Housekeeping: Two tech questions

Well, actually one question, one peeve, but both WordPress related so if you’re not a techie and/or not a WordPresser, you’ll probably want to tune out.

Question, in two parts: does anyone experience the following problem with IE and Firefox? First part: In IE, when I compose an entry with the WP editor, IE eliminates all line breaks, creating one long unbroken post. This happens both with new posts and if I open existing posts that have the right line breaks in them already and then resave in IE - zap! line breaks? Via con dios. Second part of the question: With Firefox, when I paste in YouTube video embed code and save, Firefox wants to rearrange the html commands and insert troublesome paragraph markers that distort not just the post in question but the entire blog. I can trick it into doing the right thing, but it requires me to use a complicated and ginned up workaround that makes re-editing the post after it’s up very difficult. Could these be version-specific issues with the browsers? Or do other people experience these issues as well? I’d love not to be alone here because this kind of stuff drives me insane.

Peeve: the Akismet spam filter (shout out: Tom!) has been missing alot of spam lately. This is mostly just annoying (as opposed to maddening), and I’m actually more curious about the “art” of spamming so that some spam gets through gatekeeping systems (and Akismet actually seems pretty smart to me in general) while most do not. But still, if there’s a trick I’m missing that would mean I could keep this gambling/poker/joker/smoker spam I’ve been getting lately from sneaking through, I’d obviously want to know that too.

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  1. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    The only way I’ve ever been able to embed YouTube videos is by going into the code section and inserting the Object tags inside a Table.

    Your mileage may vary depending on your theme.

    I generally paste anything I’ve copied under the Code tab rather than the Visual tab. My rule of thumb is to use Visual only when I’m typing a fresh post. Otherwise, I use the Code tab.

    Regarding line breaks, I don’t think I’m getting the same specific results you mentioned, but it does freak out from time to time. Don’t you just love technology that automatically assumes you were too dumb to do it right the first time?

  2. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    The only predictable way I’ve found to keep Wordpress from messing with my code when embedding a YouTube video is to turn off the visual editor in the user preferences. Then, once the post is up, I turn it back on.

  3. Jefftoyou wrote:

    What is the deal with Poet Voices? Some new guy is singing with them. They were running the stacked vocals so loud you could actually hear Greg Crowe still singing lead over their live singing. Good luck to Greg as full time music minister. He’ll go far with his new career. Poet Voices seems to still be spinning it’s wheels or spinning out of control or both!

  4. quartet-man wrote:

    I guess Greg leaving and getting a replacement would’ve been housekeeping if Greg were let go. :)

  5. Charles Brady wrote:

    I’m afraid we are at the crossroads of what is becoming a very public battle between members/former members of 2 groups. The really sad part is that neither will ever win this public relations nightmare and it makes both groups (and those calling for them and posting for them) look like the backside of a donkey.

    It is a real shame to see this type of behavior among “professionals?”

    I’m not impressed and neither is anyone else. Grow up! You may have to share the stage together again and it doesn’t look good to promoters when you have to list all the people you can’t share the stage with in your contract riders.

    Now I love all you guys but a public battle unfortunately requires a public rebuke and a public resolution. You now have your public rebuke and it’s time to resolve this and put an end to it once and for all. This junk is like a cancer and it doesn’t go away without cutting it out and it takes some follow-up treatment afterwards.

    It’s one thing for Doug and his cronies to stir up a bunch of mess over here because it’s his site and he can do that and bear the future consequences of his actions. But when you guys from the groups and labels engage each other in public attacks and make calls to those of us in the media trying to stir something up then you’ve crossed a-very-fine-line of decency and professionalism that does nothing but set our genre back and detract from the real task at hand.

    Housekeeping? Clean this mess up before your Father gets here or He’ll set all your tails on fire!

  6. Revpaul wrote:

    This has got to be the strangest thread yet!

    a. Computer problem
    b. Wordpress YouTube problem
    c. PV problem (out o’ left field)
    d. Housekeeping pun
    e. Something about a donkey, cancer, and a threat of a whoopin’.

    I’m having trouble keeping up.

  7. Jefftoyou wrote:

    What is this about members of two groups? My comment was directed to changes once again to PV. First Mark Lanier leaves a few months ago now Greg Crowe. Both are probaly better off. If you look at Mark’s schedule he is pretty busy for a solo artist and I wouldn’t call it housekeeping if Greg has taken a full time position as minister of music at his church. Sounds to me like he left the group.
    Forgive me for asking a simple question but that is what this site is about. Maybe the remark about the vocals was out of place but it is true. Stacked vocals are supposed to enhance not overpower. And Mr. Brady I’m not with any group, record company or agency. Is the SG industry that cut throat these days? If you are in the public eye, you need to keep your nose clean, there is still such a thing as being held accountable.

  8. SGHarley wrote:

    I know Greg Crowe personally and he is an outstanding artist and very spiritual worship leader. Poet Voices has been trying to define itself since the group started up again, trying many different methods but not sticking to anything. With the talent out there how they got back on main stage at NQC is beyond me, not really, Phil deserves it for his songwriting contributions to SG over the years. The group will never go anywhere if they don’t decide what they want to do and stick to it. One good thing for Poet Voices was thier last project didn’t have any faces on the cover so it won’t be out of date I guess.

  9. Sissey wrote:

    What two groups is Mr. Brady talking about?

  10. DavidJ wrote:

    I guess Poet Voices and Three Bridges are the two groups, if your performers aren’t taking you anywhere, get rid of yours and get someone elses.

  11. quartet-man wrote:

    Well, Rev, at least you realized mine was a pun. I was doing so because of the out of left field topic of Poet Voices and connecting it to the topic and to attempt some humor. Nothing more, nothing less.

  12. CG wrote:

    Sissey (post #9), apparently it’s the 2 groups that Avery has coded as “IE” and “Firefox”. Avery was probably trying to be discreet so as not to offend anyone.

    Apparently (though), by Avery accidentally letting the comment about “WordPress” slip out, Charles Brady and Jefftoyou were able to decipher this post was about Poet Voices and one other SG group.

    I’ll admit that I’m (probably) not as smart as Charles and Jeff, but I do wonder if the other group Avery is using secret code about might be…Young Harmony!? Thh tip off for me is that Avery (and David Bruce Murray) seem to be referencing “embedded video” and “line breaks” multiple times. From my experience in the SG industry, that HAS to be Jonathan and Ginger Bond.

    Hang around here a while and you can get pretty educated.

  13. Sissey wrote:

    How in the world did this thread go from Computer talk to issues between groups? I think someone on this thread is trying to “Stir the pot”.

  14. quartet-man wrote:

    CG, what I am concerned about in the code is Firefox is obviously code for hot and foxy. Considering that both groups are all male members, I have to wonder about Avery. ;)

  15. Jefftoyou wrote:

    I think I need to apologize for my initial post in this particular thread. It had nothing to do with the topic and folks are trying to connect the two. Being a fan of Greg Crowe and also Three Bridges, I was interested in finding out if anyone knew what was goin on. There were no untruth’s posted, I could have waited on an open thread but someone else would have started the conversation. So I apologize for where I posted but not what I posted. If you are in this industry you need to be accountable for your actions.

  16. Revpaul wrote:

    Actually, Jeff #15, we weren’t really trying to connect the two . . . just having a little fun with it. Oh, and I haven’t heard a Firefox concert yet. If Avery is having a problem with them I probably wouldn’t like ‘em anyway.

  17. quartet-man wrote:

    JefftoYou, that is one thing about this setup I don’t care for. On message boards others may start topics, but here unless there is an open thread or you do what you did, (or stray from a topic I guess) you can’t. But really, this isn’t meant so much as a message board as a blog. We just use it that way sometimes. :)

  18. BillFales wrote:

    Concerning Poet Voices shake up-We made two nights of the Western Fan Fest and it may have been me but attendance seemed low. Poet Voices did ok, especially for the member shake-up, complete with Phil’s sub-humorous jokes. Providing there are no more shake ups, PV may be ok since they are on the road so little that many fans probaly won’t even notice the change.

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