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Did I miss all those promised concert reports on the big “Farewell Jason, we’ll miss you but thank God the new guy’s last name is easier for avery to spell” concert a week or so ago? Feel free to jog my memory or post your thoughts if you were there or know of published accounts from people who were.

Update: well, that answers that.

Meanwhile, the group has a new website, and not a decade too soon.

Also, for those of us who haven’t heard the new guy with GV, Adam Edwards links to this youtube of Jacob Kitson singing “Little is Much.”

There are definitely some pitch problems and control issues there at the high end (and I still don’t get why a trio that’s known for a baritone who can hit an A-flat – and make it sound like he just landed on the moon – finds it necessary to send their tenor squeaking and squawking off into the stratosphere), but maybe he was just nervous. Who knows. Anyway, fortunately he seems to have shed all the hysterics and on-stage hijinks that marked his time with Tribute. That’s not nothing.

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  1. Jeremy Carter wrote:

    I never saw Jacob with Tribute Quartet. Can you enlighten me as to the hysterics and hijinks you are referring to?

  2. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    You must have been too busy traveling and sleeping that you missed all the action abut Jason.
    You set yourself up for this so here it goes:

    Chuck Peters has the story:

    Singing News did the story. (Tuesday July 29 2008 - 8:28 PM ET)

    Daniel J. Mount had the scoop on one of his sites:

    The only website that really counts in my eyes has a link to the story on 08.04.08:

    There could be more but I do not to over analyze our poor blogger and go the extra mile by grandstanding at his expense.

  3. Jeremy Carter wrote:

    I knew he was joining Greater Vision, but Avery referred to some on stage hysterics and hijinks and I had no idea what he was referring to since I never saw him with Tribute Quartet.

  4. cdguy wrote:

    Jeremy — check out the link “hysterics” in Doug’s message above. It tells of an awful performace by Tribute at GMA. It could be noted as one of the things that give sg a bad image in a lot of people’s minds.

  5. TonyWatson wrote:

    There is a nice video on YouTube giving some highlights of Jason’s farewell concert August 2nd.

    We hosted Greater Vision for our 18th annual Evenings with Greater Vision on the 7th and 8th of August - Jacob’s 2nd and 3rd night out with GV as a full-member and his first times to set up sound, run sound and sing. It was also his first Texas appearances. He did a great job and you can certainly see that his upside is big. People loved him. He has a very nice tone and a good tenor sound. He’s a very grounded young man - I guess you’d have to be if you are the oldest of 12 kids and your mom is younger than your new boss (Gerald).

    One event of note happened on the Friday night concert. Kenneth Payne, brother of Glen Payne, drove down for the concert. He’s at a lot of GV and Legacy Five dates when they are not too far from the Metroplex. Gerald brought him out on stage and had him sing bass on “Just a Little Talk With Jesus”. He did a good job and the crowd loved it. Lot of the same mannerisms as Glen and a similar tone to his voice.

    Story goes that Kenneth was going to be going to Canada with Legacy Five last month. As he drove up to meet the bus, he neglected to put his car in park and his car rammed into the side of L5’s bus, bashing in one of the bay doors. Scott called him up at Red Deer on stage to sing as “payment” for the damage he did to the bus. Kenneth is a very nice gentleman.

  6. Jeremy Carter wrote:

    Thanks for the clarification guys.

  7. SH wrote:

    I’m not a seasoned SG concert goer, but I was very amused by this video: beyond the silver heads swaying in the foreground, it looked like 3 guys singing in front of a very large picture of the same 3 guys.

  8. Donna Hefner wrote:

    Here’s my report of the farewell event. Go to post #2374

  9. Donna Hefner wrote:

    #2, actually Diana Brantley wrote the piece on the site!

  10. Harry Peters wrote:

    I don’t know which is worse, a flat tenor or a sharp sining soprano. Both hurt my sensitive ears. Anyway, with the marvels of “pitch correction,” anybody (Even Ernie Haase) can sing on key. I remember one of his first nights with the CAT’s (my favorite quartet of all time) when he sang flatter than this new Greater Vision kid. I could probably overlook his singing flat, but that damned honking like a goose…I don’t know who he is trying to imitate, but it’s a bad one.

  11. Leebob wrote:

    The only other thing that will annoy me more than a flat tenor is a preacher with 7 “final” points. Can I get an amen?

    Pitch correction only works on recordings correct?

  12. cdguy wrote:

    Leebob — Pitch correction SHOULD only be used in the studio, IMHO. But the Pfeifers use it in concert. I think that would be awfully scarry, as it has to be used selectively, to be done properly.

    I don’t think a live setting is consistant enough for pitch correction devices. Maybe folks should learn to sing on-key?

  13. nonSGfan wrote:

    Dude was TOTALLY of note at the end, at least a half step, maybe a full.


  14. nonSGfan wrote:

    sorry…. off*

  15. mat wrote:

    Based on this one youbube performance, I’d say GV should’ve held on to Jason W. I realize the sound quality is not the best, etc, but I’m not impressed with this new tenor’s voice. Wouldn’t a group like GV get the best vocalist possible? Maybe they did. His tone and intonation are not that great. I’m sure he’s nervous etc, too. I’ll wait to hear them in person, or on cd. I hope I am proven wrong.

  16. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    LeeBob, couldn’t resist this relative matter to your reply #11.

    Ask Obama about pitch correction.
    Last month when the plane Obama was on had pitch problem up in the skies.
    Only when the plane got to a lower altitude the pitch correction gave the pilot control of the aircraft.
    Check our the story here.

  17. nonSGfan wrote:

    ALSO, apart from being off pitch several times, his CORNY performance is typical southern gospel. It’s funny to me that if you’re in southern gospel, you can use hand motions, stage movement, ect. (as corny as possible) if you’re baptist, cause they know it’s just performance, but if you’re pentecostal, people act like you’re being too spiritual. Gold City (jonathon wilburn), Talley trio (the dude), greater vision (everybody). ITS the weirdest and fakest movements in the history of mankind. The only ppl who don’t look corny, are Kim Hopper, David Phelps, Guy Nimrod, and a few others. Look at that goof up there in that clip, he looks like he’s constipated trying to push one out.

  18. George wrote:

    GV’s Website is by far one of the best web-site in SG music today.

    for a new and clean look.

  19. wackythinker wrote:

    George, I agree the new site is great. But I don’t understand the trend of publicity photos and album covers having the artist’s picture slanted so extremely. Isn’t the blood rushing to their heads going to affect their singing? It’s becoming trite.

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