That’s the new price of Dove Brothers cds, according to Chuck Peters’ ShowPrep, up from $18. Is that how you spell “high fuel prices” in southern gospel? And will people really pay that much for sg music?

Update: a quick email to Crossroads clarifies that the $23 is only for DBQ product purchased through the group. The label has no plans to hike their DBQ product prices.

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  1. Edie wrote:

    $23? What thuh…? I wouldn’t pay $18 for a Dove Brothers CD.

    Come on…fuel prices are bad, yes. But the average group pays around $6 to $7 bucks for a CD…and sells them for $15. That’s over a 100 percent profit. Come on…everybody’s blaming everything on fuel prices. Including bad management.

  2. bbq wrote:

    This is straight from the Dove’s website:

    “Effective July 1, 2008, all of Dove Brothers CD’s will go up to $23.00 which includes shipping and handling fees. So to get any Dove Brothers CD at the regular $18.00 price, then purchase them before July 1, 2008.”

    I assume the cost of shipping has gone up and the cost to utilize credit cards has probably increased a bit for them as well. Who knows? I don’t. But, there you have it. Will this set the new benchmark for future SG product costs?

  3. Shawn wrote:

    It’s hard to figure in what a group “pays” for a CD–yes, there is manufacturing cost, graphic design, photography, studio time, musicians, producers and other staff and licensing, but producing a CD also involves work: time, rehearsals, planning, etc. that you can’t necessarily figure a dollar amount on.

  4. rzrbkman wrote:

    #3 Shawn, if a group is charged $7.00 per CD, that amount should already cover the costs of outside the group production. I had a member of one of the best SGM groups tell me one time that group members were paid weekly and their contract calls for a minimum of one CD production per year with no further compensation, so most times, $7.00 would probably be the final cost

  5. cdguy wrote:

    Shipping charges are going to be at least $6.00, if they use UPS. If they add another $1.00 for the padded envelope, that means their selling it for $16.00.

    Frankly, it’s none of my business how much the buy it for, or how much they pay the singers/musicians, or how much they spend on production, or how much they spend for diesel fuel.

    Either I want the cd, or I don’t.

  6. Robert wrote:

    Both Kingdom Heirs and Triumphant have been getting $17.00 for their cds at the table. If you order them you still have to add the shipping & handling. Postage rates just increased May 12.
    CD’s have been at the $15.00 mark from most groups from day one or since cassetts/8tracks. It’s probably time for an increase in price wouldn’t you think?

  7. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    #5 - That is probably true, if you use UPS. But you can send CDs in a bubble wrap envelope for around $1-$1.25 via USPS.

  8. Former FT SG Singer wrote:

    #1, I guess you would still rather the Doves come sing for you on a love offering basis as well, Right.
    Everything in the world is going up in price. Should the SG world ignore reality.
    It’s not poor management. It’s called trying to stay in business, and yes, it is a business!

  9. Edie wrote:

    No, I don’t want them to come and sing for me for a love offering, that’s ridiculous…but I also don’t want to pay over DOUBLE for their music than what I would pay for any mainstream artist just because they sing gospel music.

  10. mp3guy wrote:

    I sell some CDs on Amazon (CCM and SG), and I’ve noticed that the only ones that the customer claims were not delivered are the ones I fail to put delivery confirmation on. I actually come out behind on shipping by adding the 75 cents for the confirmation, but it sure beats having to send another CD out because they claim it was never delivered.
    All of that to say -UPS allows you to track and have proof of delivery which is a definite advantage over USPS. Sad but true, you have to cover yourself even when dealing with Christian Music.

  11. quartet-man wrote:

    I wanted to hear Garry Morris’ version of My Son. His prices have been $20.00 + postage I think for years. i wouldn’t pay it. I might for certain artists if I had no other choice.

    The difference with the DBQ is that their music is still available elsewhere as far as I know. For a group who probably makes a lot of its money on table sales, they may not see difference their, I’m not sure. Maybe some will still get it elsewhere, but others might mean to and not follow through which not only mean less money from their own sales, but maybe overall sales. Others might still get it elsewhere, but they won’t get as big a piece of the action.

    I am sure that they are hurting for money like many of us, but they may end up losing more in the money from their own sales than they gain in the higher price.

  12. Brett wrote:

    That’s ridiculous when you can buy SG at walmart for 9.99

  13. william wrote:

    You won’t catch me paying $23 - I’ll look elsewhere or I’ll buy it cheaper at other places online. What does that do? It hurt their direct sales.

  14. Terry Franks wrote:

    Whew!! $23.00 for a Dove Bro Cd? It must be time to trade the little BMW in for a big Lexus.

  15. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    Where’s that “if you really want to help the group, buy CDs direct from the group” mentality? :-)

    If you find the right price point, you can maximize profits. If 20 people will pay $23 and they can show $15 in clear profit from each sale vs. 30 people paying $18 where they show $10 in profit, they’ve made the same amount of profit ($300) for 33.333% less effort.

    Obviously, there comes a point where too many people balk at the higher price. On the other hand, they’ll never know unless they test the waters once in a while.

  16. pk wrote:

    there is no way I’m paying over $12 for a CD, esp. when I can find it on line somewhere for less….and usually I go to Ebay or iTunes.

    I wonder why more SG artists don’t put their work on iTunes.

  17. wackythinker wrote:

    #12 — “you can buy SG at walmart for 9.99″?

    Really? Just last week I checked the Christian music display at our local Wal Mart Super Center, and found ABSOLUTELY NO SOUTHERN GOSPEL MUSIC on their racks.

    Not any.

    Not at any price.

    You must have a better Wal Mart (oxymoron?) than we have.

  18. cdguy wrote:

    How long, at 99 cents per download, would a s/g label be able to stay in business, if their primary income were itunes? How many downloads per month do you think s/g is seeing right now? Some of you might be shocked to know how low the current number is.

    Most of the s/g labels DO put their product on itunes, but let’s face it, in this genre, there’s not as much market for downloads as there seems to be in other genres.

    Now, if you’re talking independent artists, many probably aren’t technologally savvy enough to get it on itunes. And even if they did, it probably wouldn’t pay enough to make it worthwhile.

    We’re not American Idol, although to see some of the stage presentations, it appears some singers must to think we are.

  19. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    #17–My local Wal-Mart stocks Gaither CDs (maybe 20-25 titles, including EHSS, GVB, Lynda Randle, etc.) Do you count that?

  20. Leebob wrote:

    Have the secular genres gone to $23 cd’s? Seriously, if you people are in it for the money get a different career cause it ain’t gonna happen in this field unless you’re Bill, Ernie, or some such.

  21. daisy wrote:

    DBQ is broke, that’s why they’re going to try to sell cds for $23 a pop. Who is really going to spend that? Nobody I know.

  22. Kathy wrote:

    This is just the online store that they have raised the prices on , not the product table!
    If I have to, I will surely pay $25.00 for a new CD by The Dove Brothers if it will help keep them on the road spreading Gods word!
    God bless!

  23. jbb wrote:

    Daisy: Do you know for fact they are “broke” or is this just speculation?
    We are honored to have them scheduled for our Sept. homecoming. If they can get $23 for a CD, more power to them.
    I was at a EHSS/Gaither singing, free tickets, and they were selling a “singing bear” for $45. NOw that is crazy.

  24. Kathy wrote:

    Thank you thank you #23jbb! What a great post! I concur!

  25. Robert wrote:

    If we want to make more money in SG raising CD prices is not the way. In my opinion raising concert ticket prices is the way to go. At least raise them a little every year so the fans will not get “sticker shock”. SG ticket prices are by far the cheapest in Christian music. Not long ago Casting Crowns was at a venue near me and the cheapest tickets were $20. The venue seated 9000 and there were approx. 8500 in attendance. That adds up to $170k which is probably more than SG would do in a whole year!
    You can also go to the arena where I live and the pay $25+ to see some guys ride bulls.

  26. Robert wrote:

    One more thing. I bet the Dove Bros. CD sales go down.

  27. LS wrote:

    I saw the Dove Brothers live recently. The table price for a CD is $20…but you can get a deal on 2 CD’s for $30!

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