OT: Rant from the road

And now a few words on netiquette from your tired traveler, to all my fellow itinerant telecommuters who, like me, are enjoying the free internet at the local café: Even though you may have paid $4 for that cup of coffee, you are not thereby entitled to camp out near the electrical outlet and set up your own personal recharging facility. I’m sorry that your gameboy, your cell phone, and your iPod are all in need of power at the same time that you’re working/chatting/shopping. But it’s one person, one plug, or bring your own power strip. Honestly. We’re trying to have a society here.

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  1. Eric Kaunitz wrote:

    I’ll “AMEN” that! :)

  2. Edie wrote:

    Can I add one to that?

    Attention cell-phone users: When you’re in a public place, USE YOUR INSIDE VOICE!

  3. Kyle wrote:

    Finally, I get to respond to this post. Some jerk was complaining about me “hogging the outlet”…..geez….SOME PEOPLE!!!

  4. LW wrote:

    It seems that good manners, sensitivety to others is a thing of the past. Everyone feels free to do or say whatever they want. Sometimes our actions and words are just rude. What has happened to everyone?

  5. Charles Brady wrote:

    #4 Hey LW! You just described this blog! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Revpaul wrote:

    In those days there was no king is Israel: every man did that which was right in his own eyes.
    Judges 21:25

  7. Leebob wrote:

    One more:

    Shut up
    Hang up
    and DRIVE in the slow lane!

    I feel so much better.

  8. Canuk wrote:


    Do you realize that your name does not link your blog?

    Just a heads-up.

  9. NonSGfan wrote:

    none of you live in the south, obviously. I spent about 3 months touring Michigan, Ohio, and indiana. When I got back here, to KENTUCKY, i realized that these were the nicest people in the world. Northerners rarely open doors for people, say exscuse me, or give you a friendly head nod. I love kentucky.

  10. Not Beavis wrote:

    #9, I’m nice to my family too! What are there, 14 last names in the whole state?

  11. Kyle wrote:

    *cough cough* DETAILS *cough cough*

    Stupid cookies….

  12. Alan wrote:

    Or, Doug, you could simply buy an air card, and pay the monthly service charge. Do all of your recharging in your room, and sit any old place you wish and surf away. It can be a little slower than wireless, but they’ve come a long way since my first one. When I fly, which is way too often, I do carry a dual AC plug, and most airports have seating by a receptacle for long layovers. Wireless internet places are as big a ripoff as the coffee they serve.

    Not Beavis - while I don’t live in KY, I love that state. And, I’ve found exactly what NonSGFan says about the folks that live there. It’s basically about the same anywhere in the south, except for some of the larger cities. What state do you live in, Not Beavis? Inquiring minds would love to know!

  13. cynical one wrote:

    NonSGfan — People in Kentucky are nice folks, yes (for the most part), but don’t try to argue KY basketball. They’ll shoot you.

    But don’t forget, they’re not really Southerners. Check your history book and see which side they were on. As far as true Southerners are concerned, “neutral” means Yankee.


  14. not beavis wrote:

    TN by way of TX - so I know about friendly

  15. judi wrote:

    Most Panera Bread Company places I have been in have a lot of electrical outlets, often just above the floor at each booth or table. But I think one outlet, one user, should be the norm. There’s a coffee shop/lunch place near me that has two computers set up, and a printer, for customers to use, as well as wireless. Now that’s hospitality.

  16. Leebob wrote:

    judi #15, what is THAT waiting time like?

  17. Alan wrote:

    I’ll grant you that, Not Beavis. I live mostly in SC but have been spending a lot of time in TX at my new wife’s home. Also two very friendly states. I love the South. The way people interact is shades of a bygone era, isn’t it? Sorta like the way everyone behaves here when certain topics come up!

  18. Not Beavis wrote:

    And in NM you’ll get a friendly wave or acknowledgement from oncoming drivers on those 2 lane highways

  19. rw wrote:

    Here in Atlanta you’ll often get an “acknowledgement” from oncoming drivers but it’s usually not a friendly wave…

  20. Scott wrote:

    It’s like the Grandmother in Flannery O’Connor’s “A Good Man is Hard to Find”:

    The old lady said that in her opinion Europe was entirely to blame for the way things were now.


  21. nonsgfan wrote:

    Cynical one…

    I’m one of those UK basketball fans.
    and Shhh (I have a gun in my car RIGHT NOW) lol.

    I’m really not kidding.

  22. Leebob wrote:

    nonsgfan - why am I not surprised?

  23. Nonsgfan wrote:

    because you know everything beforehand?

  24. cynical one wrote:

    This has been one of the most FUN threads in a long time!

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