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All you hear is hard luck stories, financially, with these sg ’superstars’. The late great Jake Hess bankrupt twice or three times. JD going round with a hat collecting for his lapsed insurance money coercing a post office official into back-dating the postage date. Vestal, almost with an empty check book prior to the first Gaither tape. So on and so on ad nauseam. […] My my, if the Good Stewardship parable had have been brought up at an after concert, you’d likely been trampled underfoot in a rush to the hot food bar, with a ‘Yeah yeah but we need to gorge ourselves and otherwise squander the Good Lord’s money but, hey, don’t forget to come back, we sure need the dough to keep that big ole bus on the road……’

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  1. Leebob wrote:

    Motive, motive, motive…too many times these guys did not count the cost beforehand and went and “bought the bus” because their superstar country singers were doing it. Is this not as bad a testimony as to our God’s ability to take care of His “servants” as say the discussion going on a couple rooms down about Kenny Bishop? I say it is poor management driven by over-sized ego as to their importance. As much as I love the founding fathers in gospel music they still ahd issues to deal with like we do.

    I am watching more groups try to buy their way into national prominence rather than allow God to build it steadily. I heard of a convention in Tennessee where it cost groups $2500 just to get on that stage. WHAT???!!! Talk about your paying to sing. Give me my small to mid-size churches and the ability to still produce a quality product until I am financially able to do more. Then give me the ability, as God allows, to go into more of a regional market. If more groups built their ministry instead of bought it they would find a less stressful and more successful ministry.

  2. matureman wrote:

    Amen, LeeBob! There is a seasoning and maturity that comes with experience. Starting at the starting place… small, medium and large venues are where you become experienced, just like the man said.

    BTW, supreme confidence in what you do on stage isn’t maturity and seasoning nor does it guarantee a quality program. We see some of that confidence, clothed in mediocrity when some groups visit our church. We also see some juvenile stuff, such as ‘goosing’ each other for giggles, etc. It’s just embarrassing and makes me want to fall in love with Opera (I didn’t say Oprah) or something else besides SG..if that was possible.

    Hey, SG Group… want to stay in business? LeeBob gave you some good advice. Let me add that you won’t win the hearts of the people by doing things that you wouldn’t do if The President of the United States was in the audience. In fact, every crowd should be treated with the same respect and devotion to excellence and dignity as if you knew POTUS was there. After all, One mightier and more important is looking on…

    Good management may require some outside training and help. All this comes at the beginning of a career. If you are with a group that doesn’t want to improve, you may want to find another garden in which to grow.

    Thanks, LeeBob… what you said, needed to be said and you said it.

    Other than that, every thing’s great!

  3. wackythinker wrote:

    matureman — Outside training and help? NO WAY, man! We don’t need no stinkin’ help. We can go bancrupt all by ourselves, thank you very much.

    Seriously, the reason some ministers, entertainers, businessmen, and regular people seem to prosper over others is often the difference between going it alone and seeking wise counsel. Not only sg singers, but even in the secular entertainment field. Look at the recent news about Ed McMahon’s house being foreclosed upon. All the $millions he made, but he had to go into debt 17 years ago (after his primary career had ended) for the multi-million dollar house he and his umpteenth bride moved into. Sad, but he admitted in an interview this week it was because he didn’t seek good investment advice.

    Even deep pockets can have a hole where money can leak out.

  4. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    Was this a dissent or a dis’? A rant or a ramble? I had difficultly connecting the dots.

  5. onemadeupmind wrote:

    #1-Very good post. Kathy Crabb is quoted as saying, “You’ll never have a national following until you have a good regional following, and you’ll never have a good regional following until you have a good local following.” That’s exactly what happened with all the little (at that time) Crabbs.

  6. Robert wrote:

    Great comment LeeBob!!! Everyone thinks they have to have a bus, wireless mics, IEMs, and the latest and greatest sound system. I had a sound engineer for one of the biggest acts in country music tell me “it isn’t what you have, it’s knowing how to use it”. This can apply to more than just sound systems.

  7. Radioguy wrote:

    “it isn’t what you have, it’s knowing how to use it”

    That’s what Shania Twain has done. Hahahaha.

  8. bryan vanover wrote:

    there is still one group out there doing it right and they have now for 45 years.


    need i say more

  9. nonsgfan wrote:

    A Smaller Market SG group came to our church. I won’t say their names, but the first part starts with Gallo and the last part starts with ways. After the “concert” the daughter incessantly bragged about how a “beetle” wasnt good enough first car for her, she had to have a Jag or a cedes. Then she showed us her Prada sunglasses, and gucci shoes, THEN bega to talk about her genuine fur coat that cost “More Money than you could imagine”. I was thinking the whole time, “If a smaller market group is doing this good, how good are the large ones doing”. I’m sure this may have just been an exhibition.

  10. wackythinker wrote:

    nonsgfan — I think, from the little hints you gave, I know who you’re talking about. And this doesn’t surprise me. She’s always had that “air” about her, IMHO.

    However, don’t judge the group’s wealth on her prima donna attitude. She’s done some modeling and acting work on the side. I doubt her family is riding in that same style.

  11. Harry Peters wrote:

    You guys sure have all the answers, don’t you? Starting with WeeBob, face the music, you can never hope to do better than small to medium sized churches and you just sound like sour grapes.

    There are all kinds of explanations for bankruptcy besides being a “bad steward.” I guess you have lived a very sheltered, blessed life. Most people like you didn’t earn it, their daddy gave it to them. It’s interesting, and I am getting an education to see what you self-righteous “holy” people have to say. If heaven were filled with bigots like you, it is certainly not a place that would be appealing to go. You make me sick, and it smells like smoke from the pit of hell to me.

  12. Leebob wrote:

    Not sheltered at all Harry. As a matter of fact I have done the bankruptcy thing as a result of poor stewardship. When I am in error I will tell you that I am, no questions asked. You made more of a judgement about me based on less information than what I have based on the very visible groups. If all we ever do is small to mid-size churches I will consider myself fortunate and blessed to have done so. The smaller churches have been far more of a blessing to us than most of the larger churches we have been able to do. I am not real sure where you get the sour grapes. If you think our dad left us this you are severly mistaken as our dad went to heaven long before Ransomed was started.

    The people on here who have read my posts know that most of the time I will include a scripture reference for the reason of that particular post. Occassionally I will go off on a rant but rarely do I direct it at an individual as you have done. So tell me Harry Peters, is there some wrong that I have done to you that I should be aware of? If so I would encourage you to address it off line as others who may have disagreed in the past. The website and email is in the name because I choose to offer it.

  13. HM wrote:

    Just whip em’ out and measure it will be easier.

  14. buttercup wrote:

    Once we get to heaven, we’ll all be perfect just like our Lord - so there will be no bigots, judgemental folk or tiptoeing around an area because “they” don’t know we’re there.

  15. buttercup wrote:

    afterthought: If you are deciding on whether or not you want to go to heaven based on which other people are going to be there - it is re-evaluation time. Free clue in Revelation 22:1-5

  16. nonSGfan wrote:

    HM, i’m LoLing at work at that comment, and people are looking.
    Never do that again.


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