Monday a.m. Personnel Roundup

  • For those of you who took a long weekend, Tim Parton left Legacy 5, the group announced they were auditioning new pianists, and Parton rejoined the group this morning. Reminiscent of Frank Seamans leaving the group a while back, and then unleaving before he was ever gone. Maybe the group needs a new slogan. L5: Who says you can’t unring the bell. I’ve gotten a couple emails from people wondering what’s up with Parton’s bipolarity, and I have no idea. Given that Parton does a fair amount of arranging and producing on the side, my guess is he had a short-lived bout of greener-grass syndrome, thinking he’d like to get deeper into free-lance work (which can potentially pay quite well), and then changed his mind. Bird in the hand and all that. Anyway, I guess this means that post I was going to write about Gerald Wolfe joining Legacy 5 will have to wait.

  • Dan Keaton has started a sg help wanted website, which looks like a great idea, until you realize it’s fee-based for the end user [insert that wah-wah-wah sound when the Price Is Right contestants get it wrong].

  • And via DBM, I see that the GMA will offer OTC healthcare benefits soon. DBM covers all the necessary caveats and unknowns.
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  1. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Heard about the disease called Dynamic Range Deficiency & Hyperloudness in gospel music?

  2. cdguy wrote:

    Doug, I’m not sure what you’re referring to, with Tim leaving, then coming back. The link you posted only says he’s announced he’s leaving, but staying on until a replacement is found.

    Maybe he announced he’s leaving, then was ASKED to stick around while they auditioned? Maybe some initial report you read was either incomplete or incorrect?

    Perhaps the only excercize we get is jumping to conclusions? Perhaps we should rename your blog “The Southern Gospel Inquirer”?

    And Doug’s not the only one guilty. We seem to see a lot of this in our business. Why?

  3. beenthere-donethat wrote:

    If I’m not mistaken, both press releases were “official” releases from Scott Fowler of Legacy Five. It appears that cdguy is right in there with the rest of the fray – jumping to conclusions. If a press release comes from the proverbial “horses mouth”, then it is not speculation, rumor, innuendo, etc…I think everyone needs to “lighten up” a little bit.

  4. gina wrote:

    Though this is not exactly related to the last blog, it IS personnel related… Does anyone know what happened to the new Inspirations tenor recently hired to assist/replace Archie Watkins? As I recall, he was hired and even placed in some of the group’s latest publicity shots, but I’ve seen them several times since and he is not with the group.

  5. buttercup wrote:

    I heard he was making a “stank face” when Archie hit THAT note, so he is history

  6. cdguy wrote:

    Ok, my bad. I read the first release, but not the second.

    Doug, maybe you’re not quite as reactionary as I was. Please accept my apology.

    It would be interesting to see inside Tim’s mind, and know the details of ALL that happened. Maybe his wife had second thoughts? :-) But then, maybe it’s not really any of our business.

    People out in the real world announce their resignations, then change their minds, for whatever reason. Life’s not really so different in s/g music than it is in the rest of the world.

  7. SamH wrote:

    Gina #4; Glad you asked as I had wondered the same thing. You are a lot braver than I am, mentioning the Inspirations on Doug’s blog! ;)

  8. TonyWatson wrote:

    cdguy -
    There have been two press releases issued, both are official. The first one came over the weekend from Scott Fowler (the first link) saying Tim was leaving but staying until his replacement was found. The second one appears now on Singing News website (the second link in the article) announcing that Tim has changed his mind and is staying. Nobody is jumping to any conclusions. Regardless of the details, which don’t matter - I’m glad to see Tim will be staying. He’s one of the few who is awesome in the studio and on the platform.

  9. Eric Melton wrote:

    There are many factors involved when giving your life to gospel music. I am sure that Scott Fowler and Legacy Five take care of their members in the group financially. But many groups out there barely can afford to gas up the bus, much less make payroll. Members come and go and someone new is on the bus every time that you see a group. Legacy Five has three members that have been there since day one in 2000. 8 and 1/2 years in longevity for many people. My congrats to Scott for keeping a good solid group together after our friend Roger Bennett went on to glory. So what that Tim decided to stay. We all sometimes make hastily decisions that we find are not the best ideas anyway.

    By the way speaking of change Three Bridges sang at our church last night at Living To Go Assembly of God in Goodlettsville, TN. While there have been negative comments spoken about them on this site, what I count success is the people who were blessed, people who were prayed for, encouraged, saved and then those who gave and then purchased a lot of product. The former members Mitch and Dave are great singers, but Elliot has 2 good members now as well in Scott and Eddy. They really blessed me and I am glad that they came and had service with us. I know there are naysayers and maybe they are not your tastes but they put people in the seats and do an outstanding service. I am proud of what they accomplish.

  10. quartet-man wrote:

    As I recall and to my knowledge, when Frank gave notice, it was due to his wife’s promotion and relocation. It was said they couldn’t find a way to make it work. They auditioned people and didn’t find anyone that fit (I believe). Then when I saw Frank not too long after he was going to stay, I talked with him. I seemed to be under the impression they found a way to make it work for both sides.

    Maybe it is the same with this situation. Maybe Scott was able to come up with a solution that would allow him to do what he wants to do and still stay with the group.

  11. Dan Keeton wrote:

    Thanks for the plug…Doug, however, the fee is only charged if you would like a page dedicated to you. To be listed is free.

  12. quartet-man wrote:

    Bear in mind too, that L5 formed and practiced prior to 2000 I believe, so they may have closer to 9 years of tenure and of course were it not for his promotion, Roger would be there making two previous tenors being the only personnel changes it would have had.

  13. dd wrote:

    i heard he decided to stay after he decided to leave, before he decided to announce he was leaving, then stayed……

    good move…..He’s a great talent!

  14. Deron wrote:

    I think that the situation was resolved like this: when Frank’s wife Libby was transferred to Dallas, there was no regular flight between Dallas and Nashville, where Legacy Five is based. But, sometime during the auditions for a new tenor, a regular flight between the two cities came into exisitance. So Frank stayed with the group.

    Can anyone back me up on this and tell me if it is correct?

  15. dixie wrote:

    I’d guess that maybe a little raise probably talked Tim back into coming. :-D

  16. DEB wrote:

    Eric#9 Right on! I agree. people are always ready to jump on the band wagon when there’s bashing going on and you hear lots about the bad and the ugly. But when there is a positive thing happening it’s not worth mentioning. We love Three Bridges here in Ohio. They sing in some of our biggest Nazarene Churches. Their harmony and blend is actually better than it was. Scott is young and energetic and his Christian Contemporary background has lent a new twist to the Bridges.The tenor, Eddy, is not the highest,but he blends beautifully, and Elliott is a master as master co ceremonies and southern drawl in his voice hits the note everytime. I don’t understand why they are not on the convention line-up as well as other venues. Of course unless there are people that feel threatened by their continued success. And we all know it’s not what you know, It’s who you know. And we think the Presidential race is political.Obama and McCain wouldn’t stand a chance in the SG circles. There are some nasty people out there. Good Luck and God speed Three Bridges! I await their new cd coming out in August.

  17. wackythinker wrote:

    I seem to remember a recent thread about NOT announcing a group member’s departure until the replacement was hired. There was some bashing of that practice (which is probably not as wide-spread in the top-tier groups as was purported). Now, Tim and Scott are being trashed for what probably amounts to jumping the gun in their announcement. Some of us are never satisfied!

  18. Eric Melton wrote:

    Wacky Thinker wrote:

    I seem to remember a recent thread about NOT announcing a group member’s departure until the replacement was hired.

    You are right Wacky Thinker. Why should people spead the rumors when they are not sure of what will happen next. Let the artists breathe for a change and get their thoughts together. It was also let out on this website about the artist who hit the number one spot for September in an earlier thread last week. That information according to Singing News policy was not to be let out in any way shape, form, or fashion on any print or internet media format. The rules were broken and it is unfair for everyone else who abide by the rules and then some don’t.

  19. wackythinker wrote:

    Eric - and unforturenately the initial release came from apparently from Tim, with a later comment from Scott. It may have been a knee-jerk reaction to comments like the previous thread on non-announcements.

    If it had been the press spreading rumor (does not look like it, in this instance), we could blame the press. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I REALLY like blaming the press for anything I can. :-)

  20. mp3guy wrote:

    Actually, it was DBM who alluded on MusicScribe, then Doug tied the pieces together - but the “inside information” was leaked elsewhere

  21. TonyWatson wrote:

    Likely the reason that people like Scott Fowler have had to get press releases out early is because of the information superhighway/rumormill that can do more damage than good because more often than not at least some of the information is incorrect.

  22. Angie M wrote:

    But in any case, I thought both press releases were well done. It was good to see a group openly acknowledge the contributions of an outgoing member.

  23. JW wrote:

    I see no problem with Tim’s actions.


    Brett Favre

  24. Leebob wrote:

    #23 LOLROTF!!! Classic, just classic!

    In the real world people come and go all the time without much hooplah! Back here on Fantasy SG island we have to have a reason why someone would leave what many would view as a “dream come true” gig not realizing the work and effort that it takes to be on the road. Can we not let them be and figure out what they need to do without all this?

    I guess we are so “big in our own eyes” we feel we need to justify why we have done something. If it is what you need to do, in the words of Mike, “JUST DO IT!!!” No need for further explanation because it is your life and you have to make decisions based on information that nobody else has or needs to have.

  25. Derek wrote:

    I’m with #15! That was my first thought…somebody opened the wallet and Tim had a revelation from the Lord!


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