In the good ole summertime

I turned in my grades a few days ago, which means the summer is here for me. I know, I know … the hard life of a teacher. I won’t even try to explain how much I actually will be working, just on a much more self-directed schedule than during the academic year.

Instead, let’s talk bidness: My goal this summer is to review an album a week. There’s a stack of cds head high on the floor of my office at home, so there’s no way I’ll get to all of them. But a weekly review seems like a decent way to ground the conversation over the summer in the core product and music we’re all interested in. If you’ve spent any time here at all, you know I approach reviewing a little more comprehensively than a lot of people. Reviews are a lot of work for me … listening and relistening, making up my mind, changing it, and then changing it back again for different reasons, and finally articulating myself more or less coherently (I hope).

So we’ll see how it goes. Let me know of you have particular requests. Timeliness of the release doesn’t matter much to me. In fact, I often prefer to review stuff that people have had time to listen to and think about.

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  1. not a grammarian wrote:

    Coherence is the LEAST of your worries!
    How about comparing the new Charlotte Ritchie(Bridges Over Blue) to the old one (Closer)?

  2. Robert wrote:

    Sounds like a great idea. Are you going to just review SG or branch out into other forms of Christian music?

  3. Matt G. wrote:

    How about the Perry’s newest release, or a classic like the Goodman’s Wanted Live?

  4. Brian wrote:

    I can hardly wait. Stay tuned for more verb conjugation and we may actually get into some past participles…mmm tasty!

    Actually, I think it will most interesting to see who you think is “doing it right”, if anyone.

  5. Grigs wrote:

    I bought the new GVB CD last week and I really need somebody to tell me if I should like it. Musicscribe Murray reviewed it, but I’d have to buy a Singing News to read what he thinks. :)

  6. Scott Holmann wrote:

    Hey Doug ………. I’d love to see you do a review of THE COLLINGSWORTH FAMILY’s - WE STILL BELIEVE. With them being the newest addition to the larger Gaither dates on the 2008 Homecoming Tour, their visibility in the performance arena has been greatly heightened.

    I noted that NQC is still not using them this year tho’. That’s nothing new …… NQC is slow to the draw on almost everything. I guess havin’ a bunch of good ‘ole boys (who think they still got the world by the tail, but could’nt sing their own way out of a wet paper bag) in the drivers seats has got to be FRUSTRATION EXTRAORDINAIRE for the likes of Clarke Beasley, Gerald Wolfe, & Scott Fowler.

    The Collingsworth Family brought the house down on the Gaither Show at Ft Worth which was broadcast live on DayStar. I enjoyed being there in the audience. Phenominal. They received the largest applause/standing O of the evening ….. for sure.

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