Relabeling Roy

Just flipped through my May issue of the Singing News and was delighted to find that Roy Pauley’s column will cease being “In My Opinion” and henceforth be more properly titled “The Good Ole Days are Always Better with Roy.” Ok. I made that up. Actually, it looks like Pauley’s column will become “Roy Pauley’s School of Quartet History,” which seems just about right insofar as it tactfully conveys Pauley’s tendency to conflate “old” and “superior.” Whoever made this decision, good call.

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  1. Kyle wrote:

    I’m surprised they didn’t go with the obvious: “New Stuff SUCKS”….

  2. Grigs wrote:

    If this means he’s going to focus more on history and less on criticism, it’s good news. I always enjoyed his historical columns.

  3. gc wrote:

    Does Roy still have a man crush on Mccray Dove? His name comes up in every article..Best songwriter,Lead Singer , Emcee, Arranger?

  4. SGforever wrote:

    Thought I’d stir the pot a bit. Just read over on Singing News that it seems Greg Crowe has left or been fired from Poet Voices. Whichever the case it just proves the unstable issues Phil Cross has with employees. If the group would just define what they are about and stick to it already!

  5. mike wrote:

    roy pauley is retarded

  6. Tim Nichols wrote:

    Kyle (#!) - You made me chuckle…good one!!

  7. RF wrote:

    Funny how things go where they are supposed to go. In certain parts of West Virginia, Roy Pauley is a legend (that’s his home). In my business travels, I run into people all the time who know Roy and the first comment is always, “That guy knows more about southern gospel than most people have forgotten.” So, congratulations to Salem and the Singing News. It’s the perfect venue for Mr. Pauley.

  8. irishlad wrote:

    RP’s column always irrated me, full of throw away lines and off the top of the head remarks. His specialality was generalising and simplifying a chosen topic to an annoying degree. Much to shallow for the discerning reader.

  9. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Talking about the 8th wonder of the world!
    This blogger really made a nice compliment.
    All the time off from this blog in recent months must have some some good.
    LOL & TGIF!

  10. natesings wrote:

    Don’t forget that John Rulapaugh is better than David Phelps.

  11. Tom K. wrote:

    natesings (9), what in the world did you say? If Roy said or wrote that, he’s ready for the funny farm!! Thought he might be before, but it’s time to call for the truck.

  12. natesings wrote:

    If memory serves, I think he did a top ten tenor list or something to that effect and David was lower John. Nothing against Rulapaugh. He is a good tenor and a super nice guy but I don’t think anyone is better than Phelps in my opinion.

  13. gc wrote:

    And don’t forget that Mccray Dove is one of the top five arrangers ever! When I see the Dove Brothers, originality is not the very first thing that comes to mind. Good group but top five ever?

  14. Ben Harris wrote:

    #5, Trust me Roy is far from retarded, and for you to make such a statement is out of line. As the poster above said, he is more knowledgable of Southern Gospel music than any many I know, His passion runs deep for the music and his commitment is without question. I am lucky to call him a friend.

  15. gc wrote:

    I am sure that Roy is a great guy, very capable but he does not and will not acknowledge artist that are not in his mold.His comments in a major publication help strangle the creativity of younger more progressive artist. We refuse to admit that more people were saved at Casting Crown concerts than the whole genre of SG in the last year.We need creativity and progressive actions to present the message of Christ in SG. We don’t need to be Inspo or Contemporary, we just need to do what we (SG) do better! It is great to remember the past and honor those incredible people who paved the way but we are embedded in the past.

  16. irishlad wrote:

    Comparing Dp with Jr is not comparing like for like. Compare jr with bill shaw or denver crumpler if u fancy, however in those days qts did not have a tenor who sounded like dp. He’s a product of the times.

  17. Ben Harris wrote:

    I do not believe that his comments have strangled anything. In fact, I wish more of today’s youth would take an interest in the history that brought us to this point. Maybe their presentations would improve if they did. As far as Casting Crowns are concerned, I am not sure where you got that information, but I would be highly suspious of stating such a bold statement without facts to back it up. All Roy has ever asked for is for would be artists not forget where we came from and strive to be as musically accurate as possible. I for one would love to see the musical side of things improved tremendously. I tire easily of three chords and a cloud of dust and inaccurate pitch and meter. I ask you, what is wrong with wanting SG to be better than it is?

  18. Tony Brown wrote:

    There is a reason Mr. Pauley’s column was named as it was, it was all his opinion. I sincerely hope that one man’s opinion hasn’t strangled anyone’s creativity, but if it has it must not have been a very strong creative streak to begin with. I disagree with much of what he has said in the past, but there is much I agreed with also. His consistent stand for quality speaks volumes for where his interest lies.

  19. gc wrote:

    That was my point!

    “We don’t need to be Inspo or Contemporary, we just need to do what we (SG) do better!”

  20. quartet-man wrote:

    Admittedly much of Roy’s column seemed to be that the glory days are in the past and there is very few doing it right today. I still enjoyed reading much of his stuff from a historical aspect, enjoyed learning more, and did enjoy when he commented positively on some of today’s artists and groups (which he did do sometimes.) However, he did rate JR first and David Phelps second. They are two very different tenors, but as good as JR is, I don’t put him in the same league with Phelps, but then it is hard to think of anyone in Christian music who is. Hampton has a very nice sound, Larnelle did although he wasn’t close to being SG, Jim Murray had a nice sound, and sang SG, but none of these are really SG tenors. I suppose that might have been what Pauley was looking at, but it still seems really out there. :)

  21. Ted wrote:

    It is true that Roy has a thing against most of todays groups. His big issue is attire, and a lack of respect for those who led the way. I always like reading his column because I learn a little history and see the pot stirred a little.

    I say let SN keep his column and add another columnist who has a more contemporary view. Lets hope he, or she is not afraid to speak out for new ideas that may or may not upset the old guard like Pauley.

  22. Brittni wrote:

    Roy Pauley’s article has always been based purely on his opinion and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. No one can argue which singers are the best because talent is all relative; it depends on who you ask. That is unless you’re judging a singer on their technical abilities, and if that’s the case then I think there are very few who are actually capable of making those observations who work for the Singing News or any other Southern Gospel publication for that matter. Although I may be wrong, and I’m sure if that’s the case one of you will be happy to point it out. haha! ;-)

  23. Adam wrote:

    Roy Pauley is one of the kindest and most encouraging men I have ever be privileged to call a friend. Roy is not the stick-in-the-mud that so many believe he is. He has a firm view of what Southern Gospel is and has always has been. Many of us have our own firm view. I respect his opinion and dedication to class and respect from the platform. Talk to any other man his age with his experience and you will get many of the same statements that Roy has made over the years.

    Kudos to SN for not ending the column altogether. I’m sure Roy will fully bloom in his new role as SG History Teacher.

  24. quartet-man wrote:

    There’s no shame in his views and I appreciate his desire to keep or put back quality in SG. His article was called In My Opinion, so there you go. However, I think he probably ran out of things to talk about some time ago unless there were deaths or new groups he discovered. I did enjoy reading his take on things, but by the same token his take did sometimes seem like I joked years ago about each article being the new stuff is no good, the old stuff was. (I can’t recall how I did it, but many on the Oaks board were in agreement with my take.) In other words, it seemed like one article was about the same as others (although he did concentrate on different aspects sometimes.)

  25. Ted wrote:

    One more thing, Roy is one of those guys I would love to sing down and pick his brain for a few hours over a good steak. The man knows his history, and we need them.
    Singing news, if you are reading this, keep him, and give him a raise!

  26. A. Nonemus wrote:

    Ben Harris,
    You made the comment that you were “highly suspicious” about more souls being saved thru Casting Crowns that all of SG. I’ve always had a high regard for you, your group, and for Mr. Pauley, but the bottom line is that more people ARE coming to Christ thru groups like Casting Crowns and other non-southern gospel acts. Simply because Southern Gospel music is really a niche market and is very miniscule compared to other forms of christian ministry/entertainment. And I love SGM thru and thru, but I would bet money that even non-CCM groups like the Fox Brothers and Mid South (when they wer still touring) even exposed more people to Christ than groups in Southern Gospel simply because the majority of the groups in SGM are “preaching to the choir” for the most part because almost all of the people that go to southern gospel concerts are churched people. A lot of the “younger” people are turned off by SGM. Its a shame, but its truth.

  27. Jim Gerdes wrote:

    I had the great experience to meet Roy Pauley at the GOGR last year and to chat with him and Eddie Crook for an hour. The three of us just happened to sit in the lobby one afternoon in the same area. What a treat. Both of these gentlemen are just that “gentlemen”, and I feel blessed to have had that experience. I usually find myself agreeing with Roy in his articles, however I am sure he tries to say things that will encourage discussion–which is what we are doing now, I guess.

  28. Leebob wrote:

    I’m still in shock (and happy) that SN put the Booth Brothers on the cover even without the tie!!!!!

  29. Adam wrote:

    Leebob, there is a discussion in itself… SN’s “standards.”

    SGM has always been famous for the “talent” wearing, what was labeled, appropriate attire. My question is this, “In a culture where nearly everything is now appropriate, when does/will SGM’s ’standards’ (i.e. NQC, SN, pastoral/church standards, etc.) morph towards the mainstream?”

  30. Aaron Swain wrote:

    #29: Well, that would give Roy at least 3 columns on that if they did “morph towards the mainstream.”

  31. Cliff Cerce wrote:

    I feel privileged to call Roy Pauley a friend. He has invited our group to have dinner with him and his wife, Amy, the next time we sing in his area of Florida.

    I appreciate that:

    1. He has convictions and knows what he believes.

    2. He is pretty consistent in his views.

    3. He appears to really attempt to be fair.

    4. He understands inherently, as all Gospel singers should today (of all Gospel genres), that understanding what has gone before is necessary if one is going to properly perfect their craft - and also necessary to be able to minster effectively to more than just one generation (especially in a church setting).

    And as far as how many souls are won through Casting Crowns as opposed to other groups, I suspect that not one of the souls we have won to the Lord over the years will complain to Him in eternity that our music was not as relevant to them as it could have been.

    Remember - Jesus is the “Author and Finisher” of our faith. He alone gets the full and complete credit for those saved - not us or Casting Crowns.

  32. Ann wrote:

    Do any of you really know how long Roy has been in the business? Shortly after weaning. Probably before most of you were born and if you add up the years, it’s amazing. He probably has more SG knowledge in his little finger than anyone I know.

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