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Greetings from the faceless Atlanta suburb of Stockbridge (which always reminds me of Admiral Stockdale, Ross Perot’s running mate from back in the 90s, and Phil Hartmann’s hi-freakin-larious send up of him on SNL), which is home for the night, only because it’s the closest thing to half-way between Southwest Florida and the Midwest and staying in a suburb means avoiding the downtown Atlanta traffic, which seems to have only one setting: snarl.

Another bonus/symptom of staying in Anysprawl, USA: there’s absolutely nothing to do but stay in your hotel room and work (the television is 65 channels of variegated crap, except for that last half of Project Runway I just caught where the guy makes a cocktail dress out of those blue pastic drinking cups that everyone uses at family reunions because you can easily scrawl your name on them in black Magic Marker).

And work bring us to my bleg: can anyone cite me some Homecoming video chapter and verse on Mark Lowry doing his skit about traveling on the Vocal Band bus and getting to see the all-too-human side of Bill Gaither? It includes that schtick about “famous [or was it glorious?] Bill Gaither’s glorious [or was it famous?] nose,” his hair, etc. I know it’s on the Live from FBC Hendersonville video (h/t, DA), but I’m hoping/thinking it was on a regular Homecoming video, too? Any help? Though YouTube clips would be entertaining, I really need video title, year, and label, if I had my bleggerly druthers.

Some day I will stop working on All Things Gaither and talk about something else. Until then, Buenos Noches.

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  1. Shawn Degenhart wrote:

    Not 100% sure, but try Moments to Remember…

  2. Baritone77 wrote:

    Bill & Gloria Gaither Present: Ryman Gospel Reunion With Their Homecoming Friend
    Bill & Gloria Gaither
    Release Date: 10/01/1996
    Original Release: 1996
    # of Discs: 1

  3. Rhonda wrote:

    I remember it being on one of his comedy videos. The second one if I remember right.

  4. Mike McIlwain wrote:

    I do believe that Mark shares this story on his comedy video “Remotely Controlled” copyright 1996 from Word, Inc. I also think that he shared this story on a Homecoming video, but I am not sure as to which one it was.

  5. quartet-man wrote:

    To begin with, he shared that a lot, both on his video (or maybe more than one) and Homecoming etc.

  6. RF wrote:

    Check the Ryman video. If my memory serves, that’s the one.

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