Easter Fortune cookies

From the Church Marketing Sucks blog, a round up of church marketing efforts to “create buzz for Easter.”

Easter fortune cookies - Lifechurch.tv in Hendersonville, Tenn., gave out bags of fortune cookies that include a fortune and a link to their Easter site. Folks may not want to listen to you about your site, but they might check it out after they get a sweet fortune cookie.

Or they may say, who knew the Easter bunny was laying Chinese fortune cookies in remembrance of our dear savior’s triumph over the tomb? Not so much a buzz, as a cross-cultural smash up, I’d say. But hey, nothing for this multicultural pluralistic humanist to complain about, right? Happy Easter. (Hat tip, MG)

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  1. judi wrote:

    Today one of the college students at our church said she had found a children’s book that explained that the children were so sad on Good Friday when Jesus died, that God sent them the Easter Bunny on Sunday to cheer them up! I wonder if that’s why several churches in the St. Louis area were advertising “children’s Easter egg hunts” AFTER services today?

  2. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    Speaking of items you wouldn’t ordinarily associate with a church, I got a catalog today aimed at churches that had two pages of parking tickets for sale.

    Imagine…you go visit a church for the first time and come out to find a sticker on your windshield threatening to tow your car if you park in the wrong zone again.

  3. Esse quam videri wrote:

    Maybe I am mistaken, but wasn’t Jesus resurrected on Sunday. Shouldn’t that be enough to make the children happy again? Wasn’t the gift of God’s Son enough??? Why should there have to be an alternative? Isn’t Jesus reason enough to celebrate the holiday? I guess the author of that children’s book must have thought that even God didn’t think His own Son was enough either that He had to give the Easter bunny…

  4. cynical one wrote:

    DBM - while I agree it would be tacky to ticket people at church, we’ve seen longtime members and deacons park along a curb, in the driving lane, and other inappropriate places in & around our church parking area.

    Their excuse: “I pay my tithe; I can park anywhere I want.” Especially inexcusable when there are plenty of empty marked parking spaces. They’re just lazy and self-centered.

    And I’m not talking about elderly or otherwise less-than-able-bodied individuals.

    If supermakets and shopping centers would begin to ticket & tow, or at least go out and tell people they can’t sit in their car in the fire lane while Mama shops for 30 minutes (there are signs that say “no parking or standing”) or in the driving lanes, and able-bodied folks wouldn’t abuse handicap parking permits, this world might be a kinder and gentler place.

    Our church has a parking challenge situation, so many people park across the street at the bank or post office (both closed on Sunday, of course), or are bussed from a shopping center several blocks away (Hobby Lobby is also closed on Sunday, so they’ve given us permission to use their lot). The bank, however has been known to tow cars that block their night deposit box, or park in non-marked places. I don’t blame them, especially since they have warning signage.

    It boils down to respect.

  5. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    I agree that church people can be some of the biggest jerks in the world and parking can also be a problem (especially in a church that outgrows their property due to a sudden increase in attendance). If the problem is so epic that tickets are being issued and cars are being towed, though, that’s not the type of church I’d want to attend.

    At some point in the process of escalation to handle the problem, a church begins to lose their ability to be a witness.

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