Hello, Bryan Elliot?

Commenters are suggesting he’s headed to the Perrys’ keyboard to replace Matthew Holt [Update: Here’s the press release].

Makes sense, especially if the Perrys want to win the SN’s newest award: youngest average age of a major group.

Seriously though, has anyone seen Elliot at work lately? Has he calmed down any since his early histrionic days with the Anchormen? Let’s hope.

Anyway, this gig certainly ought to be more stable than the last few he’s had … everywhere he’s gone lately — first to Driven Anchormen and then to Palmetto State — has been pretty much the prelude to some sort of dissolution, breakdown, or breakup.

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  1. Daniel J. Mount wrote:

    Sure he went to Driven?

  2. Beth wrote:

    Saw the Perrys tonight in concert. Great, solid job. They really have it together in my opinion. Tracy is great at reading an audience.

    They announced about Brian but Troy was still playing - although at time, his fingers weren’t matching up :-)

    Nevertheless, it was well worth my $30 for a great home style dinner and concert!

  3. Jim Gerdes wrote:

    Have no fear. Tracy and Libbi are good at judging who fits their plan. Bryan hasn’t deserved all the shuffling he has had to go through lately.

  4. Zack Swain wrote:

    Bryan is one of the greatest talents in the industry today. VERY under-rated. I’m not just real for sure by what you mean by “Has he calmed down any since his early histrionic days with the Anchormen? Let’s hope” I always just thought it was a driving stage presence that really helped the anchorman out. after all…isn’t that part of the job of a pianist?

  5. Grave Digger wrote:

    Silly me. I thought it was the job of a quartet pianist to accompany the group by playing the correct notes and keeping a steady rhythm.

  6. RLY wrote:

    Brian did not play with Driven. He went to Palmetto State prior to the departure of the other 4 from The Anchormen. Brian has been underrated throughout his career. Maybe he’s with a group now where he will receive proper recognition. He is a great young piano player. I’ve heard him sing with PS and he also has a good voice.
    And Driven has a new tenor now.

  7. SGfan wrote:

    #5 Grave Digger

    Me too! I am having a hard time figuring out how hitting every key on the piano and jumping up and down qualifies anyone as “one of the greatest talents.” I think a great talent will be defined far more by a player that manages to help bring out the emotion in a song than playing all over the song. The job of a pianist is first and foremost to help bring that emotion into reality. There are times to be entertaining, then there are times to be enhancing. Are there any pianists on the road today with a major SG group who fits that image? I can’t really think of any off the top of my head. This is not meant to take anything from Bryan, he is a good player. He may be a great fit with the Perry’s. I just don’t list him as one of the “greatest talents”, at least not yet.

  8. Zack Swain wrote:

    yes, silly you if you thought thats all the pianist did…

  9. Scott wrote:

    Does anyone know if Kirk Talley is still not gay?

  10. Grave Digger wrote:

    #8 . . .
    If that’s the way you feel, I’m very surprised that Earl Brewer is your favorite pianist. Mr. Brewer is all substance without the flash and splash.

  11. scope wrote:

    #9 . . .
    Scott, that wasn’t funny the last several times you asked. I’m wondering why you are so interested. Kirk is a wonderful person who will do anything to help people. He doesn’t deserve your poor attempt at humor or sarcasm or whatever it is you are trying to accomplish. Back off. Please.

  12. Zack Swain wrote:

    #10 I guess i’ve just grown up in a different generation here. I really can’t think of any pianist that have truly left their mark in SG music that has not had the flash. Other than brewer and slaughter. Pianist that stick out in my mind are people like varnado, ishee, burger, hovie lister. seems like most of it was about the flash. I personally grew up watching this guys and always thought that was how it was suppose to be done. now given that there are other pianist out there that still have that laid back style where they just play the rhythm and provide a solid base for the quartet…but 50 years from now…will anyone actually remember them? i’m really asking…not being sarcastic…still growing up here in gospel music. lol

  13. D. Ann Bailey wrote:

    I don’t know Brian personally but I do know Tracy and Libbi and they have a track record of picking good fits and those that will not only sound good but be a fit with the group personally.

    While Brian has moved several times that can be taken several ways - the way avery took it or that the young man just wants to play the piano and is willing to move to do so. I’ve only seen him play in person once but if Tracy & Libbi think he’s a good fit, I respect their opinions and look forward to hearing him. They have made good decisions so far, no need to doubt this one.

  14. anonymous wrote:

    Bryan is a great person and a tremendously underrated talent. Bryan never played for Driven. The members of Driven left the Anchormen in a way that was both unrespectable and unprofessional. Bryan did a short stint with PSQ, who may be worse now than ever, then returned to the Achormen in Jan. So where’s all the shuffling? Can you blame him for taking advantage of a shot with the Perrys? They’ve only been voted Best Mixed Group two years running and are on the top of their game and climbing. You should tip your hat to a guy who would start with a group at 15 and basically be comitted to the same group for 7 yrs. The reason why nobody’s heard from Bryan in a while is because So. Gospel music is all politics. Anyone can tell you that. Talent isn’t an issue anymore. He was with the Anchormen for a few yrs and hops onto the PSQ bus and gets a nomination after a few months, with the same talent. So since it’s all about a name in So. Gospel, you’ll hear from him a lot more now. As for the Anchormen, they have one of the best sounds I’ve heard from the group in a long time. They have some new stuff on Myspace, so after 30 years, I say keep up the good work Anchormen!

  15. Aaron Swain wrote:

    The current Anchormen’s new album is just a re-record of what the Driven lineup did before they left.

  16. holy roller wrote:

    The Anchormen are set to release a new “Classics” album in a few weeks. Yes, “Glory Ahead” is a re-release of a previous album recorded by those from Driven, but Driven was never the Anchormen and the Anchormen are not Driven. The “Glory Ahead” tracks are Anchormen tracks, not Driven’s. Jason Funderburk and his wonderful entourage of talent did everything but put the Anchormen on the top.

  17. SGfan wrote:

    #12 Zach Swain

    I would submit to you that 50 years from now, no one is going to remember people llike varnado or ishee. Don’t get me wrong. They are good players and decent entertainers, but they are not great pianists nor are they great performers. As a performer, your job is to make people feel that song, not just here it. It is all about song delivery. Anthony Burger did a good job with this, and that is why people will remember him for a long time. However, you and no other player can be Anthony, nor should you try to be. If you do, all you become is another copy cat. You have to raise the bar by bringing something unique to the table that no one else can, all the while making sure the song you play is delivered in a way that people understand the message or emotion without ever hearing words.

  18. Zack Swain wrote:

    17. I agree 100%. Please know that Anthony was a great friend of mine and I have more respect for him and the legacy he left than anyone in the industry, but i’d never try to be another Anthony. While I do enjoy playing a tribute to him in my shows I still enjoy doing things my own way, with my own style. I promise you I am not trying to “copy cat” Anthony. He was the man and there will more than likely never be another.

  19. curiouscynic wrote:

    Does anyone know if #9 Scott is still not obsessed with homosexuality?

  20. GA Perrys fan wrote:

    I am a friend of Bryan Elliott and I am a Perrys fan. Both of those sentences are understatements in my case.
    I was also a huge Matt Holt fan too…and I hate to see him go. BUT…if anyone was going to have to replace Matt I am certainly glad that it is my good friend, Bryan. Who, not only is yes–one of the finest pianists in this business, but also just an all around great guy. What you mean by your statement about “hoping that he’s calmed down” I’m not really understanding.
    One of the things I love about Bryan Elliott personally and professionally is that he LOVES this music and passion is expressed in every note he plays. This is something that is lacking in the industry today from singers and pianists alike.

    So Bryan…keep on keeping on buddy. Don’t let these statements get ya down. Your a passionate and talented player and so you will fit in just perfectly with my favorite group in the world. (Who also happen to be very passionate and talented as well.)

  21. Zack Swain wrote:

    #20 preach on! your very right!

  22. Norma Lax wrote:

    I am trying to learn tne name of the group that Bryan Elliot played for. A portion of thier video has been played many times on the PromiseLand Tv station but never identified. Among the songs they sing are “I Drink From the Living Water”, “My Name is I Am”, “The Greatest Miracle Of All is Inside of Me”. Could you please help me by giving me the groups name. I would love to buy the video. Maybe you could also help me by telling me where I can find the video.
    Thank you
    Appreciate your help.
    Norma Lax

  23. Ann Lee wrote:

    The name of the group Bryan Elliott played for is “The Anchormen.” The group is based in Goldsboro, NC.

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