. Tony Watson wrote:

    On Indiana Live? Gerald just sang “Champion of Love” as a solo artist and then they brought all of the artists out and they sang an old or two together, with Hamill doing his thing. In that, Gerald did his Jerry Goff and Peg Bean impressions.

  87. philo wrote:

    Re:Connie Swift’s girlie remark i remember 1996 natqc, the anchormen had a tenor called Brian Ruth, he took girlishness-complete with black eyeliner-to a new level! Not only did he out sing Brian Free on Looking for a city,no mean feat, he got a friendly pat on his backside for his effort. Which he undoubtably relished.

  88. DWJohns1 wrote:

    You guys won’t be let down with the vocals of Bruce Taliaferro. He has not only been my very best friend for over 10 years, but he is a man of true compassion and love for the Lord. I am so excited that God has given him the opportunity to minister to so many through is voice. Gold City is about to take it to another level. Watch and see!

  89. busing wrote:

    Anyone have thoughts on The Hoppers. Last night went to concert featuring Roy Webb and others. Roy had a flyer advertising a cruise to New England this Sept. with various groups. On the trip is Dean & Kim Hopper. With Connie doing a TV Show and now Dean & Kim out for a week in Sept. doing duet work…… Just wondering….

  90. Trent wrote:

    I hope Claude & Connie stick around for awhile longer. Connie has much to do with the spiritual presence of the group, and Clause has a lot to do with savvy decision-making for the Hoppers.

  91. Trent wrote:

    Sorry….meant to say Claude, not Clause.

  92. matureman wrote:

    There no higher calling than to fulfill God’s will in life…home, job, spouse, all aspects of life. God is interested in what we do.

    I’ve wondered for a long time, though, why it’s a bad thing to just get a group of singers together because it’s fun and wholesome work, all the voices blend well…everyone looks good together, likes the same style, are good mature people and have good habits and love to sing?

    In other words, why is nearly every announcement of a new group or personnel change accompanied by words to the effect that God has brought the group together or that He has sent this person to the group? Eh? I’m sure that most startups and changes are made prayerfully… that God will bless the effort, etc… but then, in a short while, people leave and there are changes and here again, He gets credit for the change.

    Why can’t singers get together for the above reasons and sing and bless people because they can? Does God always send a quartet on a specific mission or does He get enjoyment from watching His people do something they really enjoy doing, in His permissive will?

    Is it dangerous to assign a statement to Him that He didn’t ordain? Is every SGM singing job a specific call to ministry?

    In my understanding of God’s sovereignty, we shouldn’t be presumptuous and flippantly say He has done something that He hasn’t. Wouldn’t it be better for me, as a singer to just say that I am seeking to do God’s will and will be very thankful if He chooses to bless the effort?

    Please… I am not trying to impugn anyone’s career but as a close reader and a lover of this music, I read these statements after change, knowing that the predecessor recently said about the same thing. Is God pleased with what we say He said?

    Have a blessed day.

  93. jb wrote:

    What an awesome Sunday afternoon. We had “church” with The Perrys. They were, beyond great, as usual. They had Sat. night off because of a snow storm in Iowa. They were so relaxed yesterday and really were led by the HOly Spirit. Tracy had them all give their testimonies. They really ministered. God is so Good and so faithful to us. Our family had a tough week and yesterday was just what we needed. Thank you Perrys for being faithful and for doing what you do best.

  94. Faith wrote:

    I love it…a person asks a question about effeminate men, and they’re quickly labeled homophobic. Who’s judgmental now??

    On another note, Indiana Live was a great recording. All three groups were at the top of their game…although I never could figure out why Gerald was on there, singing along with the Cathedrals soundtrack for “Champion Of Love”. Still, a recording worth listening to again and again!

  95. Ron F wrote:

    Can someone tell me how to pronounce the last name of the new Gold City lead Singer?

  96. thom wrote:

    to #87 philo - NO WAY did Brian Routh “out sing Brian Free!” If you really believe that you may want to check into a Miracle Ear hearing aid.

    But, You did get it right about the prissy thing. He was WAY over the top in the prissiness. Even to the point of slumping his hip out to the side and holding his mic with a very limp wrist.

  97. Rick wrote:

    #94- Call me judgmental if you like. I have lived with snide comments and hateful attitudes like those expressed above for my entire life. I am sick of them and I am sick of them coming from so-called Christian men and women.

  98. DWJohns1 wrote:

    Ron F - It’s pronounced Talaferro. (Taliaferro)

  99. Glenn wrote:


    Amen, Amen, Amen.

  100. Steve J wrote:

    Hey #97 Rick are you a Gay Gospel Singer?

  101. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Okay, Doug, break time is over.
    Maybe he trying to figure a way to have a re-vote by blogging your votes in.
    Come back out from under the sun and start stirring the pot.

  102. wondering wrote:

    Does anyone know what is going on with Crystal River? I heard they are splitting up, but can’t confirm it. Booking agent’s lips are sealed.

  103. CVH wrote:

    RE: #92, matureman:

    I agree with much of your post and I’m sure God is somewhere between amazed, amused and/or angry with many of the statements that are attributed to Him, not only by southern gospel groups but by some politicians, pastors, faith healers and other assorted hucksters.

    Whether anything attributed to God speaking is truly a word from the Lord or merely a revelation of convenience (”dog fighting is very wrong and oh, I accepted Jebus as my savior this morning…”), is usually borne out in the context of the statement and what actions follow it.

    Too often, those in the God-biz are prone to using phrases like that because it provides a cover or justification for their own actions and decisions. God may be involved in an overarching or a peripheral sense, but that’s about it. The rest is just human stuff put in a God wrapper for the consumer.

    God is not the author of confusion and he is quite capable of making his will known. I think it may just be that he often prefers to remain silent because he’s going to do what he’s going to do anyway. And he doesn’t need to get in the middle of our buffoonery in order to accomplish his will.

  104. Revpaul wrote:

    Re: #103 CVH:

    A worthy reply. Amen!

  105. gina wrote:

    I heard a very well-known southern gospel singer a few years ago stand and proclaim that God had told him the child he and his wife were expecting “would be a boy and he would preach the Gospel!” I’ve always wondered about his amazement when his little boy preacher was born a girl after “God had told him” otherwise. I think we should always be careful when we make such bold statements and attribute them to God’s will or plan.

  106. Rick wrote:

    Re:#100- I am a gay man in his 50’s who has loved Southern gospel music ever since I was a boy. I don’t sing, but I do play piano.

  107. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #102: Someone on the SN forums said they just did their final concert not to long ago. If they indeed have split up, they sure did it quietly; no announcement or anything. A shame, really; they had a great sound, even when Jeremy Lile left to join Brian Free & Assurance.

    C’mon Doug… can’t wait to see your thoughts on recent stuff in SG, like the Imperials lawsuit and such…

  108. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    I agree God is not the author of confusion but some of His people can be confused some of the time.
    We only humans, and to add fuel to the fire, we are sinners saved by grace.

  109. anonymous listener wrote:

    Can anyone explain why this Anchormen tenor was wearing eyeliner or whatever it was?That sounds a little iffy…

  110. quartet-man wrote:

    I hate the term homophobic. It is usually not accurate, and is usually just a way to make the person who is against something we believe God is very clear to condemn in His word as being scared and unreasonable. A phobia is an irrational fear. Calling someone on something they are doing wrong or not wanting a part of it is hardly an irrational fear. Does that mean those speaking out against lying are liaraphobes? Come on.
    If you want to get into a debate, then do and let your beliefs stand on their own merits, don’t try to make people something they aren’t.

  111. Ron F wrote:

    Hey Doug , Come on, I am sick and tired of doing your job, I am keeping this board going. Oh, and you havent sent me the last check you owe. So come on either send me the money or get back and run this sinking ship.

  112. john masters wrote:

    #108 says “We only humans . . . we are sinners saved by grace”

    Folks have been using that excuse since Gaither put it in a song. Let me try to correct that misinformation. The truth is, we are Christians, therefore we are the righteousness of God. That “just a sinner saved by grace” mentality is mere human justification for falling short of God’s plan for our lives. We are a royal priesthood, a holy nation. Not a bunch of helpless fledgling lightweights. Sorry, that line has always got my goat!

  113. EastTxAggie wrote:

    Well said Mature Man #92 and CVH#103! You guys hit the nail on the head.

    I’ve often thought how many times God is “used” to justify something. Just turn on the television and see televangelists that have the latest and greatest “word from the Lord”. Of course, send in your $$$, so you’ll be blessed with all kinds of wealth!!

  114. jb wrote:

    #112: Well said….I totally agree. I will have to admit that I have used that line myself. I’m thankful I am a sinner Saved by His Grace, but, now I am his chosen child. We use so much to justify ourselves. Thanks for the post.

  115. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    #112 says “Sorry, that line has always got my goat!”

    It must run in the family for the Gaithers.

    The song that goes “sinner saved by grace” gots your goat?

    Bill’s son, Benjy Gaither is the voice behind Japeth the Goat in Hoodwinked.


    By the way, Hoodwinked 2 is coming out pretty soon.

  116. matureman wrote:

    I’ve always loved the Gaither song “Sinner Saved By Grace” because it’s a testimony of my own life.

    The song would have satisfied all traditions of theology if the “am” had been written “was” as in “I was a sinner, saved by grace…” rather than “I am a sinner saved by grace” in the chorus. Now, I’m no theologian, but I can see both ways of looking at that phrase and it’s wonderful to think that when we all get to heaven, we’ll give each other a hug and it will maybe seem to have been a superfluous discussion. Can I hear an Amen?

    Both sides reference 1 John 1:5- 2:17 and 3:4-10 especially to reinforce their interpretation of Scripture… in fact, all of 1 John.

    In the grand scheme of things, if we are walking with our Lord in an up to date experience, we will someday, maybe soon, be able to finally get together and rejoice that we made it to Heaven. We might even ask Mrs. Gloria about the “was” and “am” if we can even remember it was a point of discussion.

    Particularly in today’s world, Christianity shines when we can disagree theologically without even a thought that we are enemies or that we should cut each other’s throat or blow each other up.

    What a wonderful, redemptive Christ we serve!

  117. Grigs wrote:

    The phrase “sinner saved by grace” was around for quite a while before the Gaithers wrote that song.

  118. Radioguy wrote:

    Quartetman is right on the money with his comment. Do I hate homosexuals. No! If I owned a company. would I give a homosexual a job if he or she fit the qualifications. You bet! Would I assault someone, verbally abuse them and make fun of them if I knew they were a homosexual. Never! Do I believe it’s a sin. You bet! Do I believe they should be able to marry. Of course not! It’s against God’s word.

  119. QN wrote:

    As far as I know, “Live In Orlando” and “Live In Dayton” are entierly different projects.
    “Orlando” just includes the chorus of “Judgement”, with a subdued audience.
    “Dayton” has the whole song, and the crowd goes wild.
    After “Judgement” on “Dayton”, Jim Hamill says

    “Well Glory, glory, glory. Have you enjoyed the Kingsmen tonight in Dayton, Ohio?”
    After “Judgement” on “Orlando”, Ray Reese says “Have you enjoyed the Kingsmen tonight in Orlando?”
    I bought “Orlando” last year in a Goodwill, and that remains my favorite of all my gospel videos.
    I encourage you all to try to find a copy.

  120. Trent wrote:

    On the topic of “Sinner Saved By Grace”, the truth is that we are all sinners. Some people are just lost sinners and some people are saved sinners. Whether I drive a school bus or a Cadillac or a ‘72 Gremlin, I am still a driver. Lost people sin, saved people sin, so they are all sinners.

  121. john masters wrote:

    Trent says “On the topic of “Sinner Saved By Grace”, the truth is that we are all sinners.”

    True, but when you put “I’m just a” in front of it, there is a whole new meaning. We are more than “just” sinners. If we say we are just sinners saved by grace, repentance becomes worthless. Repentance is more than saying “I’m sorry” - it is a commitment to change. Being just a sinner saved by grace is like saying “I got saved, but that doesn’t mean I have to change my lifestyle.”

  122. SG Obzerver wrote:

    #121 - “but when you put “I’m just a” in front of it, there is a whole new meaning. We are more than “just” sinners. If we say we are just sinners saved by grace, repentance becomes worthless.”

    Thats not what I take from the “I’m just a” part of the phrase at all. I believe the intent is to imply that I am no better than anyone else. It is a humble statement in the same vein as John Bradford’s “there but for the grace of God go I”. When I hear that line it doesn’t lessen repentance…it magnifies the wonderous grace of a loving God that in spite of myself saw someone worth saving. The fact remains that even in my saved condition, my righteousness is as filthy rags. So I am both humbled and amazed to be counted as just a sinner saved by grace.

    Now…would someone come to the piano and everyone bow their heads…

  123. john masters wrote:

    Let’s look at the chorus for context. . .
    I’m just a sinner saved by grace
    When I stood condemned to death
    He took my place
    Now I live and breathe in freedom
    With each breath of life I take
    I’m loved and forgiven
    I’m back with the living
    I’m just a sinner saved by grace

    Though there are many important things happening between the first line and the last line - the author’s condition remains the same. It implies that the subject was once with the living, apparently left, and is back again. And according to the last line, due to his claiming a sinful condition - he is able to sing that every day. He chooses to continue to be a sinner, and makes no bones about it. I guess “I’m just a human saved by grace” is not as poetic, but it would be more in tune with the scripture.

    I admit, the song has a pretty melody, and the GVB arrangement is flawless, but from a theological standpoint, this lyric does not compute.

  124. Part-timer wrote:

    I think we need to remember the verse lyrics of “Sinner Saved by Grace.” The song is clearly NOT about justifying our shortcomings. It’s about giving God ALL the glory and credit for anything good we might have done.

    “If you could see where I once was — if you could go with me….” and “How could I boast of anything I’ve ever seen or done….”

    Come on, people, a song is more than a hook!

  125. matureman wrote:

    Repentance in it’s original meaning was a military term. It means “About Face!”…

  126. cynical one wrote:

    I don’t like the phrase “sinner saved by grace”, either, although I like the song. In my mind, the phrase is too often spoken in a defeatist tone. The song, though, is very positive.

    Now, on another subject, what’s with Naomi & the Segos? I thought they had announced their retirement, but now I read they’re in the studio, again. Are they embarking on their annual farewell tour again?

  127. john masters wrote:

    Part timer says “Come on, people, a song is more than a hook!”

    But the hook is the part that stays with you. That is why they call it a hook. God has better plans for us than to be “Just A Sinner Saved By Grace”

    What if the lyric said “I’m just a drug abuser, saved by grace?”

    Same thing, really!

  128. cynical one wrote:

    And I would add, the phrase “sinner saved by grace” is not in the Bible, just in case someone wants to claim it is.

  129. Trent wrote:

    #126, I’ve wondered the same thing about Naomi & the Segos. Apparently, shes’s decided not to come off the road after all. The problem with news in Southern Gospel is that no one really shares it much or covers it on a consistent basis. Obama or Hillary could sneeze in the morning and we would all know they had a cold by lunch time.

    Obviously, we in SG aren’t nearly on the radar like those folks, but Hope’s Call can fold without an announcement, the Steeles can hang it up without an announcement, and Naomi Sego Reader can decided to stay on the road without much of a stir. Nobody’s really got a finger on the pulse of the genre, and nobody’s accountable to keep big news in front of the fans.

  130. ET wrote:

    RE: #126/cynical one -
    About the Segos, I wondered the same thing. Lately, there seems to be something odd about that whole situation to me.

  131. Revpaul wrote:

    Re: #126 . . .

    Just attended the most unique concert . . . it was billed as “The Golden Girls of Gospel Music”, featuring Dottie Rambo, LuLu Roman and Naomi Sego.

    Each did her own turn, then seated in three chairs center stage, it was 45 minutes of gab, questions from the audience, speaking of their lives and careers and one another . . . fascinating. (Sorta like The View, I guess.)

    They announce that they would be touring together regularly. Last week they opened in Lake City, FL, next night in Ocala, then on to Ormond Beach. There’s even a GGOGM project in the works.

  132. ET wrote:

    Re: #129/Trent -
    You make a very good point. But I wouldn’t say no one’s got a finger on the pulse of the genre. It just isn’t reported. And your next statement explains why the “whole story” or the “rest of the story” is never reported by the so-called sg news outlets. And you summed it up in one word - accountable. (More specifically, the absence of accountability.)

    Those who do report the “news” in sg are not going to report the negatives for several (obvious) reasons.

    God knows Singing News won’t report real news because, as they stated in a previous issue a few years ago when the whole Kirk Talley/homosexuality/exploitation thing blew up, “sin isn’t news.”

    That seems to be the overall mentality of the sg media.

    It could be that sg media won’t report the whole story for fear of being sued by those in the biz who’ve been “exposed.” The truth is that sg is such a small community that most everybody knows everybody elses business anyway. Does sg media really have the same “freedom of the press” as the mainstream media?

    Plus, if the sg media reported the whole story on some of their big money makers, they’d lose support and sg would be on the decline….again.

    I suppose by now that everybody inside the industry knows their sins and indescretions aren’t going to be reported like that of the mainstream media…so there is no fear, no accountability.

    Thus, we have the continual generic fluff like: “to spend more time with the family” and “the Lord is leading in another direction” instead of “going home to save my marriage after being caught in an adulterous affair” or “I got a better job offer.”

    I’m not at all suggesting that we really even need to know everything…even if it is reported by a legitimate news agency. But it seems that real news reporting might be the only real motivation for accountability…and THAT IS needed.

  133. CVH wrote:

    RE: Trent (#120)

    Just for the record, I used to drive a ‘72 Gremlin. I’d love to find another one now but most of what you see advertised are the sloppy, cheesy ‘74 (or later) Gremlin X’s.

    I’m glad I shared that.

  134. Trent wrote:

    #132 ET, great post and I think you’re right. Let’s look at sogospelnews.com for an example. They are supposedly a news site–and they are to a certain extent–but the kids also have an artist representation business. Therefore, you cannot objectively cover news in SG music if the negative news involves one of the artists you represent. It will shed a bad light on your artist and you could lose their business. The problem is that they are trying to be both a news site and an artist representation organization. I think they would argue that the Mom & Dad run the site and the kids run Southern Spin, but it’s really tied in tight enough that most people lump them together.

    Now, take a look at this site, which is probably the most heavily-trafficked site regarding SG. I love the site, but it’s primarily a gossipfest and an opportunity for Douglas and the rest of us to share our feelings about the genre. I think that’s healthy for us and for the genre to a degree, because there’s really nowhere else to open up like you can here. What happens is that truths are spoken many, many times amongst the fog, smog and rumors and people latch onto the truths that cannot even be whispered elsewhere. The artists (trust me) are rabid averyfineline.com fans. So if you or I or Joe Blow points out that an artist twitches his leg too much on stage or sings that one particular phrase wrong on “Love Lifted Me”, chances are strong that the artist will have corrected it when you see them the next weekend. That’s the power of this site. This site makes artists and business people more acountable in SG than they ever have been in the past because here, for the first time, it is SAID publicly. Artists and record execs know that they have to address their issues when they are being broadcast amongst fans and industry folks on this website. That’s pretty powerful.

    But you are right about a great news organization. There just isn’t one for SG. Until someone comes along and just tells the news like it is without favor, we’ll still be learning that Crystal River and Hope’s Call and the Steele’s have disbanded two or three months after the fact.

  135. Snarfie wrote:

    Regarding Naomi Sego’s latest studio effort…http://www.sogospellovers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=12054.

    This clearly states “…this will be the farewell recording for this legendary group.” There was no mention in the info provided in the press release regarding Naomi’s choosing to tour (or not) with other artists referenced above. However, from the info furnished, it does appear that the group, “Naomi and The Segos”, will be coming off the road. JMHO

  136. ET wrote:

    Re: #135 -
    Yeah, they clearly stated that they were recording their last CD at this same time last year. And it “appeared” they were concluding their “farewell tour” at the end of 2007, according to their own press release…last year at this same time. Guess the “last cd” was delayed and the “farewell tour” has obviously been extended. LOL

  137. Revpaul wrote:

    Re #135 Snarfie,
    I’m not sure that a “farewell recording” is the same as an announcement to “come off the road.” I believe this will be the 50th recording by The Sego’s, and with all that to supply their product table, they could certainly continue touring for quite some time.
    BTW, on the “Golden Girls” tour, Naomi’s turn includes her whole group.

  138. philo wrote:

    to Thom#96.To clarify my remark that Brian Routh outsang Brian Free i shall explain further. The incident occurred during the natqc breakfast riverboat cruise when several groups took their turn to perform. A good natured competition started with-i think-Chris Collins singing Looking for a City in a fairly low key, he gradually stepped it up as high as he could go until BF took the mic and blew the roof off the thing. Everyone on board was amazed and thrilled until someone shouted for BR to come out. He was reluctant due to a heavy cold and was waving a little hankey around to emphasize the fact. Well to cut a long story short the piano player raised it another step and cold or not BR blew the socks off BF.All Mr Free could do was shake his head in submisson.In closing i have the irrevocable evidence on video.Hope this was a salutary little assay.

  139. Aaron Swain wrote:

    138: Any chance we could see that video. That’d be something to behold!

  140. quartet-man wrote:

    Hey, CVH found in a google search:

  141. quartet-man wrote:

    The way I look at Sinner Saved By Grace is that it is I’m just a Sinner (who was) saved By Grace. Without grace we all were sinners and are still not perfect. Of course that doesn’t give us license to take forgiveness for granted and to willingly sin, however.

  142. philo wrote:

    139 Hi Aaron i’m from Northern Ireland and i took the said footage using the old vhs British Pal format which the American video machines then could’nt play. I would need to dig the tape out convert it to dvd and then post it ,hopefully i’ll get round to it unfortunately i’m a incurable procrastinist

  143. Aaron Swain wrote:

    142: Ah, aren’t we all? I actually wear a shirt quite often that says “Procrastinators Unite…. Tomorrow”

  144. philo wrote:

    #143 Well said! Never do 2day that u can put off till 2mrw.lol.

  145. Tim wrote:

    Re: #135 - Snarfie

  146. CVH wrote:

    RE: quartet-man

    Very cool. I’m going to check it out. Thanks man!

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