Apocalypse now, or in the near future

David Bruce Murray takes me to task for my most recent post on breathy singing.

Whether he realizes it or not, Doug has applied the most basic principles of Jerry Kirksey’s Editorialology 101.


In this case, Doug painted a collection of genres with the “too breathy” brush, proposed that the breathy singing style should be equated with sexual seduction, and proclaimed the McKameys’s as more spiritually satisfying.


Shouldn’t it boil down to personal taste, though?

He may or may not have a point (fortunately he appears to say it’s all relative, which I guess means I can ignore him if I want to, right?). But it’s frankly hard to focus right now because I’m trying to get my house order since the end times are clearly near if I’m being compared to my arch nemesis of Newmanium proportions, Jerry Kirskey. Oh, oh my.

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  1. Wade wrote:

    Gawd on thuh Mountain any day is BETTER than Breathy almost anything… so Doug is right. The difference between DH & JK is that Doug ALLOWS a dissent.

    There are SOME things WORSE than Breathy Singing. A concert with The Inspirations, McKamey’s & Primitive Quartet w/ one good group like the Perry’s or Hopper’s. Setting through the former 3 will make you just wanna jump off the 3rd balcony while your waiting for the Latter. Living in MULL COUNTRY we got this A LOT!!! But I still love The Lord & The END IS COMING… so don’t listen if you do not like. Life is to short!!

  2. Charles Brady wrote:

    “Let Everything That Hath Breath….”

    Sing a breathy song…..

    All together now… Sing… Sing a song… make it simple.. to last the whole service long….

    Sing about happy.. not sad
    Sing about good things.. not bad


  3. Leebob wrote:


    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday Mr. President

    Do you get the point?

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