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Well, so much for my plan to review an album a week this summer, huh? I’ve been so MIA lately that when I long on to avfl, even I wonder where Avery’s been. In addition to all the typical blah blah blah that takes up one’s time, I think maybe my bloggerly senses have been dulled by the lack of oxygen in the room since these political “discussions” took off. You gotta give it to the die-heard religious conservatives, though: they sure do seem to have apparently endless amounts of energy to expend creating their own argumentative weather systems. It’s not so much a debate as manifesto on the installment plan.

Anyway, I honestly don’t have a lot of topics burning a hole in my pocket right now (though I do see I let a few follow-up posts about busses as bling and professional gospel careers as escapism die on the vine back when we were actually discussing those topics). And I won’t have time to review another album for at least a few days.

Plus, there just doesn’t really seem to be much going on in the gospel world. Jason Waldrup Waldroup is having to watch getting to help crowds fall in love with this replacement (there’s less gospel guilt for loving the new guy if the old guy makes it seem ok) and Legacy Five appears to have discovered the Christian warehouse chic look for their new album. Oh and Jason Crabb is continuing to squander his solo career hosting PTL on (yawn) TBN. But other than that … not so much.

So, I’m going to shamelessly rip off someone else’s idea to see if we can’t gin up something … you know, interesting to talk about. Taking a page from Ezra Klein’s “Assignment Desk” feature, I forthwith christen this avfl’s first Ask Avery feature, where I make you do work for me by asking readers to generate topics. Yeah, it’s lame (and no, you don’t have to actually ask a question). But these days, it’s the best I can do.

To kick things off, I’ll start.

Question: What’s the best way to Ask Avery?

Answer: Email me. I’ll make a new post for each question I decide to take (emailing a question is no guarantee of an answer publicly or privately and/but receiving no answer does not = I’m ignoring you … it just means that receiving close to a hundred emails a day for avfl makes it difficult to answer every message). To reinforce the “email me” answer, you’ll see I’ve turned off comments for this thread.

So to recap: how do you Ask Avery? Email me.

Next question?

PS: and yes, I’m aware that with this and a few other recent posts, plus the infrequency of posting in general lately, avfl is pretty close to meeting the two main preconditions for blog death. Is that the Joyful Noisers Band I hear striking up?

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