Congressman Hendrix?

Speaking of politics, Chuck Peters reports that Rick Hendrix, the music promoter everyone loves to hate, is thinking about running for Congress in North Carolina. Judging by his comments to Peters, I think it’s safe to say Hendrix will be running in the great southern neo-Dixiecrat tradition:

As a Democrat, I have strong beliefs against abortion, I am an avid supporter of prayer in our schools, and I feel our borders need a fair, tough, enforceable and realistic plan.

And/but he’s currently a delegate to the Democratic National Convention for Hillary Clinton, and according to Hendrix, he was personally asked to run for Congress pledge a delegate vote for HRC by no less than Bill Clinton.

As I was reading all this earlier today, it occurred to me that there really aren’t many better ways to prepare for Congressional politics than southern gospel radio promotions.

Update: The full ShowPrep story is here.

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  1. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    I was wondering who was going to be the first blogger to blog about this happening.
    I hope all thinking Republicans, smart Independents and loyal Democrats who are very active leaders in southern gospel music keep abreast of this situation.
    It is good for an industry to have friends from both side of the aisle in high places of public service.

  2. CVH wrote:

    Agreed. The only other career that comes to mind is the Bible salesman John Goodman portrayed in ‘Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?”

  3. Tyler wrote:

    Wow…the only thing I can’t figure out is why in the world a “conservative” like himself supports the ultra-liberal Democratic Party?

    I mean, it’s one thing to be a conservative in a liberal party - it’s another thing to be a conservative that SUPPORTS the liberals in the party.


  4. Chuck Peters wrote:

    Maybe my writing led you in the wrong direction.. but check the story again. Hendrix says Bill Clinton asked him to run for the Democratic Party Convention delegate seat.. not the Congressional seat. Not sure who or what influenced him to think about running for Congress.


  5. buttercup wrote:

    My honest question is this - how can you be a Democrat and have “strong beliefs against abortion”? That is like me saying, “as a vegetarian, I prefer my prime rib medium rare”
    Let’s hope we don’t find out later any other things he was personally asked to do by Bill Clinton

  6. Brittni wrote:


  7. Janet wrote:

    After the stunts that were pulled/attempted by the DNC following the 2000 election, I lost all respect for anyone who continues to be affiliated with that party. As my mama used to say, “It’s not always about who you are, but who you hang around with that you will be judged by.”

  8. T wrote:

    So im betting this thread gets heated.

    If He is a super delegate to the convention, then his little show about how he’s conservative, blah blah blah is for the SGM audience. Super delegates are the most loyal democrats there are and don’t let anyone try to make you believe otherwise.

    but hey, i’m just happy that SOMEONE affiliated with SGM has come out as a Democrat. There is hope for this Democrat that loves SGM afterall.

  9. Rod wrote:

    It’s not the southern gospel radio promoter Rick Hendrix…It’s the Nascar/Car dealer Rick HENDRICK from NC…Wrong guy people.

  10. Revpaul wrote:

    Oh, Rod, you’re such a party-pooper!

  11. T wrote:

    well then that explains it.

    My hope is re-lost.

  12. Ted wrote:

    He sounds like a Conservative, but is supporting a party that agitates for socialism.

  13. sunshine wrote:

    #5, #11 rof Good ones!!! (re-lost) I loved that…

  14. Ocean View wrote:

    #9 Rod:

    refers people to:

    Sounds like the same guy — wannabe politician *and* SG radio promoter.

  15. JB wrote:

    #9…..I called Rick Hendrix office (The SG promoter) and they did confirm this is indeed the SG promoter Rick Hendrix.

  16. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    Most people outside of North Carolina probably don’t realize that the majority of NC voters are registered Democrats. John Kerry didn’t stand a chance in NC, despite having John Edwards on his ticket. The state is labeled “red” when it comes to presidential elections, but you wouldn’t know based on the way voters are registered. Many voters will cast a straight party Democrat otherwise, but they’ll vote for the Republican presidential candidate.

    I’ve never understood it, and I live here. As a whole, NC voters put the very sort of people into power at the state level that they despise having power at the federal level.

  17. buttercup wrote:

    Help me get this straight. “Ix” finds out that “Ick” is a superdelegate and calls Chuck to tell him he’s running for COngress in 2 years?
    No wonder he’s a legend in SG promotion

  18. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Republicans have their liberal and conservatives have their ideology differences.
    Why can’t Democrats have their differences in ideology?
    Primary elections is the process the parties use to choose leaders of the parties.
    Sometimes the wimps on the left win and sometimes the crazies on the right of the party wins!
    Why do we have to go through this “red herring” or “litmus” test political dialogue all the time?
    Leadership in legislature bodies understands when individual members votes contrary to the party lines on local issues or a issue close to the heart of a member providing the member does not go the extra mile in slamming the leadership or party leaders.
    Being a member of a legislature body allows you to learn a a whole set of rules that goes way beyond the emotional debates that develops in the think tanks of the crazies and the wimps.

    Sometimes the country might be better serve be have a Liberal Party and a Conservative Party.

    Sometimes you work for a candidate who is a good, decent, hardworking and honest human being despite some ideological differences.

    God even allow for the differences in our walk with Him.
    He gave us choices with our doctrinal beliefs and the ability to choose our denominations.
    We still follow the same Jesus despite or differences in doctrinal beliefs.

  19. Jake wrote:

    Umm — Red (#9) — did you check out the links in Doug’s article? Rick Hendrix’s picture is there, and he is clearly identified as a southern gospel promoter. I don’t know that much about Rick Hendrix, who is clearly identified as the one running for congress, but as a NASCAR fan I do know what Rick Hendrick the NASCAR teams owner looks like, and the picture given is not him.

  20. SGFAN65 wrote:

    #9 - if it not’s the promoter Rick Hendrix, then why is this website indicating it is…..

  21. Tyler wrote:

    So much for the big story :D

  22. aspirin wrote:

    This website gets more like “The Inquirer” every day.

  23. quartet-man wrote:

    #11, and here I figured you once were lost, but now were found. ;)

  24. Larry S wrote:

    No Rod, it IS SG’s Rick Hendrix - follow the story link (running for Congress) at the top of the page.

  25. ST wrote:

    What other SG people have run for political office? I remember Troy Burns (formerly of the Inspirations) ran for state congressman in NC as a Democrat.

  26. JE Butler wrote:

    #9 - wrong district. Rick Hendrick lives in Charlotte and is not running for congress. Rick Hendrix lives in the 10th and this is the right one. It is an exploratory committee at this point. He is looking to replace the youngest US congressman.


  27. wackythinker wrote:

    I thought Hendrix lived in the Nashville area. How can he be a delegate or run for Congress from North Carolina? His website has a news item about his daughter’s recent graduation from a Nashville-area high school.

    I guess I just don’t know enough about polictics. But then, we all knew I was wacky.

  28. JB wrote:

    I do know he is divorces so it may be that his daughter lives with his ex wife?

  29. JB wrote:

    Sorry for the typo I meant divorced. :-)

  30. Rod wrote:

    WOW…Was I ever wrong.

  31. Leebob wrote:

    YIKES!!!! As clear headed as I usually am I have no clue what is going on here.
    I’M SO CONFUSED!!!!!!

  32. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    What going on here?
    The Rick Hendrix in southern gospel music we know is running for Congress.
    It is known as The 10th Congressional District of North Carolina.
    Wikipedia tells that
    “is a Congressional district in central and western North Carolina. It currently includes all of Avery, Burke, Caldwell, Catawba, Cleveland, Lincoln and Mitchell counties, along with parts of Gaston, Iredell and Rutherford counties.”

    For any other speculative information, I suggest you go to your local supermarket and purchse the churrent issue of The Inquirer.

  33. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    It’s great you finally got the message. For a while there, I was worried it might not get through.

    - - - - -
    Gospel Music Fan,
    Your post finally caused the spark to go on in my brain. I live in the 10th district. I can vote for Rick!

  34. Andy Talks wrote:

    well now, so mr. rh is now in politics? what about jonathan bond, is that why yh came off of the road? it is all starting to add up now. i would like to see the inquirer get all of the information on this. we will all be laughing then.

  35. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Help me out.
    We be traveling down your way from time to time in the next 28 months or so.
    Find out when we can start absentee voting and how many times can we vote?
    Can Independents vote in the Democratic primaries?
    Can Republicans vote in the Democratic primaries?
    Is it an open primary?
    Hope I do not take you away from your music ministry or blogging.

  36. DG wrote:

    #34-Andy, re: Young Harmony-their website still lists current dates. Is it true that they did come off the road??

  37. Ben Harris wrote:

    Maybe sometime, hopefully in my lifetime, Christian people will finally come to the correct conclusion that no political party anywhere, by any name, represents Christian values. Like oil and water, truth and lies, Christian and political.

  38. cynical one wrote:

    Oh, Ben, you’re such a cynic!

    No, you’re just a realist. Some people seem to think you can’t be a real Christian if you don’t vote the way they do. SOOOOO wrong.

    I had a customer, who knew I was Christian (he was, too), ask how I could vote for a certain person, knowing that candidate’s view on abortion. I reminded him there were other issues, too, and that killing innocent people overseas (and lying about the reason we went into that war) was just as wrong as allowing unborn babies to be killed.

    And you’re very right: politics, by its very nature, cannot support true Christianity, and vice versa.

  39. Brian wrote:

    Nice…way to sneak your agenda in Cynical…nice. I wondered how long it would take to get here.

    I realize there is nothing that I can say to change your mind. But I will say those are some pretty bold allegations you are making and to be honest they are also some tired liberal talking points we have all heard a million times over. With that being said I will take this opportunity to remind you of the folllowing:

    I seem to recall it being a nice, warm, clear Tuesday morning in September. The eleventh of September if my memory serves me. The year, 2001. When for no reason, well no logical reason, over 3000 “innocent civilians” were murdered in the streets of our US cities in a coordinated attack desinged to criple this nation. Now these weren’t people that were somewhere they shouldn’t have been, they weren’t carrying grenade launchers, they didn’t have bombs hidden beneath their clothes. No, they were simply living their lives,going to work, dropping off the kids, picking up douhnuts for the office. Did they deserve to die that day? What about the children that died that day, what did they do to deserve that? The only answer is…nothing. But because some radical, extremists decide that because we won’t worship their “golden calf” god… we all deserve to die.

    I want to believe that their attack failed. Deep down I know it did. They did suceed in bring terror to the streets for a period of time, they suceeded in knocking down some buildings. I cannot believe that they suceeded in breaking the American spirit. However everytime I hear someone make comments like that, I wonder if they didn’t sow some seeds of doubt. I think there are those whose minds have been held captive since that day. I pray that Cynical One is not one of those.

    I am conservative and proud of it, and while I do have a hard time understanding how a Christian could align themselves with liberal beliefs, I don’t for a minute believe that if you are a liberal you can’t be a Christian. As stated earlier though, I find it interesting that someone like Rick, would take a stand against abortion, support prayer in schools, be pro border control and call himself a democrat. Why would someone support all of that, and pledge a delegate to Hilliary Clinton who takes the opposite stand on each issue noted. Those are some pretty conservative stances…politics, never will get it.

  40. Jake wrote:

    Hey Brian (#39) — Preach it, brother!

  41. sunshine wrote:

    #39 yep, I agree with ya… It seems that many people have forgotten 9/11 in favor of a muslim…The men and women who have proudly fought for years UNDER our RED, WHITE and BLUE and now it’s not treated with the respect and for what it stands for… I say PREACH ON!!!!!!!!! Tell it like it is..

  42. JB wrote:

    #39 …..from what I remember 9/11 had nothing to do with Iraq. That was all a plan to put more money in Bush’s pocket. Its funny how he will go over kill thousands of people, put our soliders lives on the line …..for nothing more than money. It’s funny how that agenda took place of finding Osama and made the world forget about finding Osama.

    I work for a Southern Gospel station and yes I am a democrat. No I dont believe in abortion. But you may want to check out your party more. They are killing people every day in the name of Oil. But its ok to be a Republican right. Thats the Christian thing to do …right?

  43. sunshine wrote:

    #42 YEP!!!!!

  44. Kevin Gale wrote:

    Who started this entire Republicans are Christians and Dems are going to HELL??? I get sick and tired of Republicans hiding behind their KJV Bibles and beating anyone different than them up. There are other forms of religion? There are other forms of faith? Republicans are all about war! Democrates are all about freedom and choices. So, get over it. I am a Democrate and feel the crazy Republicans need to get off their high horse. Not all republicans…Just like sensible Christians…they need to keep helping get people saved…the nuts like pastor Phels need to drink the kool-aid


  45. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    The thread started out with the fact that Rick Hendrix is running for Congress.
    Rick Hendrix is still running for Congress.

  46. Jake wrote:

    JB (#42) — If President Bush went to Iraq for oil (one of the Democrat talking points which is an absolute lie) — if he went for oil, then why are we apying $4.25 for a gallon of gas?
    As far as him lining his own pockets — again, a much touted LIE with absolutely no basis in fact.
    Maybe instead of repeating the mindless and untrue “anti-Bush” lines, you need to look at ALL the facts. And this isn’t just Democrat vs. Republican.
    I’m not saying that everything Mr. Bush has done is necessarily right — history will be the judge of that — but I do believe he has followed his heart and that his motives have been right. And it certainly hasn’t been about money and oil. So get over that line.

  47. FormerDJ wrote:

    What’s really fun is to be Christian who is also a Libertarian. Yes, I believe this nation was founded on a belief in a small government implementing the wishes of the people. I believe, and am still a Christian, that the government needs to get out of my checkbook, my car and my bedroom.

    I don’t want my hard earned dollars paying so that a 24 year old girl can sit and home and squirt out a baby once a year. I don’t want my hard earned dollars to pay for HBO in the prisons. I don’t want my hard earned dollars to be spent on making sure medicare recipients can still make love to their wives. Let me take charge of my own finances, my own health care and my own retirement. Yes, I’m a Libertarian and a Christian and I vote.

  48. OTD wrote:

    #44 - You are right they are “about freedom and choices” They give the freedom and choice to take an unborn life.

  49. cynical one wrote:

    Brian, to be honest with you, I don’t like any of the choices we’ve had left for the past several months. And even left the choices that appear to be left. I won’t go into the details as to why, as you’ve probably heard it all before.

    I do consider myself conservative on most issues. But liberal on others. And I don’t think ANY political party has it correct (I didn’t want to say “right”, or it might have been construed as “conservative”).

    And for the record, Jesus was a liberal.

  50. Brian wrote:

    Cynical, well we do agree on one thing, I’m not crazy about the choices we have either.

  51. wackythinker wrote:

    I don’t know about going into Iraq for oil, but it has been shown there was no connection between 9/11 and Saddam. Evil man? Yes! Al queda link? No.

    Also, I would add I’m surprised the democrats didn’t say something during the 2004 election cycle that, in spite of the revelations that Clinton “gave out too much info” regarding our attempts to capture Ben Laden during the Clinton administration, the 9/11 attacks happened on Bush’s watch.

    Not saying whether it’s a valid thought, just saying I’m surprised it wasn’t voiced.

    How did we get so far off-topic?

  52. JB wrote:

    #46…..hahaha because Bush is pocketing the money from the oil prices. You keep living out that lie that Bush is a good man. Bush is an idiot!!! He wasnt so worried about finding Osama and getting justice for 9/11 or Osama would be found and dead. This country is in such a bad shape and if a Democrat was in office the Democrat would be the fault of it. But since Bush is a Republican and a good ol boy its not his fault. Get over it!! Bush is an idot without the proper education to run this country.

  53. buttercup wrote:

    Not wanting to be one of those scripture spouting thread nazis, but is anyone praying for our current and future political leaders? I find that if I am honestly on my face before God praying for someone, it is impossible for me to hate them. Romans 13 states that God is the one who puts governments in place and that is why we need to obey them. Paul was referring to a far from perfect government.
    Back on topic, I believe at this point, Rick is just testing the waters towards a possible run for 2010

  54. Brian wrote:

    Wacky…are we really off topic?

    JB, you know you are entitled to your opinion and that is fine. But I have to tell you, I keep hearing how this country is in such bad shape, how things are falling apart at the seams. I have to say that I am doing fine, better than ever, my immediate family is great, as good as ever if not better. My closest friends, same story. Yeah we are paying a lot for gas and the cost of living has gone up but all in all, things are great. I am sorry they are different for you. I just don’t personally see the big downturn everyone is screaming about.

    I don’t think a liberal, like yourself, really wants to go into the whole “should have had Bin Laden” argument do we? I mean you guys had the man of your dreams in the White House for eight years. He had Bin Laden given to him on a silver platter and turned up his nose. Soon after, embassys are bombed, the USS Cole is attacked etc. The World Trade Center had already been bomed (the first time).By the way Wacky, that was all on Clintons watch. What did he do? tick…tock…tick…tock. uh…nothing.

    The Presidents Education, well all I can say is do your homework. Ivy League is pretty impressive on any resume’.

    Also, he has released his tax documents, look them up. No oil profits…darn.

    Has he been perfect, no, far from it. Fairly dissapointing to be completely honest. But a liar, or some kind of war monger (sp?), or oil tyrant?…come on.

  55. solace wrote:

    JB, I don’t care if you disagree with Bush or not, God says to respect those in authority in over you.

    And for the record: Saddam did have weapons of mass destruction. One of his former chief advisers recently revealed that he personally knew the pilots of planes who flew WMDs out before the country went in.

    What’s more, aren’t we forgetting (1) that the guy who was head of the CIA at the time of the invasion was a Democrat?, and (2) We have scarcely gotten a barrel of oil out of Iraq since the invasion

    Get your facts straight, and read the Bible.

  56. Alan wrote:

    This has been fun reading…a post that Rick Hendrix is thinking of running for Congress, and away we’ve gone! Ya gotta love it. But, a whole lot of nonsense has made it to these postings too. Finally, after 5+ years, oil companies are now allowed to solicit deals for Iraqi oil, with the negotiations to be handled through Iraq’s President, not Bush. War for oil? Man, JB - what planet have you been living on? We just did a 2300-mile run. I spent over $1000 on diesel fuel. I’m just SO glad that we went to war with Iraq so that I can save so much money on fuel. As for weapons of mass destruction, friends of mine in governmental positions say that they just wish that America knew what they do. They were there, in large quantities. Now they’re largely in Syria. Oh, and JB, we’d all love to know where your great education comes from. If you can tell us that your undergrad degree is from Yale and your MBA is from Harvard Business School, we’ll be impressed! Like others before, I have many disappointments in Mr. Bush and his administration, but this I say - we haven’t been attacked since 9/11. I was 80 miles from New York City on that fateful morning. It took me days to get home…no flights, no rental cars, and controlled hysteria about what was coming next. And what’s come since? The least unemployment in modern history, no attacks inside our borders, a time of unprecedented prosperity until very recently. Iraq is growing into a young democracy, the world is watching Iran closely, we’ve been able to curtail two long-standing embargoes against North Korea, etc. There are still problems, to be sure, which aren’t to be any surprise in these last days. So, JB, enjoy the view from inside your little sand mound, and keep asking yourself what kind of a world we’d be living in if a buffoon like Al Gore had won, or an even
    scarier scenario, had John Kerry been elected! Oh well, I guess everything will be perfect if Obama wins. Now if THAT doesn’t send chills down spines, what will?!

  57. cynical one wrote:

    I’ve heard the line before, that things would have been worse if Gore had been in office when 9/11 happened. How do we know that?

    I don’t buy it. I don’t know it would have been any better, either, but it’s all just speculation. And frankly, I think such speculation is pure nonsense. We’ll never know, and that’s ok.

    What we do know is where we are now, how happy we are (or not) with what’s transpired until now.

    And let’s face it, we know what the current candidates are saying they’ll do (or not do), but judging from past candidates’ promises, I doubt we’ll see much of today’s candidates’ promises come through, either.

    But then, I’m a cynic, aren’t I?

  58. solace wrote:

    Very nice post, Alan.

    The assertion that Bush is pocketing money from Iraq is absolutely baseless. But of course we’d never want to confuse JB with the facts.

    You’re also right on safety. We have thwarted multiple attacks on U.S. soil since 9/11 and depending on who were President I’m confident that there could have been a second or third 9/11.

    On Bin Laden: Right again. Clinton had him in his sights but let him walk. For a Democrat to accuse Bush of not catching him is worse than a pot calling a kettle black.

    The economy is not doing good right at this particular moment, but Obama himself has admitted that no President can actually control gas prices.

    Finally, we are winning in Iraq. Last month was one of the lowest death tallies in years - but I’m sure JB didn’t even know that…

    We have presences in many countries so if we stop the violence, pull the majority of our troops home, and finalize the Iraqi security forces, we will have established a democracy.

    It all can happen if McCain is elected. If Obama is elected he’ll do either (1) make liberals SCREAM by staying longer, or (2) retreat in the face of a victory

    Either way he’ll have people WAY madder at him than the die-hard libs are at Bush right now.

    What’s more, the people that hate Bush now have always hated him. Why? Because he actually stands for things like Biblical marriage and the right of a child’s life.

  59. mariehardy5733 wrote:

    I don’t know how any “thinking” Christian can vote Democrat on the national level. Please tell me how you reconcile Obama’s support for partial birth abortion, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, his pastor for 20 YEARS, and he didn’t have a problem with his racism. Either he was there as wasn’t listening, or he was there giving consent to the racist rants. Or maybe he was just like many who have their names on the roll but never go! In all three examples, they are NOT examples of the way we as Christians should conduct our lives. I agree with Dr. James Dobson. Obama is a dangerous man whose views are in conflict with everything we Christians stand for and believe. He has purposely kept most of his views private because they are, I believe, radical. He does have a Moslem father and was schooled in Islam as a child. I would challenge everyone who reads, find out what each candidate actually believes or what they are saying before you go into that voting booth and cast your ballot. If Obama has issues with Dr. James Dobson, then I have issues with Obama!

  60. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    The advantage Rick Hendrix has by forming a exploratory committee for a race in 2010 that the federal fundraising give contributors the opportunity to give contributions in three different year. (2008,2009,2010)
    There are limitations per year per contributors.

    People in southern gospel music who want to keep abreast of these opportunities should check out this link:

    This is for informational purposes and you can give to any candidate within the same limitations

  61. T wrote:

    Hey Solace, just so you know. President Bush’s approval rating is at 28%, while his disapproval rating is at 68%. This is from the June 19th USA Today/Gallup pole. So you are definitely in the minority of people who think that he is doing a good job. Also, his approval has dropped over time, so those that hate him now have not always hated him. I don’t dislike Bush because he stands for Biblical marriage and the right to a child’s life, I dislike him because he does not care about over 4,000 service men’s lives and tax cuts for the rich are his number one focus.

    And just so you know, Jesus spoke a lot about helping the poor in the Bible, the conservative wing tends to skip over that part of the Bible in favor of other issues. Also, he said Blessed is the Peace maker.

    Just saying. I can play that game too.

  62. Ben Harris wrote:

    I hardly see how having fewer deaths equals winning. How do we win? Who surrenders? I thought we had already won 5 years ago? Now, I don’t particular like any politician from either party, as I am from the camp of “Lets throw all the bums out”, but I find it incredible that we speak of a war where thousands have lost their lives and are still losing their lives every day, as “in the process of winning”. If you count only those American and allied lives lost, we are still having far too many deaths per day. When you factor into that equation the countless innocent lives of those people living in the region, I would suggest they would have a hard time believing and win is close to fruition. Trust me when I tell you, there will never be a clear cut victory in this war, for they have been fighting and killing each other since before Christ, and nothing we do will ever bring that to a halt. I think the world was betrayed by those who wanted this war, when the focus should have been on Osama Bin Laden, not Saddam. I cannot imagine Christ in all his compassion and loving ever saying, “Lets bomb those heatherns to smitherens, and kill as many of them as we can”. Can you imagine Christ condoning this war, or any war brought on by man and man alone?

  63. mariehardy5733 wrote:

    Hey T, it is statistically proven that conservatives give more to the poor than the liberal Democrats. That’s a fact. The libs want YOU to give but they keep all theirs. About the 4000 deaths, NONE were in vain. Sadaam is dead, and he can slaughter no more. The Iraqi people are free. What if you were one of those Iraqi people who lived under Saddam’s regime that gassed any opposition? You might be more thankful for being liberated, rather than sitting in your comfortable livingroom, complaining about this unjust war. I suppose you have A/C too. Over there it’s a premium and the temps are 110. Freedom is never free. God cares for the Iraqi people too. The 4000 who selflessly gave their lives should never be used as a tool to say never fight. Some wars are justified. Do you think Hitler should have been stopped? If you think not, then you would probably be speaking German now. Do you think Saddam should have been stopped? ALL soldiers are VOLUNTEERS. If they don’t complain, why are you? What do you have in this fight? What have you done? You might try praying instead of criticizing.

  64. solace wrote:

    In response to #61 “T”:

    1. Your first point was that Bush’s approval is at 28%. I get it. But what is the Democratic-controlled Congress approval rating? 12-15%. A historic low.

    Sorry, it’s not that people hate Bush - they hate Washington - and that includes Democrats.

    2. 4,000 men have died. This is true. Some people call it a senseless waste. Well, I think it’s a senseless waste to forget about the thousands of people who went to work everyday in their offices in the WTC’s, and the people innocently flying to CA who heroically dive-bombed their plane into PA soil to protect other targets. I think its a senseless waste to allow someone like Saddam Hussein to transport WMDs (like he did) into another country only after the U.S. threatens invasion, and to watch him kill WAY more innocent Iraqis than this war has ever killed

    It’s amazing how quickly people forget.

    You talk about Bush invading Iraq - well, if Bill Clinton would have done his job like he should have in the 1990’s there would not have been a Bin Laden around to cause a 9/11 - think about that for a second.

    3. You talk about Bush giving tax cuts to the rich. Let me ask you this: Did you get an economic stimulus package? How about a tax rebate? Are you RICH?

    #62 “Ben Harris:” You consider yourself a Democrat, I presume (although you do admit you’re not particularly thrilled with Obama). I find it amazingly hypocritical to accuse Bush of botching this war when the Democratic main-man Bill didn’t eliminate the cause of 9/11 when he had him in his crosshairs. Call yourself an independent if you please, but please don’t call yourself a Democrat with your line of reasoning - it’s just too self-contradictory

  65. 1 old fan wrote:

    mariehardy5733 — My memory isn’t perfect, but I don’t remember anything said BEFORE our nation’s invasion of Iraq that stopping Saddam’s murderous ways was the premise of our going to war.

    Can you refresh my memory? It seems our purpose changed when we found no WMD’s and learned there was no link between Saddam and Al queda.

    Are some of us drinking the koolaid?

  66. wackythinker wrote:

    And let’s not forget that if Bush #1 had finished the job while we were in Iraq before, thousands of Iraqi’s lives would have been saved.

    And if Reagan hadn’t had the Iran-Conta thing. . . .

    And if Carter hadn’t . . .

    And if Ford hadn’t . . .

    And if Nixon. . .

    Can we push blame back as far as FDR?

    Besides, my ADD is kicking in. Oooh! look at that butterfly! Where’s my Ritalin?

  67. T wrote:

    I stand by what I said. A super majority of Americans disapprove of Bush.

    MarieHardy: Where is this statistical evidence?

    I believe that had the inspectors been allowed to complete their job we could have had a peaceful outcome to the situation and focused of the real War in Afghanistan, instead we diverted all of our resources to Iraq and have led the Taliban and the people who WERE responsible for 9/11 to just run free and they are slowly re-taking the country.

    If you don’t think that talking to a nation can’t make a difference then look at North Korea today.

    What this all boils down to is that Southern Gospel as a whole, including artists, fans, etc. can’t stand that fact that there could possibly be Christian Democrats.

  68. solace wrote:

    I’ll be the first to admit you can be a conservative Christian who shares some Democratic values.

    But what I can’t understand is how you can vote for, or endorse someone like Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

    You can’t possibly care about terrorism, yet support a guy who is endorsed by groups like Hamas, or support the wife of someone who hand-fed Osama an opportunity to cause 9/11.

    That’s the bottom line. And I stand by statements of the even-larger majority that doesn’t approve of the Dem-controlled Congress.

  69. JB wrote:

    1. Bush used fear and lies through the media to get America involved in the Iraqi War, with little or no questioning fromt the public.

    2. He refused to buy adequate body armor for our troops in Iraq. A study done by a defense consultant reveals that approximately 25% of casualties could have been prevented with better armor.

    3. Responsible for the highest US Trade deficit EVER! $43.1 billion dollars.

    4. He gave his campaign contributors and strongest supporters $8 billion in contracts to rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan. Corporations like Halliburton, Bechtel, Kellogg, Brown & Root, etc. Numerous scandals have been uncovered regarding these “friendly” contractors who are ripping off US tax-payers by overcharging their services.

    5. He approved the sale of $20 million dollars worth of shackles, electro-shock technology and other torture decides to countries that have been condemned for torture.

    6. He proposed a budget that would slash 40% of funding for after-school programs. No child left behind huh? The decrease would cut off about 475,000 children.

    9. He authorized the use of cluster bombs and Daisey Cutters in populated areas of Iraq. These have contributed to the deaths of 10,000 innocent civilians, more than three times the number of casualties suffered in the tragic 9-11 attacks. Also Note, No Iraqis were involved in the 9-11 attacks.

    10. Richard Clarke and Paul O’Neill both testified that Bush Jr. was intent on invading Iraq within the first few days of his Presidency. Clarke claims that Bush Jr. ignored his warnings about an imminent Al Qaeda attack. On September 12, Bush Jr. instructed his staff to find a connection between al Qaeda and Iraq, and despite no connection ever being discovered and against the CIA’s recommendation, he still chose to invade Iraq. This has been confirmed by the 9-11 Commission.

    11. Although he still claims that fighting terrorism is his main priority, he has slashed the FBI’s requested counterterrorism budget by two-thirds.

    12. Right before Christmas Bush, cut overtime pay for 644,000 employees who work over 40 hours a week.

    13. Against Colin Powell’s advice, Bush chose not to recognize Afghanistan’s statehood, therefor making it’s people not protected by International Law and vulnerable to human rights abuses and torture. Up until that decision the US Military could boast a proud history of upholding the laws of the Geneva Convention.

    14. The war in Iraq has cost an estimated $80-$100 Billion dollars. Who’s going to pay for this. Look in the Highschools, Elementary Schools, Pre-Schools, even kids who aren’t born yet. Those are the people who are going to pay off Bush’s war on “terror”.

    15. 15/17 Highjackers on 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia, what have we done to investigate and pursue this? NOTHING…

    I hope thats enough for you.

  70. Alan wrote:

    Okay, admittedly, we’ve all kind of blown past the original premise of this post, but it’s too late to put the genie back in the bottle. :-)

    One wonderful privilege of being an American is that we can agree to disagree, even with our government, and we’re still protected and free. We can do the same here too, can’t we?

    Mr. Harris, a few posts ago, you rightly stated that God isn’t tied to one political party or another. I think we all know that He dwells outside of the realm of time, and is eternal, not finite as we are. Having said that, if one political party - as a major plank of their announced platform - campaigns and governs on issues that the Bible clearly states that God despises, are we, as Christians, not thus expected to similarly despise those same issues? Note that I said “issues”. I clearly wish to leave individuals out of this mix for now.

    In WW II, as in WW I, America finally went to war - not to defend our own soil- but to liberate countries that were our allies, as well as to hopefully defeat the oppression of evil tyrants. America rallied as one, and did so despite weekly losses that were as great as the total that have been tragically lost in the five years of this war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our ancestors - and maybe even some reading this - mourned those lost, were informed that many had been buried in foreign soil, and stoically went about the business of maintaining this country in the absence of hundreds of thousands in uniform. I’ve puzzled over the differences between those “wars to end all war” and today’s conflicts. It’s all part of the post-Vietnam syndrome, to be sure…wars fought by politicians and not generals, wars captured on TV so that we see its horror. I may be wrong, but I think the biggest cause of the very virulent opposition to Bush and this war has to be the way he, and almost everything he does, has been portrayed by the media to an America too spoiled and too self-absorbed to care about any picture bigger than their own. Unlike any other war I’ve mentioned, we were attacked this time. 9/11 was to be just the beginning of the attacks on the evil west by fanatical jihadists. I despair at how few seem to realize that we really are in a major conflict, waged by people whose prism is centuries, not last nights news cycle. And, I honestly do believe that history (however long we might have one) will actually be far, far kinder to Pres. Bush than the pundits who earn many times what he does and yield little or no real value to society other than looking good while reading words.

    And, Solace, #64, you can’t be more correct - in my 55 years, I can’t remember a Congress that has been as utterly ineffective as this one, led by Ms. Pelosi, and Sen. Reid. Never. But we just never hear anything negative about them. I couldn’t care less what political party they represent…total mediocrity is what it is. Other than raising minimum wage by $1.00 or so, I can’t think of one thing that they’ve done, except to try to obstruct whatever they don’t care for.

    And I say that, finally, to illustrate why an Obama presidency scares me half to death…the Congressional leadership shows - graphically - what happens when cronies are elevated to positions way over their heads. Am I the only one who thinks that the Presidency of this nation should never be entrusted to an unknown quantity who has almost no apparant record or achievements other than being able to read a Teleprompter well, and look great doing it?

  71. Bari-Tone-Def wrote:


    So you think that it would have been possible to sit down and talk to Hussein and come to a peaceful conclusion? That is the most ridiculous thing I have read in this topic!

  72. disrespectful_1 wrote:

    As to the comment about conservatives giving more to charitable causes than liberals, I would not attempt to deny that. It’s probably a correct statement. It makes sense to me.

    And if the church would BE the church, instead of just DOING church, we wouldn’t have to look for the government to feed the poor, take care of the widows, etc.

    But, as a whole, we’re not doing that, or liberal politicians wouldn’t see a need to try to get government involved.

  73. Jim wrote:

    SO its ok for gospel artist to be gay, its ok for them not to pay their bills, its ok for all the hyposcrisy…But its the end of the world when Rick Hendrix runs for Congress or whatever he is doing. Why does it matter? Dems or Republicans dont get it done. Its all controlled and owned by corporate America. We are small and our voice isnt heard and unless you got several billion in the closet…Complain grip all you wanna do doesnt matter. I hate to say it but we are meaningless to the system. Our only option is our voices…and even when 50,999,897 people speak was robbed and not elected. So, dont tell me any of this matters…. We are only occuping our time with discussing…nothing helps or matters… So, Rick, Avery, or anyone on the board can run for President it doesnt mean %*&^ So talk on……..

  74. Hello? wrote:

    It might be smart to know exactly why you label yourself in a certain way, rather than supporting or cutting down a particular politician.

    Calling yourself a Democrat or a Republican is not really as much the issue as whether you are liberal or conservative in your views.

    This quick chart gives the most clear, concise explanation of both sides that I’ve ever seen. Have fun getting informed, and then figure out which side best represents your beliefs.

    Be brave enough to ask some tough questions of yourself.

  75. Ben Harris wrote:

    Solace, you would be incorrect, I don’t like anyone running left, right or in the middle. The Democrats have fielded a presendential hopeful I find very troubling. The GOP has promised for years they were the party to rid this nation of the scorn of abortion. In the 12 years they were in total control, they did nothing. Both parties pander to the voters. They will say or do anything to get elected. It is high time we as Chrisitans make a stand and demand accountability for all of their promises. The high price of crude oil today can be laid at the feet of politicians in this nation not doing thei job. I for one am fed up.

  76. Tyler wrote:

    Well, judging by that chart I’m definitely a conservative :-D

    The other side of the chart looks…scary

  77. Alan wrote:

    No surprise, I suppose, but I agreed with basically every point on the Conservative side of that chart. It intrigued me how that some of the liberal positions were almost verbatim to sentiments expressed here.

    To Ben Harris, #75, Amen my brother. Even as a conservative, I’ve been really disappointed in a lot of things that Pres. Bush has done. Fiscally, he’s been anything but a conservative. And it’s all illustrated by what you wrote. It almost doesn’t matter which political party is in power anymore…none of them do much beyond feathering their own nests, and protecting special interest groups. The lot of them bore and frustrate most of us in the US of A. Hence, the incredibly low approval, and astonishingly high disapproval ratings across the board. I totally agree - it is high time that we, as Christians, did our part, and get back to being the salt of the earth.

  78. solace wrote:

    I’m now officially conservative.

    Mr. Harris, I agree, Washington has problems - on both sides of the aisle. So we can get along as long as you don’t blame just the President and forget the Dem-controlled Congress. Deal?

    Oh, and in case you forget, Roe will never be turned down if Obama is elected and appoints more liberal judges.

    That’s one thing you have to say for McCain - he would appoint judges much more apt to overturn Roe. If we ever had a prayer of defeating abortion it will be gone if Obama wins and appoints more liberal judges. Think about it.

  79. art wrote:

    This thread demonstrates why I believe SG groups ought to steer clear of political comment in their performances.

    They certainly have the right to their opinions — and to air them in their performances. But even the slyly backhanded political statements make me irritable — the kind of irritability that is reflected in some of these posts. And that irritability detracts from the spiritual experience I hope to get from an SG performance.

  80. Irishlad wrote:

    #54.Ivy league educated? That was money not brains.The guy’s a barely literate clown.He wouldn’t have graduated high school in our education system,the U.k that is.

  81. mariehardy5733 wrote:

    The reason we can’t put to bed the abortion is liberal Democrats and the liberal judiciary. There are four who vote almost every time the liberal agenda. Stevens, Breyer,(Clinton appointee), Ginsburg, (former ACLU official and appointed by Clinton), and Souter, (appointed by GHWBush I think). He was the stealth candidate who Republicans thought would be conservative. They were greatly disappointed. Kennedy swings both ways and is the pivotal vote on most major issues. He has recently taken the internationalist perspective and thrown out the clear intent of literal interpretation of the constitution. The problem is just what James Madison feared. The tyranny of the judiciary! They have no one to vote them out. They rule by total authority as long as they want to stay. I don’t care what kind of majority Republican congress you have, these five can overrule everything. Here is the problem and why we simply can’t elect Obama. He is THE most liberal senator serving right now. We is more liberal than Clinton. He’s more liberal than the socialist, Berny Sanders, Democrat senator of Vermont. He will appoint liberal judges right and left and if he has a Democrat congress, NOTHING will stop them. Our nation is toast. On homosexual marriage, it will be the law of the land. The US will become more like Canada. Did you know a pastor was arrested and jailed for speaking on the radio critically about homosexuality? On abortion, partial birth abortion, both will be encouraged. There’s no telling what this man and a sympathetic congress will do to our freedoms. We MUST have checks and balances and I fear if people don’t open their eyes and prayerfully consider their choices, this nation will be lost. Please don’t laugh at my concerns. They are genuine. Dr. James Dobson has expressed the same concerns. He is no intellectual lightweight and a man of great integrity in the Christian community. I am NOT a Republican but a conservative. The Republicans more often reflect my points of view but they have disappointed me the last few years. We need CONSERVATIVES in office who will reinforce our religious freedoms and be a counter to the liberal media. Please excuse my long post but I am very concerned. This is not a time to be arguing about party labels. Who will be there to insure our religious freedoms and family values? The answer is clear to me.

  82. mariehardy5733 wrote:

    Please excuse the typos. I was very passionate and typed too fast, not checking my typing.

  83. Alan wrote:

    #80 - Irishlad - I had to chuckle at your post. “Money not brains”? If you cared to research the Universities that Mr. Bush attended, Yale and Harvard, you would find that while family connections aren’t unimportant, their admission standards are quite high, at least comparable to those of the UK’s finest institutions. Maybe what made me smile the broadest is that I have the privilege of traveling once or twice every year to your fair land. In fact, I’ll be in Scotland and Ireland this September, on a tour with Larry Ford and Lorne Matthews. Come and see us, and introduce yourself to us, okay?! So, I know about your education system. There are many intelligent men and women who aren’t good public speakers, I’m sure you’ll agree. Mr. Bush is indeed one of them. But I assure you, you can’t be the President of the last remaining superpower (for now, at least) and have to assimilate everything that such a leader must, and not have remarkable intelligence. Your post was sort of funny, though.

  84. Irishlad wrote:

    Hi Alan. I’ll try to get to one of the concerts at the end of Sept. I usually go see LF when he comes over,mind you,we’ve been starved of a good quartet for sometime.Look forward to catching up with you.Re:my remarks on Dubia:’alls fair in love and war(and in this case politics).

  85. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Think Republicans having problems getting along this year?

    Check out this link:
    Just Say No

  86. Blake Edmondson wrote:

    This has been the dumbest thread of the year. Christians acually believing that Bush went to war in Iraq to make money off oil? That’s absurd!!! You have absolutely NO basis for this. And other Christians directly defying the word of God and calling our President an “idiot”. The Bible says to respect those in authority whether you like them or not. And also JB, I guarantee you that you don’t have a degree from Yale. None of us have that kinda education and yet you believe Bush lacks proper education? Just because he is not a good speaker doesn’t mean he isn’t smart. BTW, you can say what you will about political parties, but if you vote for someone who is pro-choice, you obviously have no conscience as that is in direct defiance of the word of God.

  87. Blake Edmondson wrote:

    Also, irishlad you have no right to say anything against our Commander in Cheif. Get back to worrying about your ridiculous universal healthcare system where people are dying because you guys decided that your govt. should run your healthcare. Let us Americans worry about us and you all worry about you.

  88. JB wrote:


    Ahhhh Bush being an idot must have worn off on you. Last time I checked its a free country. At least Bush hasnt screwed that up yet. But hey he still has a few months in office lets not give him any ideas. So if I want to call someone an idot, or if someone wants to say something about your dear Commander in Chief then they have the right to. FREEDOM of speach, dont you just love it. :-)

  89. Alan wrote:

    Irishlad, who I hope to meet soon - You just saw from Blake one thing that sets us apart as Americans. We might disagree strongly with decisions our leaders make, but when push comes to shove, first and foremost, we are Americans. We aren’t a perfect people, but no society in history has done what we have. We have lost thousands of soldiers in defense of Europe and other parts of the world. When we won other peoples’ battles for them, we then went and rebuilt their countries. We send billions of dollars of aid each year to countries that claim to despise us. We have loaned innumerable dollars to as many countries as there are countries, and to date, exactly two have repaid us; Finland and Canada. We export to the world the technologies that our freedom has allowed us the invent and develop. We can disagree internally - even as you have seen here - but when someone from another country chimes in and says derogatory things about our President, it rubs us the wrong way. During Clinton’s 8 years, I traveled to over 40 countries, and had to sit and listen to Christians who badmouthed both of the Clintons. On one hand, I agreed with what I was hearing; on the other hand, it irked me to hear it coming from people who had no right to say what they were. If I were to write a thread about the troubles that you know well between Northern Ireland and the Republic, perhaps even about “Rev.” Ian Paisley’s recent capitulation with MacGuinness, (sp?) and say that one or the other were “idiots”, stupid, lousy orators, etc., how would you feel? Maybe you see our point? I’ve been privileged to visit 58 countries so far, and every time I land back in the USA, I thank God for the honor of living here. We may disagree, and often do, as Americans…but I bet we’d all agree that we’re proud of our country, and believe that if it weren’t for our 232 year history of helping just about everyone else in the world, it wouldn’t be the same world that it is.

  90. Irishlad wrote:

    #86.87 I hope and trust you were being satirical. If yes, hilarious.If no,dear oh dear. By the way,i take it you were speaking for your self, education wise. I’m a graduate of Queens Univeristy Belfast which is one of the worlds top research universities.There’s lots of educated people,worldwide,who love Sg.Kind of makes your statement(none of us have a Yale…)redundant.

  91. Irishlad wrote:

    #89 Ok Alan i was talking about Bush the man, he was an idiot before he was President and he’ll be one afterwards(his own mother realized this years ago when she had to keep him from meeting the Queen on a Pubic visit) Now Clinton i admired, clever and charasmatic,but unfortunately(for you)a liberal.Again i’m expressing my opinion of him as person,not a President.

  92. Blake Edmondson wrote:

    Irishlad, I actually have a master’s degree in mathematics from the University of Alabama. However, I won’t say someone is uneducated when that simply isn’t true. And I was being serious about you worrying about your own country’s problems and not worrying about your jealosy of the greatest country in the history of the world. We are proud people and most of us support our leadership through thick and thin and we don’t like people from other countries who think they know our problems. God bless you and keep listening to good SG but you might wanna stay out of our politicts.

  93. Jim wrote:

    Well let me tell you google your favorite President and the word gay…and you will quickly find not everything called republican acts republican. And not everything called a dem acts like a dem. But, seriously the world is over for all the old tarts that wanna sit on the King James version Bibles and meet for every church social…while surfing for porn at night, or hooking up in chat rooms while their wives are cooking dinner. ITS a NEW world….Republicans,Democrates,Christians,Sinners-THEY are all people and they will all let you down sometimes and lift you up other times. So, it doesnt really matter if your gay,straight, saved or dying and going to hell….your just human…and most will never change anything wrong in their lives out of habit until they are on the floor in need……I am a Christian and I have voted republican and democrate for years….who really cares…. the Bush clan stole the Presidency from Al Gore in 2000…So I know my vote doesnt count anyway…..

  94. SGfan wrote:

    Jim and JB,

    Wow! I am amazed at how idiotic you both sound.

    First, Jim. I doubt you have ever voted “democrate” but you may have voted “democrat”. If you voted for Gore, well bless your heart.

    JB, only an idiot would mispell the word idiot in a blog post. When you doubt someone’s inteliigence, it would be wise to make sure your post at least has correct spelling and grammar so you don’t look like you are ahead of the idiot in that boat race. Finally, you seem to be good at making accusations, but don’t seem to have the ability to back them up.
    I consider myself independent, although I do lean conservative. I believe some issues fall under “common sense” which seems to be lacking greatly in some of our liberal friends. In short, don’t be an IDIOT!

  95. Irishlad wrote:

    #92.Mr Edmondson,strikes me your forefathers were English.America is your adopted country,so why get so hot under the collar when you have at least as much in common ancestraly wise with me(my surname’s Elwood)than with many of your fellow Americans. Never forget were you came from.

  96. Rod wrote:

    I am actually amazed at the ignorance in a lot of these posts…You so called university educated, mathematical, literary geniuses have NO freaking clue what you’re talking about. #53 you’re ignorant and obviously believe every email forward you get…Prove to me a pastor was arrested for speaking against homosexuality in this country. Also we do not need a republican government…We need a common sense and moral government. You guys and gals want to know how to control this nation…Turn off all your tvs for one year…Do NOT watch one show…Boycott big oil, quit buying your kids the latest and greatest ipod. I promise you I have more…Do that and you’ll control this country…Until you are willing to sacrifice quit your bitching and griping about who does what…They are ALL immoral and the media runs this country. As far as Iraq is concerned I know FIRST hand that those people (THE PEOPLE) love us and there is peace and no fear for the first time in about 16 of the 18 provinces…I guarantee you the people of Iraq would kiss Bushes Harvard educate rear end if they could. JB and Kevin…IGNORANT!!!! You guys need to read the FACTS and many of you need a history lesson or two about politics…Most of all the president is ONE man (A Figurehead) with maybe a little power overall…Also the Democrats voted for that war with the same info Bush had. And as final jab…If you vote for a person that believes in abortion or same sex marriage you CANNOT be a CHRISTIAN. PERIOD!!!!

  97. Jake wrote:

    Jim (#93) — It is impossible for any person or family to “steal” an election in this country. George W. Bush did no such thing, and for anyone to accuse him of it is complete idiocracy. If you don’t like the way the 2000 election turned out, blame the US Supreme Court. They made the decision that they did. Not the Bushes, not the Gores. Get over it.

  98. SG Fan wrote:

    # 97 Jake,

    Just to add to that, the Supreme Court just decided enough with the recounts. After all, if there ever was an election where every vote was counted, it was that election of 2000. Gore just tried his best to get a recount until he could make the numbers look as if he had won. That is why he only wanted certain areas to be recounted instead of the entire state of FL. If anyone was trying to steal an election, it was that Global Warming, Carbon Footprint spouting idiot whose house (even after modifications to make it “greener”) in TN uses more power in one month than an average house in TN does in 8 years.

  99. Alan wrote:

    Thanks, SGFan and Jake, for coming back here with some relevance and intelligence. I thought that post from ole Jim would bring a fascinating thread to a grinding halt…make Doug actually write something for the first time in nearly a week!

    Also, remember that the FL Supreme Court ruled similarly before it ever made it to the Supremes. Lost in all of this is how many dead Democrats - and not just in Chicago - voted several times each to even allow a buffoon of a fraud like Al Gore to even get as close as he did. lol.

    Hey Irishlad - a number of my cousins graduated from Queens U in Belfast. A small world, eh? Did you ever get to know Prof. David Gooding there, now Emeritus? One of my dear friends…we have been in each others’ homes, and he’s even ridden a trip or two with us in our last coach. Queens is a fine school. See how easy it is to be nice?! :-)

  100. buttercup wrote:

    I just reread my post (#53) and can’t find anything there that might have anything to do with an E-mail forward. I’m a character in the best movie ever made, how does that make me ignorant?
    “Farm boy, polish my horse’s saddle. I want to see my face shining in it by morning.”

  101. Rod wrote:

    HAHAHAHA…Ihat’s great buttercup…I had my head up my rear end it was post #81 I talking about…So sorry…Farm boy…Hilarious.

  102. solace wrote:

    Bottom line: Bush personally couldn’t take us into Iraq. He had to have Democratic approval. He got it. If he’s such an idiot, how did he ever convince the “brilliant” Democrats to go along with it?

    Second bottom line: We are winning in Iraq. Casualties are at LOWS.

    Third bottom line: Bush isn’t perfect, and maybe you disagree with some of his positions, but he hasn’t benefited from the Iraq war. If he did, let’s see the proof - right now. He put his political career in jeopardy to do what he felt best for this country. And that’s admirable. We have thwarted major attacks, and have been safe from terror for 7 years - that’s no small feat.

    Final bottom line: Like the Republicans or not, if you vote a Democratic Pres. and Congress in this year you’ll have a Godless, socialist, money-snatching gov’t that will make anybody retaining sanity scream for the return of Bush.

  103. cynical one wrote:

    Doug, PLEASE shut us down. No one has said anything new here in several days. We just keep calling each other idots, or idiots, depending on who’s typing, and hashing and re-hashing the same fertilizer.

    We all know Democrats are Democrats, and Republicans are Republicans. One is holy, the other is demonic (can’t remember which is which, but I’m sure several here would be tickled to death to remind me).

    Can’t we all just SHUT UP, and go on to something else?


    Love ya’

  104. quartet-man wrote:

    #91, I should hope that G.W.’s mother would keep him from making a pubic visit to the queen. ;)

  105. sunshine wrote:

    Personally, I think we can vote for whomever we choose to, B U T it is the electoral votes that gets them in….We need to really pray for our leaders, in the decisions that they make…. It not only impacts them, but everyone as a Nation… We don’t need someone in such a powerful position that is not a believer in GOD, or rejects the teaching of our BIBLE…. It is a hard enough fight as it is, without that added to it…. We must vote as the LORD leads us to, and leave it to him to sort it all out… We must believe that whatever happens, whomever is elected president–is GOD’S will for us at this point in time…….And look forward to Christ return which could even take place before this next election… We may not be here to vote on WHO will be in the White House… NOW that is exciting….

  106. sunshine wrote:

    #104 I caught that too….lol

  107. JB wrote:

    #94…..Only an idiot would not see that was a typo not a mispell

  108. SG Fan wrote:

    #107 JB,

    I recognized the typo. But I do proofread before I post. It only seems fair that when I am accusing someone of being less than intelligent that I don’t give anyone a reason to doubt my own by having typo’s and mispellings. Finally, I see you didn’t take issue with the fact that I called you out on not offering any substance to your arguments. I guess by your silence in that area that we agree on the lack of validity.

  109. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    How about another open thread to have our own fireworks display?

    By the way, Rick Hendrix is still exploring a run for Congress in 2010.

    Good move, Rick, by staying above the fray!

  110. Tyler wrote:

    This is an early 4th of July thread! :-D

  111. cdguy wrote:

    Yes, Tyler. Lot’s of fireworks here, as well on the thread about The Shack.


  112. cynical one wrote:

    #96 Rod — Thank you for boiling the election process down to just those 2 issues. I was afraid I’d have to consider more than just that.

    So, I guess the parties should just wipe all those other platforms off their agenda’s, and go with those 2, since those are the only 2 that matter?

    Seriously, I’m not sure it matters (in the long run) which person is in the White House. We’ve had almost 8 years of a Republican now, and before Clinton 12 consecutive years of Republican presidents, and abortion has been legal all this time.

    The same-sex marriage issue is more recent, but I don’t hear of any petition to get a constitutional amendment, if my memory of 9th grade civics class serves me right. And it doesn’t have to originate in Congress. It can be grassroots oriented.

    Maybe someone here could get that ball rolling?

  113. solace wrote:

    I think your 9th grade civics class education left you with amnesia. President Bush pushed for a Constitutional Amendment banning gay marriage.

    Don’t tell me no Republicans have tried to ban it…

  114. Rod wrote:

    Cynical one: I was merely pointing out that those two issues (regardless of Democrat or Republican) should be in the forefront of how a Christian votes…However I tend to agree with you…Does it really make a difference anymore? Who knows…I guess all I can do is vote my conscience and leave the rest up to the almighty.

  115. solace wrote:

    How do you guys like Obama’s (yet another) flip-flop? HAHAHA - Obama wants all the liberals to vote to get out of the war - he promised over and over and over to have troops out by 2009 - or at least within 16 months.

    Now he says he’ll listen to the commanders on the ground ….Isn’t that what John McCain’s position is? HAHAHA

    Too much. Problem is, most people are flat-out too (1) blind, or (2) ignorant to ever catch on that Obama is either (1) an empty suit, or (2) a potential cloak -and-dagger-toating suit

  116. Charles Brady wrote:

    #103- cynical one

    On the question of which is the demonic party that would be the democrats.

    You just can’t make up this kind of positive press for the bleeding heart liberals….

    A Democratic Party official and her husband are facing charges in connection with alleged satanic rituals involving the kidnap, rape and starvation of another couple in North Carolina.

    Complete story here :

  117. JB wrote:


    Hahahaha you made me laugh out loud on that one. I could set here all day long and google demonic, gay, pedophiles, and on and on with the word republican and I will come up with a million like below. Same as if I did it for Democrat, Christian, Southern Gospel Singer….need I go on. Go back in you little box and shut the hell up

  118. Charles Brady wrote:


    Typical response from a demoncrat… LOL!!!

  119. Jim wrote:

    Not all democrates are like that. If you could get your hands on the voter registry-you would be amazed. I can tell you flat out…The biggest southern gospel artist will tell you they are republican-But the 3 largest southern gospel artist vote democrate every year…..And this year 2 of the 3 are voting for Obama. So, Charles before you start calling all dems might wanna ask your groups how they vote…..

  120. Charles Brady wrote:

    Hey Jim please don’t take much I say too seriously. I just love to jerk people’s chain from time to time and this is the best place I can find to do just that! LOL!!!!

    Besides, this type of stuff keeps everybody off the artists for a while so they can focus more on ministry instead of having to defend themselves on this site!

    So I leave today with 10 things racing through my mind right now:

    1 - Never trust a talking Bush ( unless it’s on fire. )

    2- Three things in this life scare me. Osama, Obama & Chelsie Clinton’s Momma…

    3- GospelMusicFan wants everyone to know that Rick is looking at running for Congress.

    4- Jesus is coming soon so I shouldn’t waste too much valuable time on sites like this one…

    5- Why did Mark Bishop release an album with a Fall/October/Harvest looking theme in the heat of June?? That makes no sense at all to me. Is it part of a new subliminal marketing technique designed to mess with my mind?

    6 - The Kingmen should have the album of year for this year locked up. When God Ran is most likely the best project I have heard in a long long time. I should write something about that for my own website.

    7- The new Crabb Revival project makes me want to bang my head into the wall and hit somebody. I probably shouldn’t let the public know that.

    8- OJ did it.

    9- This new project by Gold City I just got from New Haven really sounds good.

    10- Gas is just getting way too expensive. How can I possibly afford to visit Branson, Mo this fall with gas prices this high?

    11 - Bush did it… him and Cheney.. What could I expect with 2 oilmen in the Whitehouse? Will it still be called the Whitehouse if Obama moves in?

  121. Charles Brady wrote:

    Better make that 11…

  122. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    So, I would like to ask the honorable and distinguished Charles Brady, you don’t trust a talking Bush and you are scare of Osama, Obama & Chelsie Clinton’s Momma.
    Beside Jesus, who would you like to lead you along?
    Two common rules in politics is that you need to offer a substitute/solution to some thing you are criticizing.
    The other rule, southern gospel music does this well, is the people love to be ask to vote for the current issue of the day.

    Don’t believe everything I say about Charles Brady. I did because I do not want to be blasted. Its call giving yourself cover.

  123. Rod wrote:

    Charles: That was great…You need to do letterman’s top ten :)

    Jim: I would love to know what “TOP” two groups vote Dem across the board…If that is true they better keep that a secret or they’re done in SG music :)

    Also…I am a conservative with liberal leanings…Kind of an oxymoron Huh? I still have a problem with two issues regardless of what other platforms are involved…Same sex marriage and abortion…I honestly do not believe a Christian should vote for someone who believes in those two issues regardless of ANY other platform…That my friend is 99% of most Dems.

  124. Charles Brady wrote:

    Hey GospelMusicFan!

    Since as you mentioned Jesus is not running I’ve decided to move to another NC district and will be voting for Rick!!

    A Democrat ready to reform the party!
    Who’d you think I’d vote for?? LOL!!!!

    Hey GMF you’ll love this! I had to get a replacement drivers lic and since the replacement expires Nov 5th ( my 50th birthday ) I switched from my lifelong republican party to the democratic party just so I could be a “Democrat For a Day!” I am not kidding! I really did it.

    Guess that makes me one of those “morons” that Rod was talking about! LOL!!!!

    Thanks Rod!!
    “another conservative with liberal leanings”

  125. NOBAMA wrote:

    Who could vote for OBAMA!! Obama and his wife sat in the pew for 20 years nodding their heads to all the negative things said by his church leaders against white people just to win favour with the black community and now that they have propelled them to national status we’re supposed to believe that they love white people too?——I’ve heard of many politician’s deceptions but these people ain’t fooling jack! —–They are a walking contradiction! —–It’s a shame that Hillary is no longer in the race. —–At least she was a lesser risk than that two-faced hippocrate Nobama and that old war-mongering McSame!

  126. brad wrote:



  127. wackythinker wrote:

    Brad, I hope you don’t think McCain’s platform has anything to do with Christian morals. Check his background, including that trophy wife.

  128. brad wrote:

    ive never said he was a christian not sure if he is. Its not for me to judge.To be honest i dont think we have a decent choice.Obama has the speaking skill but lacks depth.Mcain puts u to sleep listening to him.But i cant vote for somone who openly support the thing i believe christians should take a stand against it.

  129. buttercup wrote:

    What do I do now? Jesse Jackson is now trying to kiss up, but the other day he was bashing Obama. That used to be a pretty good clue for me - if Jesse opposed someone, I was for them.
    Now what?

  130. Alan wrote:

    And how many times when he was on the campaign trail did Obama lash out against the “Eavesdropping Bill” and say that not only would he never sign it, but that if it was necessary, he’d filibuster it away? And yesterday, guess who voted in favor of it? Might we be in for another Clinton-esque kind of “leader”, who says what he needs to based on his current audience? Sheesh. We are so blind….

  131. wackythinker wrote:

    This election cycle reminds me of an old Cher song: “Gypsys, Tramps, And Thieves”.

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