“Rising star” Rick Hendrix

You could power a small state on the hot air that comes out of political conventions, but normally the interns here at avfl know to pass over such claptrap because it falls so far beyond the scope of our little world of gospel music.

But, lo! A convergence of self-promotion, southern gospel, and party-convention politics is upon us. Rick Hendrix, the sg music promoter everyone loves to hate (except when you need a No. 1 song on the SN charts), is not only exploring a run for Congress, as we noted a while back. He’s now a “rising star” in Democratic politics. At least that’s what the press release says, and it’s on the internet, so it must be true, right?

There are so many choice nuggets in this thing it’s hard to know which one to choose. Here’s one:

Hendrix labels himself a country boy from the hills of North Carolina, but this music mogul has built a promotion empire that has generated a quarter of a billion record sells since the 90’s.

There’s entire lesson in PR writing compressed into that one sentence - the way it perfectly mimics the voice of a soft-news feature story and pretends to peel back the layers of this guarded and simple man whose humble simplicity belies a great success that only the trained observer can see, because of course he sees himself as just a “country boy from the hills of North Carolina.” Except of course this isn’t a soft-news feature; it’s a press release on PRWeb that seems pretty clearly to be written by or for the Rick Hendrix Co. and HendrixForCongress.

Then there’s this:

One might say 38-year-old Rick Hendrix from North Carolina is rising within the Democratic Party being spotted at high profile events with Speaker Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, General Wesley Clark, escorting former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright out of the Vanity Fair/Google party and hobnobbing with the Clinton’s [sic]

Yes, one might say all that. One might also say Hendrix has perfected the art of supersized promotion of others’ careers for years, so it’s only natural that he should become his own most famous client. But we have no time for what might be, dear readers. This evening of hobnobbing and partying is really getting interesting:

As the night went on, Hendrix found the small posse he arrived with had blossomed into a room of the world’s most notable figures and their eyes and ears were fixed on his every word, jokes and smiles.

Hahahahaha! See, I’m laughing just reading about the night Rick Hendrix and his jokes and smiles and every word stole the show from political celebrities like the Clintons, Nancy Pelosi, and Wes Clark.

You simply must read the whole thing.

Update: FTR, I should probably point you to this comment from Hendrix’s office.

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  1. RobinAshley wrote:

    You are right, of course. When someone as adept at PR as RH turns his prowess inward, things are going to get really interesting…and a little comical. :]

  2. Tom wrote:

    Did I correctly interpret this press release as implying that Hendrix’ riveting corner-of-the-room oratory (which so profoundly affected not only a famous actress but even one of those most cynical of people–a journalist for the Washington Post) is comparable to Obama’s speech to the DNC four years ago that propelled him into the national spotlight? And that after such an auspicious introduction to the national media (?), he’s still down-to-earth enough that he can laughingly shrug off the suggestion that maybe he’ll be President in just a few years?

    I haven’t heard Hendrix speak before, but even so, as one so much smarter than myself recently stated: “Hahahahaha!”

  3. Alan wrote:

    This was great fun. Nice post, Doug. I must add, though, that imho, a baby cooing their first sounds has more intelligent things to say than Nancy Pelosi or Gen. Clark. And does anyone think it difficult to be humorous and witty in any conversation that John Kerry’s a part of?!
    Still - if Mr. Hendrix wrote that himself, about himself, I want this man on my team!

  4. Barry wrote:

    He will probably win Congress as a democrat. Arent they all hot airbags? I saw him with Nancy Pelosi on a news channel. OH MY why would anyone be excited to stand with those liberals. Was he a delegate or a superdelegate?

  5. Angie M wrote:

    Holy horrible writing, Batman! “…a quarter of a billion record sells”? “It doesn’t take much for my mind to wonder…”? If this piece really came from the Hendrix PR machine, they would do well to use the features that come standard with most wordprocessors. There’s really no excuse for such poor writing. I’m a democrat, but…I don’t know about this.

  6. Alan wrote:

    Hah! And not content with just that brilliant piece of literary excellence, Angie M, we also read of a room that was “a buzz”, and of various “news magnets”, not magnates. It was such a goopy and hilarious piece of drivel. Not a single name mentioned in that article is anyone who a Christian should feel comfortable with. I most appreciated the line about making “my mind wonder”, not wander, back to the only real accomplishment of Barack Obama - his speech at the ‘04 Democratic convention. But hey - let’s be honest - when the centerpiece of that was the dynamic and exciting John Kerry, ANY speech had to be exceptional!

  7. Angie M wrote:

    Well, Alan, we may hold vastly divergent views, but at least we can agree that this piece is truly unfortunate!

  8. Alan wrote:

    Different views doesn’t need to mean that we can’t share in some fun, right Angie M? That article was almost surreal, wasn’t it? I watch a lot of news, live in neighboring South Carolina, and spend a lot of time in NC…and never once have I seen or heard a single thing about Mr. Hendrix’ run for Congress! Reading that, it was almost as if the entire nation is waiting, holding our collective breath until just one more nugget of wisdom emanates from his mouth! LOL I wish him no ill, of course, and he has been a successful promoter, no doubt about it. There’s a lot to respect about Mr. Hendrix. But that was - in your word - unfortunate, to say the least!

  9. not beavis wrote:

    Unfortunately, most computers only come with spell check software, not ignorance check. Poor grammar, incorrect syntax, homonyms, etc. just won’t be caught. How many times do you see “there” instead of “their” or “they’re”? It’s pure laziness and ego.
    Sadly, many think as long as they run it through spell check or don’t see any of those squiggly red lines, it must be as perfect as their thought process.

  10. quartet-man wrote:

    I also immediately caught “sells” instead of sales.

  11. Baritone77 wrote:

    My goodness that’s some spin if I’ve ever seen it. Having a PR background, I can’t believe some of the stuff in that presser.

    I don’t see how a Christian can brag about being aligned with the likes and Obama. I would be ashamed of it myself. It’s one thing to be a Democrat, it’s another to be a “Party Man” which is what it appears Hendrick is trying to portray.


  12. Barry wrote:

    Did you see his house? Now we know where Hillarys campaign money went :-)
    So, if he can live in a multi million dollar home how can he be bit%&$ about global warming.That sucker has to be eating up utilities.


  13. Glenn wrote:


    I guess that of all the baritones, 77 is pretty good. I know a lot of Christians who are aligned with the “likes of”(whatever that ridiculous comment means) Obama. And believe it or not, we are not ashamed.

  14. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Some thoughts to think about but not necessarily related to subject of this thread:

    1. The same press or press releases that have built you up over the years is the same vehicle that take you down overnight.

    2. It not what you say on the stage but how can pull your grass root effort on the ground all all together.

    3. Keep the fires burning on the front line which gives you room to tend to all the irons in the fire behind the scene.
    Note; It was an old Richard Nixon’s trick but he lost control the fire.

    4. You have to get along with everyone in your party. You better not mess up with the wrong people because primaries are tougher and more personal than general elections.

    5. You get elected by paying attention voter in personal way.
    You keep getting reelected by performing constituent services and do your nitty gritty homework.

    5. The national political party in the White House tends to lose seats in mid-term elections.

    6. All politics is local. Small towns to the metro cities have one thing in common. Decision making is usually limited to only at the most to only 15% of the budgets.
    The remaining 85% is made up of contracts and mandate items.

    7. I offer a solution to some of the commentators who tends to apply a litmus test to all people who tends to get in uproar on emotional issues of the day.
    Start singing the song written by Ira Stamphill titled I Know Who Holds Tomorrow and just maybe your fears will disappear.

  15. Cory wrote:

    Editor of this blog-
    AVERYFINELINE is right if you buy its premise, which is that Yahoo News did not adhere to its own standards. It allowed a news release ran, “too great a hunger for scoops around the democratic convention,” it had a “front-page syndrome,” meaning an overweening desire for smackeroo stories, did “hit-and-run journalism,” defined as covering something once and then leaving the readers hanging without reporting subsequent developments, and finally, printing weak news items, the page and article indulged in “coddling and name dropping of sources” by running this news release they have weakened their standards and left our campaign looking illiterate,sloppy and unfocused. Please find a link below to Yahoo News that includes the approved release by Rick Hendrix for Congress. Editors make assignments, accept articles for publication, pass them through various editing hands, place them on a schedule, determine where they will appear …. The failure was not individual, but institutional.”
    The previous release was an editors draft, we are unsure the reason for this ghastly release being made public.

    Cory Breedlove
    Rick Hendrix for Congress/Capitol Hill
    Washington DC

  16. marie hardy wrote:

    You can call yourself a “God loving, God fearing” Democrat until you’re blue in the face. The facts are that the National Democrat Party headed by “infanticide proponent” Barack Obama makes you a hypocrite by supporting him. Do you even care to understand that term? That’s the killing of a fully developed baby that didn’t die as he or she was supposed to at the hands of the abortionist. The abortion was botched so they go ahead and kill the full term baby. Barack Obama supported this procedure as state senator of Illinois. It is one of the few times he didn’t vote “present” and took a stand against life. If you believe that God is the author of life, and all life is precious, then to snuff out ANY innocent baby in whatever stage they are in, from a fetus, to a fully developed baby, is plain and simply hypocritical. I dare any Democrat to support this procedure by scripture. Either God’s word is true or it is just a book of suggestions for us to consider until they violate our warped sense of values. Let’s hear the views of the “charismatic” Rick Hendrix” on this most vital issue. If he is the rising star of the Democrat Party, I’m sure he can provide “enlightenment” to us Christians who just misinterpreted the scripture.The way we treat the innocent says much about our relationship with our God.

  17. Greg from VA wrote:

    The Democratic party and what it stands for has become a joke. They will proudly spit in a Christians face and declare how holy they are in the same breath. How anyone could align themselves with the likes of Obama, Clark, and the rest of that bunch is beyond me. But then again look at the statistics, 69% of Christians beleive that there is more ways to heaven than Jesus Christ. Alarming but very true. Our nation is in a sad state and you must wonder how long God will keep his hand on us. Pardon me if my grammer isn’t 100% correct, but I think you can grasp the main idea. It is not only discouraging but also horrifying to think of what an Obama term would result in.

  18. john masters wrote:

    Come on folks, give the guy a break. He is just applying his promotion business know- how to the political arena. Have your picture made with the big wigs in the business, use them to promote your greatness and have folks down the food chain give you money for nothing.

    Brilliant - if you ask me!

  19. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Even before he enters a political fray, pray for Rick Hendrix just like Sarah Palin’s pastor</A. request prayer for the news media.

  20. Alan wrote:

    Cory - Except that the presser that was released, that Avery linked to, was dated September 3rd. The link that you provided is dated September 7th. Are you saying that Yahoo jumped the gun and released an editors’ draft? Can you see why some might consider the link that you provided - four days later - to be essentially the same, but with the many typos corrected?

    Nonetheless, Marie Hardy’s post, #16, raises issues that no press release can overcome. For a Christian to willingly align themselves with politicians who have supported what those named have - and do - is a sad thing indeed. I can almost hear some Democrats now who will say that the way to fix the perception of that Party is to have true Christians working from the inside; but, more likely is the fact that the leaders of the Democratic Party are thrilled to have a “man of faith” that they can be seen associating with. I’d say that this is the biggest reason that Mr. Hendrix is getting the publicity that he is.

    Greg from VA, would we agree that under the great umbrella of Christendom, from which that 69% statistic comes from, those who believe in the new birth, salvation through faith and by grace, etc., is a much smaller number?

  21. Greg from VA wrote:

    Alan- You do the math. I agree with you on the reason he is getting the publicity which proves my point stated in the earlier post. From his dealings in the past, I would say it is quite a jump to call him “a man of faith”. Well I stand corrected, He has quite a bit of faith in the almighty dollar.

  22. Curious wrote:

    Did anybody else look at his myspace pictures?

    Are we really supposed to take this guy seriously?

  23. JB wrote:

    I was just there and dont see what you are talking about. What on his myspace would make me not take him seriously?

  24. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    Looks like he is neither red or white but trying to green.
    He trying to tell us that either trying to be an independent thinker, save the earth or on GOing )I override spellcheck on that word) all the way to his goals in life.
    Boy, I would love to have friends listed in friends list.
    It a good start base fundraising for all three years cycle of fundraising.
    Old friends is the base of your political fundraising.
    I would rather have a Rick Hendrix’s brand of a Democrat than the other kind.
    By the way, would we be bashing Rick Hendrix today if was running a a Republican?

  25. Greg from VA wrote:

    If it quacks like a duck-you know the rest. The Bible says it best-there will be false teachers among you…need I say more.

  26. Barry wrote:

    Looks like beliefnet has jumped onto the Rick Hendrix train…


  27. marie hardy wrote:

    GospelMusicFan, what is Rick Hendrix brand of politics? If he hobnobs with Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, then I think I know. Perhaps he could just tell all of us what he believes and what he stands for. If he alligns himself with Christians, then the above will leave him nothing but alone.

  28. Barry wrote:

    Every single person you mentioned above are Christians…. Pelosi stops her day to go pray daily….and the Clitnons and Obama have been Christians for decades. Just because their failures are played out in the public, doesnt mean they are not saved. Imagine all of your sins on the level you live….probably not saint worthy! Well these people are in the hot seat before billions- and every mistake personal or business- is considered unforgiven. GET over it.. Republicans are not the only GOD saved children. You people make me sick. Republicans are born with the instinct of fear planted in their minds by their parents. And they continue to be the robotic machines every election. Fear keeps their vote.

  29. GospelMusicFan wrote:

    The previous two posters are perfect example American politics today.

    For poster #27, I have this thought for you:
    I would rather have a person that know what they believes than a person who has to ask what someone believes.
    It is called doing your homework before you speak about a person.
    I know what Rick Hendrix believes and fully understand what he is doing because I’ve done my homework.

    By the way, tis situation will be complicated if Daniel Johnson upset the incumbent congressmen this coming November.

  30. marie hardy wrote:

    GospelMusicFan, I KNOW what I believe. Nancy Pelosi is against everything I believe. She is FOR abortion on demand, FOR homosexual marriages, AGAINST drilling for oil and becoming energy independent so we don’t have to beg the Saudis and Hugo Chavez for more oil. I don’t know what Rick Hendrix believes, but if Nancy loves him, Bill and Hillary love him, then I have issues with him. Nancy is nothing but a liberal politician and they don’t like or tolerate ANY dissent. I stand by my assertions. Do you see the way they have attacked Sarah Palin? That’s the way Dems treat anyone who disagrees with them. To them, bipartisanship is doing it THEIR WAY.

  31. jebbar wrote:


    Hey way to go to give off the Christlike attitude and judge others. Im sure many people reading this say “Well if Marie aproves of God I dont like him because she is a bitter shallow minded Christian.
    Lets face it both parties have their faults. People seem to forget we are in the mess we are in UNDER a REPUBLICAN president. HELLO do we really want to go through another 4 years of that. People wake up, George Bush while being fully supported by his conservative Republicans have taken us to hell in a hand basket.

  32. RickHendrixRocks wrote:

    Avery, I find it hilarious that you and others here are bashing Rick Hendrix for the errors in his press release. What a bunch of ultra-maroons! (LOL)
    First, let’s start with Avery’s sentence structure and writing skills. Avery, I will have to admit, you have a way with words, but you might want to dust off the cobwebs of your Writer’s Manual.
    Let’s look at this sentence YOU wrote, Avery:
    “Rick Hendrix, the sg music promoter everyone loves to hate (except when you need a No. 1 song on the SN charts..”)
    The word YOU is used incorrectly.
    Again, go buy a Writer’s Handbook. I won’t give you the answer. You need to go look it up so you will remember how to write that sentence the next time you attempt to trash another person’s press release.
    Again, it is amusing that in the beginning of one of your sentences you write, “There’s entire lesson..”…There’s AN entire lesson” is the corrected version!
    Nonetheless, I will have to admit your run-on sentences have made a better person of me. Although they take the breath out of me as a ten-city-block marathon would do, I find myself dropping to my knees thanking God that I did not have a coronary arrest prior to crossing your imaginary finishing line!

    So I agree with one thing you said, “hahahaha.” The joke is on you, Avery. Please don’t walk, but run to the nearest Barnes and Noble and pick up some sort of writer’s manual. Or better still, before you start up a Rick Hendrix trashing board, you might want to enlist a writing instructor as a moderator. LOL

    Now let’s look at Angie M’s comments and bashing of the RHC press release.
    Angie, where did you come up with the word “wordprocessors?”..Can you show me this word in any book? Of course you can’t, because it’s not a word!!
    Please let me help you correct your own sentence so you can properly trash the structure of Mr. Hendrix’s press release. LOL
    Corrected, it should read,
    “word processors,” because it is actually two words!
    Again, the “hahahaha” and the “unfortunate” joke is on you!
    It is apparent that in an effort to boost your OWN egos, you have attempted to make Hendrix appear ignorant. Ironically, you have only made Hendrix look better while convincing the reader to pass the collection plate for an “AveryFineLine” love offering that will sponsor your tuition to English Composition 101 and hopefully some people skills training in a Dale Carnegie class or two!

    Thank God, Mr. Hendrix is not the kind of man that resorts to these infantile tactics in order to promote himself. Maybe that’s why he is known as one of the most successful promoters in the history of U.S. music. Did you ever think you might learn a thing or two from someone like Hendrix..a man that has made American music history with his promotions and management since he was a teenager? Maybe that is the problem…the old “green-eyed” monster?

    After reading your negative comments and having a good belly laugh at your own writing errors, I was saddened by this entire thread. It is truly unfortunate that you all do not know Mr. Hendrix personally, as I do. You are really missing out as he is one of the most humble and forgiving people I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing.
    Shame on all of you for being so lame. Now, in the same Christian spirit Mr. Hendrix would want me to have, I forgive you. I only hope you learn as much in a lifetime as Mr. Hendrix had learned by the time he was 9 years old. Do your research and you will know this man that I admire for his preserverance and humility. I feel so blessed to have had the good fortune of getting to know the “real” Rick Hendrix. Thank God everything we read on these boards and in the news is not “the rest” of the story. I pray you acquire a better attitude but there has actually been no damage done. However, if your writing skills improve with the classes, you might be a little dangerous! (scary)

  33. Dee Johnson wrote:

    I found your article while doing some research on Rick Hendrix.

    It was very interesting and tallied completely with some personal experiences with the creature I’ve come to call a “horses patoot”.

    He appears to be a complete lame fraud, with a huge ego …. he uses petty nasty spiteful tactics reminiscent of spoiled little 3rd grade girls.

  34. Tracie Marshburn wrote:

    Sounds like a bunch of jealous, whiny babies on some of these comments. I’d promote myself too if I was as good at it as Rick Hendrix happens to be. And why put him down for who he chooses to back politically? We all have that right in America, so you choose your party and leave them man alone to choose his own. Just sounds like a lot of people are jealous because they’re not as successful. And you certainly can’t argue that he has been successful, so whah! whah! whah!

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