Slightly OT: Bloggers and song titles

The singer/songwriter Christine Kane has a blog post up re-imagining what would happen if bloggers wrote song titles. It’s pretty amusing. My personal favorite: “Stairway to Heaven” in blogspeak becomes “Five sure-fire ways to create a riff that will piss off every music store clerk from here to eternity.” Heheh.

I have nothing to say about all this. It’s just a fun distraction on a Friday. I’m sure she’d welcome any contributions.

Here’s mine: “Bridge over troubled water” = “How to unleash an exceedingly tedious aquatic metaphor on an unsuspecting humanity.”

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  1. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    I would like to change the title of the song “Highway to Heaven” to “Highways to Heaven.”
    We all check in at the tollbooth at birth.
    Some way along our travels in life we come to the town of John at mile number 3:16 and get our ticket to our final destination.
    We face we many different choices of highways to take, just like those moments in the big cities on the interstate, in our quest to get there.
    The various choices of highways might take us far and wide or high or low but we all still end up in the Heaven providing we guides by the Word of God.

  2. Kyle wrote:

    “He Touched Me” -When your wife gets writer’s block….

  3. Edie wrote:

    Here’s one: “I Have No Faith Whatsoever To Believe That God Is Capable of Ensuring My Future In More Than Twenty-Four-Hour Increments”

    (One Day At A Time)

  4. sockpuppet wrote:

    I guess the lack of responses on this thread may have something to do with the titles we have to work with. With songs like “Granny’s gonna run” “Crutches on the altar” “Devil’s in the phone booth” “Night ole Jack Daniels met John 3;16″ “Drop kick me Jesus through the goalposts of life” “Mama’s not dead, she’s just playing possum” (seriously), what is the point about pontificating?

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