A “Rollicking Revival”

The Tennessean writes up the Dottie Rambo memorial (hat tip, Jim2).

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  1. Dean Adkins wrote:

    Allison Lynn (Adventures of a Starving Artist) had some interesting comments about the service…”The Ugly Stuff”.

  2. Wayne wrote:

    The death of Dottie Rambo reminds me of a question I’ve long had regarding obituaries. I live in the Detroit area and Dottie’s death was not mentioned in either of the two city papers. I can’t recall ever seeing notice of any other Southern Gospel deaths in the local papers. Whose responsibility is this? Is there a network of celebrity death notices that news sources use? Do the Detroit papers simply ignore SG personalities?

  3. mark forester wrote:


    I live near Flint, MI and read both Detroit papers each day. Actually they BOTH had small write-ups and www.detnews.com had the info on their website within hours of it happening.

    Being a Full Time SG singer from MI, I an aware of the lack of Sg publicity…but they did cover this.

  4. Diva0427 wrote:

    One thing that Allison omitted from her blog (b/c she didn’t see it actually happen) was the “Elvis” sighting. Now, most people at the funeral don’t know about this character, but some do. He (bless his heart) lives here in Nashville, and thinks he is Elvis’s love child. He went down front at the funeral trying to find a seat with the family since, well, you know…his “dad” knew Dottie real well. He is actually very sincere, but two fries short of a Happy Meal.

  5. gina wrote:

    Does anyone know if the upcoming “keepsake memorial video” referenced on rambomcguire.org will actually contain the homegoing celebration? Or will this be a tribute to her life and career? I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about this later but just wondered if anyone had more details at this point.

  6. Woodstock wrote:

    The DVD is of the funeral service.

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