OT: Why I quit watching American Idol, Reasons 42, 43, 44, 45

#42: Super shameless cross-product placement promotion - tonight involving Ford hybrids and some select midget humor from - where else - a Mike Myers movie. Tonight’s finale is basically two hours of commercials with some songs ocassionally mixed in.

#43: Having contestants in a solo competition try to sing harmony so the show can whip up some confected sense of musical friendship and fellow feeling in song among rivals who quite obviously despise one another. Big David always looks like he’s about two seconds away from squashing little David like a musical tick.

#44: microphone bling (tonight in the form of a sequin microphone handle cover for Donna Summer, who nearly hyperventilated trying to make it through her medley set and had to hand off her bedazzled mic to one of the AI girls to get through the middle of “Last Dance”). And speaking of Summer, what’s with all in the appearances by faded stars of yesteryear showing up to remind everyone they’re not dead yet? Summer? Seal? Brian Adams? Graham Nash? ZZ Frikkin Top? Is it a way to appeal to audiences beyond the coveted 18-34 demographic? It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I did feel like I was on the school bus again on my way to elementary school listening to the high schoolers’ boom-box mix tape selections coming from the back seats.

#45: Ryan Seacrest, every time he talks.

And Andrew Sullivan puts a few good digs in too (he also had some interesting thoughts a while back on David Archuleta).

On the other hand: Sasha Frere-Jones is surely right when he says of AI:

Whatever objections you may have to “Idol” ’s mechanics or style, it asks singers to learn material they may not know, and sometimes even to listen to the people who wrote the songs explain them. This is something that no other content-delivery platform does right now. (A song placed in, say, “Gossip Girl” or “Iron Man” could eventually reach as many people as a song on “Idol,” but with less context.) Any enterprise that lets Dolly Parton expand on her work for an hour is adding to the common good.

Fortunately, AI can do its good without my watching regularly. Read the whole article here.

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  1. FormerDJ wrote:

    To expound on #44, should we have singers who appear to be knock, knock, knocking on death’s door sing? I’m sorry, but George Michael needs to be in hospice, not on stage.

    #46, hoping the better singer will lose so he’s not stuck in an AI contract until he’s old enough to be a has-been returning to AI.

  2. Mike McIlwain wrote:

    I found Andrew Sullivan’s take on the difference between Casto and Archuletta to be enlightening. I think he is spot on. While all of us should strive to be our best, we also should be comfortable with how God made us and not worry about what we can’t do. I do fear that Archuletta could become another Michael Jackson.

  3. Tim wrote:

    Apparently AI is losing the 12-34 demographics thus explaining the artist appearing that the 35 plus crowd can relate to. I think it does younger artist good to observe the ones that have earned “star” status such as Dolly. After all, she has become a mega superstar with talent for singing and songwriting and a great entrepreneur. She kind of re-invents herself like others such as Madonna, The Eagles etc… have done.

  4. cdguy wrote:

    So, was reason #1 “because it’s over”? That would make sense to me. I wonder what “wacky thinker” has to say. He’s probably too big a jerk to care.

  5. thom wrote:

    I am one who enjoys AI, especially when I can DVR it and then watch it where I can jump fwd thru the commercials.
    There was some great talent this season
    Archuleta has a phenomenal voice. I was hoping he would win, BUT, as “former dj” alluded to, not winning may actually better from a contractual standpoint.
    I like Cook, too, and he should have a great career if produced properly.

  6. wackythinker wrote:

    I refuse to watch next week, too. In fact, I don’t plan to watch AI the rest of this year.

    But just about the stupidest thing I’ve seen (IMHO) is AI is reruns. How many times do they think we can put ourselves through that. I’m glad I have 3,000 choices on my cable.

    (OK, I may have exaggerated on that last sentence.)

  7. Brittni wrote:

    I think I’m quite possibly the only person I know who believes that David Cook is a far better artist than David Archuletta. I’m so sick of teeny-bopper-singers like the Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana. Granted, David Archuletta has more talent than either of the above mentioned acts ever thought about having, but I’m willing to bet they market him just about the same way. Marketing aside though, David A. seems very one-dimensional vocally to me. He’s good, but not very versatile. Does anyone agree? Or have I lost my mind? haha!

  8. Madison E. wrote:

    Brittni…I concur….

    David C. was great last night, aside from his tummy popping out on the last note of his final song last night. =|

    Archuletta had great pitches but that was about it, he could only perform ballads well. David C. was much more versatile.

    Sorry to go on and on but this is one of the four TV shows for which I set my Tivo. The others are Heroes, Lost, and Mythbusters…yup…I’m a dork.

    I realize no one really cares, but it’s the first thing in a week to talk about that doesn’t involve divorce. I enjoy this topic a little more.

  9. FormerDJ wrote:

    I agree that Cook was a much better artist. David A was one dimensional and had no stage presence. I was so tired of watching him hold the mic in his left hand and hold his right hand palm up. That was his move. Other than that, he sang, closed his eyes and licked his lips. Being overly annoying is not a good selling point.

    Madison, you’re no more dorky than I. I set my DVR for AI, Top Chef and Hell’s Kitchen.

  10. quartet-man wrote:

    Madison E. did you watch Journeyman when it was on too? That, Smallville and Heroes were good for us dorks to record on our DVR’s. :)

  11. AnnD wrote:

    I’m still lamenting the fact that Michael Johns left much toooooo soooon!!! ad

  12. Madison Easter wrote:

    QM- I didn’t ever see Journeyman. Our driver, Shawn, is a big Smallville fan though. I think my obsession with Heroes is a bit unhealthy, I only like one thing more than Heroes….Batman.

    I feel so cool! =)

  13. Madison Easter wrote:

    AnnD-I agree 100%! In my perfect world the top four would have been MJ, Carly, and the Davids.

  14. Brittni wrote:

    I agree wholeheartedly with that top four. I was a big Carly fan.

    I guess I’ve missed the boat on a couple of these shows. I’ll just stick with my Lost obsession and be done with it. haha

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