Misspell Check

AG inaugurates the first installment of Ask Avery and wants to know what’s on everyone else’s mind, I’m sure:

Why do you always spell Jason’s last name wrong?

You must have me confused with someone else, AG. I always put two Bs in Crabb.

However, if by chance, hypothetically, perhaps you’re referring to Jason Waldrup Waldrop Waldroop Waldroup, it’s because I like using the strikethrough feature. Fortunately, Gerald Wolfe has had the great good sense to hire a new tenor with a much more spellable name, though honestly I have trouble remembering if it’s Kiston or Kitson, so we’ll be seeing more GV-tenor strikethroughs soon, I imagine. But both versions of the name come up as errors in Microsoft Word (as do all imaginable variations of Jason W’s name), so don’t blame me! It’s not like I make a living with words or anything like that.

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  1. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    It’s Kitson.

  2. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    By the way, this could have been a jumping board for a post on SG singers with enough name ID that they can go by their first name alone. Some, like Dottie, Libbi, J.D., and Sister Vestal, have unique enough names that on their own, they’re instantly recognizable. Perhaps a dozen of the best-known Homecoming Friends could be known by pairing any two or three–Bill, George, and J.D., or George and Glen, or Jake and Glen.

  3. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    Oh, and a tip–in Word, once you’re positive you have the right spelling down, right-click it and choose the option to add it to your custom dictionary. Voila!

  4. Amanda wrote:

    What’s up with this need to correct everyone?

  5. Irishlad wrote:

    Don’t even start about those two gospel singing Italians, Bruce Tagliatelle and Gary Castrato!(only kidding,i’ve rattled enough cages recently.Casto’s an old English name).

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