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What separates them from the herd? Via Andrew Sullivan, Merlin Mann and Jason Kottke weigh in.

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  1. judi wrote:

    After looking at Merlin’s and Jason’s entries on their blogs, I think there is probably no universal list of “good” traits that will fit all. From the list, I think that distinct voice, creativity, and I’d add, relevance, are most important. Blogs that stand out from the herd are blogs you want to read again. The writer does something that lifts the reader out of his or her own fog, and makes the reader think, or want to think, about something outside of his or her ordinary habits. I regularly read a couple of blogs by women I’ve never met: one is a Presbyterian pastor somewhere in a Gulf state, struggling to rebuild her little church damaged by Hurricane Katrina; the other is a self-styled “geezer” in the Dallas area who has a lifetime ACLU card. Both of them articulate voices that are outside of my usual route, but they are always interesting and I get snatches of their lives, their stories. And like Avery, and like me, they don’t use their full names or identities on their blogs, although they are clearly identifiable to those who have known them. A lot of good blogs, it seems to me, are born of a journalistic impulse to report as well as the impulse to opine. The trick is to have accurate reporting, and an informed opinion about something that matters! Blog on, Avery, and congratulations, belatedly, on your 4th anniversary.

  2. Leebob wrote:

    Good words to follow judi. This is why I come here….to learn about this industry and all that implies, including blogging.

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