Random tech notes

1. Since I dropped Lunarpages a while back, I’m perfectly happy with GoDaddy.com’s hosting service (well more or less; they really do tend to nickel and dime you on the ancillaries, like pop-mail forwarding, which is an “add-on” service to your base contract), but could their homepage be any more unappealingly cluttered? And what’s with the leather-clad garage-wall pin-up model picture of the Nascar woman with the wind-blown hair? Are the only people who buy hosting services over-sexed heterosexual males with gearhead fantasies?

2. I’m with Kevin Drum on this one. If anybody figures out how to control RSS feeds so that you can stagger, delay, or otherwise specify the delivery time for feed distribution, separate from posting to the mainpage (without requiring a CIS degree in xml hard coding), let me know.

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  1. tse wrote:

    You are rightabout Godaddy - the homepage is not the most user-friendly and the biker chick is just poor. The girl must reflect some core value as their tv spots are all sexually oriented and in poor taste. I believe that one was banned from the Super Bowl a few years ago.

    They do have excellent customer service - people that speak English as a first language - always a plus in my book (not that I don’t admire people that can speak English as a second language and deal with America’s service problems for 10 cents an hour….).

  2. L5Man wrote:

    GoDaddy offers a great service…I never had any problems with them. I host several websites for businesses using GoDaddy…like I said, no problems.
    I too, find their customer service to be top notch. I can handle seeing the “girl in leather” every now and then if it means I get great service. :)

  3. Kyle wrote:

    The girl in question is Danika Patrick, an Indy car driver. GoDaddy is one of her sponsors.

  4. natesings wrote:

    Seeing Danika Patrick doesn’t hurt my feelings. lol
    #1-TSE The commercial you are mentioning did not feature Danika Patrick.

  5. Videoguy wrote:

    My wife tells me that looking once isn’t a sin. But twice…

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