Better bootlegs, please

Maybe the point of youtube bootleg videos is that they’re not professional grade, but boy howdy if a lot of the sg bootleg videos out there aren’t next to unwatchable. As evidence, I offer Exhibits A, B, and C. And this was just what I stumbled upon making the rounds in the sg blogosphere this morning.

Small-timerism is so customary in sg that my first inclination is to ungenerously assume that sg crowds can’t even get bootlegging right. But I assume suboptimal visuals and audio are pretty common in the bootlegging world.

But no matter. If you’re going to record a concert with the expressed intent of putting clips on the web, why not take the trouble to use a tripod or set the camera on a ledge or something to stabilize the angle.

I know, I know. I should be grateful that these God-fearing fans do anything at all to spread the word on that Godless youtube, but even if that’s your rationale, I wouldn’t bet on seeing the kingdom of Heaven flooded with new members any time soon if their salvation depends on watching these videos through to the end.

At any rate: Better bootlegs, please.

Update: Wow. That was easy. As if on cue, DBM comes through in the clutch with an infinitely watchable bootleg. Plus I just love the guy with the beat-up straw hat and igloo cooler who strolls by early on in the clip.

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  1. Brandon Coomer wrote:

    I’ve been a reader from the beginning, and I think this is the very first time that one of your posts made me think, “boy, this guy can be a jerk.” Don’t get me wrong, I agree that some of the videos you see can be pretty low quality (especially mine!), but you’re
    also right in saying you should be “grateful” for what’s there. I understand, and even appreciate, you turning your very critical eye towards recording projects that are released and are supposed to be professional quality. But telling people to make their bootleg You Tube videos better? It’s not like you bought a CD that isn’t any good and are out any money. Remember, you get what you pay for. If they aren’t good enough for you, don’t watch them. Simple as that. However, some people enjoy and appreciate the videos and don’t want you discouraging the people that post them.

  2. Faith wrote:

    Yeah, I loved that guy too.
    Didn’t look like he was there for the concert.

  3. David Bruce Murray wrote:

    He actually stayed for our entire set. It is pretty funny, though.

    I think he’s actually kin to our baritone singer.

    (In the spirit of full disclosure, I should add that half the people in Burnsville are related to our baritone singer!)

  4. QwertyJuan wrote:

    I think the problem stems JUST AS MUCH from the fact that people are using JUNK for cameras.

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