Heaven is no harmonicas

Just had to get that out there in the open. Thank you for your attention.

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  1. mp3guy wrote:

    Rabbit and Buddy disagree

  2. harmonicaplayer wrote:

    OK. I have been reading this blog for years. Wanted to post comments several times but never did. Now you’re hitting close to home. I am assuming that you have some profound reason that harmonicas should not be in Heaven, but just have not decided to enlighten us yet with that truth. As a harmonica player, I know that the harmonica does not fit into every genre of music or setting, however, it is still one the most beautiful instrumental sounds to my ears. For that reason, I hope that the Lord allows me to play in Heaven. I’ll try not to play to loudly as not to awaken you from your blissful slumber.

  3. Jeremy Carter wrote:

    What about a hammer dulcimer?

  4. 1 old fan wrote:

    First, I’ll say I don’t mind good harmonica playing. But it’s like a lot of other things, there’s good playing, and there’s bad playing.

    Second, anytime someone brings up the harmonica, I’m reminded of a Gaither Christmas Homecoming concert our family attended a couple of years ago. We were up in the nosebleed section, and some guy behind us gave a running commentary throughout the evening, and singing along loudly, as if he thought he were in his only living room, watching this program on video. One of the most memorable (not in a good way) moments of his commentary was near the end, when the lights went dim, and the harmonica began playing “Silent Night”. In what was meant to be a poignant moment, this goober says (quite loudly), “I bet that’s Jeff Easter playin’ that harmonicy, rat thare.” It kinda ruined the moment for me.

    What is it they say? “You can’t fix stupid.”

  5. 1 old fan wrote:

    Oops! I should have proofread better. I meant his “own” living room.

  6. BaritoneBob wrote:

    I’ll have to disagree. Maybe you never heard Larry DeLawder, former member of the Dixie Melody Boys, but his harmonica playing added a whole new element to their live concerts that always seemed to WOW the crowd.

  7. wackythinker wrote:

    And we all know there will be no need for drummers in heaven, because “time shall be no more.”

  8. Grave Digger wrote:

    Next thing ya know, Heaven will be banning bagpipes!

  9. Leebob wrote:

    I admire anybody that can play anything. I have to stick to the paer and comb kazoo.

    Wacky…just uncalled for but funny.

  10. Leebob wrote:

    paper instead of paer…my finger tripped.

  11. Dexter wrote:

    Too bad sir…’cause Terry Mac is up there wailing away in the angel band as we speak!

  12. Alan wrote:

    If a Christian can play harmonica like Charlie McCoy, then I want him near me in Heaven. The best musician I ever worked with, and what he can coax out of a mouth harp is sublime.

    If old J.D. was reading this, of course, he’d protest that there’ll be no organs there either. LOL I hope he was wrong, though.

  13. KEW wrote:

    And I suppose you are tossing the accordian out of heaven on it’s last bellow? Oh my!

  14. Ben Harris wrote:

    Ya know what 50 harmonicas at the bottom of a river is?

    A good start!

  15. Ben Harris wrote:

    Ok one more….

    Do you know what perfect pitch is?

    Pitching a banjo in a dumpster and hitting an accordian square on.

  16. Jeremy Carter wrote:

    Ben….that’s a good one. Another long standing joke is that “you can tune a chainsaw, but you can’t tune a banjo”..very true IYAM

  17. Janet wrote:

    My daddy loved to play the harmonica - he was pretty good at it, too. Problem was, he had to take out his teeth to play. He would tease my mother, to her horror, that he was going to play for church on Sunday night - he’d just set his teeth right up there on the pulpit & start in on “When We All Get To Heaven.”
    I’d like to believe that he’s enjoying playing his beloved “mouth harp” again, new teeth & all! (Wonder what Mom thinks of that?)

  18. Stan Donnell wrote:

    Heaven just ain’t perfect enough for some people. There’s always the alternative…
    I wonder if picky, judgemental critics of God-given ministries will be there?

  19. wackythinker wrote:

    Maybe there will be a “Harmonica Section” and a “Non-Harmonica Section” in heaven.

    I’ll be whatever there is or isn’t in heaven, we’ll enjoy it?

    Unless it’s the Inspirations and McKamey’s.

  20. Harry Peters wrote:

    Old Harry Peters plays the harmonica for the glory of God and my wife, Fonda, thinks I’m pretty good at it. It always puts her in the mood for one of those famous Baptist Sunday Afternoon naps. Buddy Green also does a great job on the harmonica and it’s like anything else, if it’s done well, it compliments the rest of the music. I would be just as happy if their were no juice harps or bagpipes, but that’s just Harry Peter’s opinion.

  21. NonSGfan wrote:

    Fonda Peters
    Harry Peters

    Whats next, loveda?

  22. wackythinker wrote:

    Did Harry Peters admit to being a blow-hard?

  23. Wade wrote:

    NONSGFAN… that has to be the BEST post I have seen while readng post @ AFL…lol;-))) LOVEDA is actually Harry’s Mommy… how you think he got here???

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