More bitter

In case you’ve got Sego drama fatigue …

All we need now is for some disaffected fanboy to start doing some dishing on the world of LuLu Roman, and the nominations for the “best supporting actor from the Golden Girls of Southern Gospel tour” will be complete.

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  1. LE wrote:

    That is absolutely disgusting. If he didn’t want to hurt or offend anybody then he should’ve kept his sorry trap shut. You may not agree with anything but you don’t know both sides of the situation. And half of what he said is COMPLETELY inaccurate. How do you go and say nasty things about kids that aren’t even involved in a situation and say you didn’t want to hurt or offend anybody?

  2. Linda Masterson wrote:

    I am so glad to read somebody finally exposing the truth behind this situation. I have known Dottie since 1974 and have heard much of the same stories come straight from Miss Dottie’s mouth. Her daughter is about to run Miss Dottie’s pure legacy into the ground.

  3. GC wrote:

    I just love how the first responder to the blog takes scripture and puts a spin on it to “fit the situation”. Actually I don’t love it, it is diplorable. It is one thing to comment on performances, the industry, etc. But to drag folks trhough the dirt is awful. The truth of the matter is these guys are just trying to get attention. An claiming to do it in the name of our Savior. Well I Corinthians tells us how our works will be tried with fire. This trash is just that, wood hay stubble!

  4. BrianK wrote:

    I can’t get the link to work. What’s this about?

  5. Steve wrote:

    I feel the need for a shower.

  6. Leebob wrote:

    I will tell Chris the same thing that I told Judson. There is alot of bitterness here that comes through. I am not sure if what he says here is true, can be documented, or if he is just disgruntled that perhaps he was left out.

    Yes, there are things that have happened that I am not real crazy about. The marketing of Dottie’s funeral would be one of them. That was enough to tell me all I needed to know about Reba and her husband. However horrible someone’s actions may have been, it is usually a good idea to remain silent (”even a fool is considered wise when he holds his tongue”) unless you go directly to the person. This is especially dangerous territory because if Reba and Dony are as ruthless as this blog indicates, it would not surprise me to hear about a lawsuit in the near future and I am not real sure that Chris has a leg to stand on in this incident and certainly could not afford the legal team he would need to defend himself.

  7. Leebob wrote:

    #2 Linda….Dottie’s legacy is a “stand alone” legacy. I barely associate Reba with her. Her legacy will remain intact for a very long time.

  8. GC wrote:

    LeeBob, I must admit we stand eye to eye on the past couple of threads. God Bless you man!

  9. Alan wrote:

    I’m no insider in the lives of the Rambos, but this is still really sad. Regardless of the truth behind all of this, or the damage this may or may not do to some, Dottie left her own legacy. Her songs and her spirit will survive long after these squabbles have ended. I have no desire to buy or view the DVD of her funeral, but if indeed Buck and his new wife were singled out, that’s just poor taste. Wow, this is sad.

  10. Jackie wrote:

    Dottie would be so proud of this young man. I met her at NQC for three years straight and each year she told me about the hurt that was caused by Reba and Dony. It seems like the only time you hear from Reba and Dony it’s about money. I had to change my email address asking people to send in money for Dony to buy a new suit. Every time they had a birthday they asked you to bring monetary donations as gifts. I think it says a lot about your ministry when your mom and dad both live in your city and neither attend the church you pastor.because I got the church email newsletters

  11. Radioguy wrote:

    I echo much of the above. Even if it’s true about Reba and Dony, I don’t think this kind of thing is right either. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

  12. CVH wrote:

    Sometimes I don’t know whether to add a comment to these threads or not. Leebob’s suggestion (#6), “even a fool is considered wise when he holds his tongue”, is a good one.

    But for better or worse, I remember back around 1980 as the dust was settling from the Reba/Landy/Dony/Joy thing, Light/Lexicon signed Reba and Dony, thinking they were the next big thing - a writing/production/vocal team. And they did some good marketable stuff for a short period of time. Well, except for her live album in ‘82 where she seemed to be channeling Judy Garland…kind of creepy. But the “magic” didn’t last. Then a few years later Light released a project that Dony produced (an unknown couple from Texas who went nowhere). I won’t quote what two of the top Light/Lexicon execs said but let’s just say there were questions about motives and fees.

    Is it wrong for me to mention that 24 years later? I don’t think so; I view it as corroborating anecdotal information to the things we’re reading today. Am I judging Dony and Reba for the choices they’ve made, then or now? No. But I have no hesitation in questioning their actions and quite possibly their motives. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

    And the big wheel keeps spinning…

  13. cynical one wrote:

    Ya’ know, I’ve heard all my life that “there’s 2 sides to every story”. And since Reba, Dony, nor Buck have weighed in here, there may be a valid reason the relationship was strained. Maybe there was a good reason for Reba not to want to be on a Mother’s Day program with Dottie.

    Jackie, I don’t know how proud Dottie would have been to have the family’s dirty laundry put out to air in public like this. It’s one thing to tell the stories yourself, but quite another for others to repeat them in a public forum.

  14. Charles Brady wrote:

    bodily exercise profiteth little…….

  15. Tammy wrote:

    I knew Dottie for over 30 years. I know the love she had for this young man and I can promise he is completely accurate and truthful.
    Dottie will be remembered for the legacy of love she left to the world…thankfully that is something her family can’t steal.

  16. Lauren wrote:

    I also know Chris personally and I know his letter was not based on greed. He (and several of us) are just so tired of all the lies being put out by Dony and Reba. For example—-asking for money to pay for the funeral. Dottie was not broke. Saying she did not have health insurance. She had medicare and a supplemental policy. I personally asked DOny about this and he said that they said she didn’t have a life insurance policy. CHek the original messages from River City. NOT SO FOLKS. I don’t think any of this would be coming out now if it weren’t for the way Reba is trying to manipulate the estate.

  17. Sissey wrote:

    I’m so glad that I didn’t purchase a DVD of the funeral. I don’t think that Miss Dottie would be happy that the funeral was filmed. Her mission in life was to win Souls to Christ.

  18. Can O'Worms wrote:

    I just went and read the blog on the guy’s myspace page. scroll down and read Larry Ferguson’s response. Let me get this STRAIGHT…Larry AND this guy used to crawl into bed WITH Dottie and watch movies? That is messed up on so many levels. I ask my fellow heterosexual brethren in this blogging universe, would you crawl into bed with a senior citizen and another guy to watch movies? Weird….just plain weird.

  19. quartet-man wrote:

    This is sad. I read it early on, but had never commented. On one hand I hate cover ups and there is a lot going on in the industry. On the other hand, this is private family stuff (although it sounds like Dottie talked to several people about it).

    I have to wonder how this will help anyone now. They can’t make peace with Dottie. Maybe the intent is to harm them, but I am not sure that is it either. I suspect it comes from frustrations of seeing what is going on with the family and maybe to show people that they either aren’t what they are portraying or because of the missteps they are making. I would hope it isn’t because of them not either giving money in her will to some of them, or the family not helping with medical expenses. Maybe it also is to stop them from carrying on the ministry.

  20. quartet-man wrote:

    #18 yeah it does sound weird, and isn’t something I would do, but I guess some families might do that (although it is usually when the kids are younger :-)) I suppose it could just demonstrate the closeness and way they were like family.

  21. NonSGfan wrote:

    I must say, I agree totally with Leestinkingbob (for once). HOWEVER, we must also understand (just like a good ole cynical one said) that there IS two sides to every story. People, even good friends, can stand on the outside and say “she was a great lady, it was all Reba, it was nothing of Dottie’s fault”…but even GOOD friends may not SEE or HEAR what goes on behind closed doors. I know a pastor right now, who even his parishoners believe he is an ardant family man, HIS BEST FRIENDS call him the “Greatest dad they’ve ever known”, but what they don’t know is the pure hatred his children have for him due to his lack of conern and care for them as children.

  22. Charles Brady wrote:

    many mental health issues may be byproducts of the over-functional human brain, some researchers claim.,2933,410721,00.html

  23. Leebob wrote:

    NGSF - I am touched. We agree alot more than you think.

    If the goal is for the ultimate good of the kingdom as our guiding principal, then anything I do to hinder that would be wrong. This is another incident, just like Judson, that is wrong simply because his blog does far more harm than good. I know nothing about nothing on Dony and Reba but I do know that since they are involved in a ministry and IF they are doing these things God will take care of it in His good timing and can do a far better job of judgement than any of us. Our responsibility isn’t always about whether our statements are truthful or not but about the potential longterm negative impact upon a ministry and souls by our comments and our attitude.

  24. Gina wrote:

    Well, looks like Chris quickly went from “possibly writing more” on this subject to deleting what he already did write! Another blog bites the dust…

  25. Lauren wrote:

    I, too, thought Larry’s comment about watching the movies would be taken wrong by people who were looking to find something. Her suite and TV were in the back of the bus. There weren’t chairs or a couch back there. so where else were they going to sit? By the way—it appears that the original letter is missing now? ANy clues, Nancy Drew?????? They better worry about getting right with the Lord instead of trying to hide the evidence.

  26. quartet-man wrote:

    If I ever have anything I want to blog about, I am not going to tell Doug. It seems like his knowing about them makes them disappear. ;)

  27. Practical Fellow wrote:

    I read the MySpace post and I suspect part of what is going on with man is grief that is being misdirected. After a significant loss, it’s not wise to make big decisions because our judgment is clouded by our hurt. I think when this man looks back on this he’ll regret some or all of what he wrote. Not because it was or wasn’t true, but because of the means he used to communicate it.

  28. df1 wrote:

    The things that Chris wrote are true. I knew Dottie and I know Chris and Larry. I know that Reba broke her mother’s heart on so many occasions. Chris, Larry and his family, are hurting beyond words over the loss of their dear “mother”, GrandDot and friend. Chris is wanting to do for Dottie in death what they did for her in her life - protect her and her wishes. What Chris wrote just skimmed the surface. He did not include Reba’s actions since her mother’s death. She needs to honor her mother’s last wishes and let the will be carried out as her mother had it written. I hope that she realizes that by continuing her current actions, she may have too much to lose to gain! There are many of us who know the truth.

  29. Phil Gilliam wrote:

    what are u guys talking about? who is this person and where is this article posed?

  30. Gina wrote:

    Sorry, according to Chris, his site was hacked and someone else deleted his blog. It’s back up now, slightly revised.

  31. SGfan wrote:

    #30 Gina

    When was the last time a myspace site was hacked to delete a blog post? LOL!!! I don’t think I have ever seen that. I have seen them hacked to spam people, but that’s about it.

  32. nonSGfan wrote:

    This is ridiculous…NOOOOOOBOOOODDDY KNOOOOOWS what really happened between Reba and Dottie…for all we know, Dottie treated them like garbage behind everybdoy’s back…….For all we know, Reba treated DOTTIE like Garbage…..
    YOU people and your “i’m a close personal friend and I know how Dottie treated her family”…You’re a moron…nobody is in somebody’s home at all times, nobody can recount every memory, NOBODY can sit and say “I KNOW” because YOU DONT KNOW.

  33. Lauren wrote:

    Gee—–it appears that the blog is gone again!!!!!!!

  34. GC wrote:

    I know I’m SAVED!

  35. nonSGfan wrote:

    me too! Glory!

  36. Gina wrote:

    #31 - SGfan

    I honestly have no idea; don’t have one myself, but was just reporting what the writer had on his site earlier today. As Lauren reports, it’s disappeared again, so I don’t think anyone knows what’s going on.

  37. SGfan wrote:

    #36 Gina

    No one but the writer of the blog knows what’s going on. I checked and it is gone again as Lauren reports. I do have a myspace and I have seen many people’s sites get “hacked” but never were their blog posts removed. Their sites were hacked to send spam to all the people on their friends list. That is why I am a little skeptical of the excuse.

  38. Lauren wrote:

    No need to be skeptical, SGFan.

  39. quartet-man wrote:

    I would say at the very least he should change his password. Perhaps someone was able to figure it out if they didn’t get it through more nefarious methods.

  40. Cliff Cerce wrote:

    I was with Chris Barnes tonight.

    Four weeks ago tomorrow, we helped him out of his wheel chair at the front of the Shively Baptist Church in Louisville, and he leaned on me on one side and his Dad on the other, as we helped him up the several stairs to the stage. He insisted on speaking to the crowd from up on the stage (as did Larry Ferguson), and he shakily made his way with great difficulty. This was at the fundraiser for he and Larry on August 2nd.

    Tonight, he came to our concert in Branson, Missouri. He drove the 450 plus miles to Branson on his own. He was walking all around the building on his own, with barely a limp.

    I feel like I witnessed a miracle.We were shocked.

    Karen Peck and New River were in town today, and they also stopped in for a few minutes while we were singing. We got a chance to visit with Karen, Susan and Devin for a few minutes before they had to leave. They are such nice people.

    So is Chris.

    He is very young (22, I believe) and was and is very hurt by some of the things that have happened and are happening. I understand this. At 57, I can handle the bizarre behavior of people a lot better than I could when I was a 22 year old Gospel singer.

    I became a staff writer for Christian Voice Magazine a few months ago and I just interviewed Larry Ferguson for an hour and 20 minutes a few days ago. This is for an article I am writing for the up-coming October issue.

    Larry explained some very bizarre things that are now happening, and we are going to print some of them, rather than burying them.

    But, I was impressed that Larry did not talk to me with a spirit of bitterness or rancor. Neither did Chris tonight. I would categorize their relating of some things as coming more from deep hurt or disappointment.

    I didn’t ask him, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he took down his blog because he didn’t want it to be taken or viewed as a bitter attack against anyone. Chris is a very gentle man who impresses you as the kind of guy that wouldn’t hurt a fly.

    I suspect that the intense fight that has found its way to Larry and him has overwhelmed him at times.

    He will bounce back - and I, for one, will give him the space to do so.

  41. sgnsider wrote:

  42. Rick wrote:

    #41, What are you getting at? What’s the connection here? Are you suggesting that Chris is gay??

  43. Rick wrote:

    In reply to Cliff Cerce’s entry dated Aug. 8,2008. The Ceres did sing in Branson Friday Aug. 28th. But it was not their concert solely. It was the Monthy Gospel Praise Gathering conducted by The Best Is Yet To Come Ministries headed by Dove Award winners DK and Sherrie Brewster. Each month various groups, soloists and songwriters are invited to come a participate in this two day event. This was not an exclusive concert by a single entity as Mr. Cerce would like portray it as. They did sing 2 songs and did a fine job like the many others that were there.

    It was good to see Chris Barnes that evening. It’s wonderful to see him doing so well. He did not, however, drive 450 miles to a Ceres concert as Mr. Crece would like for us to assume. Chris was there with a friend whose family was also singing that evening.

    We were privileged to have Karen Peck and New River drop by while they were in Branson to perform at another venue. They came by at the invitation of the Brewsters, whom Karen and her husband are associated , and was given an honorary lifelong membership into the Best Is yet To Come organization in appreciation for they’re efforts in spreading the gospel through southern gospel music. This distinction was also given to the late Dottie Rambo two weeks before the tragedy that took her to be with the Lord.

    All this being said, I love the here The Ceres, but it disappoints me when individuals lead people so “assume” what might not be the the entire story to promote themselves.

    I hope the Brewsters don’t mind me posting this but I believe in giving credit where credit is due.

    Anyone passing through the Branson area
    the last weekend of any given month, look up the Gospel Praise Gathering and enjoy the music and blessing as much as I do.

  44. Rick wrote:

    I am another Rick. My comment was the one about the concert. Not the previous one.

  45. Rick wrote:

    Re:#42. I am the Rick who has written in response to gay topics on here before. I did not, however, write #42. There seems suddenly to be a proliferation of Ricks on this board.

  46. Tiffany wrote:

    Well I am Chris’s girlfriend and I can assure you that he is not GAY!! However, I think that no matter what, Larry and Chris are deeply hurt both mentally and physically from the loss of Dottie. I have been there since May 11th, 2008 and have seen everything…. you people don’t even know the surface of all the things that they are going through! I think that all you people who are talking trash need to take a step back and put yourselves in there shoes and take a good look! Honestly, If you were them would you just sit back and watch “people” take advantage of someone that you LOVE and TRULY care about? So keep your mouth shut about crap you don’t know anything about!

  47. Cliff Cerce wrote:

    I think Rick totally misunderstood my post. Please allow me to put it in perspective. I was typing it at 4am Central time and perhaps did not make myself clear.

    Of course Chris did not drive 450 miles to hear our group. How ludicrous! Why would he do this? How or why would I ever suggest this to be the case? I doubt he would drive 200 miles to see Gold City, The Gaither Vocal Band or Ernie’s group. And certainly not a group like ours. Certainly not.

    First of all, in answer to post # 41, Rick came to Missouri to see his girlfriend. She is a member of a group that also sang Friday night. When Chris and Larry appeared on Jim Bakker’s program on July 31st, she was sitting in the audience at one of the front tables, with her family.

    My wife and I visited Chris several times when he was in the hospital, and she visited him most every day. Three weeks to the day before Dottie’s death, we were at a concert and Dottie introduced this lady to the crowd, telling the crowd that she hoped and expected that Chris would marry her, embarrassing both of them near to death. Dottie had already made arrangements to have this young lady come to Nashville this Summer and stay with her. She was going to mentor her and introduce her to many in the music business, as she is an awesome singer.

    The night Dottie died, our group did a concert with the group she is in, and both groups went to the restaurant afterward. She sat across from Anita and I, carrying on a conversation on her cell with Chris, who was talking to her while riding on the bus, unaware of the tragic events that would take place a few hours later.

    So - I do not understand post # 41.

    On our website, our schedules page advertises the Friday night Brewster concert - listing the participants as The Cerces, The Bryants, The Revelators, Randy Plummer, Jaimee Brewster, The Persers, The GPG Trio, Julie Renee, Rick Pifer, Marlene Pelt, Carol Howe, Bill Brooks, The Lakins and others. It also mentions that the concert is hosted by DK and Sherrie Brewster. The Saturday night listing lists The Cerces, The Bryants, The Persers, The Revelators, Julie Renee, Marlene Pelt, Linda Henson, Carol Howe, Bill Brooks and others. This is also how we listed these concerts on under Missouri.

    Of course we put our name first. It is our website - and we assume people go to it to find out where we will be.

    As far as the Brewsters, we donate the last Friday and Saturday nights of most months to their worthwhile venue at no cost, as do the other artists. As one of the three main staff writers for Christian Voice Magazine, I wrote a full feature article on the Brewsters and their wonderful organization in the August issue. I went to the editor for permission to write the article and explained and praised their organization. Though we sing there most months, I made no reference to our group in any way in my article.

    I tried to mislead no one. I have advertised on my website and in HeavenSound (which I pay for) the roster of talent at the concerts. I’m not sure who Rick is, but which of the 12 concerts we have done this year for the Brewsters is he bashing us for? All or just some? Or for initiating and writing the article?

    Give me a break!

    I responded to this blog to get people to stop bashing Chris. Now, if they will stop bashing me for a minute, I’ll get back to Chris.

    People were bashing my friend, Chris, on this thread and I came to his defense. Others were making comments who clearly do not even know him.

    To establish that I really have a credible basis to make the positive statements I was making about him, I pointed out that we were one of the people invited to his and Larry’s benefit concert in Louisville. (Originally, 3 soloists and 3 groups were invited to participate. They were Aaron Wilburn, Kenny Bishop, Keith Marcum, Firm Foundation, Sunday Edition and The Cerces. Later, Kristian Booth and Jackie Lamb were added).

    I also established that we were with Chris this Friday night at our concert, never implying he drove 450 miles to see us. Again, how ridiculous! I mentioned Karen Peck and her group dropping in (which they did) and it made sense to me at 4am in the morning to compare Chris and his integrity and demeanor to a known quantity - Karen Peck. Again, this thread was titled “More Bitter”, in comparison to another former thread dealing with another young man who used myspace to vent his feelings. My point was and is - Chris bears no resemblance to that other young man in any way.

    I saw Chris again on Saturday night and told him what I had posted here in the wee hours. He thanked me, and assured me again that he was not trying to be bitter.

    I just wanted to set the record straight.

    I doubt that anyone else in the universe other than Rick thought I was suggesting or implying that Chris drove 450 miles to see our group or that Karen Peck came to see us. How non-credible would that statement have been? We’re only The Cerces, small potatoes at best.

    Our business cards with our website (that showed the roster of the concerts in question) and our phone number were on our product table both Friday and Saturday nights. Our phone number is on our website, as is our Email addresss. We are very easy to reach.

    I trust the “Ricks” of the world will pick up a phone or write a private Email next time if they have questions, rather than to attack and hurt a ministry publicly that spends substantial fuel money most months to support a venue he evidently believes in and appreciates.

  48. Rickee wrote:

    To all the other “Ricks”: Sorry, I am a relatively new poster here and wasn’t aware of so many others posting with the same name. My apologies for any confusion. From now on, I will post as Rickee.

    I am the one who posted comment #42, in response to sgnside comment #41.

    Tiffany, thank you for your post. Just to clarify, I was not myself suggesting that Chris was gay. My comment was made in frustration to the contrary. Knowing what has transpired since Dottie’s death, and knowing how Larry and Chris both are suffering, it angers me that someone would add to the pain and confusion by slinging gay inuendo into the mix. That seems to be a rotten trend here lately, and Larry and Chris do not deserve this.

    From all I know and from all I have observed, I firmly believe that these two are fine, outstanding gentlemen. Chris, Larry and their families are in my prayers.

    God is in control, and HE will bring justice and truth to light.

    God bless you, Tiffany.

  49. Julie wrote:

    I would like to make a statement about comment #40 made by Cliff Cerce.
    It breaks my heart to see these misleading comments made on this site as well as other sites. The exact words…..and I quote,”Tonight, he came to our concert in Branson, Missouri. He drove the 450 plus miles to Branson on his own.” I see that this would imply that Chris Barnes made a heroic effort just to attend their concert, when in fact, Chris came to be with a friend and her family that have been supporting him through his hospital stay and recovery after the tragic accident. It’s true, the Cerces were singing that evening along with Chris’s friends and many, many others. Karen Peck and New River did indeed grace us with their presence that evening after their performance at Silver Dollar City’s Annual Southern Gospel Sing. Dk and Sherrie Brewster have known Karen and her husband for quite some time. They had made arrangements two weeks earlier with Karen’s husband to have her join us that evening so that they could present them with a beautiful plaque to induct them as lifetime members of the Branson Singer Songwriter Association . I am sorry to even post a comment in this fashion. You can’t hear the TONE of a message that is written in words. But believe me, this message is said in the kindest way I know how. Cliff, we love you and Anita and Terry. You are a blessing when you minister in music and your intro into your songs can bring tears to my eyes. Many have seen and read things that are just enough of the truth, but misleading just the same. And those that have read these comments have been hurt and concerned. None of us love you any less, but you are doing more damage to your group than good when people see these things and ask, “what did he mean by that?”. Maybe they can be explained away…..but not everyone can be wrong. Please……let’s start writing the whole story. If it weren’t for the Brewsters and their monthly Gospel Praise Gatherings in Branson, none of us would even be performing in Branson, let alone having our own concert. It takes all of us to make a family……and each and everyone plays a very important part.

  50. Tiffany wrote:

    You know what makes me want to vomit is how sick minded people would take an innocent story like Larry and Chris watching a movie with Dottie in the back of her bus and twist it to make it seem like some sort of sexual story. I’ve got news for all of you, your mother isn’t going to be around forever and when that day comes, you are going to wish that you had spent as much time with her as Chris and Larry did with Dottie. These guys treated Dottie like the the queen she truly was.

  51. Gospel Has Been wrote:

    Who really cares. Some of you have way to much time on your hands. To many of you go through these sites just looking for controversy to get involved in. This things has gotten way away from the original subject of Miss Dottie and her familly which really is no body’s business. You folks keep bashing Southern Gospel Music and it’s singers and one day it will all be gone then you can say “remember the old days when we had good ole gospel music”

  52. Rick wrote:

    Thanks for the corrections made on your comment Cliff. A little wordy. It would have been less effort if it had been said right in the first place.

  53. Cliff Cerce wrote:

    One more time…..Back to post 40…Here’s the quote….

    “I was with Chris Barnes tonight.

    Four weeks ago tomorrow, we helped him out of his wheel chair at the front of the Shively Baptist Church in Louisville, and he leaned on me on one side and his Dad on the other, as we helped him up the several stairs to the stage. He insisted on speaking to the crowd from up on the stage (as did Larry Ferguson), and he shakily made his way with great difficulty. This was at the fundraiser for he and Larry on August 2nd.

    Tonight, he came to our concert in Branson, Missouri. He drove the 450 plus miles to Branson on his own. He was walking all around the building on his own, with barely a limp.

    I feel like I witnessed a miracle.We were shocked.”

    OK - I am considered to be a pretty good communicator by some. I was asked to join a national magazine as a staff writer and my editor does not seem to misunderstand my writing. I edited Dan Betzer’s sermons on the Revivaltime broadcast for 8 years (aired weekly on 600 US stations and in 85 countries), and they never came to me and said that way his words were edited made no sense and were not clear.

    And, to my recollection, I do not recall any issues being raised by any of the readers of this site to any of my numerous posts - as to whether I was communicating clearly in any of them. I am just surprised that there is so much controversy in what I was trying to say.

    OK - look at the quote. Here was what I was trying to say:

    1. He was in a wheel chair 4 weeks ago.

    2. His father and I had to help him walk to the stage and up the stairs. We both advised him to stay below in his wheel chair, because he was not steady on his feet.

    3. I said he came to “our” concert in Branson. I’ll get back to that in a minute.

    4. My point in saying that he drove 450 MILES ON HIS OWN was not to suggest the had driven to see us (I think just about everyone reading this understands this), but to point out that this young man who could not walk a month ago - drove 450 miles on his own.

    5. Then, I remarked about how he was walking all around the building and how we feel we have witnessed a miracle and were shocked.

    This is what I was trying to convey and, if I said it poorly, I am truly sorry. But, I have read and re-read the above quote - and it still seems clear to me. I doubt Obama’s and McCain’s words are being analyzed much more than my mine have been.

    As for “our” concert, I have been singing in groups on and off again since 1964 when I was a teenager, and this has been the vernacular that has always been used. Concerts generally have multiple groups involved, and groups have always talked about “our ” or “their” concert for over 40 years. If George Younce would say, “A man came up to me after one of our concerts and told me this story….”, he would not add that The Hoppers, McKameys, and Kingsmen were also singing that night.

    It has been common vernacular to refer to a concert one is involved in as “our” concert for many years, and I didn’t give it a second thought when I typed it or considered that it could be ambiguous. I just noticed that I again referred to it as “our” concert in post # 47 without realizing it. No harm or misleading intended - that’s just how things have been described for many years.

    I did know Karen Peck was supposed to come to the concert, but not that she was receiving an award that night. She didn’t know it either. It was a surprise to both of us. Her husband arranged for her to drop by, working with Sherrie Brewster. We missed the last months’ concert, as we were on our way to Alabama for a funeral when it was held - so we were out of the loop on some of the details.

    Karen Peck and her group is on the cover of the September Christian Voice Magazine, and our box of them was delivered to us 2 days before the concert. Karen was on the road, and had no way to get a copy. Again, we received our box on the Wednesday before the Friday concert. When I told my editor that she was expected to be at one of our concerts (oops - sorry - at a concert we were going to sing 2 songs at with The Bryants, The Revelators, Randy Plummer, Jaimee Brewster, The Persers, The GPG Trio, Julie Renee, Rick Pifer, Marlene Pelt, Carol Howe, Bill Brooks, The Lakins and others), he asked me to be sure she got a copy of the magazine. Karen was there a total of 10-15 minutes. She and her group walkd in as we were finishing the first verse of a song. When we finished the song, she was brought to the stage and given the award which again, I didn’t know about. After thanking the folks, she started to leave. I went to her with the magazine, and she was delighted, as she had not gotten a copy yet. (Not to be misleading, I guess I am required to also mention I handed her our latest project too, as a gift). When Anita, my wife, saw me talking with her, she joined me. She had 4 heroes in her earlier adult life - Dottie Rambo, Karen Peck, Janet Paschal and Kelly Nelon - and she wanted to thank Karen for beiong so wonderful.

    Perhaps some misunderstood why I went to talk with Karen, but if they had picked up the phone and asked me, they would have learned that I had spoken to Sherrie Brewster by phone earlier that week and told her that I would try to get a copy of the magazine to Karen, as this would be her first opportunity to receive one - and she is the cover story. And, she was leaving - so I went to her.

    In re-reading my original post, my trying to make a parallel to Karen and Chris as both being nice people that should both be respected is not as clear as it could have been. I would have made that clearer if I didn’t type it at 4 am perhaps. But as a friend of mine often says, “Do not automatically attribute to malice that which could be attributed to plain stupidity.” I would hope that those who know me would not jump to conclusions as to my motives.

    Well, I accomplished my objetive. I wanted people to stop bashing Chris - and now they’re bashing me. If I can serve as a lightning rod for my friend, then I am honored.

  54. Cliff Cerce wrote:

    Thank you Rick # 52 (I’m not sure which one you are). Your post 52 was awaiting moderation approval as was my post 53. They were both released to this board by the moderator at the same time, so please be aware that I did not acknowledge your kind comment in post 53, as it was not yet viisible when I posted 53.

  55. Rick wrote:

    As all can see, Cliff gets quite flustered we he tries to back-track. Cliff you can be quite comical that’s why I love you as a brother. You have been singing 10 years longer than me so I guess you would have been more expose to “vernacular” than myself. I never “Bashed” Chris or turned to you as a “lightning rod”. Your quote about helping him on stage is not an issue with me. I never brought that up. I was not there so I take your word on that. Your a kind giving person and I’m sure you did just that.Your a fine eloquent writer when the words are used in the right context and the average reader is not aware of any difference in circumstances.
    Well, I accomplished my “objective” by adding my observations along with others
    (though they have not used a web page) to voice their opinions to you. I know you can’t see from the perspective of the “average person” so this won’t change anything. And I don’t mind being called “stupid” from someone so much more advanced as yourself. I hope to learn a lot from you.

  56. Rick wrote:

    Hey Cliff, Just for the record. Your my brother in Christ and I think the world of you. And Anita. And Terry.
    Love you guys.

  57. Wade wrote:

    LoL… this is funny… but Cliff… gotta tell baby… the perspective heat ya got is because you are a little self important sometimes… especially calling your/that magazine a NATIONAL PUBLICATION!!! LoL:-)) and just because you edited some preacher I never heard of he was important WHY??? … because he was on TV or RADIO once a week!!! WoW lotsa stations & countries too!!! LoL;-)) No joke or punchline needed…

    Happy Labor Day or as my friends in Canada said, the last time I was on a national tour with a group that tours 3-4 days a week average and nobody ever complained about my time keeping so I must be a Buddy Rich level percussionist, Happy Labour Day !!!

    Wonder what Harry & Fonda Peters are BBQing this weekend!??!?!??

  58. Cliff Cerce wrote:

    I called myself stupid, not you, Rick.

    I said, “In re-reading my original post, my trying to make a parallel to Karen and Chris as both being nice people that should both be respected is not as clear as it could have been. I would have made that clearer if I didn’t type it at 4 am perhaps. But as a friend of mine often says, “Do not automatically attribute to malice that which could be attributed to plain stupidity.” I would hope that those who know me would not jump to conclusions as to my motives.”

    Meaning simply this - please do not jump to conclusions regarding my motives. Don’t attribute my words to malice, when it could just be plain stupidity on my part - by not making myself clear.

    I have just discovered that you guys are the Rick and Julie that we sing with each month. The ones that hug our necks every month. The ones that have been some of our closest and dearest friends.

    The ones that have our phone number and have used it in the past. What possible motives could friends have in trying to publicly embarrass a group like ours in a a Major Gospel Music forum such as this? Anita and I are speechless.

    We came to Chris Barnes’ defense and attacked or flamed no one. Why would you not call me on the phone if you were concerned about something, rather than try to hurt us publicly?

    Anita, my wife, says Rick hugged her neck at least 4 times this past Friday and Saturday.

    Julie has thanked me repeatedly for the CVM article I wrote in praise of this organization we all sing at that they love so well. These exchanges should not reflect adversely on that organization in any way and, so that they don’t, we are resigning from it in the next few days, after these past years of participation. I will do anything for peace and unity in the future.

    Besides, Anita has told me she will not go back.

  59. Julie wrote:

    You’re right Cliff….I should have come to you personally. I was wrong to have approached it in this manner. Honestly….I had never heard of this website until friday night. Shows you just how new and ignorant I am to this industry. I had no idea just how many people look at this thing….
    I have spoke to you about this before by phone….asking you to make some incorrect remarks made on heavensound. At that time you felt that you were misinformed. That is understandable.

    About you just finding out who we were????

    We didn’t try and hide it….What other Rick and Julie do you know????

    Again….that shows how little I know about this site. Didn’t know people actually spend time looking at this thing… HA!

    For those of you that do pay attention to this site…..

    I love Cliff Cerce as a brother….
    I love his huge heart and his kindness toward people. I have been in error about the way I have approached this indifference. My sincere apologies.
    I asked your forgiveness.

  60. Dexter wrote:

    wow…a whole lot of energy is wasted on these arguments isn’t there…wow…paragraph after paragraph…amazing…

  61. Rick wrote:

    In reponse to Cliffs post #58

    If I saw you guys right now I would still hug your necks and tell you I love you.

  62. Bryce wrote:

    This drama is sufficient to discourage me from posting under any name than a pseudonym.

  63. Cliff Cerce wrote:

    To # 62 - Good idea, Bryce.

    Our group resigned from this Association that we have donated our time to for the last three years (the one that Rick and Julie also belong to) as a result of this “drama”. The Association has asked us to re-consider, but we felt it best to just go in peace. We have no quarrel with this fine organization or its leaders. The actions of a few individuals should not reflect adversely on this Association.

    Our focus needs to be on our most important goals in the days ahead.

  64. Bob #1 wrote:

    There are two kinds of people who don’t
    say much___those who are quiet and
    those who talk a lot.

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