[Note: This discussion thread has gone nowhere for most of the last 87 comments or so, and I think things may be getting to the point where this conversation might actually be making us dumber … so I’m shutting down the comments]

Via this morning’s ShowPrep, Naomi Sego has been informed by one of her ex-backup singers that she can no longer use the name “The Segos.” Huh?

Next up: Russ Taff tells Bill Gaither he can no longer use “The Gaither Vocal Band.” And later: Michael English starts calling himself Vestal Goodman!

Honestly. What is with the obsession among d-list talent with calling dibs on antique or classic names? Don’t they know that the kind of fan who will show up to hear the Segos minus a Sego (or the Imperials at any time in the last 25 years) will pretty much show up to anything by any name?

Update: David Bruce Murray has more detail on the nonsense with the Sego name.

Later update: Keep checking David Bruce Murray’s page. He’s updated this story some as it’s evolved over the last 24 hours.

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  1. John M wrote:

    I hope these two are not the norm in SG. But, the more know the more I think that there are many more like them.

  2. Olan Witt wrote:

    How disrespectful and desperate can these two punks be! Let me make sure I have the story straight. Naomi hires them (because no one else will) to sing and help with some bookings. They spend a couple of years singing with The Segos, hijack the rights to her domain name and then STEALS the trade name she and her family have had for 50 plus years.
    Naomi is a good lady who has dedicated her like to this industry. She don’t deserve this!
    Kemp and Horner need to get a job and quit stealing from a sweet old lady who trusted them.

  3. Radioguy wrote:

    Sounds like they have an axe to grind and are really sticking it to Naomi. While I have never been a big fan of the Segos, Naomi seems like a dear lady. Does no one recall or care what happened to The Brothers after their departure from the Cathedrals? Other than not giving George and Glen any notice, I suppose the other three really didn’t do anything wrong. But because it was percieived they did, the Brothers didn’t make it. Do these 2 think that they will be able to get bookings after a nasty trick like that? And even if they could, the Sego name has not been on the forefront for many years.

  4. Edie wrote:

    I’m speechless. The best thing Naomi could do is to publicize this as much as possible, which it sounds like she’s doing.


  5. Mike McIlwain wrote:

    Why would these guys want the name “Segos.” I can understand why Lamar or some other person who was actually a family member would want the name. These guys have no tie to the name except that they sung with Naomi. Naomi could form another group to back her up and it would be that group that would get my attention and support, not the pseudo-Segos.

  6. thom wrote:

    Why on earth would they do this? There can be no logical explanation. I would like to hear from these 2 as to why they would try and steal her name from her! Crazy.

    And with all due respect to Naomi, it’s not like having the name is going to open any doors for them or do them any good.

    What desperation.

    Start your own group using your own name or something original! Don’t try and steal someone elses name!!!

  7. dd wrote:

    it’s just disgusting……..

  8. SGFAN65 wrote:

    It would be my opinion that these two “famous gospel singer wannabes” - just put the last couple of nails in their coffins in the SG industry and sealed their doom ! Noone will give them the time of day at this point ! I know I wouldn’t.
    As the old saying goes, sure sounds like the “Devil made them do it !” - cause Sis Naomi is a legend - with an impeccable repution that is well deserved for her 50 years and more of service to the ministry. Noone is going to take these two serious from this point further.

    Hey Kasey and Judson ! Wal-mart is always searching for greeters ! But - then you’d be taking something else away for our older generation of people that is not rightfully yours !

  9. Ron F wrote:

    Kasey and Judson are not good enough to be working at Walmart. Hey can I ask a question off the beaten path. I interviewed Josh Simpson of Gold City yesterday on my show. We talked about the Revival Tour with Evangelist Jamey Ragle. After the interview one of my listeners called me and said that Jamey Ragle is no longer in the Ministry. I went to his website and it is true. Any body know what happen????

  10. CVH wrote:

    “And later: Michael English starts calling himself Vestal Goodman!”

    Put Michael and Mark Lowry and McCray Dove in dresses and they could play drag clubs as The Glamorous Gals of Gospel.
    Worth the two-drink minimum.

    Seriously, I’m not sure what Kemp’s and Horner’s motivation could be but the situation underscores the need for groups to manage their affairs in a businesslike manner. Domain and trademark registration with the proper legal oversight don’t prevent ripoffs but they give legal standing which otherwise could be in question. The common-law approach and the “no one would ever steal that from us” days are over. Hire good legal counsel or get mired down in lawsuits to protect (or try to reclaim) what you thought was yours.

  11. Tim wrote:

    I find it ironic that according to the letter, the name of the final Naomi and the Segos CD is “Happy Ending”.

  12. Connie Siders wrote:

    Just to make the Michael English issue clear. First of all, Michael never called himself Vestal Goodman. When he was young and had a high voice, he wanted to sing like her…even trying to sing like her. He never called himself Vestal. He admired her like many kids do. He even sang with the Goodmans and had great respect for Rusty Goodman who wrote many of the great gospel songs like House of Gold. When I was little, I wanted to be Roy Rodgers…but I was a kid no one critized me.

    The Naomi Segos thing is another issue.
    How can someone steal a name that isn’t theirs? That is just insane.

  13. Cliff Cerce wrote:

    I posted the following on David Bruce Murray’s blog earlier today, in answer to the same Thom, I presume, who asked there (as well as also on THIS blog) what the logical explanation for this action could be. Here’s my other post:

    The logical explanation is that they may have an eye on the value of “All Things Sego” on that unfortunate day when Naomi passes away. (Not to be gruesome, but it IS a fact that all of our legends are going to heaven - and Naomi is certainly a legend).

    The two of them (with a possible third member) can do tribute concerts, featuring the songs she was best known for - as the last of the faithful who traveled with her while she still had a trio. This, with the duplication business, may provide enough support for them. And, it may have worked - if we didn’t find out about their move to form this corporation.

    Am I saying this is what they are planning? No - of course not! But, in the light of Thom saying there can be no logical explanation for this - try this explanation on for size. It certainly may seem logical to them.

    Especially since there are at least 4 groups operating under the “Blackwood” name today.

    Whatever their motivation, I don’t think Naomi is jumping up and down excited about their plans. I also don’t think I’ll be considering their duplication business for my group’s needs.

    But here’s what I will consider. If someone starts a fund to help Naomi fight this legally -I will contribute to it.

    One thing is for certain. I don’t believe the public was to learn of their filing for the new corporation. I think that was supposed to be a secret.


  14. Norm Graham wrote:

    #1 said Kasey and Judson are not the norm in SG. Pleased to hear they are not claiming my name.

    Actually Kasey and Judson messed up by claiming only part of the name — “the Segos.” That’s leaves Naomi as fair game for whomever wants to claim it.

  15. BGL wrote:

    With a background in a law office and an SG group, I can say that forming a corporation or limited liability company does not give anyone an automatic trademark on a name. It would be obvious that Ms. Naomi has used the name longer and thus has more right to a trademark that any others. She needs a good attorney to fight off these weasels.

  16. NoNamePerson wrote:

    get all the facts straight before jumping to conclusions guys…that’s all i’m saying!

  17. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Good thing Tony, the Tiger didn’t follow that route with corn flakes.
    Wouldn’t have any corn flakes to eat!.

  18. Observant dude wrote:

    I have never been so disgusted in my life…These 2 idiots will answer for this one day, and I’d kinda like to be a fly on the wall when it happens. The fact that any moron can find a Sego Brothers and Naoimi record from the 60’s, before Beavis and Butthead (Kasey and Judson) were even born, should give them an idea that, hey, this might be a dumb thing to do. But alas, stupidity marches on.

  19. Cliff Cerce wrote:

    “No Name Person” says that we should get our facts straight before jumping to conclusions.

    Number 1 - I don’t offer very much credibility to someone who disguises their identity. My actual name is posted with all of my posts - with a website providing my Email, addresss, and even my phone number.

    That’s because I stand behind what I post - and expect to be taken seriously, as a result.

    Number 2 - Christian Voice Magazine has reported, “Last week, Naomi Sego Reader told a CVM reporter that she has received a letter from former group members Kasey Kemp and Judson Horner stating that they owned the name, “The Segos” and informed her that she could no longer use “The Segos” as part of her group name.”

    Either CVM is not telling the truth (I’m sure they are), or Naomi is lying (not a chance, in my view). That being true, I do not see any other side of the story that can justify these 2 individuals telling Naomi she can no longer use the name she has been associated with for the past 50 years.

    “Jumping to conclusions?” If I posted a suggestion that the reporting by Chuck Peters and others was “jumping to conclusions”, I would be ashamed to post that under my own name, as well as “No Name Person” has.

  20. quartet-man wrote:

    #3 RadioGuy The Brothers didn’t give notice, but I don’t think they had the chance. What they did do if I understand the history right is start making the necessary arrangements to start the group BEFORE letting Glen and George know. Glen got wind of it, found out it was true, asked Roy (I think) when they were planning on quitting, was given an answer of probably a few months down the line, and asked “How about now?” So, their hasty departure was Glen’s decision. That is not to say what they did was cool or that they would or wouldn’t have given notice. I don’t know if they would have had the cat not gotten out of the bag or not.

    #12 Connie I admire your sticking up for Michael. I am a fan too, but he was only brought in as an example of how preposterous this is. No one meant to imply he had done such a thing.

    As far as these other two punks, unless there is a part of the story that is missing that would change everything, I hope they fail miserably in SG and that this backfires in the worst possible way. I have never really been a Sego’s fan either. I would recognize Naomi, but not the other two. However, I respect her which is more than these two punks apparently do. I was willing to overlook the letter as immaturity or trying to defend their position against rumors, but this takes the cake.

  21. Joe wrote:

    So far, Naomi has been referred to here as “a legend”, and these 2 characters as “punks” and “idiots”.

    All 3 are true. This is perhaps the most arrogant thing I’ve heard from SGM in a long time.

    The poster who stated that they have self-hammered the last nails in their own coffins is absolutely correct. SGM will (and should) shun them big-time.

  22. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    It appears Kemp and Dorsey have mended their fences. Kemp states they were already in the process of dissolving what he and Horner had started. Terry Dorsey has admitted he may have jumped to conclusions about Kemp’s intentions.

    Every puzzling detail about the situation hasn’t been answered, but their major issues appear to be worked out.

    particularly the comments left by both Kemp and Dorsey under the article.

  23. Cliff Cerce wrote:

    There is good news for Kasey Kemp today, however.

    When I tried to reach him at his home, I just got his answering machine. He was fortunate to not be available to talk with me.

    I did not leave a message. I was afraid the answering device might blow up.

  24. Steven wrote:

    Thank God that he is GOD and not any of you! There would be no one left on the earth if you people were God, it sounds to me that if you guys had your way you would send Kacey and Judson to the pit of hell right now! I’m not going to get into what they did is right or wrong. The point is We have all sinned and messed up, God is faithful and just to forgive us without rubbing our nose in our sins every time we screw up! If you don’t like what the guys have done that is your right, its your right to post negative comments on blogs like this as well, but it is doing nothing to make Christianity look attractive!!

  25. Connie Siders wrote:

    Thanks Quartet Man for your comment. When I consider someone my friend …I will stick up for them to the end. Michael has been a good friend for about 10 years and he has had so many negative comments made that people just won’t give up. He really is a different person now. I really can’t believe he is the same person that I did my first concert for about 10 years ago.
    Everyone fails and everyone especially Christains should be ready to forgive. Most of his fans have come around. I am sorry I am rambling on and this article really isn’t about Michael.

    I have seen Naomi and the Segos one in person and I know she has been on a number of the Gaither videos. Who would do this to this seemingly harmless and talented older lady? Beats me???

  26. Mike McIlwain wrote:

    While I am glad to hear that the situation is in the process of being resolved, I don’t think that it would have happened without the internet and response of good people who are in the gospel music industry as well as the fans.

    I just checked out the latest news update on Christian Voice Magazine’s website. It sounds like the situation is being resolved, but we must also remember that there are two sides to the story. The CVM news update gives us some of Naomi’s response with mention of an official statement coming soon.

    I do agree that this is a major mistake (and even possibly) a sin on the two guys part. Yes, they can be forgiven, but there are consequences to our actions. As a person who has appreciated Naomi’s ministry I can and will certainly forgive these men and not hold a grudge against them. However, trust has to be earned over time. I’m afraid these young men have created a major setback in their gospel music careers. We may look back years from now and this will all be a minor blip on the radars of their lives, but right now it looks pretty major.

  27. NoNamePerson wrote:

    …there was no SIN! oye - you people drive people who really know what is going on NUTS!!!!!!

  28. Grigs wrote:

    Well, I was going to offer to let Miss Naomi call her group Naomi and the Grigsbys if she couldn’t use Segos any more.

  29. LuckyDog wrote:

    What’s next, a new “averyfineline”?…

    Maybe averyfineline.CON

    I wonder if anyone has copyrighted the name “Naomi” yet!?!

    I never ceased to be amazed!

  30. Tele D. Trooth wrote:

    I’ll say this much, the clowns need to use spellcheck before sending out “press releases”. It makes a “professional” (wink wink nudge nudge) look like a real goob when their big fancy letters contain sixth-grade spelling errors. For the record, I do not condemn them to hell for that infraction.

  31. John M wrote:

    I was thinking about this today while mowing my yard. I had what I thought was a funny thought:

    These two are about as inept as the Don Knotts and Tim Conway characters in “The Apple Dumpling Gang.”

    Now, to figure out which one is which…

  32. Trent wrote:

    I think it’s important to bear in mind that Ms. Sego is being interviewed by the Christian Voice Magazine, which is run by Wilds & Associates.

    Kasey Kemp used to be an employee of Wilds & Associates, and his relationship with them has been fractured over the past year or two. Perhaps someone needs to investigate whether Christian Voice is reporting in a cloak of objectivity when in fact there is a definite slant in shedding negative light on Mr. Kemp’s actions.

    Objectivity is almost always unachievable, but it is certainly unachievable in this case of Wilds & Associates and their perception of Kasey Kemp.

  33. MAC wrote:

    Kasey’s own words are what hurt him more than anything in my opinion. And for the record, If someone had done to me what Kasey has done to Naomi, I’d put more than a slant on his nappy head.

  34. NoNamePerson wrote:

    THANK YOU TRENT! Someone finally pointed out the HUGE WHITE HORSE in the room!

  35. TJT wrote:

    Trent # 32, I agree with you. For several years now, there has been “some friction”
    between the parties of wilds/kemp. I think it would be very wise for Naomi to distance herself from both parties. It’s funny when
    there is “dirty” to report concerning the sego name it’s always the Christian Voice
    that’s always the first to report on it. In regards to avery’s comment of D-list talent. Ms. Naomi’s backup singers, maybe be d-list. but Ms. Naomi is nothing by A-list in all things!!

  36. Dread Pirate Roberts wrote:

    Trent and NoName,
    So, a history of stiffing employers means we should give them every benefit of the doubt? Can you say ENABLER?

  37. Derek wrote:

    I’m with #33! No matter what CV magazine’s motives are/were for reporting the story, the fact of the matter is they are attempting to take the Segos name from Naomi and that’s just wrong.

  38. quartet-man wrote:

    Maybe I missed it when I skimmed over the additions last night, but what I couldn’t reconcile is if what they said is the way it came down, how do they justify telling her she can’t use the name? That doesn’t fit in the “we were doing it for the future when she was gone” reason that was given.

  39. Dexter wrote:

    This is why I switch my car radio to classic rock now instead of southern gospel…it’s no better than secular music…in fact…you wouldn’t see this kind of crap in secular music…it’s just so stupid…..SO very stupid….so VERY VERY stupid!!

  40. Wayne wrote:

    #3 RadioGuy ,#20 quartet-man. Pardon me for coming late to the SG world, but who are “The Brothers” who departed from The Cathedrals? How long ago was that?

  41. J wrote:

    What a sad state of affairs SG has fallen too.

  42. MS wrote:

    To Numbers: 32, 34 & 35 - Bingo!

  43. quartet-man wrote:

    #4o Wayne, don’t feel bad, I wasn’t following SG then. In fact I wasn’t out of elementary school yet. :) I know the history though. A promoter went to the tenor (Roy Tremble), Baritone (George Amon Webster) and pianist (Lorne Matthews) of the Cathedrals of 1979 who had finally reached success after years of the Cathedrals struggling and convinced them to leave the “old men” who were holding them back. They apparently were making arrangements for that to happen when word got out to Glen Payne who was in the studio finishing up a project they had recorded together. At first he didn’t believe it, but thought it best to check. When he did, he found out that it was true. He confronted the guys who admitted it. Instead of waiting until the Cathedrals could find replacements, he decided it best to not let them continue presumably (to me at least) that their hearts were elsewhere and maybe they wouldn’t give their full attention to the Cathedrals.

    The group became a trio called “The Brothers”. They didn’t really go anywhere. Roy Tremble left and John Cox replaced him, but it still never took off. As far as I know offhand, there were only two different Brothers albums made.

    Glen and George got fill-ins I believe and finished up the dates (but gave the promoters a chance to not have them since they weren’t the group the promoters had hired) They eventually hired Kirk Talley on tenor, Steve Lee on baritone / piano. Eventually, they heard Roger Bennett playing for a local group and the new young guys talked Glen and George into listening to him which led to his being hired. After a while, Steve quit and they hired Mark Trammell on baritone. Then, Kirk went to the Talleys and they hired Danny Funderburk. That group lasted for some years and then Danny quit. They hired Kurt Young on tenor. He lasted a few months and they hired Ernie Haase. Then Mark left and they hired Scott.

  44. quartet-man wrote:

    With all of the stuff I typed earlier, I never
    mentioned Gerald Wolfe’s app. two year tenure with them during the Funderburk / Trammell years. He left for a solo career and Roger came back. :)

  45. Wayne wrote:

    Thanks for the info quartet-man. All must have been forgiven (at least with Roy and George Amon) since they were at the Cathedrals Reunion a few years back, and I heard not the hint of a harsh word.

  46. David wrote:

    #45 Wayne: I agree; in fact, George Amon got probably the warmest introduction of any of the former members on the Reunion video. On the other hand, while Danny Koker was mentioned as not being able to be present that night, neither Lorne Matthews, Steve Lee, nor Kurt Young were mentioned at all. I think we all know why Kurt wasn’t, but 13 years after the Reunion video I still wonder about the other two.

  47. Radioguy wrote:

    #43Quartetman/#45 Wayne
    There were 3 Bothers albums done that I know of. The first one was done as a custom project (I think it was on Dove Records). Then there was Choices and The Calling. I have the first 2. I never did get The Calling, the one that had John Cox on it. I’ve heard rumours that Amon was invited back when Steve Lee left, but he said no. So I would say forgiveness was quick toward Amon. I don’t know about the other 2. Lorne wasn’t at the reunion, but that may have been because he was a short term member. None of the short termers were there.
    It appears Glen was upset because they didn’t tell him. After all Kirk left to form the Talleys and they travelled together for a while. Mark left to form Greater Vision. I heard Glen say in an interview he was proud and pleased that Mark and Kirk had been able to springboard off the Cathedrals and have successful careers on their own. No one ever said that about Lorne, Amon or Roy.

  48. Radioguy wrote:

    #46 David
    Keep in mind Roger Horne and Jim Garstang weren’t mentioned either. I don’t think there is necessarily any grudges there, it’s just they were there for a very short time and perhaps figured most wouldn’t remember them.

  49. Radioguy wrote:

    Oh oh, just realized we are getting off topic of this thread and Doug just chastized us for that days ago. LOL.

  50. Dexter wrote:

    We NEED to get off topic…this thread is so stupid…..

  51. Grave Digger wrote:

    I know this isn’t a Cathedral thread, but did anyone mention Bill Dykes at the Cats reunion?

  52. Radioguy wrote:

    Ooops, I knew I forgot someone. No Bill Dykes wasn’t mentioned. He was good baritone. I liked the work he did with the Cathedrals. He did some good singing for Jerry and the Singing Goffs too.

  53. quartet-man wrote:

    I can’t recall if I have all three Brother lps or not. Maybe I do. :) I do think the Cats forgave George Amon and Roy. I too was disappointed they didn’t take time to acknowledge the other previous members, that they weren’t there, and that they went out of order by putting Kirk after Danny, but I still love it.

    Ok, I guess we did get off of topic, but at least it was a natural progression. :)

  54. Elaine wrote:

    Th….ere is so much that I would like to say here, but I won’t… I do think that Wilds/Assoc. and CVM are getting a bum rap, for things they had no control over… I say this because WHO is it that has ruined themselves in SG and with the fans??? I think that is a simple answer, given the choices, it isn’t Wilds/Assoc. or CVM… They have remained strong and straightforward through all of the mess and confusion of about the last 15 months or so… They will continue to remain strong and grow because they are honest hardworking men and women… They don’t expect something for nothing… They give, more than they ask for and I know this to be a fact, but Kemp&Company, well we will see where this winds up next….They do not need me to speak up and say anything, but I hate to see people who are trying to do the right things constantly stepped on and talked about in such hateful ways… And I hate seeing a LADY like Miss Naomi being abused and misused in such a horrible way

  55. kellygirl wrote:

    Loren Matthews was at a “This is Your Life” presentation for George Younce at the NQC one year. He told a wonderful story about George helping him out financially when he was down and out. He is always at the NQC. He said George came into a bar where he was playing, listened to him play for a little while and then went to the piano, handed him some money and told Loren he loved him. We were all weeping.

  56. 1 old fan wrote:

    Younce went to a bar? Ooooohhhhh, let’s hear more! Let’s start something juicier than this non-story about the Sego name, which has been shown to be something other than originally assumed.

  57. D. Ann Bailey wrote:

    Glen, George, Roy & Amon mended bridges pretty quick. With Glen it was more the fact they didn’t let them know than the fact they were planning to leave. There were several others since then that left with both of their blessings on their plans but they knew about them from the beginning.

  58. MAC wrote:

    #11, Tim:
    And according to Naomi’s website, Wayne Haun and Kevin Ward produced this recording.

    I have no idea who financed the album - Naomi or Vine Records. But I can only imagine their frustration at this point.

    But I am also sure they’re smart enough not to release the cd with Kasey and Judson on it. For obvious reasons, to do so would create more confusion, add more fuel to the fire, and stain the integrity of Naomi and Vine records.

    I tend to believe that Haun and Ward are looking after Naomi’s best interest as well as their own. We can only hope and pray.

  59. Adam wrote:

    I wish I knew nothing about all of this. Miss Naomi is a class act. One of her former back up singers is a plain ol’ liar. If only I was ruthless enough to let his cat out of the bag…

    The few kindhearted SG leaders will swarm to protect Naomi. Sounds like Terry is doing his best. It’s a shame that Naomi has had such a hard road to hoe.

  60. cdguy wrote:

    MAC, it’s not unusual, when there is a personel change between the time a project is recorded, and the time it’s released, that the recording is released as it stands. That’s pretty much been S.O.P. for decades. They will occaisionally, if there’s time, go back and re-record a few vocals, especially solos, and slap the new pictures on the cover, but not always.

    I learned this about 35 years ago when the Speers had a personel change, and Diane Hopper (Mays) joined them. The group had a new album in the can. So, Diane put her voice where her predicessor had done solos, a new photo shoot happened, and VOILA! It appeared they did a new album a lot quicker than what was real.

    It just depends on were they are in the process, and occaisionally how bad the blood is. From the latest I’ve read, this blood may not be as bad as we first were lead to believe.

  61. MAC wrote:

    I understand what you are saying about album releases regarding personel changes. But this is not an ordinary personel change. I just can’t imagine that this cd would be released with those two guys on it. And I am curious as to what the latest is you’ve read, because I can’t find much of anything positive about those guys.

  62. Justa Noutsider wrote:

    The bottom line is that waht these 2 guys have done is out and out WRONG…but the rumore going around now is that a press release is forthcoming that is basically gonna say this was all a big misunderstanding and that there is no problem between Naomi and these 2 guys. WHAT A LOAD OF HORSECRAP!!!

    Basically, IF this rumored press release goes out and Naomi agrees to let these 2 “gentlemen” remain on the project and tour to promote the project…then it will totally ruin Naomi’s credibility and I could never, ever support Naomi or her group.

    Doug, I hope you will publish this. All I have to say to Kasey Kemp and Judson Horner is that I would NOT want to be in your shoes when you stand before God at judgement knowing how you’ve treated Naomi Sego, and I hope your conscious will allow you to sleep at nights.

  63. MAC wrote:

    Oh, yes. With ringleader Kemp at it again, the press release is not a rumor. If all goes as planned, it will be released Monday. It is designed to discredit the news reports by referring to “misrepresentations”, and includes quotes supposedly from Naomi, basically saying in essence that the boys are squeaky clean little angels, and dismisses the whole name game fiasco.

    It won’t hold water. Too many people, including industry types, already know about the press release, and that it’s nothing but an attempt to salvage a recording and put a band aid on Kemp and Horner’s already severely damaged reputations.

    I am sure Naomi is inclined to “forgive and move on”, as that seems to be in her character as a Godly woman. But if she allows this to go out, she’s made a terribly bad judgement call, in my opinion.

    I,too, feel that this would harm Naomi’s credibility and could not support her group. I would be very disappointed to say the least.

    Kasey, too many people are on to you man. Let it go.

  64. Carol wrote:

    So, even if everyone who actually was involved say to you people that this whole thing was blown out of proportion, and none of you actually were involved, you’re STILL going to believe the worst? Naomi Sego herself is saying that it was a misunderstanding and THAT’S not enough for you? You people are insane. Get a life.

  65. Jim2 wrote:

    I have not made any comment on this thread up to this point because 1) I’m not a N & S fan and 2) “all I know is what I read in the ‘papers’.”
    But there does seem to be general agreement that Naomi is a class act - so everyone expects her to do the Christian thing and forgive, put their bahavior in the best light, whatever. The one thing that no-one has been able to reconcile though, is why SHE was told she could no longer legally use the “Sego” name. That behavior was both egregious and unconscionable (apologies to Jackie Chiles) and has not been explained in any of the backpedaling and rationalization that I am aware of.
    Please correct me if I am wrong, because as I alluded to before, this is not an issue I’ve been following moment to moment or chasing around the message boards

  66. quartet-man wrote:

    Jim2, see #38. GMTA :)

  67. CVH wrote:

    In Chuck Peter’s SG Show Prep this morning:

    “They are like sons to me and have never threatened me.”
    Recent news reports referencing an effort by former group members Kasey Kemp and Judson Horner.. to deny Naomi Sego Reeder the right to use the “Sego” name,.. are now coming into question. Naomi has authorized Vine Records to release a statement that labels those news reports as “misrepresentations.”

    In a Christian Voice Magazine (website) story.. dated June 2nd (2008).. the publication claims that Naomi told their reporter she had received a letter, from Kemp and Horner, stating that they owned the name, “The Segos.” The CV article adds that Naomi said she was informed that she could no longer use “The Segos” as part of her group name. The magazine’s follow up report.. further stated that Ms Reeder said she found a letter tucked in the back door of her home. The report quotes Naomi as saying the pair: “Demanded that I stop using the Sego name, or I would be found guilty of copyright infringement.”

    In the Vine Records PR, issued today, Naomi Sego Reeder says: “Contrary to recent misrepresentations, Kasey, Judson and I are on good terms. They are like sons to me and have never threatened me. The Sego name and rights are not and have not been in jeopardy. These boys have been an integral part of this group on multiple levels, and we have enjoyed our years on the road and writing this final chapter together. We will be promoting this recording together and doing interviews together. We may even do a few last stands together on select dates. I am grateful for all of these years and excited to be ending the group on a high note with this album. I will continue to travel as long as I can get up and get on the road. It’s what I’ve done for so many years, and ministry is what I love to do.”

    Vine Records is releasing Naomi and The Segos’ final album, Happy Ending.. on June 24th.”

    And then Chuck’s own commentary:

    “*editorial comment (not for broadcast)
    The printed stories, comments and blogs surrounding the above news events.. leave more questions than answers. It’s sad that so many have digested the information.. to only spew out criticisms and judgements of the parties involved. I have only respect for Naomi Sego.. Just like someone recently told me.. “She is one of the reasons I do what I do.” I remember my dad playing Sego Brothers and Naomi records.. and taking me to any school gym within a hundred miles of Cincinnati.. when the Segos passed through S.W. Ohio. As a fan, I am sorry for the turmoil this must have caused Ms Reeder.

    As a reporter.. perhaps I was “to quick” to believe the original comments attributed to Ms Reeder by the Christian Voice Magazine. But.. I belived the source,.. and trusted them to be exact and truthful when quoting Naomi.. and I wanted be there to defend her and tell her story. Or.. maybe I am naive to assume, now.. that the Vine Records press release is really presenting Naomi’s feelings accurately.

    Bottom line.. someone has done a great injustice to the fans,.. the press and Naomi and the Segos. I think I know who it is. You decide for yourself.

    Chuck Peters

    I don’t know who’s who or what’s what about this entire incident but what a joke. What is Christian Voice magazine anyway? Why were statements made, apparently confirmed by the parties involved, then denied. And why is Vine Records putting out a statement that contradicts what was previously reported? And ultimately, does anyone really care?

    What a joke. Would everyone please just shut up, sit down and get a life?

  68. Dee Dee wrote:

    I don’t know Mrs. Sego Reader other than seeing her a few times and places. I saw her last year in GA and I commented to a friend afterwards ‘either she and those boys have a very good relationship to permit some of the kidding done back stage or those boys are trying to make her think she is losing her mind and she doesn’t realize it’. Some kidding can go either way but some of it seemed too much to question her ability to think and it made me uncomfortable.

    I don’t have an ax to grind with any of the parties but I’m reminded of something my grandpa used to say, “If you hit a bump in the road and suddenly everything smells bad, chances are you hit a skunk. ” This my friends is definitely a SNUNK!!!

  69. Cliff Cerce wrote:

    Naomi Sego spoke to SGN earlier today and issued statements that say, without qualification, that she WAS NOT misrepresented by the CVM report. She also stated that the CVM report about her receiving the letter stuck in her back door (prohibiting her from using the Sego name) was true. This corroborates the statements previously reported by CVM from a second credible source, that has also spoken to Ms Sego directly and personally.

    You can read the SGN report here:

    Also, Terry Dorsey, manager of both Naomi Sego and LuLu Roman, called me Sunday night, enlisting my help to get him in touch with some of the credible Southern Gospel music news sources before the Vine statement (of which he then had a copy) was published. I tried to get Mr Dorsey’s cell phone number to others, but was not able to make the connection.

    But, Mr Dorsey told me then, last Sunday night, and today - on 3 separate phone calls - that CVM had not misrepresented Naomi and that the statements attributed to Naomi in the Vine press release do not fully and faithfully represent Naomi’s feelings - as she has also said to SGN earlier today.

    To those who say others do not know what is going on -some of us do - because we have heard directly from some of the participants.

    I did not “wiggle” my way into this situation. Out of the clear blue sky, I was called Thursday afternoon by someone in Naomi’s organization (who I had never before spoken with, but knew who I was and who ultimately caused me to be put in touch with Terry Dorsey and others) at Naomi’s request for the purpose of her thanking me for the posts that I had posted in her defense.

    Please be in much prayer for Naomi. I stand for her - and wish to see her ministering for her Lord for many years to come - not to see the planned ending of her career.

    Terry Dorsey is aware of this post and the text it contains, and I have his permission to post it.

  70. Inigo Montoya wrote:

    Not a quote from the best movie of all time, but appropriate to this discussion: “Two and two continue to make four, in spite of the whine of the amateur for three, or the cry of the critic for five.” (James McNeill Whistler)

  71. NoNamePerson wrote:

    Let’s see, we basically have 3 entities involved here that are saying 2 different things:

    Industry Professionals who always do things with CLASS and EXCELLENCE with many awards and accolades to their credit.


    Run by John Lanier and Randall Wilds who have had marginal success in the industry.

    So of course we believe those with marginal success…right?

  72. mac wrote:

    You silly fool. What childish logic. I don’t care how classy or unknown someone may be. It don’t stop them from lying. And, their “status” or popularity is beside the point when you consider the obvious evidence before you.

    Get your head out of your butt and look at the obvious facts. Just because you don’t like the folks at Wilds & Associates or because you don’t know who Terry Dorsey is has nothing to do with guilt or innocence.

    I happen to know that all three entities you named are classy, reputable people. But one of them screwed up.

  73. Dread Pirate Roberts wrote:

    NoNamePerson (not that there’s anything wrong with that),
    Actually there are 6 entities - the 2 initial parties, Cliff Cerce and the 3 you mentioned.
    Using YOUR logic, we should believe Naomi and Cliff (Pro’s), and disregard Kasey and Judson (marginal).

  74. Judy Brannin wrote:

    Okay peeps, enough is enough. Ms Naomi was did wrong. Kasey made the press release of what he & “snuggles” did, or tried to do, NOT Naomi. I know for a FACT that John Lanier will NEVER print anything w/o talking to the REAL source. BTW, why is all the junk going out about CVM, what about all these other places that are running this mess? Guess they are too “clean” to touch…..
    Terry Dorsey is a man who is trying very hard to protect Naomi. It don’t matter if you KNOW him or not, GOD knows him! John Lanier loves Naomi, sang with her for several years, she is his legend of what ladies are made of. She’s 1st CLASS all the way. I’ve been in this industry for over 33 years and guess I could write a BOOK or two or maybe even three. Bet I could make your hair curl or fall out, if you have any. Kemp & Horner nailed their coffin, IMO. Oh, who am I, I can hear you asking that question. I am a Child of The King! Who are you? I don’t hide behind fake names. I speak my mind. Yep, it gets me in deep water at times, but Thank GOD I learned to swim! God Bless You Naomi Sego Reader! I Love You Lady!

    Judy Brannin

  75. NoNamePerson wrote:

    Yes, GOD knows TERRY and GOD KNOWS every one else involved. Here is the deal: Let’s face it Naomi is getting up in years and I doubt seriously that she even remembers the talks she had with the record label about what would happen after this project/tour ended.

    FACTS ARE FACTS and while I AGREE that what KASEY and JUDSON did was not smart, I think this has been HUGELY blown out of proportion.

    I KNOW FOR A FACT that this IS the last project for “Naomi & The Segos” legally.

  76. MS wrote:

    NoNamePerson - I agree with you completely!

    Unless a person is closely connected to the issues at hand, I feel that passing judgement is unfounded.

    More importantly, to keep Naomi Sego Reader’s name continually connected with any and all negative comments in order to attack Kasey and Justin is pathetic….to say the least! For God’s sake, she is an upright Godly person, a credential that isn’t held by all that profess christianity in the music industry. Not only does she talk the talk but she walks the walk!

    The afore going is strickly my opinion!

  77. Elaine wrote:

    Let me see if I got this straight, it’s ok to attack CVM & Wilds/Assoc., but not Kasey and Justin???? All CVM did was report the truth about Kasey/Justin… Of the three, WHO still has their character and reputation, and who has lost all credibility???? I think that speaks for it’s self!!! BTW, MS Judy–YOU GO GIRL!!!! Great post….Too, I’m not connected to either or, I’m just a Christian who loves SG music and those who serve GOD to the best of their ability…..

  78. mac wrote:

    Snuggles, you just gave yourself away AND confirmed just what many already suspect - that you and your sidekick are trying to drive her into retirement and carry on with her name afterwards.

    It’s sickening.

  79. Lacey Cochran wrote:

    No Name Person (hey, we know your someone close to the opposing side) Your last comment was uncalled for. From a 22yr old girl who’s worked closely with elderly and sp.ed. students, I really have a problem with any comment concerning her lack of mind. A minority of elderly suffer from dementia. Most maintain high mental faculties and are perfectly capable of remembering conversations and of telling the truth. I seriously have a problem with anyone who would insinuate Naomi has lost her mind. By the way, studies show the musically inclined tend to have high IQs, and it’s rare for mentality to be lost with age.

    Buddy, I have a problem with the way you and your cohorts have portrayed Naomi- smearing her as financially unstable, dishonest, and mentally incompetent. I think anyone who would try to profit off of a 6 decade long legacy by launching legal action to discontinue the family name from usage, forcing someone into retirement, is mentally unstable.

    God has used Naomi for His work for years and continues to do so, just as he does people like Eve Mae Lefevre, Ralph Stanley, etc. It’s God’s choice when He’s finished with her work, not the choices of two men. That’s between God and Naomi.

    As far as the response Kasey made about going into business for supplementary income, WHO CARES. Performers do it all the time. We don’t sing for money. We do it because we love God and want Him to use us. He will take care of us no matter the economy and gas $. Hey, He takes care of the sparrow…

    Any financial situations are no one’s business but Naomi’s. It’s a private matter which should never have been brought up.

    Satan sees a good thing and works to destroy it. I’ve seen it happen to God’s workers before, and that’s what’s here. Otherwise, all this wouldn’t have happened. I just ask everyone to pray, especially those personally involved, to make sure they are doing the right thing.

  80. Lacey Cochran wrote:

    To those who say that they won’t ever support Naomi again if she takes Kasey and Judson back, and won’t buy CD’s with their vocals, I say if you really care about the woman you’re defending then support her. God says to forgive. Any forgiveness she gives is between them, and we should support her decision as Christians. No matter what happens, and whether or not the statements are true about the financial situation, she needs us now. We need to be there.

  81. NoNamePerson wrote:

    I am not JUDSON or KASEY! TRY AGAIN Sherlock Holmes!

    I am not DEMEANING Naomi, but I DO know that she does not remember things as they are sometimes. I KNOW THIS FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE!!!!!!

  82. NoName2 wrote:

    Um…Jackie Lamb?

  83. NoNamePerson wrote:

    NoName2 - why does it matter? IT DOESN’T I will NOT be involved in the he said, she said CRAP. The thing is - Naomi is on the record saying that things are fine between them now. There may have been a misunderstanding or maybe even hard and wrong feelings but they have gotten it aired out. GOODNESS, when you guys DONT get the whole story you SCREAM and when the whole story is out there you cast judgement!

    Glad im not a part of this anymore!

  84. mac wrote:

    No, it DOESN’T matter who you are, this was NOT just a “misunderstanding”, and I cast judgement on no one.

    Don’t underestimate me and insult my inteligence.

    I KNOW what I have seen with my own two eyes. I KNOW what I have heard with my own two ears. I KNOW what the truth is in my heart.

    The bottom line is these boys have an agenda that they are STILL trying to defend and STILL trying to carry out. Period.

  85. NoNamePerson wrote:

    MAC - I am SURE your view is very slanted. I am not saying what Kasey and Judson did was right or correct but what I AM saying is that I know all of the parties involved and I can promise you that Kasey or Judson meant NO harm to Naomi!

  86. Elaine wrote:

    #84 I so agree with you….

  87. Gina wrote:

    This is all disgusting to me, but let me tell you this one thing. John Lanier is one of the most upright, “real deal” people in the business. He and I have been friends for nearly 20 years now. I can tell you this….. if he reported it….it IS true….Somebody gonna get a whoopin’ talkin bout my friend like dat! And I promise you, if a wrong is being committed against Ms. Naomi, he will be the first one to do whatever he has to to protect her and make it right.
    I also happen to know Naomi and have spent alot of time with her both as a friend of John’s and a radio promoter years ago. There is no better example of christianity in the industry from all I have seen. She is an awesome, sweet lady who deserves to be treated with respect and dealt with honestly. Mr. No Name Person…..just the fact that you would SUGGEST she has something wrong mentally makes me know you are on the wrong side…..what is your cut??

  88. Julio wrote:

    I am rather confused NoNamePerson. I saw the reports from Vine, Naomi Sego, and Kasey Kemp saying that the name was no longer in question and the LLC had been dropped. You appear to know first hand what is going on behind the scenes. I noticed that yesterday you said this would be the last recording legally, so has everything been dropped or not?

  89. Elaine wrote:

    Also in #83, the statement was made, “Glad im not a part of this anymore!” Makes you wonder huh? Sounds like first hand knowledge to me!
    Also, Gina, I agree with you too, great post.

  90. NoNamePerson wrote:

    What I am saying is that sometimes when people start to get up in years, they say yes to something and then forget the conversation EVER took place… I am SURE some reader has had this happen at some point…no?

  91. Elaine wrote:

    WHY would such a thing even be suggested and brought up to Ms. Naomi, except for selfish reasons on Kasey and Judson’s part… There would be NO benefit to Ms. Naomi for her to give up her right to the Sego name or anything… It is NOT to her advantage, financial or anyway, in fact it would NOT be beneficial to anyone other than those two… NOW don’t you agree with that????? Whether it was mentioned to Ms. Naomi or not, it wasn’t for her advantage, and that is disgusting…

  92. NoNamePerson wrote:

    Yes, I agree with that…but maybe, just maybe Ms. Naomi knew she could not continue on as she has been doing but wanted the SEGOS name to go on? Hmmmmm….maybe she wanted and trusted someone with the name…?

    Things that make ya go hmmm….

  93. mac wrote:

    1) The boys approached her.
    2) She declined.
    3) They registered the name ANYWAY.

    I could go on. But you get the picture..and so do I, along with countless others that have voiced their concern over this.

    hmmmm….grow up.

  94. Elaine wrote:

    LOL @93 but I agree with you!!!

  95. NoNamePerson wrote:

    nope-not the way it happened.

    this is becoming such a mute point!

    unless you were there or have involvement in the situation, you do not know what happened!!

  96. Gina wrote:

    Yes, from being in the health care field I know firsthand that people up in years can lose the ability to remember as well as they used to, but as someone who cares about their well-being, you do not bring it to everyone’s attention. You simply let them live their best life, with dignity and respect. You NEVER bring attention to it and make them feel like less of a person, and you don’t allow others too either. The very fact that you would bring it out in a post for all the world to see, shows me you have NO respect for the well-being of Ms. Naomi and you do not seem to have any respect for the elderly and the problems they inevitably face either. Your hardheartedness, disrepsectfulness of this matter alone lets me know you can not POSSIBLY have Ms. Naomi’s best interest in mind.

  97. OWEN FIELDS wrote:

    I had the pleasure of playing for the Sego’s for a brief period back in the late 70’s. Naomi is one of our treasures. She will ALWAYS be a Sego. I will do everything within my power to help her continue on in her ministry. Naomi, we need you more than ever. For anyone to think they could pick up and use the Sego name without Naomi and cause hurt to this woman—well I had better not comment.


  98. Elaine wrote:

    #95 Sounds like you are personally involved, as we’ve suspected all along… And I seriously doubt that you are Naomi!! In saying that I don’t know what you thought you would accomplish… If you wanted to argue your point, NO your stand on it, why use a No Name!! I don’t think anyone here has to judge anything…It’s all out there for them…….Injustice is wrong regardless of who it is against… If you are Kasey, I am more than a little disappointed in you, I thought you a better man than what the last couple of years have proven.. God help you… IF you are Justin, I never met you, and really don’t want to.

  99. Julio wrote:

    NoNamePerson: Once again, I ask someone who claims to know first hand what is going on behind the scenes, is this still an issue or not? Are Kasey Kemp and Judson Horner still working to get the Sego name or has every thing been dropped?

  100. not a grammarian wrote:

    I’m sure many wish it was a “mute” point.

  101. NoNamePerson wrote:

    mute, moot, who cares!? here is the deal: YES, The deal has been DROPPED!!!!

    and to ELAINE: NO, i would NEVER hurt Naomi!!!!! And I am not JUDSON to the person who commented. However, I do not like to sit on the sidelines and watch 2 men who never tried to hurt her get hurt because of the way some things are slanted in being reported. Do you guys remember who brought all this out? It was NOT Naomi, Kasey or Judson. Someone went digging and because some people don’t know exactly what to say and how to say it, it was misconstrued.

    I wish I could tell it all, but I can’t as i’ve not been released to do so.

  102. Gina wrote:

    And one other thing…….IF there is a problem as you suggest with memory loss, then doesn’t that just prove fraud. I mean, who would try to enter in to a business decision of this magnitude thinking the other person would not remember it taking place. Things that make you go hmmm…..

  103. Elaine wrote:

    Last comment I will make, Just remember that UNLESS YOU were there to have first hand knowledge, you are only getting a one sided version!!!!!! The version they want you to know possibly!!!!

  104. Justa Noutsider wrote:

    This was NOT misconstrued. Someone went looking into this when they found out these 2 young men were trying to take something that they were just “employees” of and ride the coattails because they thought it was the easiest way.

    What I do not understand, sir, is this: it has been told in southern gospel circles that Judson Horner made the comment that the name Naomi and The Segos was “mud” in the industry anyway. Why the would you…I mean they…want a name that they associate with mud anyways?

    And on a side note, I was recently at a concert of Naomi and The Segos, and during sound check, they were going over some songs and Naomi was feeding the words to one of the guys with her, and during the concert, she was dead-on it on everything they did. To me, this does NOT sound like a woman who’s mental capacities are gone. Sure, she’s not a “top tier” act in the bidness like she was in the 60’s. 70’s and early 80’s, but she is STILL A BONAFIDE LIVING LEGEND and does NOT deserve to be treated the way she has been over the past month or so.

    And to Kasey and Judson, move on with life, get over all this, and if you still want to sing, do it. Although I would seriously doubt many ppl would come and hear you guys after all this crap. But
    find you a name for your group and move on past this and let Naomi sing her last remaining years the way she’s spent the last 50…with dignity, Christian love, and most of all, with CLASS!

  105. Yoda wrote:

    I hadn’t commented so far, but JULIO does have a point. NONAMEPERSON did say in #75, and I quote: “I KNOW FOR A FACT that this IS the last project for “Naomi & The Segos” legally.” If the name game has been dropped as you just said, then why did you say it was the last LEGALLY?

  106. mac wrote:

    Misconstrued? I understood clearly what Naomi said for herself. You gonna call her a liar? Oh, no, of course not. Instead, maybe you’ll say she is up in age and don’t even remember what she said.

    And I’m sick of you guys trying to say that the news reports are slanted. More than one news source has spoken with Naomi. They all got the same response from HER.

    I said it before and I’ll say it again:
    These boys have an agenda that they are STILL trying to defend and STILL trying to carry out. Period.

  107. Lacey Cochran wrote:

    Very good point #104. I was talking about the situation with my sister last night, and she brought up the same thing. I’ve never seen Naomi forget her words, though I have seen many pro’s across an array of musical genres forget the words of their most popular songs. If she couldn’t remember conversations because her mind is so bad, how on earth could she remember her words? What I think is funny is that #104 said Naomi was feeding the words to the boys during the sound check. Sounds like she’s got a better memory than they do.

  108. not a grammarian wrote:

    In RE: #101,
    NoNamePerson, you have made my point far more eloquently than I ever could. Unfortunately, it is more in a “hoist by one’s own petard’ manner than an “I told you so” way.
    You have yammered on (12 posts so far) about “the facts” and “legally” but when confronted on an admittedly minor but nevertheless flat out WRONG usage of the word ‘mute’, your considered response was “who cares?”
    To recap: you were wrong, your error was pointed out, you responded “Who cares?”
    This attitude just reinforces my impression that your AGENDA outweighs not only reason and logic, but also truth.