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A new innovation in reviewing from a group of sg bloggers: Check it out. And now I guess we know the answer to the age-old question: how many regular bloggers does it take to write as many words in a single review as I do by myself?

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  1. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    The real question, I think, is why do we choose not to write as many words as you when it comes to a CD review…


    I had a college professor who pounded in the notion of condensing everything. I’ve never entirely gotten over his theories about good writing practices.

    Another interesting wrinkle in this equation is that every time I’ve actually been paid to write a review, the number of words I was allowed has been limited…more than I’d like for it to be in most cases. One company started me off at 500 words per review and later cut it back to 350 or so.

    My current Singing News reviews are limited to 300 words. With that limitation, I either have to say something in a short amount of space or risk not saying anything at all.

  2. st wrote:

    I agree with David. When a review or post gets too long, I just move on. It’s just not worth the time.

  3. Pedantic wrote:

    I agree with st, it’s hard for me to stretch my brain over more than about 2 paragraphs, too.

  4. Norm Graham wrote:

    Two paragraphs on an entire album would unlikely tell me that much about it especially a monumental recording. I even enjoy full books on one album or even on a single song such as the book on Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone” written by America’s best music writer — Griel Marcus (225 pages).

  5. John wrote:

    My all-time favorite record review was published in “Rolling Stone” in the early 1970s.

    It was a review of “The Best of the Archies”. The entire review reads as follows.

    Lord, no.

    Contained within the grooves of this album are twelve convincing arguments against the capitalist system.

  6. Wade wrote:

    Love the LONG reviews… if you can’t stretch your brian around more than 2 paragraphs go to the doc and get ADD meds. No reason to make them 300 words LIKE THE SN… who wants to be like them???…I do not even subscribe any more… they are slip sliding away. The only reason they have such severe limits is limit on page space… they have PAYING ADVERTISING reviews… plus much of what is said… well it is just not fun to read!!! Many in the main stream media used to make fun of Drudge… now he kicks their butt!!!

  7. Chuck Peters wrote:

    I like what I like.. and can decide for myself. I tire quickly of the CD reviews. With the exception of Murray and James Hales’ critiques.. most other reviews are only a reflection of the writer’s personal tastes.. Nothing wrong with that.. it’s just not very informative… or interesting.

  8. irishlad wrote:

    I would rather read 100 words of heartfelt, scathing attack( if deserving) than the usual sycophantic drivel most SN reviewers spew out for whatever their partisan reasons are.At least with Dr Doug it’s more Rolling Stone type journalism ie bone-cutting, ego deflating critique. Just what Sg needs methinks

  9. Pedantic wrote:

    Gloria Gaither warned me about using sarcasm in a post, but I didn’t listen. She was right. That woman is wise in so may ways.
    I enjoy a thorough review. Some CAN be covered in 2 paragraphs, others deserve a more thoughtful review due to either the quality of song selection, the breadth of production or the quality of
    the vocal or instrumental work.
    While I do know what I like, I also have a limited budget, and a quality review can steer me toward an album that I might otherwise pass up. If I was a hotshot SG reporter and got the majority of my music for free, that would be different, but I appreciate an HONEST review like Doug provides. Reading a SN review as a screening process on whether a CD is worth buying is an exercize in futility (DBM is the notable exception, but even he admits that his reviews there have been edited to give a different overall impression of the album)
    I’ll be checking back today for the Mark Bishop review

  10. Chuck Peters wrote:

    “Hot Shot”.. I like that. Oh.. and I am over the free CDs.. Artists and record companies now send groceries and clothing.

  11. Pedantic wrote:

    Don’t be so modest Chuck, we all know you are the only journalist with the temerity to edit a press release from those lazy, shoddy publicists. The rest just “copy and paste” and call it news.
    Now if you could just wheedle some gas cards……

  12. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    “(DBM is the notable exception, but even he admits that his reviews there have been edited to give a different overall impression of the album)”

    That has only happened one time that I can recall.
    - - - - -
    It is a challenge to adequately describe a CD in just 300 words. I always wish I had another 200 words or so to go into greater detail. I’m happy that Singing News has been willing to allow me to write honest reactions, though. There was a time when you’d have never seen a review like that in Singing News.

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