Here’s an interesting idea: Daniel Mount has launched, which posts concert reports from half a dozen or so contributors from around the country. As David Bruce Murray notes, this will be a definite bookmark for anyone who enjoys live concerts “vicariously.”

For my part, the site turned out to be more interesting in theory than practice. I found most of the reports that are up so far rather like reading transcripts of C-SPAN broadcasts, with intermittent bursts of what Cosmo Kramer might call “unbridled enthusiasm.” The music we heard that night was outstanding, one report concludes, but it doesn’t really matter which one. This is more or less the conclusion of pretty much every report.

Still and all, it’s worth skimming if only to get a sense of where in the world gospel music is attracting a crowd of any kind these days (note to Daniel: would be great if all headlines, and not just some, included the city and state of the concert location). And too, occasionally you’ll stumble on something like this:

By my sister’s count, during the concert, Wolfe, Griffin, and Waldroup tapped their feet 1,597 times.

That’s gold, Jerry. … Gold!

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  1. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    Actually, it’s ten contributors.

    Good idea there with the city and state. I’ll pass that along.

    I imagine the ten contributors will have ten different styles, so be watching for more variety as more of the contributors get active.

  2. BB wrote:

    Love the Seinfeld reference! And I like your blog. I only look at 4 and you’re one of those. So please don’t die! Lol

  3. Leebob wrote:

    I am presuming these concerts will be attended by avid SG fans so pretty much I anticipate the “AWESOME” word being much abused. I am an extreme SG fan with some shred of honesty about our industry. Therefore, I will read this and see if there will be any real content to the blogs but I am not really holding my breath.

    Do you have any room for a contributor from Texas?

  4. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    #3 - Not at the present moment. :twisted:

  5. Amanda wrote:

    She counted the number of times they tapped their feet during the concert???

  6. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    #5 - Yep. She’s a counter. (And quite persistent, too!)

  7. Trent wrote:

    That just goes to prove that it was a foot-stomping good time.

  8. Wade wrote:

    Daniel… What would be wrong with allowing any one TO SUBMIT a concert review and you could alway edit it or not use it at all???With ALL the SGM concerts going to think THOSE 10 or so are going to get them all or miss a good review by some one else seems like a good opportunity for for more content. Many other entertainment sites use that format. I certainly understand having regular contributors.

  9. quartet-man wrote:

    Getting other peoples views would be interesting, but I suppose Daniel wants some control over consistency and quality. However, there are arguments that could be made either way.

  10. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    Wade, I wanted the contributors to be real people, known to me, not anonymous or pseudonymous contributors who might use the site as a platform for a personal vendetta.

    Basically, my goal, other than the obvious one of making an interesting website for the fans, was to find some new writers I’d been watching for a while who deserved to be heard in the SG community and, as someone with a little bit of name ID in the SG blogosphere, give them a platform.

    That’s not to say your concept has value. Quite frankly, it’s a good idea, just not the direction I want to go with this particular site.

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