It’s only a matter of time

Leebob Leestinkingbob has a vision of the future:

This idea just popped into my head while reading this. Someone else probably already thought of this but…does this mean that there is soon going to be a CCM Reunion tour perhaps spearheaded by Dallas Holm attended by flower children born of the 60s?

Sounds about right. There are already Homecoming knock-offs for college football and country music (and the black gospel version of homecoming has already been recorded, just never mass-produced).

I forced the interns to watch them. They reported back that the college football reunions were tolerable (and would probably hold the attention of a diehard fan), but screenings of the country music reunions could qualify as an alternative interrogation technique. My hunch is a CCM homecoming/reunion/celebration would fall somewhere between these two on the watchability scale.

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  1. Leebob wrote:

    Upon further prodding of thought from our host:

    The secular field already has the geritol/reunion tours of Rolling Stones, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, KC and The Sunshine Band, Beach Boys…you get the idea. So if we take our cue from the world it does stand to reason that something of this nature will soon take place over the next ten years in CCM. After all, they need to have something to do during their sunset years don’t they? Dallas Holm has already been doing this for a few years with a nice twist: Love offering and a food drive. The last time I saw him about 6 or 7 years ago he had some video playing that I would have titled “Dallas Holm: The Middle Age Crisis Years”.

  2. Jim2 wrote:

    There is an interesting DVD from Provident Music that features Chonda Pierce, Allen Asbury, Crystal Lewis, David Meece, Dallas Holm, Bonnie Keen, Larnelle Harris, Michael O’Brien, Classic Imperials and Russ Taff that is a step in this direction.
    Timeless: Concert of Faith and Inspiration was the title

  3. CVH wrote:

    I’m not sure the idea’s really viable or you’d already see people doing it. In the last two years, all but the top CMM groups have been touring on a thread; attendance and revenues have been down. So many newer groups are on tour on their own lower-budget tours, or fronting for established CCM acts, the air’s getting sucked out of the room.

    Add to that the fact that quite a few of the early CCM artists have moved on or semi-retired and that their styles are quite divergent, I’m not sure you’d be able to pull enough of them with sufficient drawing power together to make an oldies or reunion tour profitable. The target audience, the boomers, still have the money to spend, but an evening of Dallas Holm, Second Chapter and Petra (or fill in the blank) would probably not fill a thousand-seat venue at 25 bucks a ticket.

  4. dan ferguson wrote:

    you mention the other versions of homecomings as knock offs, as if the Gaither Homecoming is an entirely original idea; isn’t the Gaither HC just a knock off of the Nitty Gritty Dirt bands “Will the Circle be Unbroken” album from the ’70’s ( and the two followups) this recording brought young and old artists together in a informal recording session, great stories told, great music produced.. I really think it is a stretch to think the Gaither Homecoming is an original idea that others are “knocking off”

  5. cdguy wrote:

    Dan — You’re right, Homecoming is not an truly original idea. I’ve read that BG has credited Charlie Waller for much of the inspiration. And although I’ve never been to one of Charlie’s GOGR’s, they say the format of the artists sitting in a choir-type formation is pretty much the same in both cases.

    To quote King Solomon, “There’s nothing new under the sun.”

  6. Leebob wrote:

    But you see, if they say they got the idea from BG rather than a secular group it will prevent the ultra conservatives from thinking it “of the world”. I guess this means the secret’s out doesn’t it cdguy and Dan.

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