Free Cathedrals Music and video. What thuh …?

Via Kyle Boreing, a link to a blog by “Bro. Gary,” who has posted a free downloadable recording of an old Cathedrals table project from early in Danny Funderburke’s tenure with the group. Kyle has all the 411 on why this project matters. Check it out.

For my part, though, I’m still wondering how exactly it is that this “Bro. Gary” is getting away with offering free downloads of old copyrighted Cats stuff (he’s also offering the entire “Can He, Could He, Would He” video in digital Mpeg-4 format). Does this guy own the rights? (No.) And if doesn’t, surely it can’t be that no one (read: Todd Payne, who mostly likely holds the copyrights to these items) cares about this kinda thing getting downloaded for free? Or am I missing something? What on earth can “Bro. Gary” possibly mean by urging us to “get it while it lasts” because “the file will not be here for long”?

Full disclosure: I confess I downloaded Distinctively pronto (though this really is one of those cases where pirating could be prevented by simply making the music easier to buy than “borrow” … certainly iTunes is well worth the $.99 a tune to avoid having to download (and wait), then unzip and import the songs individually into my player). So I’m not casting stones here. Just looking out of my glass house and wondering.

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  1. quartet-man wrote:

    I found that site a week or two ago. Brother Gary left links on several Cathedral You Tube videos (although he mistyped at least the one I used.) It was easy to figure out the proper link and once I did, I made it to his site. Although I own the album and the video, I did find their inclusion on his site to be interesting.

    What I would like to see is the rest of the Cathedrals videos that weren’t put on DVD, to be done so. I also want to see the Vintage Cathedrals one and Live From Aladdin Temple in Columbus Ohio (not sure if I am getting the exact title right since I don’t own or and haven’t seen it.) Then, I would like the rest of the table projects put on CD, but not before Travelin’ Live and Land Of Living are put there. Those two have not been, although Kyle remembers seeing a few (I think Land Of Living was one) released on budget CD. The only one I saw (even at the time) was Live In Atlanta (it had previously been part of a double disc with Voices In Praise Acapella.)
    I wish I could find those Kyle saw for sure. No one else that I have met has even seen them.

  2. Radioguy wrote:

    It’ll be great to put Distinctively on a Cd-R. I bought the album years ago, transffered to a cassette, but in mono, so it is not a good listen. I would have bought the C-D had Cathedral Records released it. I got the Greater C-D. They may have been budget recordings, but they still sounded great. There was very little Cathedrals that I didn’t like.

  3. Kyle wrote:

    #3. Subtle….

  4. BUICK wrote:

    On March 22, Dean Leach made an unsubstantiated allegation that Kevin Spencer was being taken to court for non-payment of royalties. At that time, I asked him to source his gossip. He did not. He has not.

    In the intervening time, I have not been able to find EVEN ONE other reference to this scurrilous slur. No reputable source of SG news has printed this story. I’ve Googled until my fingers are blue looking for some court record. NOTHING.

    Seems like Dean Leach has a personal problem with KS and the Freemans. Is this the place for an individual to grind his private ax with an artist?

    Mr. Leach, if you are a writer who has not received the royalties to which you are entitled, handle it in a Christian way…OR take them to court but PUH-LEEZE stop posting rumor, gossip and, what would appear to be lies that you are generating.

  5. Kyle wrote:

    I’m still arguing with ASCAP over airplay two years ago….could be worse!!

  6. wackythinker wrote:

    Could it be that Todd Payne, or whomever owns the masters (could be John Hagee, for all I know — he was the last owner of the now-defunct Cathedral Records), has authorized a free download or two, as a wetting of the appitite for new re-releases to come? Or maybe testing the waters, to see if there’s still a market for this older material?

    Kyle — what was that reference to? Did some comment get deleted?

  7. Kyle wrote:

    Looks like it.

  8. quartet-man wrote:

    Kyle, you said #3 subtle. I guess your post #3 is so subtle none of the rest of us gets it. ;-)

  9. Videoguy wrote:

    I would feel (more) guilty for ‘borrowing’ if the Cathedrals material in question was available commercially.

    Server space is inexpensive nowadays; cost is a weak excuse for not making vintage Cat material available for download, especially when return on investment is considered.

  10. not a grammarian wrote:

    Putting the best possible face on it, I’m going to guess that “bro. gary” doesn’t have a lot of bandwidth and will take this down when something else is added, thus the urging to “get it while it lasts”.
    I’m hoping it’s not a case of “I-know-this- is-stealing-from-the-estate-of-Glen-and-George, so-download-now-before-I-get-busted”

  11. natesings wrote:

    It seems to be gone now…at least the downloads link on his site isn’t working.

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