Belatedly: Goodbye, Jonathan Wilburn

Since I’m already woefully behind on this (and so many other things that’ve happened recently), I was hoping I might be able to wait for some of the comments threads to include reactions from people who’ve heard the new Gold City vocalist who took Jonathan Wilburn’s place.

But I haven’t seen any of those comments, and I have a few minutes free tonight during which I can’t possibly imagine more work (even though there’s always more to do, it seems). So here goes.

I can’t say Wilburn’s departure is terribly shocking, mostly for reasons others here and elsewhere have already noted. Gold City has turned over personnel in every major position in the last handful of years. It didn’t happen exactly over night, but still with remarkable speed for a southern gospel outfit, Wilburn went from being the generational center of the group – bridging the gap between the elder Riley and Mark Trammell on one side, and the younger Jay Parrick, Daniel Riley, and whoever the pianist was on the other – to being the old man of the bunch.

And increasingly, it showed. I’ve thought for some time he’s looked strained and mildly exhausted in his publicity photos. But more important: his singing on stage – once a thing of mastery and control – had become a mishmash of gimmicks, gags, and slapstick nonsense occasionally interrupted by legitimate music making. Who knows if this was the inevitable result of a life on the road catching up with him or his feeling he needed to prove he could keep up with the ever-growing brood of boys he worked with every night, or something else entirely.

But he was clearly the odd-man out in the remaking of Gold City. For a while during this transition to the post-Tim Riley era, Wilburn was an important link to the past for fans adjusting the new look and feel of the changing GC. But enough time has elapsed that now is as good a moment as any to put the last piece of the renovation in place.

The Rileys seem to have no other resource in more abundance than patience, and so one would assume Wilburn wasn’t pushed out. Not least of all because he was (and will remain, I imagine) immensely popular with fans. Which means, among other things, that unless this new guy with the unpronounceable name – please Lord if you must test us with pestilential jokes about this fellow’s name, let them last for only a short while – has stratospheric talent, we might see Daniel Riley move vocally into the lead role that Wilburn performed - if not officially then for all practical purposes. After all, Riley has more or less assumed the lead role in the group every other way but vocally (and there’s precedent for this, mostly recently with Scott Fowler moved from baritone to lead in the move from the Cathedrals to L5). Or not. Who knows. But in any event: no question, Riley has the vocal ability and showmanship to pull it off.

Anyway, I’m not sad to see Wilburn go. Once he stopped meeting the standard of excellence as a vocalist that he himself helped set originally, there was little reason to find his antics amusing or his polemics tolerable. But that’s on the purely professional level. On the human level, it’s hard to watch anybody at Wilburn’s age shuffle off the stage only to go sell cars. Just one more way, I guess, that his years on the road took, as he himself put it, a heavy toll.

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  1. RF wrote:

    It’s sad to see Jonathan go only because he was the last link to the group of Parrack, Trammel, Wilburn and Tim Riley. Some may disagree, but no tenor has rivaled Parrack, no baritone has rivaled Mark, and no bass has come close to Riley. That said, the new group has shown some new direction as well as carefully singing the old songs. Let’s hope the new guy works out, but if he doesn’t, let’s also hope they don’t leave him around like the bass who originally replaced Tim until they had to re-create the group. Good luck Jon!

  2. Andrew S. wrote:

    Yeah,I agree.He wasn’t packing the power like he used to have;however, most of that has to do with how long he was on the road.Does anyone know if the knew dude (Bruce Taliaferro) comes close to Jonathan?I’m sorta curious if he truly fits the bill…

  3. Philo wrote:

    Re: JW. It’s strange when some of the most talented people come of the road they seem to take up the most menial jobs(think Gene McDonald and a bus company,most incongruous) However in my humble opinion i don’t think David Hill,if he’d stayed ,would’ve had any problem fitting in with the new GC. To me he always had that edgy ‘progressive’ quality.His image also changed when he left GC, very’with it’ now look.He left too early but i suppose it’s pointless going down that road, however he did have the whole package. Simply wonderful lead singer.

  4. brad wrote:

    i agree with you.that lineup is my all time fav.Your right no one has rivaled Jay.How soon we forget the contribution these men have made to SG music.Its only been 4-5 year that GC was the standard.They have the awards to prove it.How does Daniel Riley not make the top 10 baritone list on the SN awards.He has an excellent voice much better than half of those selected.

  5. Aaron Swain wrote:

    Comments on the new guy here:

  6. SG Fan wrote:

    It is my opinion that the best Gold City group existed at the times of the Pillars of Faith project. The line up included Brian Free-tenor, Ivan Parker- lead, Mike Lefever- baritone, Tim Riley- bass, and Gary Jones- piano. Not only was Gold City at its prime, they were pretty much on the cutting edge of Southern Gospel for that time. It was this group that sang songs like “Midnight Cry” and “If God be For Us” that became extremely popular and are still sung by church choirs around the country. They brought a blend to the stage that no other Gold City group has been able to match. Sure there have been some awesome vocalists since then, but in terms of overall package, I feel this group was the top Gold City group, hands-down.

  7. thom wrote:

    I am sad to see Jonathan leave. Since back in the days when he was singing tenor with his family group, “The Wilburns”, I have enjoyed his vocal work.

    One of my all time favorites songs he did was “When I Speak His Name” off of an old “Wilburns” CD from the mid 90’s.
    Other favorites of mine include “Keep Me on the Wheel” and “When He Touched Me.”

    I’ll miss the sense of humor and occassional “preaching spells”, too.

    Best wishes Jonathan. I hope we will hear you singing again one day.

    Thom Rawls

  8. Tyler wrote:

    Man, whatever you do, don’t send Jonathan out with a farewell like that! After over a decade of being a faithful road warrior all you can say about him is basically that he “didn’t have it” anymore. Give me a break. We LOVE you Jonathan, we’ll never forget your tremendous contribution to Southern Gospel. You are my hero. ;)

  9. Who? What? wrote:

    Again, yes Bruce is amazing! I think he will keep the lead as it seems he a slight edge over Danny in his upper range. He’s for sure a power vocalist.

  10. jb wrote:

    Personally, I don’t feel that Daniel has much of a sense of humor. Jonathan added alot to the group as well as the emcee. I think Jonathan is a wonderful singer and will be sadly missed. Sure, there are a lot of baritone and lead singers out there, but, you still miss the good ones when they leave. Good luck Jonathan and God will Bless you in whatever you choose to do.

  11. natesings wrote:

    #6- I agree, the Gold City lineup on Pillars of Faith was the best but Mike LeFevre was not the baritone, it was Steve Lacey

  12. Eric Melton wrote:

    If you want a chance to get to hear Gold City by TV this Friday night there will be a Praise The Lord taping aired on TBN 10est/9central Friday March 21st.

    I attended the taping last night (at Trinity City in Hendersonville, TN and the new lead singer did well although Steve Ladd seemed to be the highlight when they ended with “Preach The Word”. The guys did a great job altogether and they seemed they have a solid quartet as always.

    However Jonathan Wilburn has always been one of the kindest gentlemen in Gospel Music. To say he is done is an unfair statement. Singing for multiple years with his parents and then the last 12 with Gold City, he has missed a lot of time with his children and feel that God has a new work for him to do. I have ultimate respect for Jonathan and Sandra Wilburn and I pray that God would give the right direction. I know God has his life in his control because Jonathan surrenders his life to God’s calling.

    The program also included performances from Three Bridges, Mike and Kelly Bowling, Jason Crabb (hosted the program), The Crabb Family (Adam, Aaron, Terah, Kelly and Jason came back and all sang several favorites including (Please Come Down To Me), and the most unique performance came from the all new Palmetto State Quartet.

    Talk about a new sound and group if you have not seen them yet you won’t recognize them. I’m not saying anything bad, I rather enjoyed them. Larry Strickland is a solid bass, Kerry’s Brother Brian did a good job on baritone and it was good to see him back. I am not sure of the tenor singers name. And Kerry Beaty I have always thought was ver underrated in our industry. He is a solid lead. But talk about their new band, they have a great new piano player and have even added a bongo and percussion player. Their music style has changed to a slightly more progressive tone, and you won’t see them with the matching suits any longer. Their dress was very modern. Overall the sound was good and they all seemed to be very ministry driven.

    Check everyone out this Friday night.

    Check it out this Friday night.

  13. Derek wrote:

    “Pillars of Faith” was Steve Lacey on baritone (post LeFevre)…so it was actually Free, Parker, Lacey, and Riley as the front four, with Garry Jones on piano, Mark Fain on bass, and Doug Riley on drums. That’s one of if not my favorite GC project!

  14. brad wrote:


  15. gc wrote:

    Jonathon is a great guy with years of SG experience. He has a daughter that is an exceptional athlete and I know it bothered him to miss her games and be gone so much from her life. Most people don’t get it, they are not taking a job just selling cars! They will most likely make more money, have benefits, be home everynight and still have the opportunity to be involved in music through the Church or solo dates. They will have a better chance of staying married, be involved with the kids and be happy. There is a big world outside of loading up on a bus every wednesday night and returning home monday.

    My question would be , what do you expect Jonathon to do for a living? He has been on the road for 25 years. Accountants, Judges, Lawyers, Brain Surgeons, Stock Brokers all have been educated and prepared to perform their jobs. What has 25 years in SG prepared him to do?

    Jonathon was and is an outstanding role model for SG and I appeciate his work ethic and dedication to a ministry that chews and spits people put on a regular basis.Enjoy your family and thank you for some great years in SG.

  16. SG Fan wrote:

    #11 and #13

    Thanks for the correction. I got my trivia a little mixed up, but that project was definitely a ground breaker.

  17. Chuck Peters wrote:

    I don’t know Jonathan very well.. but have long admired him as an upstanding Christian,.. and one of my favorite vocalists in SG music. Now I admire him for being brave enough to make this move for his family. I have worked at an auto dealership before.. it can be very rewarding in the $$ department.. but it is a challenge.. and it isn’t easy. I wish him the best!

  18. Larry Bedford wrote:

    I got to see Gold City in Dec. 2007 and enjoyed them so much I went to see them again in Feb. One of the reasons was Jonathon, don’t get me wrong all the guys are good but for some reason he just had that added touch to the group. I will miss him and wish him the best.

  19. Philo wrote:

    gc#15.I stand corrected.(are they all uneducated?).

  20. Angie M wrote:

    I agree about Pillars of Faith. I’ve sadly managed to lose my CD (it’s got to be somewhere at my parents’house…sigh). That was my favorite GC lineup, too. I liked Mike well enough, but Steve was a really great vocalist. The same lineup can be heard on A Cappella Gold (which I managed to rip before I lost).

    And #15, you’re right. It’s not at all surprising that these are the jobs open to SG artists when they leave the road. Their fame is, after all, confined to a relatively small subset of the population.

    In any case, I know Jonathan has to be glad to be able to see his family more often.

  21. Derek wrote:

    OK I’m confused! I haver Dish Network…and according to the guide, Jesus of Nazareth Part 4 will be on Friday night at 9…not PTL. I have set my DVR but I’m afraid I won’t be recording Gold City! Is this going to be shown on a local TBN channel?

  22. Eric Melton wrote:


    I had wondered that too. I asked one of the ladys that runs the TBN auditorium in Hendersonville. She says that it will run on Friday night. I will check again today and tomorrow and update you. My understanding is that is they tape a PTL program from their studios in Orlando, Atlanta, Dallas of Santa Ana they immediately run back after the live program is completed taping. It used to be that way in Hendersonville too but for some reason is not any longer.

    Some people may remember when the Southern Gospel Music Guild did the Spirit Fest from 1994-1996 they featured the first 2 hours each of each night as their Praise the Lord program. It was all taped and then reran live from Trinity City in Hendersonville at that time. Matter of fact the last year it aired in 1996 I was on the comittee that helped schedule the talent for the program. Everyone who was a name or even upcoming artist was involved at that time.

    Anyway I will make sure on the scheduling and repost.

  23. D. Ann Bailey wrote:

    jb(#10) I think you may find that Daniel does have a great sense of humor if you are every around him. But in every group you have the funny guys and the straight men. Daniel was the straight guy! With out his ‘rolling eyes’ or looks ‘what are you doing’ some things would not have been half as funny.

    Jonathan is a great guy and I will miss him but vocal Bruce is doing a tremendous job. I heard them last weekend and was pleased with the blend and also the way the group seemed very ‘cohesive’ so quickly after the change. Bruce isn’t the same as Jonathan but that is neither a negative for Bruce or Jonathan. Jonathan set the standard a long time ago. Bruce has the ability to live up to that standard and possible in time surpase it.

  24. thom wrote:

    to Eric Melton - why do we not ever know about these sort of tapings until they are over? it would be nice if BSA or someone would send out an email blast to let the fans in the area know so that we could attend. I know several people who live in Hendersonville that would have enjoyed coming to that taping.

    trying to figure out when TBN will air something is like trying to figure out when the next SG group will implode. it’s anyone’s guess.

    Thank you for offering to find out and let us know.

  25. Robert wrote:

    I know now that everything is subjective. I thought Jonathan was at the top of his game. Not floundering to keep up with the younger guys. This past summer it was just GC and us at a venue in GA. Jonathan not only looked the same age as everyone else, he acted younger. He moon-walked across the stage!!! Aside from this he is one of the nicest individuals I’ve been around in SG. The man can give one of the best invitations I’ve ever heard.
    Is this really true that he is going to work in a car dealership??
    It is sad when one of the best, at his best, has to leave.
    On a positive note he’ll probably make more money at the car dealership.

  26. Tom K. wrote:

    When I think of Gold City, I also think of Tim Riley, Ivan Parker, Mike Lefevre, Brian Free and Garry Jones. Anything since has been a great disappointment and NOW, with this lineup, they have certainly moved from a Top tier group way, way down the list.

  27. brad wrote:

    well i disagree Mike certainly doesnt have Daniels range.Tim is the standard for bass singers.But they have some young men who really love the Lord.I saw the new lineup last night and considering Bruce hasnt performed with a qt fulltime i thought he did a great job.But they are my fav group and i would rather support them not talk about them.Steve ladd is a class act!!!

  28. Eric Melton wrote:

    Derek, Thom and everyone else on the board.

    Because of Easter weekend the Praise The Lord program with the above Southern Gospel artists, Gold City, The Crabb Family, Palmetto State, Mike and Kelly Bowling and Three Bridges has been preempted.

    I confirmed with someone at TBN and it will run one week from today. Friday March 28th 10 pm eastern and 9pm central.

  29. thom wrote:

    Thank you Eric!

  30. Derek wrote:

    #28 Thanks! I got an email from GC saying it will be aired the 28th! Thanks for the update…I guess we’ll just have to wait a week! LOL

  31. gospelman21 wrote:

    Will we see Jonathan in the futre,maybe with his own group?I understand his son may have inherited some of this families talent.

  32. GoldCityGirl wrote:

    okay listen up.

  33. Ted wrote:

    I liked Jonathon, he is a UT fan.
    I hope the selling of cars is temporary.
    It reminds me of Parker Jonathon driving a bus in Niagara Falls.

  34. gc wrote:

    What occupation would be acceptable for Jonathon?

  35. Robert wrote:

    Someone who has been singing gospel music for a living most of their adult life hasn’t had time to acquire skills that would allow for skilled position so selling cars or something like that would probably be the highest paying job for the least amount of skill.

    Don’t count out Jonathan still singing. I’ve heard rumors that a family group may be what’s in store for him. I’ve heard his son can really sing.

  36. Ted wrote:

    I only meant that he has a great talent in singing, and I hope he still sings.
    Something tells me that he will back in some capacity.
    You can make big bucks selling cars, ask Zig Zigler, who knows what he will do.

  37. GoldCityGirl wrote:

    yeAH. he still sings. he is gonna be at gold citys homecoming. =] on thursday for sure.

  38. GB wrote:

    Everyone will admit the greatest GC was probably Ivan, Brian etc. Nothing lasts forever in SG music. I saw GC this past weekend and was extremely impressed with Bruce. After seeing a program with him you don’t even try to compare him with Jonathan. He’s totally different. Sets a whole new tone to their program. He is very sincere and vocally a much much better singer. Not that J wasn’t good, but there’s no comparison.

  39. Debbie Eidson wrote:

    As far as the present lineup, I haven’t seen them yet but will be seeing them in Winston, GA on 4/12/08. I believe Steve Ladd’s voice is as close to perfect as any I have ever heard. My favorite member of the group was Jonathan Wilburn and I have my doubts that he “resigned” without some pushing. I have nothing to back that up, just a gut feeling. As far as Jonathan being old and worn out, forget that. Men have a hard enough time dealing with life when they reach 40. Please don’t try and castrate him with your comments.

  40. GB wrote:

    Steven Ladd is the best tenor in SG music today. Flawless. He sounds like Brian Free, but to me better. I think you’ll like what you see. There is just something about Bruce and his voice that is so intriguing. He seems so humble and loves to praise the Lord, but not in a showy way. Very humble.

  41. brad wrote:

    Steve has an amazing voice.Saw him last week and he was sick and sounded great.
    He has alot of range.Never a hint that his voice might crack.Super guy as well.

  42. GoldCityGirl wrote:

    steve is one of the best people ever! he is my hero. he was sick when i saw him last week as always, but he still jumped up on a speaker. it was amazing. he is the best tenor ever!!!! he has the best voice like ever too.!
    yeah, im a goldcity fanatic and freak!! =]

  43. quartet-man wrote:

    Hearing them on TBN. Bruce is doing a good job, and of course the other guys too. Their sound with Bruce already sounds pretty polished.

  44. Dee Dee wrote:

    #38 - not everyone will ‘admit’ that “the greatest GC was probably Ivan, Brian etc” because not everyone thought/thinks so. They were very good but many, myself included liked the Parrack, Wilburn, Trammell, Riley years MUCH better.

    #39 - “My favorite member of the group was Jonathan Wilburn and I have my doubts that he “resigned” without some pushing. I have nothing to back that up, just a gut feeling.” Everyone is entitled to their opinion, although for Jonathan to be ‘your favorite member’ it is (in my opinion) somewhat disrespectful to not believe it is exactly what he said it was. He and all the guys appear to be on very good terms and he is coming to the GC Homecoming. He also showed up in Boaz, AL last week for the Southmen reunion (with Tim Riley). Doesn’t sound like someone who was pushed out to me.

  45. burt wrote:

    Bruce sounds great. I think Danny finally has GC where he wants them. This is by far their most progressive line up.

  46. QuartetInMO wrote:

    I just saw Gold City 4/5/08 in Lake of the Ozarks, MO. They were fantastic. Bruce did an awesome job in the Lead position and I believe replaces Wilburn very well. The Bass, Aaron McCune did a wonderful job that evening and I thought the group had a very good balance of fun, ministry and preaching. Yes! Even preaching, it was great. I do agree however that Daniel could be the new Lead and Bruce a complimentary replacement in the Baritone spot. God bless!

  47. Dee Dee wrote:

    They say seeing (or hearing) is believing. Well I saw (heard) them and I do believe this is an awesome line up!

  48. Chuck Holbrook wrote:

    I’ve seen Gold City many times. The best quartet ever to me was Jonathon with Mark Trammel, Tim Riley and Jay Parrack. Jay is the nicest guy, and the greatest tenor ever! The last time I saw Gold City Jonathon was as great as ever. I write Gospel songs and do cds where i sing all the parts play all the instruments, etc. believe me, singing the lead part for that many years is quite a challenge and Jonathon did it great.
    I think I need to find a new favorite quartet now. I”m glad Jay is working in a local Church, that’s wonderful.

  49. Paula Andrews wrote:

    #48, why on earth would you need to find a new favorite group? This Gold City is incredible. Wonderful singers, absolutely great young men, and in my opinion the best Gold City yet!!! And for the other one, Jonathan was NOT forced out. Also, what is so wrong with working at an automobile dealership? I love Steve, Danny, Bruce, Aaron, Josh and Kyle very much!!!

  50. Jonathan Wilburn wrote:

    Yall come see me at RONNIE WATKINS FORD here in Gadsden AL!! Love too help you save some money on a new car. 256-543-9400!!!!

  51. Jonathan Wilburn wrote:

    By the way I danced off the STAGE!!!

  52. Jonathan Wilburn wrote:

  53. Nick wrote:

    I can’t speak for Jonathan’s singing ability, but I can speak to his humor and his overall ability to keep everybody on their toes and laughing. Incredible hunter, you ought to hear his duck call. I would say his only downfall is that he is a Tennessee fan…

  54. James Stamey wrote:

    I have been a Gold City fan since the early 80’s.I have wandered at times about the changes that have taken place.I never thought Tim Riley would ever leave to retire but I understood it.All the changes have been like a member of the family going far away. I never thought David Hill would stay long.I liked him but,when Jon was named lead I had a feeling it was a good move. Iheard Bruce when Jon was with them in statesville nc and bruce sang Mary did you Know.I felt he should be in a group as soon as possible. The last time I saw Jon was in Lenior Nc and he looked aged.Im sure the road has taken a toll on he and his family and must repect his decision to leave.He was a true southern gentleman and ambassador for Southern Gospel and that needs to be remembered.If he came back I would love to see the Wilburns reunite with Tony Gore and maybe tour as weekend shedules permit.They could cut new albums and still do there own thing and still get around to minister through song.I believe we have not seen the last of Jon but may he go down in history as one of the finest lead singers in the industry. Thanks for the memories!

  55. brad wrote:

    saw him this weekend at GC homecoming.
    He seemed very happy. it was great to see Jay,Jon,Mark,and Tim back together again. That was great!

  56. Daryl wrote:

    I think in the near future, you will see Daniel Riley slipping into the baritone for the Oak Ridge Boys. William Lee isnt @ his best from what i’ve heard as of late. He would feel the job greatly!!!!!!

  57. Chuck Holbrook wrote:

    I agree with James, David Hill is a great singer, who never seems to stay with one group for very long, but Johathan for a long period of time was the best, most consistant lead out there, and Gold City has been the most consistantly great group out there as well. Nothing against the new group, just hooked on Jay, Johnathan etc. lol

  58. teresa wrote:

    Bruce Talliferro is a wonderful singer and a nice person

  59. DBGOSING wrote:

    To suggest that Jon was asked or persuaded to leave GCQ is pretty far fetched. If that were the case he probably would not have sang at their Homecomings etc, and he would have continued to travel whether that be solo or with another group. The point is he was probably tired, and wanted to spend time with his family. I may be asking for trouble, but I think Jon was, and is a better “Quartet Singer” than Ivan ever was; not to say that Ivan was/is not great, but he was/is not the stage men that Jon is. In my opinion there have been a lot of GREAT lead singers in southern gospel, but I think Glenn Payne (Cathedrals) Duane Allen (Oak Ridge), and Jonathan are the top 3. As far as what he is doing now; $$$ wise he is probably making more now than he was with GC, most people are looking at Southern Gospel artist with blinders; they see nice buses, and being out on the road, and making lots of money; I have been involved in SG music my entire life, and most people don’t realize how hard it really is. I spent a lot of time on a bus being away all the time, and its fun for a while, but like everything else when it’s a JOB it’s not that fun.

  60. brad wrote:

    i also believe Jonathan is as fine a lead as there is.I also think they miss his emcee ability.As much as i love Gold City they are still my fave group i believe thats an elemnet they are missing because Jonathan did so many things.

  61. jblair wrote:

    I have always enjoyed Jonathan’s singing and I think your comments about not being sorry to see him go to sell cars was nasty.
    We all grow old and one day some one will have comments about us. What will they say about you?

  62. Adam Borden wrote:

    I tell you what. I have read some garbage in the past but you take the cake my friend. I heard about this post and I wanted to see it for myself. You need to keep your big mouth shut about things and people that you have no inkling about. It is so easy to hide and cower behind a website but I GUARANTEE you would never say what you have said to Mr Jonathan Wilburn’s face. Have mercy.

  63. wandashepherd wrote:

    I think he was a wonderful addition to
    Gold City. In my book, he is one of the best. Gold City changed completely when Tim Riley.

  64. wandashepherd wrote:

    It seems so unchristian to criticize Jonathan.
    Believe me, you must have skills to sell cars. I pray God will bless him and his family.

  65. Michael Harris wrote:

    I agree with Adam borden former bass player for gold city.

  66. Kenny Payne wrote:

    Right on Adam. This brother OBVIOUSLY does not knoe the man of whom he speaks. I had the pleasure of meeting and spending a few hours with Jonathan. His personality anf his passion for life just lit up the group we were with. All this when he wasn’t “on stage.” I’ll continue to pray for him that he is successful and content in WHATEVER avenue thhe LORD leads him down. If you must judge, judge a man buy what you KNOW and nor what you THINK you know. God bless.

  67. Kenny Payne wrote:

    PS i offer proof reading classes for a nominal fee.

  68. thomas j. moreland wrote:

    i have known jonathon for a number of years, and to hear such dissing of a brother in Christ is of satan!!!! daniel will never be the leader his father was…i’ve known Tim Riley since Dixie Echos days…its a shame what a fine group has become……….. thanks jonathon for the many years of ministry……have a lot of fun with your family, now that you are off the road!!!!!!

  69. Becky wrote:

    I heard Gold Handled It All on the radio one morning and was instantly hooked! I don’t listen to Gospel Music very often on the radio, but this song grabbed me and I had to buy the CD. My husband and I traveled to Lebanon, MO to hear Gold City sing and I fell in love with their music. Tim, Daniel, Johnathan, and Jay were Gold City back then. My husband and I seen them at Baptist Bible College Field House and High Street Baptist Church. We followed the changes in the group, Tim retiring, his son the drummer dying, and Jay stepping down to spend more time at home. But the last time we seen them at High Street Baptist Church, 3 or 4 years ago they sang their hearts out and Johnathan danced around the stage, behind the stage, and off the stage. My husband was thrilled with their music and Johnathan’s performance. Thank you for that and God Bless you! You are a wonderful singer and have a wonderful testimony when you perform.

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