How the sausage is made

Behind the scenes at the EHSSQ dance factory:

Update: I guess I’m not surprised that this video sparked such a flame-war - as pretty much every mention of EHSSQ seems to. But I should say, I posted the clip for two main reasons that have nothing to do with trying to tweak the group (I think most of you know by now if I have something to say I just say it). First, I’m fascinated by … well, how the sausage is made, as the title put it. Second (and related), I’ve always been impressed by the performative discipline the group brings to their shows, and this little clip suggests part of what lies behind their success: attention to detail, copious rehearsal, and (not least of all) taking a great deal of pleasure in what they do. I don’t always like the result, but I respect the work.

I think this is sort of what CVH is saying in this comment below, but even if it isn’t, he does a good job parsing the various lines of confusion, contempt, and concern that EHSSQ generates.

I may be in the minority but I thought the video was great. It gave me a good laugh which isn’t a bad way to start the day.

Of course it’s schtick. That’s what they do and I think they do it well. Just about every act is choreographed these days. It’s not Martha Graham, but it works. And again, maybe I’m missing something but to me they’re a group of great Christian entertainers. Does ministry happen at their concerts? Sure, in the broadest sense. But I don’t think their goal (and I don’t mean to presume here) is hardcore evangelism. They’re primarily entertainment for believers with a gospel message in a slick package that will both edify concertgoers who are followers of Christ and plant some spiritual seeds in the minds and hearts of those in attendance who have not taken that step of faith.

Entertainment is their craft and they do it very well. Sure, some of their stuff (the production, arrangements, stage moves, etc.) is over the top at times. So what?

As for what they wear off-stage, who cares? Why does anyone feel the need to analyze their motives? And wearing brands that supposedly promote the dreaded “homosexual agenda”? I don’t think that’s what Doug meant by titling this thread “How the sausage is made”.

Not to overspiritualize this but remember what Paul said - he rejoiced that the gospel was being preached, even if people had other ways of doing it from him. Isn’t that the point? To offer a personal example, I’ve absolutely never understood what the buzz was about the Crabb Family (and its many subsequent derivatives). I don’t get it; they don’t do anything for me. But I’m grateful they’ve used the platform they’ve had through the years to proclaim the good news. Let it go.

Later update: On the other hand, DD levels a legitimate criticism:

Personally, there on stage persona, dress, etc. are not the troubling issue here. Arguably, they are one of the biggest draws in SG right now, so why still a track act? If SG wants to be accepted as a legitimate form of the music business, then it’s time to turn off the kareoke and put a real band back on stand. If there is any group right now that COULD pull it off, it would be SSQ. They are no longer “starting out,” and should tkae the leap of faith and take their presentation to the next level. If nothing else: piano, bass, and drums would be a marked improvement. If would also add to their legitmacy as a top tier act in any genre.

They do travel with a pianist these days (I think Wayne Haun, last time I heard) but still, the point is well taken.

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  1. Kyle wrote:

    What irritates me is that I found this song on an old Oaks gospel record from around 1964, and I wanted to cover this song….guess they beat us too it!!

  2. Payton wrote:

    Wow. What a HOKEY cheesefest. That’s typical EH&SSQ though. What I find so hilarious, is a bunch of mid to latter 30’s guys trying to dress like 21 year old Abercrombie & Fitch models. I wonder if someone should tell them that regardless of how young they try dress, as long as they’re singing that style and acting like that on stage, they will NEVER be cool. Just a thought.

  3. John wrote:

    I guess this is better than most of the quartets rehearsals today… non-existent haha! good to know they actually prepare their on stage messes. :)

  4. Observant dude wrote:

    Uh, wow, I mean….uh, wow.

    Southern gospel has come to this? I’ve seen some pretty ridiculous stuff in my time, but this is way up the list.

  5. Joe wrote:

    If the recent comments on Three Bridge’s stage performance (off the wall shukkin’and jivin’ etc. etc.) were uniform in their negativity, why should we be impressed with this nonsense? Neither have a place in this genre, it would seem…

  6. Trent wrote:

    Why is it that I always get the impression Tim Duncan hates the whole slapstick routine they have to do each night?

  7. Sissey wrote:

    I just recently saw SSQ in concert. They were wonderful. I would guess it was over 2500 people at the concert. The concert was a complete sell out. How many groups can say that are singing to sell out crowds?

  8. Dexter wrote:

    Yes, Sissey, I’m sure they did “Sell Out” That’s what it looks like…

  9. Robert wrote:

    #6 Trent, every time I see them I think the same thing.

  10. ahd wrote:

    The best part is the last second– as the video fades to black, you hear one of the guys say…


  11. Petie wrote:

    Might it be possible to take a very neutral stand but yet have an opinion? :) There is a very good point towards the fact they are drawing old and young alike and I like to see that. However, their “off-stage” dress has always bugged me. Being middle aged men wearing the bright logos of A&F, American Eagle & Hollister only acts as a reminder that this is the dress style for the high school crowd. They are many ways to look stylish and still look your age. Sporting major logos like that definitely is not. One would not be taken very seriously. But thats just a 21 year old’s opinion.

  12. john masters wrote:

    They are not my favorite group, but I do hate to see a fresh thread designed for Ernie bashing. Kyle was a breath of fresh air, but Peyton, John, Observant, Joe, Trent, Sissy, Petie and Robert (can’t really tell about ahd) just regurgitate the same ole foul anti-SSQ-holier-than-thou-babble.

    Keep trashing your most popular and successful artists folks. Pretty soon we will be like the presidential election. We will prove that no one is fit to serve!

  13. Joe wrote:

    Uh John…

    Sissy defended them. And in one brilliant short essay, Dexter nailed it. Their pathetic antics define “selling out” far more than any packed house does.

    People pack houses for Kiss, Aerosmith, grunge bands, and rappers. Doesn’t prove a thing.

    Glenn and George are rolling over in their graves…

  14. Gilbert wrote:

    I’m really starting to see that they just don’t “get it”. Cheese sells, I guess.

  15. JB wrote:

    You guys are stupid. Most of you are just jealous that you cant pull of wearing A&F, Hollister, or AE. Get a life!!!! They are reaching people that’s what matters. Most of the people posting on this thread are probably fat old farts that have a part time group that wouldn’t be able to move across the stage if they wanted because they would break the stage in. But hey isn’t that typical SG. Get over your jealousy and just be proud a group is actually reaching people that most SG performers couldn’t even think of.

  16. John wrote:

    has anyone ever heard ernie be “spiritual” like give an alter call or speak about the plan of salvation?

  17. DJ wrote:


    Personally, I wear all three brands. I like to wear all three brands, and I think that I “pull them of” quite well. I am not old, I am not fat, nor do I consider myself a fart. However, I do not care for the whole SSQ schtick, and that is putting it mildly. It literally makes me sick that this is the “most popular group” in Southern Gospel.

    Oh, and Doug, if you are going to compare Gary Casto to a mix between an overheated televangelist and Catwoman, I think we deserve at least six good metaphors for the above video. Please?

  18. GC11 wrote:

    I am honest when I say that I’ve tried to find the message in what they present..but I have a hard time because of the antics and showmanship. I guess however that people pay to be entertained and they definately have that part down…probably far better than most sg groups.

  19. Practical Fellow wrote:

    re: #13

    Glen and George aren’t rolling over. I would hope they are in the presence of God and basking in it. Not getting excited about haircuts, dance moves and casual wear.

    Yawn. Next subject please.

  20. apathetic wrote:

    JB wrote “be proud a group is actually reaching people that most SG performers couldn’t even think of.” Exactly who are you saying they are reaching that most SG performers couldn’t even think of? They’re certainly not pulling in sinners off the street with the hokey pokey synchronized choreography. They’re not entertaining to a young audience as evident by some of the younger posters in this thread who find them uncool. “as long as they’re singing that style and acting like that on stage, they will NEVER be cool.” well said Payton.

  21. Chris wrote:

    It looks like football practice.

    Ernie: “Tim, you missed the twist again. Give me 50 up-downs.”

  22. JB wrote:

    #20….ummmm they are the ONLY act in Southern Gospel that I know of that is selling out everywhere they go. Seems funny that MOST (I didnt say all…again I said MOST) of the people that don’t like them are the people involved in this industry. Like it or lump it they sell tickets, sell records, and sell to a younger audience. Go to one of their concerts and see for yourself.

  23. irishlad wrote:

    Ssq are really performing the same role as the Statesmen did in the fifties, although alot tamer i should think. How many recordings have they had smashed up by frothy foamings djs? Cds are harder to break i suppose.

  24. Rod wrote:

    Actually A&F, Hollister, or AE promote the homosexual agenda don’t they? I do find them very entertaining though…Here’s what is so funny…Most of their peers think they are hokey they just don’t have the guts to say it. I guess if you gauge their wallets (Actually Ernies wallet) they are successful.

  25. john masters wrote:

    Joe, Thanks for pointing out that I owe Sissy an apology - Sissy, please forgive me. And Joe, speak to someone about your bitterness. I am worried about you!

    EHSSQ is simply the best selling, best concert draw, dove award winning, most popular quartet in Southern Gospel. Say whatever you like, you can’t deny that. I am sure the guys are hurt by some of the hateful comments, and they muddle through by crying all the way to the bank! Nobody likes them but the people.

  26. CVH wrote:

    I may be in the minority but I thought the video was great. It gave me a good laugh which isn’t a bad way to start the day.

    Of course it’s schtick. That’s what they do and I think they do it well. Just about every act is choreographed these days. It’s not Martha Graham, but it works. And again, maybe I’m missing something but to me they’re a group of great Christian entertainers. Does ministry happen at their concerts? Sure, in the broadest sense. But I don’t think their goal (and I don’t mean to presume here) is hardcore evangelism. They’re primarily entertainment for believers with a gospel message in a slick package that will both edify concertgoers who are followers of Christ and plant some spiritual seeds in the minds and hearts of those in attendance who have not taken that step of faith.

    Entertainment is their craft and they do it very well. Sure, some of their stuff (the production, arrangements, stage moves, etc.) is over the top at times. So what?

    As for what they wear off-stage, who cares? Why does anyone feel the need to analyze their motives? And wearing brands that supposedly promote the dreaded “homosexual agenda”? I don’t think that’s what Doug meant by titling this thread “How the sausage is made”.

    Not to overspiritualize this but remember what Paul said - he rejoiced that the gospel was being preached, even if people had other ways of doing it from him. Isn’t that the point? To offer a personal example, I’ve absolutely never understood what the buzz was about the Crabb Family (and its many subsequent derivatives). I don’t get it; they don’t do anything for me. But I’m grateful they’ve used the platform they’ve had through the years to proclaim the good news. Let it go.

  27. KDM wrote:

    #25…”EHSSQ is simply the best selling, best concert draw, dove award winning, most popular quartet in Southern Gospel. Say whatever you like, you can’t deny that. I am sure the guys are hurt by some of the hateful comments, and they muddle through by crying all the way to the bank! Nobody likes them but the people.”

    Is it safe to say they have their reward, then? I can’t claim to know the true motives of SSQ, but if they’re truly crying all the way to the bank, they can be sure that’s all the reward they’ll get for their labors. I for one would rather be poor here and hear a “Well done, thou good and faithful servant” on the other side.

    I’ve found that SSQ is more interesting to watch than to listen to. I’ve gone to their concerts and been entertained (all though I will admit it was hard to get past some of the histrionics and the weird wardrobes). But when I bought their CD’s, I was decidedly underwhelmed. I think it goes to show that, without the glitz and the glamour of their stage shows, they’re really just another dime-a-dozen quartet. They don’t really have a ‘Signature Sound’. Just a ‘Signature Style’. I truly believe that if they cut the choreography, let their roots grow out, and started knotting their ties at the top, their fan base would dissolve. Makes you wonder what they’re really basing their success on, doesn’t it?

  28. Videoguy wrote:

    Mark 8:36

  29. john masters wrote:

    KDM “I for one would rather be poor here and hear a “Well done, thou good and faithful servant” on the other side.”

    Ernie and the boys are a simple example of sowing and reaping. They have obviously worked very hard at their calling, and God has opened the flood gates of blessing. Someday we will all understand and appreciate all these young men have done are doing for the Kingdom of God. For now, we see through a glass darkly. I feel confident that the closing words of your post are exactly what they will hear from the Master. Christian entertainment is so hard to find, and these fellows are providing a service!

  30. Robert wrote:

    John Masters,
    All I did was agree with the fact that Tim Duncan looks like he is not really into the routine. How is that “anti-SSQ-holier-than-thou-babble”? I happen to like SSQ but they are not my favorite group. Look, maybe you haven’t learned the lessen that everyone is entitled to their opinion and their opinion or favorite group may not be exactly like yours. You shouldn’t take it personally. Lighten up.

  31. Pastor John wrote:

    I guess I’m dumb or something, because I just don’t get it. I’ll explain just what I don’t get in a moment.

    You know, I don’t like shrill voiced, hanky-waving women singing in SG music. But you know what? It doesn’t matter. Some people like them, because people go to their concerts, buy their product, and keep them in business. And the last time I checked, nobody was holding a gun to my head forcing me to listen to them, buy their CDs, or attend their concerts.

    The truth is, people are blessed, hearts are uplifted, and people are even saved because of shrill voiced, hanky-waving women. So I can be glad and thankful to God that they are reaching those He gave them to minister to.

    Enter EHSS. I’ll admit, they are one of my favorite groups. But I just don’t get the angst, the bitter feelings, the nasty remarks that I read on this site over and over whenever EHSS is brought up.

    Nobody — including myself — is saying that everybody will like them, or that everybody should like them. Nobody can reach everybody, and that includes EHSS. But one thing is clear: they have found their niche, and they are filling it. They are selling out concerts, people get excited about them, hearts are being touched. Why, then, do they bring such negative and nasty remarks from the very people who ought to be excited that they are a new voice, and reaching a new segment of people, with Southern Gospel music?

    The video clip in question — which I enjoyed, I must say — is an informal video taken of them when they were in either a rehearsal or mic test, it appears to me. They are 4 guys having a good time singing about the Lord. I didn’t see anything immoral, blasphemous, or even disrespectful about what they did. And yet, the comments some of you are making — I just don’t get it.

    I’m a 54 year old pastor, and when I relax on warm days, I like to put on a pair of shorts and tee shirt. Whether I buy my clothes from JC Penney, Aeropostale, or Wal-Mart shouldn’t make any difference to anyone else. This video wasn’t a concert, for crying out loud. Yet some are criticizing what they are wearing. Give them a break!

    Their “dancing” (if you want to call it that) is their thing. Nobody — including the guys in SSQ — have ever said that all SG artists and groups should do the same thing. It’s their thing, and it works for them. And, if you ever attend one of their concerts or view one of their videos, it is clear that they don’t do it for the entire concert. They sing flat-footed ballads, sometimes sit quietly while they sing, and offer a good variety during a concert.

    Someone even questioned Ernie’s spirituality. I believe it was Squire Parsons, who Ernie once worked with, that made the comment that Ernie was so passionate about souls, if he could lead a salt shaker to Christ, he would do it. That’s quite a testimony from somebody who was close enough to Ernie to really feel his heart!

    Some of you need to get a life — and more than that, you need to check your own hearts. The Bible says our words should be uplifting. (Check out Ephesians 4:29-32.) Opinions are one thing. Vitriol is another. And some of what I frequently hear on averyfineline — particularly whenever EHSS is brought up — is vitriol.

    I guess I just don’t get it.

  32. Jim2 wrote:

    I tried unsuccessfully to find this video on youtube, just to find out who it was that posted it in the first place. My first thought on viewing it here was “I guess that person won’t be invited to any more rehearsals”
    My view is that each of us has a job in the of Christ, whether you are a hand or a microbe, just do what you are called to do.
    Videoguy (#28) that may be the first time I’ve gone to read my Bible after logging in to check out averyfineline

  33. jbb wrote:

    I am not the other JB on here, so I changed my inititals. THe one thing I didn’t hear was “stacks”. I thought it was really funny. Practicing or whatever you call it, they still have no rhythm, but, neither do I.

  34. Leebob wrote:

    Observations from my anti-stone barricade and one who likes EH&SS yet not making them my favorite group:

    JB #22 you hit the nail on the head: “They are the only ACT in SG…”

    On Tim Duncan…he went from the class of Phil Cross to doing dance routines.

    Sometimes we can’t hear the still small voice of God for all the noise we surround ourselves with.

    I personally like them better without all the dance routines and the few times they simply sing is very pleasurable.

    If God is working through them and using His Spirit to draw people to Him then the world is a better place regardless of what any of us thinks.

    If anything reaches people it is the Spirit of God and not a particular routine or program.

    8:45 in the morning and my co-worker’s station has already played “I Saw God Today” for a third time. Only 47 more times to go today. And we thought SG was the only genre with problems.

  35. FW wrote:

    I know some think that EH+SSQ are the best thing to happen to SG in a long time, but I beg to differ. I think they are embarrassing. But then, most of SG is, isn’t it? ;)

    Seriously, though, EH needs to quit acting like a goofy teenager. And “People LOVE it!”???? You’ve got to be KIDDING. Only the bluehairs that think Bill Gaither is a great singer. They think Ernie is “young” because, well, he’s younger than they are! And maybe they think that EH’s dance moves are very clever because they only know the foxtrot. UGH.

  36. DD wrote:

    Personally, there on stage persona, dress, etc. are not the troubling issue here. Arguably, they are one of the biggest draws in SG right now, so why still a track act? If SG wants to be accepted as a legitimate form of the music business, then it’s time to turn off the kareoke and put a real band back on stand. If there is any group right now that COULD pull it off, it would be SSQ. They are no longer “starting out,” and should tkae the leap of faith and take their presentation to the next level. If nothing else: piano, bass, and drums would be a marked improvement. If would also add to their legitmacy as a top tier act in any genre.

  37. J wrote:

    All of this reminds me of when the Statesmen had the gall and abject reprobation (is that a word?) to have HORNS play on their recordings. Progress marches on!!

  38. Blueboy wrote:

    They do sound good. All they really need is some straw hats, striped blazers, white shoes, and a few canes to twirl.

  39. Brady wrote:

    Th eonly act in SG…. are you kidding? I went to see a Kingsmen concert and everyword is rehearsed. Every joke down to every “backwoods” look that Harold Reed tries to pull off. It was pathetic. There is never a debate for them or McCrays DANCE moves or Peg McKamey and her “ROUTINE” of kicking off her shoes at the EXACT same point every night. You use the term “Selling out”. Define how they have done that. Do you think they are the only group is practices their moves. They may be one of the few that work on their vocals. Those that attck their clothes, do you research every business you buy from? I doubt it. This is like what Paul said “Chokeing on Nats”. If you worried about reaching the lost as much as you put wooried about their dance moves, this world would have a lot less sinners. Its easy to attck the lead dog. I think they may be the only “real” sg artists. The rest are fake but so many of you have been drinking the cool aid for so long you cant see it.

  40. Leebob wrote:

    I had forgotten the shoe-flinging Peg McKamey routine…that’s a good one. And the same jokes from the Kingsmen and George Yonce w/ the CATS.

    You’re right….perhaps most of it is fake after all and not genuine.

    Good thing I enjoy the music isn’t it?

  41. cathy wrote:

    Showing enthusiasm when singing is a good thing but I just close my eyes when watching SG. All the “dancin” around is distracting and I don’t hear their wonderful music.

  42. irishlad wrote:

    Why use the word act as in ‘gospel act’ if in fact that is not exactly what it is.The fundamentalists will always get their knickers in a twist over the ministry/entertainment mix. What is wrong with being entertained? Please do tell.

  43. gina wrote:

    Here we go again… Brady, obviously you don’t see the McKameys in concert very often if you really think your comment is true.

  44. Leebob wrote:

    Irishlad #42 No problem with the entertaining part from me. I have felt most groups, especially locally are way too dull. I think most of the people who argue on that side of the fence (yes you argue from your side as well) are doing so from the standpoint that for years we had to put up with the butt pnichin’ good ol’ southern boy act on our church platforms and this is not too far removed from that. A pastor’s words not mine.

    Groups have gone away from church ministry and into large auditorium entertainment, mainly for money reasons because this is their profession. Again, no issues here for me if this is what they choose to do. Some of the groups, not sure of the number, are not wild about this move because of the personal aspect getting lost. I will never forget the impact that Phil Cross made by having a conversation from the stage with one of our teenage ball players. There is impact on a life that you do not get from a large stage in a venue. It seems that in the larger venues there are way too many people for groups to actually talk, let alone pray and minister, with/to an individual who might genuinely need it.

    It depends on what you want. If you want entertainment then I would tell you to go see EH&SS, they are the best at what they do. If you want a combination of ministry and entertainment, find a quality group in a church setting/atmosphere and for heaven’s sake drop more than a $5 bill in the plate when it is passed if you want to keep the ministries going to churches.

  45. irishlad wrote:

    Gvh?Hey Doug u2 havin’ a love n? What a polished effort Gvh makes, grammatically correct with no spelling mistakes.That takes some doing. Even noticed you putting they’re for their and of for off. Or were you just having an off day?

  46. FW wrote:

    I totally agree with DD. Most SG is basically glorified karaoke. No wonder people can’t take it seriously!

    An example…I LOVE the Talley Trio; Lauren is one of the most talented singers out there, sg or not. But the three of them stand there and wait for the tracks to start, they sway and clap awkwardly during the “instrumentals”, and they tell the same stories and jokes word for word each night (don’t believe me? - check out Youtube). And what exactly is Lauren’s future in SG? She would reach more people in just about ANY other genre. I can only imagine how amazing she would sound with a real band backing her up every night…but I doubt we will ever see it. (Btw, is she dating their sound guy? They seem awfully close.)

    Maybe SSQ wouldn’t be quite so cheesy if they had a live band…more like “cheese lite”? No, in no other genre would EH be successful. Only SG, due to the whole Younce/Gaither connection.

  47. HM wrote:

    CLOTHING THAT PROMOTES THE ‘HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA’ - How embarrassing to both this poster and anyone who acknowledges it. You all, whether you know it or not, have a gay person in your family. How would you feel if they judged you for your ignorance?

  48. Leebob wrote:

    DON”T get me started on the judging issue. Why is it the extreme lifestyles want to jump the Christian for judging that lifestyle, attitude, clothing, or whatever. You know you are “judging” when you are saying so and so is a good person or their lifestyle is acceptable. Who are you to judge someone or their lifestyle as to being good? Do you really want to be judged with the same judgement.

    I better leave before I blow a gasket on this one.

  49. cynical one wrote:

    HM — You’re right, we all probably have a homosexual in our families, whether we know it or not. And we should love that person, even though we hate the sin.

    By the way, that sin is no worse than any other, according to the Bible.

    But that’s not the same as supporting a company that openly supports and promotes the “gay agenda”. I’ve not heard buzz to that effect on all the clothing companies mentioned, and I don’t know how much to believe of what I have read. But even if it’s true, my conviction about supporting (or not supporting) those companies should not be imposed on someone else. I can share what I know, but I shouldn’t condemn someone else who hasn’t been led of the Lord to act or react the same way I’ve been led.

    Just like the folks who encouraged Christians to boycott Disney a few years ago. A pastor of a megachurch in Orlando stated he couldn’t promote that boycott, because he had hundreds of parishioners who worked at Disney (or other business peripheral to the mouse), as THEIR livelihoods would be greatly affected.

    If you don’t feel like can wear clothing from those companies, fine. But be careful about condemning others.

    By the way, I enjoyed the video. We always knew their act was no more spontaneous than anyone else’s, so why are some folks surprised? I agree with whomever said that at least they’re trying to perfect their craft. I enjoy them, but I wish they’d put as much work into perfecting the musical side of the art as they do the choreography.

  50. Wade wrote:

    Amen Brady # 39 you took the words out of my mouth. Gina # 43 evidently YOU have not seen the McK’s very much. I have played in concert with them over 10 x’s and the shoes came off and the spirit came down at the same time every time. If thats changed in the last 5 years I bet she still has the white hanky and the same windmill motion too!!! Which is fine as long as you do not run others down for the same kinda thing. I like the Kingsman & McK’s both but to say they do not have an act is like saying Elvis was just a singer.

    I may rib EH for wearing make up but they still BRING IT EVERY NIGHT!!

    Some of you HOLIER People need to get your head out of the sand.

    As far as Homosexuals go… if some of you had any real idea how many SG singers were homosexual you would LOOSE your mind.

    Some of y’all really need help. Gaggin’ on a gnat and swallow the elephant.

  51. Joe wrote:

    C’mon, Wade- you’re not really serious here, are you?

    “As far as Homosexuals go… if some of you had any real idea how many SG singers were homosexual you would LOOSE your mind.”

    It’s LOSE, by the way…and the Bible clearly states that homosexuals “will not inherit the kingdom of God” (1 Cor. 6:9-10).

    So is your information accurate? or anecdotal? And should we choose to believe you, it would mean we believe that there are innumerable people singing the gospel of Christ, telling others how to go to Heaven, and they’re not headed there themselves?

    At the NQC golf tournament a few years ago, I was riding with one of the very biggest names in SGM, and the 4 of us were talking about this very thing. This singer and manager of a big group, said “and I thought homosexuality was incompatible with being a Christian!” The other 3 of us fully agreed.

    So why is your statement to be believed, and if it really is true, what are you saying about SGM?

  52. A. Nonemus wrote:

    If you are saying that homosexuals should not be in gospel music, or are NOT in gospel music, then you need to get a freakin’ grip, dude.

    Just go to NQC and observe. They’re there…and lots of ‘em are very obvious.

  53. Sissey wrote:

    WOW! I just got a chance to get back to this thread. I have a 14 year old son and he loves SSQ. I think it is wonderful that SSQ is able to draw so many young people to their concerts. I pray God will continue to bless SSQ.

  54. Joe wrote:

    #52- I’m saying that GOD says homosexuals are not going to be in Heaven.

    His Word- not mine.

    So now then, it is YOUR “freakin’ grip” turn to tell the rest of us why such a person SHOULD be in gospel music.

    As my friend so correctly said- “Homosexuality is incompatible with being a Christian”. If you are right, then maybe we have just nailed what’s wrong with SGM.

  55. Wade wrote:

    HI Joe… yes I am being serious and sorry for the using the wrong word.

    Think what you want about homosexuals but there is only 1 sin that keeps you out of heaven. I am not going to get into it…kinda like debating a multitudes of things on this sight.

    A. Nonemus is right.. they are every place and some of the most conflicted & misunderstood ppl on earth. Before i go further I am not one. I just know several who live in misery with the conflict and the fear of being outed.

    I truly believe most can’t help it. I know if suddenly they found some lost scrolls and it said it had been wrong all these years and MEN should be with MEN and Women with Women… well I would just have to sin… there is NO WAY I COULD EVER LIKE GUYS that way.

    I would bet for every group that is full time there is an average of 1 in every group. Some of them are the most respected ppl in the business. If you think Kirk Talley was a isolated incident you seriously have your head in the sand.

    As a group of people though the % of people who are in SGM is about the same as in any form of entertainment. Maybe even the population.

    If you do not think God can use a homosexual to deliver his message well and as Aaron Wilburn says… God Love Your Heart.

  56. Dexter wrote:

    OK #29…I have to step in on your statement about sowing and reaping…in todays Southern Gospel market it IS possible and it is most of the time a fact that you can buy your way to the top…a lot of groups..(I’m not saying EHSS is doing it) but there are quite a few out there who are just throwing money at money…it’s SO sad…you can have the worst song on the radio, but if you have enough can send it to the top of the charts…

  57. brady wrote:

    Well Im sure glad all the homosexuals will have all the “backbiters” to talk to because the Bible lists several sins there. How is the sin of tearing down your brother any worse. The Bible says to hate your brother is to commit murder in your heart. The way people talk on here is clearly not done in love for EH&SSQ. I have seen the McKameys SEVERAL times. It is a routine. Im not saying its wrong but lets be fair to Ernie. McCray acts like he’s insane, Peg kicks her shoes off, Hamill threw people from the stage, Roger Bennett interupted the guys at the same point every time. Do you really think that just happened? As far as the clothes, unless you make all your own clothes, food and cars you support companies that give to the gay agenda. They take the Word of God to the masses. If for nothing else than that you should support them. Their are a LOT of groups that quite frankly make me laugh when they sing but I hope they keep on singing because its not who sings but who the song is about.

  58. Glenn wrote:

    To Wade and HM, if you think that you can ever make a difference to those like Joe, Faith and others, the hypocritical, judgemental, self-righteous posters who think they are the only ones good enough to go to heaven, then save your breath. There have been a lot of intelligent, thought-provoking (and yes good Christian) people who like myself, rarely ever read the comments section anymore. I just like Doug’s perspective and 99% of the time, and that is all I read. The only reason I read these is that EH&SS is one of my favorite groups today. If SG music is to survive, we need groups like this that appeal to the young people. The only thing that will keep this from happening are the folks mentioned earlier. By the way, I am one of the old farts.

  59. Bud wrote:

    Two of the guys are barefoot.

  60. gina wrote:

    Wade, just for the record, I HAVE seen the McKameys many, many times… much more than 10! And sometimes the shoes came off, but most of the time - NOT! To indicate this happens the same time, same place every single night, as the poster did, is simply false. That was my point!

  61. Leebob wrote:

    WOW….All this from watching a video of EH&SS? We do get distracted now don’t we? Neh. 6:3 would be a good verse for all of us to step back, read, then…. BREATHE!!!

  62. Eric Melton wrote:

    Rod Wrote:

    “Most of their peers think they are hokey they just don’t have the guts to say it. ”

    Rod I totally agree. There are many that will talk behind closed doors about numerous people in this business or dare I say ministry. It is just like those in the church that won’t help fix the problem but talk bad about it. Again I stress my point from the Harmony Honors thread that I am not going to bash individuals or groups. It seems to me that those that do are the ones that hide behind fictious names here.

  63. Faith wrote:

    Glenn, #58: “….like Joe, Faith and others, the hypocritical, judgemental, self-righteous posters who think they are the only ones good enough to go to heaven…”

    Um, what exactly did I say that rubbed you the wrong way? What did I say that was hypocritical, judgemental and/or self-righteous???

  64. Dee Dee wrote:

    To Gina # 60 - these days you are very correct. But years ago the shoes did come off every concert. Not finding fault, just that at one time it was a fact. In recent years not so much.

    To Wade #55 - are there homosexuals in the business - yes there are. Is it a sin according to the Bible - yes it is. Are there other sins committed by SGM singers every day - yes. Can they help being homosexuals - I do not believe that a loving and just God would call something sin that a person could not stop doing with God’s help.

    As to your avg - 1 per group- I’d say that is a bit high but only God knows for sure.

    As for this video I didn’t see anything that surprised me there except for a few movements in the beginning that do not fit with the gospel message.

  65. A. Nonemus wrote:



    The reason I do not post my name on here is because I still actively sing and would not want what has been built to get potentially destroyed by some people.

    Am I perfect? No. Am I gay? HELL NO! (Yes, I said that word). Are there gays and lesbians in gospel music? Absolutely. Why are they in gospel music? Lots of times, I think, they feel they can hide their lifestyle behind this industry. They think that because they are singing and the fans get the impression that they are living so much closer to the foot of the Cross than the pew-sitter that there is no way they could ever be homosexual and sing about the Lord.

    Like I said before, spend a week at NQC. They come out in droves and lots of times, all kinda hang out together around the same areas. And some of them are actually flaming about it! I will not name any names, but back in 2005, I was at the booth of a very well known quartet and was talking to their owner/manager and one of the “more flaming” types walked by and said hello and told the owner/manager that if he should ever need have an open spot in his group to call him, cause he’d always wanted to sing with them. After this person walked away and we restarted our conversation, the owner/manager shook his head at me and said he would never hire that boy and how many of those types are actually in gospel music and how NQC should actually now stand for National Queen’s Convention!

    Now, do I feel that homosexuals should be in gospel music? No, BUT if God can overlook their lifestyle and use what talent they do have to further His message and to plant seeds for His Kingdom, then who am I to judge that person? God knows a lot of us have been judged by the “Holier than thou” congregation simply because they are “concerned Christians”. IF GOD CAN USE A HOMOSEXUAL FOR HIS PURPOSE, THE SO BE IT! That person will have to give an account of their lives one day anyhow.

    Sorry about the long post. I’ll step off the soap box now and let somebody else preach a while.

  66. Rod wrote:

    The Clothing/homosexual agenda made by me in #24 was actually a joke…I was more or less after the fact sort of neutral about them…However since there were a lot of ignorant people reading this commentary at the time, my little tidbit put people in a panty wadding frenzy about Ernie and his God like group…First of all guys I am not a homophobe nor do I Like/dislike SSQ. I do however take exception to anyone who calls homosexuals misunderstood or say that they “Can’t” help it…It’s like saying an adulterer can’t help not “keeping it in his/her pants”. People who claim to be Christians and know the word absolutely amaze me…”SIN IS SIN”!!! # 64 well said. God gave us “free will and free choice”. HELLO!!! What part of that do you not understand? Also I DO have a problem with anyone knowing that a company stands for something contrary to Christian beliefs and will still support them. Ignorance is bliss I guess. Lastly A GUY SHOULD NEVER WEAR MAKEUP.

  67. gina wrote:

    Dee Dee - Wow, you must be a bigger fan than I if you saw “every concert years ago”! ;-)

  68. JB wrote:

    #59 Bud - Who the crap cares if they have on shoes or not - GET OVER IT thats just dumb to even mention

    #64 DeeDee - you are stupid what do you see at the start of the video that does not fit with the gospel message.

    GET A LIFE people and talk about something that matters. Stop tearing down people that are trying to do Gods work.

  69. thom wrote:

    As “DD” said - It’s time for a live band!

  70. HM wrote:

    It is a very naive assumption of many to translate the Bible literally. A book which some parts were written several thousand years ago. I too believe that the bible is a representation of the word of God, but the Bible also condones slavery. My question is- which is worse? Condemning another human to a life of forced servitude or condemning others to live a life that is not there own?

  71. Rod wrote:

    Oh by the way Glenn…Do you REALLY think they appeal to the younger generation? Give me a break…I let my 17 and 14 year old daughters watch them and they laughed hysterically. Check the seats at the next SSQ concert.

  72. john masters wrote:

    Rod wrote ” Ignorance is bliss I guess. Lastly A GUY SHOULD NEVER WEAR MAKEUP.”

    Rod, I hope you never do television. To say “NEVER” is to be, as you said, ignorant.

  73. T wrote:

    If those Guy Singers have been to any taping for a video, then they have worn makeup. Otherwise they would look terrible on film. Wearing makeup doesn’t mean anything.

    I mean if they were wearing blush and a dress then maybe you should worry :)

  74. Edie wrote:

    Rod - #71 - I DID check the crowd Wednesday night at the Signature Sound concert in Chicago — kids everywhere! And after the show, they were lined up to get autographs.

    They’re appealing to somebody…to sell out a thousand seats in Chicago on a Wednesday night. I guess “nobody likes it but the people” to quote Bill Gaither.

  75. BillyBob wrote:

    An interesting thread, with all of the twists and turns that these controversial ones seem to bring. A few thoughts of mine as I weigh in. I went to the Singing In The Sun concert series last week, at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center. Four nights and Saturday morning. Five or six groups/soloists each evening. Now, maybe the groups take the tone of the promoter(s), or the promoters only book the folks they know who agree with them; that’s neither here nor there. But, the tone of every concert was spiritual, and the music was excellent. I left that experience realizing again that the ministry and entertainment sides of any genre of gospel music need not be mutually exclusive. And, I was encouraged. And no, Peg didn’t kick off her shoes once, but she still waves that massive hanky and mouths the words as her sister and/or daughter take a solo. I really don’t like that. She steals the thunder of everyone else. But hey, they were really good for their set. The Talley Trio, and Lauren, are about impossible to beat. Lauren has more talent than anyone else in sgm under 35. (imho) BF&A are incredibly improved with new voices, and I could go on. But, back to SSQ, and this whole thread.

    I’ve seen EH&SSQ a number of times live, and enjoy their songs. They share in the Gaither ability to get the massive and slick arrangements. And, like the GVB, the guy who owns them is, to me, the weakest link of the 4 vocally. I also will agree that Tim Duncan does seem rather uncomfortable doing their shtick at times. But vocally, they’re one of the best male quartets out there. Ryan gets pitchy at times, but Doug Anderson is one of the best quartet baritones going, as is Duncan on bass. They are good. When I saw their act for the first time, I bought two Gaither DVD’s, and sure enough, SSQ was on one of them doing their moves. I had my kids, who were 20 and 26 at the time, watch. They pronounced it downright embarrassing…they said that it would have been “cheesy” in the ’80s. Their term. It’s so unique to a traditional genre like sgm, that some might think it’s new and cool. Every kid I’ve talked with has disagreed. Many don’t; but the main reasons I write all of this are twofold: without judging - which we’re forbidden to do - I wonder if they’re doing what they’re doing for the awards of men, more than for the rewards of God. Only He can say. It does seem to me that the major thrust is entertainment, and if you accidentally get a blessing along the way, then that’s great. As such, will a fair bit of their act not be burned up one day? And secondly, my experience at the concerts last week have made me sad for SSQ; they’re possibly losing out on the best - the eternal - and settling for the applause of man. Worst of all, they have the tools to do it more right than my perception is that they are. And yet, I think that soon it’ll be a moot point; Ernie’s in his 40’s, Tim’s in his mid to late
    30’s, I’d guess, and the other two are a bit younger. They aren’t a boy band, and the day is at least approaching when it will look even more awkward than it does now. I just keep wondering if Jesus and His disciples went to one of their shows, what their reaction would be…? Again, it isn’t our place to judge, but we are expected to examine the fruit.

  76. Leebob wrote:

    It’s called self-control people. I have a bent towards gambling and am addictive in nature. It’s self-control that keeps me away from going to that direction. Our society has absolutely NO clue what self-control is. We raise our kids with very few standards and then explain their behavior away with “they can’t help themselves” so we, the “parent problem” that our children have, can be given a way to feel better about the whole thing.

    The Bible calls it temperance and is offered as one of the gifts of the Spirit.

    It’s what keeps the recovering alcoholic from falling off the wagon. It’s what keeps the abuser from abusing. It’s what keeps the sex addict from sexual sins. It’s what keeps the gambler in his house. It’s what will keep the homosexual from delving into his/her particular bent.

    Is there anyone on here that can offer some real Biblical basis for how they “feel”?

  77. CVH wrote:

    I’m sure by this point no one really cares about one of the points made yesterday about EHSSQ using a band rather than tracks. They may be one of the top groups in SG and their revenues would reflect that but even they would have to seriously “consider the cost” of having a live band, even a four-piece one, travel with them.

    Conservatively, in order to get decent, consistent players you’d have to hire them full-time or at least on a contract basis. Five hundred a week would be an insult but let’s say that’s where they start. You have the additional costs of more people on the road - how many coaches are equipped to handle eight rather than four? More gear…more general overhead. They’d still need a sound man because they’d probably do live and with a click and orchestra tracks on some tunes, and the mixing would be more complex. So either their rates would have to increase correspondingly or the profit margin would be cut dangerously thin. A groups monthly budget would increase by several thousand dollars. What do they get a night (depending on the promoter, venue, package, etc.)? I don’t know. Under $10k? A bit more?

    Contrast that with the CCM groups that have full bands…groups like Casting Crowns and Mercy Me are getting between $22,000 and over $30,000 a night plus. Even b-level groups are in the $10k range. They carry full bands, sounds and often lights. They can absorb that overhead in what they charge. I don’t know who gets what in SG but I can’t imagine that the economics of a live band are viable like they were thirty years ago which has got to be one of the largest contributing factors to the dwindling number of groups who do it. It’s easier for set-up and tear-down and less expensive to travel with just tracks even if the perceived quality of the show is diminished because of it. And again, as long as fans come out and whoop and holler and buy table projects and generally slobber over every group that even attempts four-part harmony, the groups aren’t going to feel compelled to change what they do. I’m not sure they even could in today’s economy.

    As for gays in the business, some of the best people I’ve known and/or worked with in music (including Christian music) are gay. I’m not defending their lifestyle choice but to deny gays or bisexuals are a part of the business is simply naive.

  78. Eric Melton wrote:

    LeeBob wrote:

    The Bible calls it temperance and is offered as one of the gifts of the Spirit.

    Temperance is part of the fruit of the Spirit. There are many Christians that don’t possess the gifts of the Spirit. Not because God does not want to give them out to everyone, many do not want to pay the price that it takes to receive them.

    All Christians should bear the fruits of the Spirit though. They should be characteristics of every Christian.

  79. Dee Dee wrote:

    gina- #67 - Since I worked in radio years ago and did attend numerous concerts, I also talked with the group - both Peg and two other members confirmed that Peg kicked off her shoes every night. Now if you want to call them liars, go right ahead.

    JB #68 - first off, there are some hip movements at the very beginning that are suggestive at best and vulgar by many people’s definition. Second, name calling usually means you have no real vocabulary or you lack a valid point or possibly both.

  80. Leebob wrote:

    Eric - slip of the typing finger while I was on a roll. Thank you for the kind correction. I am tired of the excusing of sin, then justifying it because “God is ‘using’ them to reach the masses”.

    It has been my experience in the past when I wasn’t right with God that God was using me in spite of myself because the person I was reaching had a need greater than my own. We are SO ego driven that we don’t return the glory to God but selfishly proclaim that God is using us to reach the masses. Get back to the basics and realize it is all about Him and His will and a few of us might get it right.

  81. gina wrote:

    #79 Did they also confirm to you that it was an orchestrated move that she did at the same point in the same song at the same time every night as the original poster stated? BTW I’ve seen them regularly over the span of the past two decades myself… Awesome group of people.

  82. Leebob wrote:

    As part of a ministry we end up in front of different crowds each night. Most of what happens on the stage, including the music is planned out. We do have moments that are spontaneous including changing songs at the last minute while on stage. That is following direction from the Lord as much as we can. It is a matter of doing all I can to be prepared yet allowing God to move as He needs to.

    To think that anybody, whether it is SSQ, Booth Brothers, McKameys, or anybody else, is going to have a different routine every night is ludicrous. Throw in the fact that we are creatures of habit and it stands to reason how groups made up of people will fall into routines. I don’t have issues with routines that are the same during the course of the year. Where I do have an issue is when somebody tells the same joke or performs the same routine year after year after year after… you get the idea. Some groups act like they are broadway putting on an encore presentation of CATS!

  83. JB wrote:

    DeeDee all I can say is I rest my case at calling you stupid. You must have been turned on by their hips moving, and Im sure that was their intent. hahahaha WHATEVER

  84. Eric Melton wrote:

    There was one big exception to that LeeBob and that was the Kingsmen during the Hamill Days. I work with 2 former Kingsmen here at our offices. A former pianist and a former tenor of The Kingsmen. They did not not know what they were ever going to do till the announcer brought them on stage and Hamill called the first song. He then would not decide what songs 2 and 3 were until they were halfway through the first one. Talk about never having a planned or canned program. Ask anyone that was close to him and Hamill knew best how to read the audience.

  85. JW wrote:

    #70, HM, “It is a very naive assumption of many to translate the Bible literally.”

    Huh? Jesus took the Old Testament literally, so that’s good enough for me.

    As for the New Testament, a careful study of the history of the New Testament say your statement is naive at best.

    “A book which some parts were written several thousand years ago.”

    I wasn’t aware truth and history had an expiration date. At which cutoff date do we erase history from history books?

    “I too believe that the bible is a representation of the word of God, but the Bible also condones slavery.”

    Thrill me….just where does the Bible “condone” slavery? There are tales of adultery, murder (by David among others), incest, etc. Do you think The Bible condones those, too?

    How can you be sure, anyway? If you don’t take The Bible literally how can you even believe it condones slavery?

  86. cynical one wrote:

    I’ve recently been taught that ALL Christians are given spiritual gifts at conversions, just as all people are given natural ablilities at birth. Some chose to exercise and develop those gifts and abilities, while others don’t.

    Not all are given the same gifts, and no one has all the gifts. That’s why some are called to preaching, some to teaching, etc.

    You are correct, though, that we are all to display all the fruit of the Spirit.

    How did we get so far off track?

  87. Carol wrote:

    I think all homosexuals will make it to heaven. It’s the fat people who can’t be tolerated.

  88. Jake wrote:

    Someone said here on this thread that nearly every group has at least one homosexual in it. Let’s see, my two favorite groups are GVB and EHSS. Eight singers, all eight are married, all but one have kids. PHEW — I guess I’m safe this time! Oh yeah, I like the Booth Brothers and Greater Vision too. Six more men — all are married. Either I am on a roll or there are some pretty gay groups that I am not familiar with!

    (I hope you can all tell that my tongue is firmly implanted in my cheek.)

  89. Wade wrote:

    Jake… hate to break it to ya, but being married w/ kids does not always = being straight.

    Gina… Give it up… Peg kicking her shoes off is right up there with Vestal being sick alot and suddenly GETTING healed at the 2nd verse of God Walks the Dark Hills. I have seen the McK 3 times n the last 2 years and she did not… I agree. But back in the 80’s & early 90’s it happened. It is OK… I enjoy seeing the McK’s but it did happen. God Love Your Heart.

  90. Trent wrote:

    #84, Eric Melton. There is one other exception today and that is the Inspirations. No one in the group knows what they will sing until Martin Cook does a piano intro to the song. There is no planned program.

  91. Dexter wrote:

    HA! made me laugh out LOUD! Now that’s funny…

  92. Mike wrote:

    I have attended NQC a few times, and I don’t have my head stuck in the sand. Do you have to look in some obscure places to see the homosexuals who are out in full force? I’ll admit that I often look at certain people (for example, a guy who was carrying what looked like a man purse) who dress in a flamboyant nature and who might have rather femanine/masculine actions and wonder if he/she might be gay. But honestly, I shouldn’t wonder that. It’s not my business for starters, and it’s an act of judgement and jumping to conclusion. I wish I were, but unfortunately, in this human form, I realize that I am not above sin. I’m not saying they’re not out at NQC. I’m just wondering what you’re seeing. I’m not asking who you’re seeing but what you’re seeing. And I’m wondering if you’re not presuming certain things about people that have no actual basis. Maybe you have to be in the know or in the loop so to speak to know who is gay and who is not.

    Also, is Wayne Haun playing piano for EH&SS? How long has this been going on? How did that relationship develop? I thought Wayne was more of a studio guy who also wrote songs, more of a guy that worked with various artists (like Greater Vision and the Perrys).

    Let me hear you friends.

  93. LW wrote:

    Can I have some crackers with that cheese?

  94. deedee wrote:

    #81 Gina, if you read my posts you will see I just confirmed that they did it every night at one time (I didn’t draw conclusions then or now) if it’s the spirit - good for them, if it’s not - anything I say is nothing compared to what they will answer for. You had said they didn’t do it every night - at one time they did and they confirmed that. No judgments just a statement of fact.

    #91 JB, my niece who is 16 years old was in the room with me when I wanted this. Her comment - ‘Yuck - I’d expect to see that at some of the places I’ve gone but not a gospel concert. They need to act their age and get a life.’

    This is some ’sheltered Christian girl’ - between her mom and dad she’s seen about everything you can imagine. I’ve gotten her to go to a couple of concerts (Booths, Hoppers, Gold City and Perrys) that she enjoyed - different reasons for each group and a few she didn’t enjoy (Piephers, Inspirations, Kingsmen, and Kingdom Heirs) - different reasons on these as to what she didn’t enjoy.

    SSQ is scheduled to be about an hour from us later this year and I was going to take her even though they aren’t my favorite group but she actually noticed the hip movements first and said ‘does that “old guy(remember she is only 15)” think he is going to turn somebody on?’ When she found out that was the group I had offered to get the tickets for she said ‘thanks but no thanks, let me know when a group that’s not looking for a hoocey momma is around and maybe we will go.’

    So while you may want to act like a 3rd grader and resort to name calling, there is a valid reason why I don’t care for their actions. Again- you proved my precious comment to be true, when someone doesn’t have a valid argument or a decent vocabulary they resort to name calling.

  95. Ted wrote:

    They need to hire Jesse Dixon as a consultent.

  96. Eric Melton wrote:

    To Trent:

    You are absolutely right about the Inspirations. The many times I have seen them in concert through the years I have never seen the same program twice. I personally have enjoyed everything they have done. I at one time had 25 of their recordings on vinyl. Still to this day they may sing anyone of the songs of their earlier years in their concerts.

    Martin Cook has been a gifted man throughout the years to lead such a fine quartet. There are some that may not like what they do, however they still have a large fan base, they still put people in the seats and they do sell records. Whatever formula the Inspring Ones have they have been successful.

  97. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #92: I think Wayne is just with them for the summer, like Gordon Mote was last year when Roy Webb left.

  98. Phil Boles wrote:

    I think SSQ are Great, Godly and Gracious in what they seek to do…..

    As Ernie told me in Belfast on the 7th March of this year…”Different Hair, but the same message”

  99. Ethan wrote:

    Wayne Haun plays piano for EHSS full time. Ernie announced on the EHSS message board a while back that he was their full time piano player. Ernie said having Wayne on the road with them would help him in song writing and would make it easier in working out arrangements for their songs. Plus, he is a pretty good piano player.

    #75, I think Jesus and His disciples would be happy to see people who are excited about the love He has shown us and for the gift of salvation. Why shouldn’t you be able to have fun at a Christian concert?

    #98 Phil, you are right. They are as good as gold. Maybe all of you naysayers who have nothing else better to do than criticize them should actually go see them in one of their solo concerts and spend some time talking to them. I would be willing to say that you would have a change of heart. Their concerts are not only entertaining, but they are spiritually filling. I have gotten a real blessing every time I have seen them in concert. I also know of people who have been saved as the result of seeing and hearing them sing.

    I guess some people just can’t stand it and have to try to find something negative to say about everyone and everything.

  100. Aaron Swain wrote:

    I was looking at pictures, and it looks like Jessy Dixon will be on their new video.

  101. Ricky Cole wrote:

    Did anyone see their dove award performance a couple of years ago? It was just embarassing. i felt embarassed for them and SG.

  102. Realistic wrote:

    Actually, I did see EHSS sing “Glory to God in the Highest” at the GMA/Dove Awards, and I was surprised at how positively they were received. (Just for the record, I’m not an EHSS groupie; I was just an observer.) That high energy song woke up the jaded industry insiders, and most were smiling. Perhaps you would assume that they were smiling out of derision, but I don’t think that was the consensus of those in attendance.

  103. gina wrote:

    #94 deedee - One more thing before I ‘let this go’… Actually, you need to read MY statements again. I said this is not done at the same point in the same song at the same time every night.
    I think it’s your facts that are a little off, since post #91 is not JB, and your niece went from age 16 to age 15 in one paragraph! ha

  104. Dee Dee wrote:

    Gina, I’m typing with a broken wrist so I apologize for the typo on her age (as well as several other typos but one handed typing isn’t my area of expertise) but 15 or 16, she is a teenager and her reaction was the same. I didn’t proof read before I hit post.

    As for the McKameys, during the period of time that I was discussing - the shoes coming off always happened on ‘God On The Mountain’ - not sure if it as the same exact place but it was the song we were discussing when several of them said ‘yep it happens’. Again - it doesn’t matter to me one way or the other as to my opinion of them. But during that period of time (a couple of years) they did do it on that song and they were even tell you ‘it always happens’.

  105. JB wrote:

    Deedee I think you are full of shit…….

  106. HML wrote:

    Haha, some of these comments are funny to skim over. That video was taken by an official source and originally posted on the EHSS website. It cracks me up ’cause they are just doing what they do and loving it.

    Everyone (quite clearly) has their own opinion about EHSS. I respect the people who honestly feel like they can’t support EHSS, and if it bothers you that much you shouldn’t. I’m 20ish and was raised pretty “sheltered”, but the moves have always been just fun to me…which is kinda the point. Yeah, it looks silly! But they aren’t afraid of us laughing along with them. I’ve also been moved to tears countless times as Doug pours his heart into a song or Ernie closes with prayer. I don’t say this in defense of them because they don’t need it. They know who supports them and who is going to show up when it matters, and none of this is going to change that.

    Also, I was in Chicago for the taping and it was a different kind of night. I think overall there is going to be a more “serious” and mature tone than people have previously seen of EHSS…should be interesting. :)

  107. Leebob wrote:

    Alot of groups have been mentioned here by name. Some I like, some I don’t particularly care for, mostly a matter of taste and not content (the ‘twang’ factor I keep talking about). Since the topic has digressed from SG to “hunting homosexuals”…what I am counting on is that out of all these groups surely there isn’t an average of 1 per group that would be considered homosexual. My guess is that those who are throwing out the numbers have actually attempted some kind of real survey with real numbers that people would be willing to answer. Toss in a couple of names and you would have a nice libel suit on your hands.

    I have learned alot during nearly 46 years of living, 25 of which have been ministry oriented, and what I continue to learn is that you cannot judge a person by what they wear or how they act. There have been some dear friends that a few years ago I would not have been able to get beyond these “minor” issues to get to the real person.

    The real message behind these child-like blogs: Dads, teach your boys how to act and dress like men and moms teach your girls to act and dress like ladies and some of this fuss would be eliminated. People cannot get beyond clothes and actions to make a judgement in their minds and refrain from acting in kind.

    Now the real question: just what IS dressing and acting like a man and lady?

  108. Aaron Swain wrote:

    Hoo boy… it’ll be interesting to sit back and watch the fireworks in answering that last question!

  109. Ethan wrote:

    #101, Yes, I saw it. What was embarrassing about it? I thought they did great.

  110. Ricky Cole wrote:

    Realistic, the crowd was bored, people were getting up and walking out of the auditorium for what I assume was a “good time for a bathroom break”, and the ones who sat there seemed to be chatting and catching up with old friends (or to an SSQ fan maybe they were so excited about the group, they had to share their reaction with their neighbor). I’m not putting them down. I have only seen them live a few times, but the times I have, it just seems like they are trying way too hard, and the crowd response hasn’t been overwhelmingly good.
    But, they’re selling albums and doing good. From a business standpoint, they are bringing it in. If that’s their game, they’re winning. I guess I just take the word “artist” a little more seriously than most. Especially when it comes to SG. I wouldn’t put them in any other category than I would with cloggers, magicians, and Branson acts. Great entertainment.

  111. Jeremy wrote:

    I don’t get this whole dress your age thing. I never knew that a certain brand was made for a certain age. I guess every time I have a birthday I need to go find a book somewhere and figure out what brands I should be wearing and not wearing. YEAH RIGHT!!! I think if you are dressing modestly then it is the other people with issues. They need to get over themselves and worry about other things like maybe themselves. Last I checked none of us are perfect and I am sure they might have a problem or two they could work on instead of complaining about everyone else. I have a feeling that these are the same people that think that everybody should wear a three piece suit and part your hair over to one side if you are outside mowing the lawn or swimming in the pool. God forbid that the neighbor see you and you cause him to stumble. Give me a break!!!

    For as long as I can remember there has always been critics. And they only have one job and that is to criticize, whether it is founded or not. The Bible talks about judging people by their fruits and judging by the heart. It doesn’t matter whether you are singing to an arena of 2500 people or to a group of 25 people. The question is are you seeing people saved and are you ministering to peoples needs. Listen to songs like Forgiven Again. Like George used to say, if that don’t light your fire, your woods wet.

    And speaking of the Cathedrals, one comment said that George and Glen are turning over in their graves. George and Glen dealt with criticism just like SSQ is. They were “over the edge” in their day as well. When they did the With Brass and With Strings LPs those types of arrangements weren’t being done and no one was doing stuff with full orchestration. How many songs do you hear today that don’t have full orchestration? Very few. Even into the 70’s they were doing contemporary songs like Rise Again. Just because Dallas Holms was on a gaither video does not mean that he was southern gospel. He was one of the front contemporary artist of his day. Up to the early 80s the Cathedrals were struggling for fan base and struggling financially. They had lost a lot of their tradition fans because they kept pushing more and more contemporary. (I also need to add they didn’t always wear suits and ties either) In the early 80’s Bill Gaither produced an LP for them called Something Special. About half of the songs were Gaither penned and included songs like Let Freedom Ring and Step into the water. At the time they were doing the Gaither Praise gatherings which weren’t southern gospel star studded events. You had people like Michael English, Larnelle Harris, Sandi Patti, Bryan Duncan, and Steve Green hanging around that weren’t southern gospel.

    Even back to the Statesmen days, gospel DJs were breaking their LPs on the air because they had the “sinful“ French Horn and sinful “modern harmony” in their music. Hovie was asked about using certain chords and antics that made it lean toward the music of the day. He replied that if it was keeping kids out of bars and off the streets he would keep doing it. There is hardly a quartet today that hasn’t done a Statesmen song with the same arrangements or holds Hovie Lister, Jake Hess, Jack Toney, Chief, or Rosie Rozell as the top in the field. In fact the Kingdom Heirs just recorded a project called Off The Record A Tribute to the Statesmen. It was the same arrangements down to the T that the Statesmen did. I didn’t hear any uproar over that one.

    The Imperials were another controversial group. When Jake first put the Imperials together he hand picked them and because he did he was seen as stealing other peoples group members. They were the first gospel group to travel with a live band. Lets see … who else has done that in the last20 years. Gold City, Kingsmen, Kingdom Heirs, and the list goes on. They are the top in the field. They were the first interracial group because they hired Sherman Andrus. Lets not forget that Armond or Joe were not of white Caucasian decent but yet it took hiring a black guy to make it an interracial thing.

    Consistency! Consistency! Consistency! It’s all about consistency. If someone complains about something that was wrong 50 years ago that means that it is still wrong today. The standards of right and wrong do not change from day to day or from year to year. And just because someone wears something with a particular name on it does not mean that they are trying to be 20 again. No matter how long I stand in a car garage I am still not going to turn into a car. So lets go spread the good news of Jesus Christ and it would help if we could be happy about it.


  112. A. Nonemus wrote:

    RE- #111
    As far as “Gaither penned songs”, if I’m not mistaken, didn’t Kirk Taley write “Step Into the Water”?

    Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  113. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #112: Yes, Kirk Talley wrote “Step Into The Water.” George Younce mentioned that fact on The Cathedrals’ Reunion video.

  114. jon wrote:

    I looked on youtube and didn’t see where it was titled “how the sausage is made”…so wh are we exactly saying is gay here?

  115. apathetic wrote:

    Didn’t Kirk Talley write “He Touched Me” ? Or at least inspired it. LOL.

  116. Rod wrote:

    Let me clarify something since I obviously opened a can of worms on the homosexual agenda comment and ruffled John Masters feathers with the makeup comment…First of all I was kidding about the Homo agenda thing although they do promote that lifestyle (AE, Hollister, Etc.) and if you are on TV I do understand the makeup thing. However I have seen them in regular concerts and in street clothes in Makeup and that my friend to me is QUEER…You don’t like it tough. If it LOOKS like a duck, WALKS like a duck, It’s probably a DUCK… Ding, ding, ding…Tell them what they’ve won Bob. And yes I am one of those “people” that still thinks homosexuality is an abomination (so does God) and a choice.

  117. Rod wrote:

    OK, Ok…I am not accusing them of being Gay. Still MAKEUP??? Their wives must be proud…Probably all the way to the bank. Well, maybe Ernies Bank. :)

  118. Rod wrote:

    They are pretty though…Ok It’s late and I’m bored. WWJDS…What would JD Say.

  119. reeksofjealousy wrote:

    People… you do realize that this is only stage makeup? All kinds of SG artist use it. Not just EHSSQ. The lights and production that are used for their concerts and the Homecoming shows call for that type of thing. And yes, they travel with their own lighting system, so it’s not like they are going down to the First Baptist of Nowhere wearing makeup, nor are the guys sharing the bathroom mirror with their wives making sure they have their makeup on right before they take them out on a date. This kind of nit-picky thing just reeks of jealousy. Same as with the clothes, hair, whatever. People, if you don’t like it, don’t go. Just remember, there will be 250,000 other people who will show up and like it just fine.

  120. sockpuppet wrote:

    Yes 250,000 — them and the Hoppers

  121. Chuck Stevens wrote:

    Saw Ernie and the guys in Tulsa Saturday night with Gaither and Wayne Haun was indeed at the piano. The were realy solid. I could do without the dancing most of the time, but they were right on vocaly. Vocal Band was top notch that night as well. Bill seemed to be having a great time on stage. I like their new stage setup.

  122. Leebob wrote:

    Not hard to sound bad with all those stacks now is it? There is no way, with al the dancing that you are going to get quality sound. Go back to youtube and the practice and I rest my case. They are average sounding at best without the stacks.

  123. Dewey Cox wrote:

    Hey big Rod, why so harsh? If you think they are all queer, why so intrigued. Sounds like you might be dealing with some issues yourself (queer) If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck then your probably a duck.
    I am a middle aged guy with a family of my own.
    I have seen these guys in concert at least 10 times. Never have I walked away questioning their motives. I know they work hard at what they do and obviously care what they look like . That doesn’t by any standard make them gay. It only means they are professionals. Maybe some others should take a look to see how it should be done. Maybe its good they don’t. EHSS will just stand out even more. ROD YOU HAVE NO CLUE!

  124. Dewey Cox wrote:


  125. Appalled wrote:

    Wow! First of all, I have to say that I have never come to a site like this and I am absolutely appalled. It makes me sad that “Christian” people have gathered together on a site to say very hateful things about some really great guys. The thing is that I know them personally–their beliefs, their “agendas” and their hearts. They do believe what they sing and enjoy doing it. All I have to say is that I feel sorry for MOST of you!

  126. SGM FAN wrote:

    Does anyone else miss the days when 4 men could walk out on the stage (sometimes around a single microphone) and rely on their own God-given talent?

    To be sure, George, Glenn with their Cathedrals over the course of many years were ahead of their times in many ways, utilizing strings and brass and the London Symphony Orchestra. However, until later years, when voices began to fail from age, they could walk out and actually sing.

    Has anyone besides me ever wondered who sings bass in the tracks for Bill Gaither? I could swear it used to be George Younce’s voice in the mix. Bill is a baritone…and barely that. Certainly not a bass.

    I’ve asked several prominent professional quartet men, “who sings bass for Bill, now that George is gone?” I always get the same reaction. A knowing smile and no comment or denial.

    All this to say that using a lot of the contemporary gimmicks and tricks of the trade have reduced SGM from a pure, unique art form to something that is less than honest.

  127. Harry Peters wrote:

    #126 SGM Fan: I miss the days you are talking about too. I didn’t much care for Elvis bumping and grinding and was never an Elvis fan. If I was going to pay someone to see it, I’d rather have paid Elvis, doing it solely for his own benefit than Ernie who presents himself to be bumping and grinding for Jesus. Elvis wore a scarf, but didn’t use Foundation make-up and eye shadow. He didn’t arch his eyebrows, either. I guess old Ernie is what they call one of those “metro-sexuals,” and THAT’s probably why he knows “how sausage is made.”

  128. James wrote:

    I would like to know when all of you experts have seen Ernie Haase wear make-up other than on videos? On the videos, they wear stage make-up b/c of the lights. I have seen them multiple times in concert and have met and talked with them and have never seen them in make-up. I also have never seen Ernie bump and grind. I think some of you are making things up b/c of your hatred for EHSS and their success.

  129. Harry Peters wrote:

    James…I could care less how much money Ernie earns. The video that started this thread is out of line and over the top for Southern Gospel Music purists. I had SSQ at my church on their very first tour back in the days he was trying to be a rock star and be sponsored by Sharpie. I fed all of them. Under florescent lights, it was obvious that there was foundation makeup and a shade of lavender eye shadow. As far as bumping and grinding and waving your hands at the same place in every song goes….by the way, it’s called choreography…it’s all theatre, acting and being staged. All of that is fine, just don’t pass it off as ministry. Call it what it is. Ernie making a buck!

  130. James wrote:

    Harry, I never mentioned anything about how much money Ernie makes. I could care less and neither should you. They are singing to large crowds every single time they go out on stage. They were the first group to have a #1 song on 4 different charts at the same time.

    I didn’t see anything wrong with the video. Tim Duncan was goofing around during the scandalous hip movements. If you ever actually see them in person, you will see they actually don’t have choreography during every song. More often than not, they don’t.

    You are going to stick by your story no matter what. I have never seen them wearing lavender eye shadow.

    I am willing to say that the Statesmen are one of your all-time favorite quartets. I like them too. By the way, in case you were wondering, I am 30 years of age. So, I can and do appreciate older groups. However, the same things being said about EHSS were said about the Statesmen. I’m not saying EHSS are the Statesmen, but you can compare the two. There was as much vitriol and hatred for the Statesmen as there is for EHSS and I don’t get it.

    The Dove Brothers have choreography too. How about them? Why are they not criticized in the same manner?

    I get tired of the “Christian” community eating their own. When someone comes along and has some success, we have to tear them down. Christians have a hard enough time fighting Satan, we don’t need to make Satan’s job easier by helping him out attacking other Christians.

    All of the EHSS haters need to get a life and get over it. The Lord is using this group to reach people who otherwise would not give Southern Gospel music the time of day. I have a friend who was saved as the result of listening to and watching EHSS. For what you are condemning, the Lord is blessing.

    Perhaps I should get a life too and stop responding to garbage and nonsense.

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