A Rambo twofer

First up, the Rambos face off with the Muppets in a “Danny Boy” cage match. Kyle has the footage. Inner-ear protection recommended for watching both clips through to the end.

Second: Has Buck Rambo actually marked up the price of the DVD of his ex-wife’s funeral (her daughter and son-in-law priced it at $15 for their limited-time offering earlier this summer) and started selling it to his fans? Yes. Yes he has. 

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  1. Larry S wrote:

    Wow… I mean - wow…

  2. joe wrote:

    Long-time Rambos fan here–big time. I was raised on ‘em so I’m not exactly impartial. Even so, I recognize that not everything they did was executed in the classiest fashion, but I’ve always given them the benefit of a doubt. However, this takes the cake. I have to ask–are you sure this isn’t some joke? What exactly is the source of your information?

  3. Concerned wrote:

    This is so wrong!

    Got an email from Dottie’s website the other day and obviously Larry Ferguson doesn’t like the fact that any DVD has been sold. Can’t remember exactly what it said, but you could tell he was against it.

    I’m still shocked that Ricky Goodman didn’t try and make a fortune on his mother’s funeral!

  4. Alan wrote:

    Gosh…there are no words. Dottie was such a classy lady. This is overwhelmingly sad.

  5. NoNameNashvilleMan wrote:

    uhm HELLO? Why bring RICK GOODMAN into this??? This is about DOTTIE….

  6. Wade wrote:

    # 3… Rick Goodman has made enough on them believe me!!!

    He’s probably waiting to a 10th Anniversary or something… then come out with a BEST OF with a BONUS DVD of the HOME GOIN” !!!

    Which make sense since SHE was HOMECOMING all those years.

  7. Wade wrote:

    But to be clear I ain’t hating on HIM!!! He helped Howard & Vestal make alot of money too while they were here. Money they would have never made OUTSIDE the Gaither thing.

  8. Concerned wrote:

    Why bring Ricky in on this………..uh cause we are talking about making money

  9. CVH wrote:

    The question is, why is anyone surprised? Buck was always a businessman above anything else. The stories of him storming into Bob Benson’s office and demanding this and that are legend. Whatever the minutiae of their divorce and later-life career paths, the fact is, a buck is a buck. No pun intended.

  10. cynical one wrote:

    I keep reading about how people think Dottie would not have approved of selling the funeral dvd, or whatever. “Classy lady”, and all.

    Unless she told you personally that she did not want something like that, don’t be so sure. A public persona and a private persona are rarely the same thing. Just because she was a class act on stage, doesn’t mean she was above figuring out how to make a dollar. Let’s face it, with the large lull in her career, and mounting medical bills, I’m not sure she would have been too classy to approve of such.

    Besides, if selling this video is uncouth, there are apparently just as many uncouth consumers out there, ready to buy the thing. So let’s not be too quick to blame only the sellers.

  11. CVH wrote:

    cynical one,

    Your comment about uncouth consumers is the flip side of my comment about Buck raising the price on the DVD. Taste is an attribute derived from the values of the producer, seller and buyer and we’ve all seen evidence that it can be good or bad. For every cheeseball producer or seller there’ll be an equally tasteless consumer who will pay for it.

    And the big wheel keeps spinning…

  12. Grave Digger wrote:

    Speaking of Rick Goodman (we were speaking of him, weren’t we??), how is his health? I heard that he was experiencing some health concerns, but I don’t know the accuracy of the source.

    Anybody know?

  13. RK wrote:

    I am curious about the status of the recording rights of this “homegoing” celebration. Were the artists aware that their performances would be commercially marketed/sold? If so, did they sign away the recording rights or are they being paid a royalty? And were they paid an appearance fee to perform?

    Putting aside the appropriateness of marketing a funeral DVD (a topic that has been beaten to death a few times on previous posts, no pun intended), I hope this spectacle doesn’t deteriorate into a flurry of lawsuits by record labels and talent agents. But understanding the sorry state of affairs when it comes to paying southern gospel royalties, I know anything is possible.

  14. cdguy wrote:

    RK — You’re right. Artist royalties and clearances (or waivers) would be appropriate. Also, publishing royalties and clearances should have been taken care of, too. And I’d be more than a little surprised if any of the above were considered. I assume Dottie didn’t own the publishing on most (or any) of the songs, so that could be an issue, especially if one or more of her publishers has been purchased by a large conglomerate with sue-happy lawyers.

    This happens a LOT in Christian circles, people not understanding all the legalities and ramifications.

    Or worse yet, not caring.

  15. Deborah Archer wrote:

    To All Readers:
    1. Dottie Rambo was and is absolutely the most wonderful, kind, sweet, HOLY woman I’ve ever met. She was in this business for one thing and ONE thing only: TO SERVE GOD and MINISTER to the broken and the people who needed her. Yes the music had one other owner, and I do hope some one tries to sue HIM, God! I’d really like to see that happen. EVERY SONG Dottie wrote came straight from the Throne Room of our Heavenly Father, whom she served so diligently and with purpose!~ It was her life’s mission to LOVE HIM with all her heart and keep her ministry to help those who couldn’t help themselves! And she did many times, over and over.
    As far as the DVD goes yes, I am guilty of buying one because I didn’t have the money to pay the high gas prices to go from Southwest Virginia to Nashville Tennessee, even though I would have given my right arm, literally, to have been there. You see I KNOW THE REAL DOTTIE Joyce Reba Luttrell RAMBO and all that happened to her in her life and boy are there stories I could tell! The information came straight from her own mouth! She does/did NOT ever lie about ANY THING EVER she said “If you lie, you fry”. I DO NOT appreciate anything BAD being said about DOTTIE at all by anyone. It’s just not right, she’s not even her in body to defend herself!!!! Have some compassion, PLEASE!!! DA

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